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Found 190 results

  1. Do u all feel that with the shift in our attention towards rising coe prices, we have forgotten how crazy petrol prices have become? Are we getting used to rising petrol prices too?
  2. Coaxialcable

    Shell Helix Ultra

    Shell Helix Ultra Selling @ $72 per btl, can buy? Anyone knows how much Shell petrol station selling outside?
  3. Seems like shell is giving away petrol vouchers, any Bros got any information? Saw people selling on Carousell https://sg.carousell.com/p/164642223 https://sg.carousell.com/p/164458875
  4. Last year 44% discount and a big big jam. This year have 45% or not?
  5. Hope the title is useful to you guys =)
  6. Deeq


    Whether you are a driver or not, chances are you recognise Shell. And it isn't just due to Shell's extensive involvement in motorsports, or its association with arguably the greatest car manufacturer in the world - Ferrari. It is instead, due to Shell's quality fuel, service, and the convenience which Shell stations provide to the everyday Singaporean. Let's have a look at why we all love Shell stations here. Innovation partner of Scuderia Ferrari Shell has been involved with various motorsport teams for the longest of time, the most notable one being the technical partnership with Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team. Its relationship is also a unique one. In 2015, Shell and Scuderia Ferrari extended their relationship to an Innovation Partnership. Since 1947, when the first Ferrari road car was produced, every single vehicle that rolled out of Ferrari's Maranello factory has been powered and protected by Shell fuels and lubricants. This partnership does not stop here. Shell works with Scuderia Ferrari to improve its products which will in turn improve the race team's performance on track. These technology advancements are then translated from track to road, benefitting everyday users of Shell's premium quality fuels. Scuderia Ferrari race drivers gain an edge over the competition with Shell. Thus, you too can benefit from using Shell fuels. Not just for the cars - recharge yourself while you refuel Majority of Shell stations in Singapore are open 24 hours (with the exception of Shell Woodlands Mandai and Tuas), giving drivers the convenience of refuelling at any time of the day. While refuelling, you can also browse through a wide selection of food and drinks. You can pick up a range of delicious freshly baked pastries and drinks to keep you energised on your journey at Deli by Shell, which is available at certain Shell stations. Perhaps the most interesting petrol stations in Singapore will be the Shell stations located at Tampines Ave 2 and Hougang Ave 3. These are the only petrol stations here with a 24-hour McDonald's outlet that also includes a drive-thru. Feeling the hunger pangs while commuting at any hour of the day? Why not check out these two unique Shell station, we are sure you'll love it. All under one roof We've established that a Shell station is the perfect place to refuel both you and your car, but what if your car needs a little something more? Fret not, many Shell stations also feature car wash and Autoserv workshops, providing a one-stop servicing experience apart from the wide range of services you get to enjoy at Shell stations. With 22 Shell Autoserv outlets located in Shell stations in Singapore, you can get your car repaired and serviced with ease. Shell Autoserv outlets use Shell Helix Ultra engine oil which provides the best engine protection and performance. With your car's maintenance in good hands, you can keep driving on with no worries. Continuous innovation - New Shell fuels with Dynaflex Technology Dynaflex Technology is the latest breakthrough formulation by Shell. Dynaflex Technology took five years of research and development and has been tested over three million kilometres, on more than 250 cars. The result is the most advanced Shell fuels that meet the harsh demands of modern cars. It is able to reduce wasted energy in the engine while cleaning and protecting it, allowing greater engine efficiency to be achieved. Reaping the benefits of this cutting edge fuel is easy. You can simply proceed to any Shell station and fuel up your car with the new Shell fuels with Dynaflex technology. The new Shell FuelSave 98 and 95 with Dynaflex Technology contains 20% more friction-reducing molecules than before, instantly forming a shield that protects against friction and dirt. Meanwhile the new Shell V-Power high-performance fuel with boosted Dynaflex technology contains three times more cleaning and friction reducing molecules than Shell FuelSave petrol, to help remove up to 80% of performance-robbing deposits! If you are driving a diesel-powered vehicle, you can benefit from the new Shell FuelSave Diesel with Dynaflex Technology as well. It contains new dirt busting molecules for a clean and efficient engine while protecting against dirt build-up through a new deposit control additive.
  7. DYNAFLEX TECHNOLOGY New Shell fuels with Dynaflex Technology that helps to keep your engine clean and protected for an efficient drive What Is Dynaflex Technology? Dynaflex Technology is our new and improved breakthrough formulation developed for engine efficiency1. It is the result of 5 years of research and development and tested over 3 million km and more than 250 cars2. To meet modern demands, car manufacturers are making engines smaller and more powerful. However, these engines also run at higher speeds and temperatures. This results in more friction and dirt which prevent engines from performing to their full potential. Dynaflex Technology helps to reduce wasted energy in the engine, and also cleans and protects for engine efficiency. All New Formulation In All Our Fuels Now formulated with Dynaflex Technology, all Shell Fuels are even more effective in keeping your engine clean and protected for efficient running. Wonder got offer soon boh...
  8. Hi Guys.. When will the Shell Sonax Car wash be back to normal price?
  9. Unclebutcher

    Shell fuel card

    I received 15000 points from KMC when I bought my new vehicle which translates to $540 fuel. I think BM on and off had this promo as well. Would like to maximize my points and just wondering how it works Am I able to get the full discount for credit cards when paying with points? E.g. HSBC/Citi gets 4% extra instant discount Hence if I pump $47, will I get 14% off i.e price of $40.42 and pay $40 by points and 42c by card, or are CC discounts ineligible when part-paying with points?
  10. Hi MCF I know this is stupid but have you all tried all the brands of fuel here and got the best FC for your ride? I have only tried shell, caltex and esso. The other 2 did not try but I think mobil is the same as Esso... BP yes tried but now no more BP and now its SPC... Please comment on the best fc for your ride with these petrol.
  11. Newbie_driver

    Shell Autoserv

    Hi, would like to check the feedback of Autoserv in this forum, thinking of sending my car there for 130K servicing. thanks.
  12. For those who frequent JB Shell near to CIQ, u will know what I mean. Wondering the wiper seller lady is still operating there? Next week thinking to go and change...
  13. Lobang for MCF bro, Shell station @ Tampines Ave 4, near St Hilda's Pri Sch, is closing down. They are giving discount vouchers valid for One (1) year and can be used island wide at all Shell station. In the booklet, there are 4 x $3 & 4 X $6 discount vouchers for the 12th months until 14 Dec 2016. Each discount voucher is for minimum pump of $30 for diesel or $60 for petrol (10%). The discount is on top of existing prevailing card discount. Existing Citibank - 10%, HSBC - 16%. Must registered with Shell Esc card to get d booklet. Each car owner can get only one booklet. The vouchers can only be used from 15 Dec onwards. The last day of getting it, is 14 Dec 2015. Just nice, my Esso vouchers is ending this Dec. Today, just got a booklet of d Shell vouchers. Hope, it's a good lobang for all MCFers.
  14. So now Shell going to divorce with 7-11, is the "select" we see their own retail mama shop? seen this "select" quite some times liao. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/shell-to-end-partnership-with-7-eleven-chain Shell to end partnership with 7-Eleven chain FACEBOOK334TWITTEREMA Oil giant Shell will end its 11-year-old partnership with convenience store chain 7-Eleven this year, as it looks to rebrand its petrol stations to be in line with its "long-term business strategy". Shell Singapore retail general manager Aarti Nagarajan said the move started with the launch of its Tampines Avenue 2 station in June, adding that a "national revamp will take place gradually in phases with the introduction of Shell Select and Deli by Shell". This will effectively end Shell's venture with 7-Eleven. In 2006, Shell engaged the 24-hour chain to run its network of petrol stations here, saying the move would allow it to focus on more profitable activities. The Straits Times understands, however, that the exercise has met with mixed results - unlike a similar arrangement between rival ExxonMobil and NTUC FairPrice. Shell currently has 57 stations, down from 68 some 10 years ago, and as many as 74 in 2003. The drop is on the back of an industry-wide shrinkage, with the total number of stations falling from 222 in 2003 to around 170 today. Several sites had been assigned by the Government for other uses when their leases expired. Others were deemed security risks as they were too near high-rise residential or commercial developments. Ms Nagarajan, meanwhile, has dismissed market talk of Shell selling or leasing some of its stations to Chinese oil giant Sinopec as just that, talk. She described comments to that effect as "speculative" and "not been verified". Shell was responding to a Sunday Times report that Sinopec was entering the petrol station business here, and had secured two sites. In it, an industry source had said: "There's no economic sense having just one or two stations. Word in the market is that Shell may release 10 to 15 stations to them. Lease or sell, we do not know." Ms Nagarajan added: "We are committed to invest and grow our retail business in Singapore, which remains a strategic country for Shell."
  15. Watwheels

    Shell V-Power Nitro+

    Who's going to try? I think launching today. My tank is almost empty. Maybe later go pump. from sgcarmart http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/article.php?AID=13622 In a launch event held earlier today, Shell launched its latest generation premium performance fuel, Shell V-Power Nitro+, which will replace Shell V-Power at Shell stations islandwide from 18th September at the same price. Developed and tested with Ferrari, its new and improved formulation is designed to act instantly to reduce friction in critical engine areas, helping the engine to deliver more power to the wheels. The unique double action formula in Shell V-Power Nitro+ also contains detergents, designed to actively clean and protect vital engine parts to restore the car's performance. The launch event also featured four activity booths in which guests could learn more about the intricacies involved in developing the new performance fuel, and its effects on engines. 'Cut Away Engine' and 'Haptics and Magnetic Detergency' booths showcased how the new V-Power Nitro+ helps to enhance engine performance with the petrol's added MFT and detergants.Guests were also introduced to 'Scuderia Ferrari Uncovered', a recently launched online experience that offers a unique tour around the Scuderia Ferrari Garage and F1 paddock. Users can navigate their own way through the garage, stopping at points for in depth exploration. Videos, information and data are then displayed to provide insights on the team behind the race and a more immersive experience into the sport. To check out Scuderia Ferrari Uncovered, go to www.shell.com/SFU. Official website http://www.shell.us/motorist/shell-fuels/shell-v-power-nitro-plus-premium-gasoline.html
  16. Which petrol brand you prefer the most? I personally is a Caltex lover. Got ocbc atm and freaking near my house.
  17. Since UOB is out of Shell and HSBC and citi came in, which is a better choice at Shell? just to round up: HSBC Visa: 10% (station) + 8% (rebate, need to spend 600+ every month, not necessary to be patrol) = FES 17.2% Citi Dividen: 10% (station) + 4% (cash rebate) + 4% (Dividen rebate min 50 spend in patrol) = FES 18.1% BUT!!!! for HSBC card, whenever you spend, like dining or shopping or NTUCing, S$5 = 1 escape point and fyi 600 points = 20 dollar shell voucher. very very complicated! why they cant just give discount when we pump. haiz... have been using Citi for months and now thinking to switch to HSBC. what.s your thought?
  18. Came across this article online and thought that it would be nice sharing it here with MCF-ers. http://www.preciseauto.sg/blog/21/6/2016/6-engine-oil-tips-car-owners-must-know Preparing for monday blues again :(
  19. The calculation is confusing. For $60 of petrol, is the net amount supposed to be $44.40 or $45.60? The cashier yesterday argued with me saying is because HSBC discount changed so its now $45.60. But I gotten $44.40 many times before.
  20. I was told by the other branch of Shell that another Shell station at Yishun Ring Road (near Yishun Ave 5) is closing down and giving out vouchers for at least $30 petrol pumping. But those vouchers can only be used at 3 Shell stations. One @ Yishun Street 11 and another near SSC and followed by third place which I could not recall. So, those bros and sis staying in Yishun or sembawang might want to give it a try. It is till 25 March 2016. I will probably try next week.
  21. Uncle fr she'll told me Now cnfm w sns... This friday
  22. hi, just happen to me a few hours ago.. at shell jb station, the one that nearest to the custom.. after i pump my gas.. went into the car, a chinese man pop from no where.. really took me in surprise.. his hand was holding a needle and proclaimed he was an AID patient.. demanding rm200 from me. i retaliate with words, saying i only left rm20 if he really wants to. demanding and desperate.. :angry: before i gave him, i threaten him back saying if he knows what will happen to him if he dare to hurt me with that 'aids' needle of his. i gonna make him a pulp.. lucky.. he was still in some sense.. put away the needle when i told him to. i gave him only rm20 and told him to F off.. one sad thing that i notice.. despite daytime.. or even motorist at front.. such bold act is still committed. his impression towards singaporean was we are rich.. thus money is no concern.. i really F him when i heard that.. i told him i'm poor and drive a Made in malaysia car. haha.. i notice that i kinda chatted with him.. didn't really sleep well lately... so kinda crappy and insensible.. well.. take it as rm20 for donation.. wanted to go for my routine car wash.. but after what happen.. just turn back home.. so brothers. be careful
  23. Take note if you had topped up Shell 95 petrol at the Seletar Hill Shell petrol station along YCK -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A manager found his car vibrating uncontrollably, as if "the engine was about to explode", after it was topped up with petrol that had been mixed with water, a report said yesterday. Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao reported that Mr Chen had made a trip to the Seletar Hill Shell petrol station in Yio Chu Kang Road at around 9pm on Monday to refuel his car before heading home. But upon reaching his block in Hougang, the 46-year-old's car started to shake, and the engine began rumbling. The intense shaking of his car, coupled with the noise it was making, made it seem as if the car's fan-belt was about to snap and the engine about to explode, he said. "It was quite terrifying," Wanbao quoted Mr Chen as saying. "At first I thought my car engine was faulty and planned to send it for repair. But at about 2pm the next day when I wanted to drive out to the repair shop, I found I couldn't start my car," he said. "I thought my car had broken down but later I received a call from the petrol station asking if I had refilled my tank there the night before." The petrol station's staff reportedly told Mr Chen that there was a problem - without specifying what it was - and that he had to take the car back for repairs. Mr Chen told the paper that industry experts he spoke to suspected that the petrol pumped into his car had been mixed with water, causing the engine to act up. The petrol station reportedly received complaints from several car owners that there was an issue with the petrol. The paper reported that it remains unclear whether the problem had been caused by an individual or by heavy downpours. Shell was reported to have confirmed that water got into one of its Shell FuelSave 95 petrol tanks at its Seletar Hill outlet. A spokesman said it has stopped selling petrol from that particular tank and that other tanks have not been affected. Shell was said to have started an in-depth investigation into the matter.
  24. Hondaes8

    Shell Lego Tanker

    Dear all, Any idea where is this still available ? seems like many stations are out of stock !! Thanks.
  25. #SGNEWS: Car crashes into auto doors of Shell petrol kiosk along Dunearn Road. Maybe the driver thought 7-11 provide drive thru service?