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  1. This has to be one of the most unique, one-of-a-kind accident you would have ever seen before. The aftermath of the accident might even be meme-worthy. Watch it here: What Happened? The accident occurred at around 7am, at Hougang Avenue 1. As the morning traffic started forming at a red light, a BMW 520i driver decided to perform an abrupt lane change from lane 1 (go straight/turn right lane) to lane 2 (go straight-only lane). Despite an oncoming Toyota Corolla approaching, the BMW driver insisted on squeezing through and changing lanes. Unfortunat
  2. Regardless of your road experience, motorists need to practice defensive driving/riding at all times. Unfortunately, some motorists simply take things for granted. Watch it here: What Happened? A motorcyclist was riding straight as he approached the exit gantry of the open-air carpark at Hougang Mall. Just then, a white Mitsubishi Attrage began moving off from his parking lot. Despite the Mitsubishi Attrage entering the rider's path and field of vision, the rider did not seem to perform any braking manoeuvre and continued riding straight. The rider
  3. This has got to be one of the most puzzling incidents I have ever witnessed. Watch it for yourself below: What Happened? This incident happened along Hougang Ave 4. From the footage, a van is seen turning out from an HDB carpark when suddenly its door swings open and a man in red drops face-first onto the road. After the fall, the man remains unconscious throughout the rest of the video. It is not known what has caused the man to fall from the moving van. However, it was certain that he was not wearing his seatbelt securely. NGL, this incident rem
  4. A truck driver was spotted forcing open the carpark gantry arm for a Malaysian-registered Lexus in an open-air carpark along Hougang St 61 on 1st June, at around 11:26 p.m. The video also showed screenshots of the truck driver having outstanding fines while the Lexus driver did not seem to have a valid Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) or any outstanding VEP fines. Netizens' reactions Several netizens quickly commented on the possibility of the Lexus driver having to push the arm due to the fact that it might not have an in-vehicle unit (IU) as it was a Malaysian
  5. Uncle, where is your mask? On 24th May at 10:03 pm, a video was filmed of a camcar driver experiencing road rage after he had honked at a Mercedes S300L along Hougang Avenue 2. According to the camcar driver's statement, the Mercedes driver had cut into his lane aggressively while failing to signal, which led to the camcar driver hitting his horn to warn him. Immediately after, the Mercedes vehicle remained in front of the camcar and was seen dangerously braking suddenly multiple times. Additionally, once both vehicles reached a traffic junction, the Mercedes dri
  6. A Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe has been caught doing 'Boom Boom Boom' noises in one of the HDB carparks along Hougang Street 61 early in the morning last night. This has not gone well for him as videos of him revving his car that has been tuned to make "pop and crackle" noises has gone viral. s.MP4 According to unnamed sources, it seemed that the green CLA Coupe owner has been approached by home owners staying nearby for the noise pollution and a fight ensued. The police was called in and the CLA owner looked like he has been charged for causing hurt a.k.a Penal Code 3
  7. Former Workers Party member and acupuncturist Zeng Guoyuan will be contesting in the Hougang by-election as an independent Zeng was photographed collecting his nomination forms this morning from the Election Department. He was a Workers
  8. All bro & sis, I know this is a long shot but if you were at the junction of hougang ave 4 and hougang st 51 around 12noon on 13 May 2017 (Saturday) and witnessed/recorded the accident that my family was in, much appreciated if you could contact me. Long story short, my family was on right turn lane on hougang st 51 turning into hougang ave 4 towards imh when BM came (from opp direction on hougang st 51) and hit my family's car VW on the left back passenger seat which caused the car's left side airbag to be activated (this showed the intensity of the impact). We have no idea wh
  9. Hello everyone, Esso Hougang along Hougang Avenue 3 will cease operations at end of November due to lease expiry. They are now giving out Esso discount vouchers: $5 off with every $50 petrol, usable from 1 December 2014 onwards at all other Esso petrol stations; this discount is offered on top of prevailing credit card and station discounts. The discount vouchers are given for every $50 petrol purchased at Esso Hougang, and it is a booklet with 4 x $5 vouchers usable from 1 December 2014 all the way till 31 December 2015, ie 13 months, total nominal value of $260. Just to s
  10. Watwheels


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32PndO3STe0 Pui! http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/mcdonalds-looking-into-case-of-worms-found-in-big-breakfast
  11. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/nel-service-between/1043838.html NEL service between Hougang and Dhoby Ghaut disruptedPOSTED: 21 Mar 2014 16:44 Service on the MRT North East Line (NEL) between Hougang and Dhoby Ghaut is down due to a power fault. SINGAPORE: Service on the MRT North East Line (NEL) between Hougang and Dhoby Ghaut is down due to a power fault. The alert came shortly before 4.20pm.Public transport operator SBS Transit said free bus rides are available at designated bus stops near the affected stations. It said it is sorry for the service disruption.
  12. dunno which car banged into these parked cars. the kia cerato and hafei kena banged until it went up the kerb and almost smashed into the coffeeshop. photos from TNP fb
  13. Something is brewing, if allegation is true, could be big news..Follow the link below. http://forums.asiaone.com/showthread.php?t=57029
  14. Owner of SGK7399M, attached is the picture of the lorry (GN5204P) that have reverse and hit your right bumper. Time happen is around 9pm on 17 March 14 (Monday). Sorry but I didn't have video of the incident. Hope the 2 vehicle infront got motion sensor at their car camera. After the lorry hit your right bonnet, he just drive to the back of the Blk251. Sorry for the late post as was busy during weekdays.
  15. Saw this on HWZ http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drin...-a-4205756.html Parents and care givers, pls take note of the below incident. Unlike previous attempted kidnappings which were reported on FB, this recent incident was made known by PCF.
  16. Helping Lerwan to start a new thread for more visibilty. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?s=&amp...t&p=4773371 Hi, sorry to hijack this post but just see if the owner of a red Mazda parked in the open carpark in Hougang Ave 5 infront of block 328. I was walking back to my car when I saw a grey goods van moving out of the lot beside your car n in the process scrapped your front bumper n then move off. I didn't see the whole plate but I hope this helps. G?3339?.. If you need me to be witness can PM me as I was not the only witness, my wife, my mil n my son all saw the inc
  17. Poor thing, better be careful when you reverse in car park
  18. HUAT AH! SINGAPORE: An executive maisonette in Hougang has been sold with a record Cash-Over-Valuation (COV) of S$225,000, about five times the average COV paid for such properties. COV is the cash premium buyers pay for a resale HDB flat. The flat is located at Block 237, Hougang Street 21. According to property portal SRX, the 148 square-metre maisonette was sold on October 16 for S$900,000 including COV. Property analysts said it is not the norm. They believe this flat commanded a premium because it is situated right next to a neighbourhood park, within walking d
  19. Passed by the area ard 7.45am today Saw two police car on the main road. Partial void deck (grass area) cordon-off by police blue tape. Is it another murder case or mbs victim?
  20. .... From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_807035.html HOUGANG BY-ELECTION NGO's media coverage findings Published on Jun 5, 2012
  21. http://singaporemind.blogspot.com/2012/05/...stand-firm.html Despite the attempts at character assassination. ...despite the estate upgrading carrots....despite the biased mainstream paper coverage....despite sending in the PAP big guns, the PM & DPM, to campaign for their candidate...the people of Hougang did not waver. In 1991 the Hougang people decided to vote for an opposition representative and they knew something the rest of Singapore did not know, they saw something the rest of us could not see. 21 years ago, before the Internet was widely used, before bloggers and the
  22. The club insists that its non political. Tan Cheng Bok question the timing of the help. Any rotarians here?
  23. The PAP rally for the #hougangbyelection will be held tomorrow at 7pm at the Hougang Stadium Please support
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