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Found 24 results

  1. I am considering a career change to this line to try to earn abit more, however I need to know if an income of above 2K monthly is easily achieveable during times like these for a newbie. I intend to join an AD selling Japanese cars if possible. Please post ur valuable advice here, those not in this line please refrain from posting unconstructive remarks. Thank you!
  2. Prices of resale (ECs) are catching up with those of private mass market homes as the increasingly luxe features at recent ECs have boosted the profile of these homes. The price gap between resale executive condo and comparable mass market homes has narrowed to just 17.2 per cent this year, data from the Singapore Real Estate Exchange (SRX) found. This is a sharp fall from the previous market peak of 32.2 per cent in 2007. SRX added that the price gap has been narrowing and stabilising since then. Last year, the gap was 17.4 per cent while it was 14.5 per cent in 2010. Executive condo combine elements of private and public housing and often have premium furnishings and condo-like facilities. Experts said they are becoming more popular now as many home buyers see them as value buys, particularly those that offer innovative and high-end features. Units at new executive condominiums launches are also typically 20 per cent to 25 per cent cheaper than new mass market homes owing to Housing Board rules applying to ECs such as a household monthly income cap of $12,000. Knight Frank research head Png Poh Soon added: "As buyers' perceptions of ECs and private homes are blurred, when ECs reach that fifth and 10th year, the price gap could narrow even further provided that the quality of EC finishings and features is equivalent to (that of) private homes." PropNex chief executive Mohamed Ismail expects the gap to be "marginal and as little as 5 per cent" as more and more EC projects, especially the recently launched ones, approach their 10-year-old mark. ECs are subject to a minimum occupation period of five years. They can then be sold only to Singaporeans and permanent residents. They become private property after 10 years and can then be sold to foreigners. Recently, developers have also upped the ante at EC projects as they battle for buyers spoilt for choice owing to the flood of new home launches. Penthouses and skysuites, for instance, have become more common at executive condominium projects. Some even feature private jacuzzi pools. However, the price gap varies among the six suburban districts that have at least two EC projects eligible for resale here, SRX noted. For instance, the gap in District 19 - comprising estates like Hougang, Punggol and Sengkang - is the highest at 22.4 per cent. Resale ECs in this area include The Florida and Park Green. District 18, made up of Pasir Ris, Simei and Tampines, and District 20, including EC projects like Bishan Loft and Nuovo in Bishan and Ang Mo Kio, have the lowest price gap of just 10 per cent. Experts said this is likely due to the string of new EC launches and sites being sold in the north-eastern estates that provide stiff competition to existing ones. OrangeTee managing director Steven Tan said home buyers are willing to pay more for ECs in mature estates such as Bishan as there is a limited supply of resale and new EC projects there. Estates with resale EC projects that are more than 10 years old are also likely to see narrower price gaps as these EC projects are fully privatised. "Some new buyers or foreigners might not even know that what they are buying are actually ECs," he added. The price gap is also expected to narrow further as ECs cement their reputation as being on a par with private condos. PropNex's Mr Mohamed noted that the new EC launches have been getting a lot of hype with lifestyle elements - such as concierge services and infinity pools - taking centre stage at some projects. "There is also an increasing demand for ECs as home prices increase. The overall quantum for private homes might no longer fit the budget of a buyer and so he might turn to ECs instead as an alternative," he added. "And so as demand for ECs increases, the price gap narrows in turn." Knight Frank's Mr Png noted that the many larger ECs units at recent launches are likely to see a smaller price gap after the fifth and tenth year of completion as their higher-end offerings could appeal more to buyers. The SRX collates transactions by major property agencies, which account for more than 80 per cent of the market.
  3. FROM JAN 2015 Commissioner of Police Ng Joo Hee has been appointed as PUB's new Chief Executive. Mr Hoong Wee Teck, who is the Depity Commissioner (Investigations and Intelligence) will take over from Mr Ng. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/new-commissioner-of/1416414.html SINGAPORE: After nearly three decades serving in the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Police Commissioner Ng Joo Hee is making a move to head National Water Agency PUB as Chief Executive with effect from Jan 6, 2015. The Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) announced this in a media release on Wednesday (Oct 15). His predecessor, Mr Chew Men Leong took over as Chief Executive of the Land Transport Authority earlier this month. The 48-year-old Mr Ng will hold the concurrent appointment of Deputy Secretary (Special Duties) in the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, the release said. He was appointed the Commissioner of Police in 2010 and was Director of the Singapore Prisons Service from 2007 to 2009. MHA said during Mr Ng's term as police chief, the crime rate in Singapore reached a 30-year low in 2013. In a statement, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean who is also Coordinating Minister for National Security and Minister for Home Affairs also praised Mr Ng for his "dedication and commitment to keeping Singapore safe and secure in his 29 years with the Singapore Police Force". "During his tour of duty as Commissioner of Police, he has made significant improvements to reduce crime and bring unlicensed money lending under control. He has also introduced various initiatives to increase the effectiveness of the force and to provide our Officers with more capabilities to carry out their duties, such as in Community Policing and the deployment of police cameras in our HDB estates to fight crime," he said. "Joo Hee has also played an active role to further strengthen the Singapore Police Force's partnership and collaboration with regional and international law enforcement agencies through joint operations and sharing of information to combat transnational crime," DPM Teo added. NEW COMMISSIONER OF POLICE APPOINTED Mr Hoong Wee Teck will succeed Mr Ng on Jan 6, 2015. He is currently the Deputy Commissioner (Investigations and Intelligence) and Director of the Criminal Investigation Department.The 51-year-old Mr Hoong has served 27 years in the police force holding various key appointments, including Commander of Bedok Police Division and Director of Police Intelligence. MEN AND WOMEN IN BLUE 'A REAL TREASURE': COMMISSIONER NG Mr Ng released a statement taking stock of his time in the force so far. He also revealed that when he became a police officer 29 years ago, it was simply to get a scholarship to attend Oxford University. "It was never my youthful ambition to become a cop. But I turned out to be a fairly decent policeman and am tremendously privileged and honoured to have been the police commissioner these past five years," he said. "My only motivation for coming to work every morning is the grave responsibility that I have for the 12,000 or so hardworking policemen and women in the SPF, and our collective mission for safeguarding public safety in Singapore. Our men and women in blue are a real treasure. Their daily toil often goes unappreciated, but is the stuff that produces the almost miraculous safety-from-crime that we enjoy every day. I only hope that my leadership has been worthy of their hard work and sacrifice."
  4. I was just wondering how will a family with combine income of between 8k-10k afford a 1 million EC?? 1) Last time earn alot of money...Now no money so move to EC... 2) Parents sponsor alot alot of downpayment.... and ???
  5. HUAT AH! SINGAPORE: An executive maisonette in Hougang has been sold with a record Cash-Over-Valuation (COV) of S$225,000, about five times the average COV paid for such properties. COV is the cash premium buyers pay for a resale HDB flat. The flat is located at Block 237, Hougang Street 21. According to property portal SRX, the 148 square-metre maisonette was sold on October 16 for S$900,000 including COV. Property analysts said it is not the norm. They believe this flat commanded a premium because it is situated right next to a neighbourhood park, within walking distance of food centres and an MRT station, and also a buyer who is willing to fork out a large sum of money. ERA Realty's key executive officer, Eugene Lim, said: "It also takes a certain kind of buyer who would be willing to pay this price. An example would be someone who is downgrading from private property. Perhaps he has cashed out his landed property, looking for something with a similar feel as landed property, with upstairs, and downstairs. But, having sold his landed property for huge profit... this COV may not a big sum to him." With more HDB flats commanding exceptional prices in recent months, analysts MediaCorp spoke to say prices appear to be climbing. Analysts said some will fetch high prices if they command premium views, sit in a well-connected estate and meet the right buyer with the ready cash. HDB data shows an average of 2,000 to 3,000 executive flats are transacted every year. For the first 10 months of 2012, about eight such flats were sold for S$900,000 and above. There are more than 65,000 executive flats in Singapore, including maisonettes. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1233468/1/.html
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIWuEAFlg1Y
  7. Wow so ho tan as a NED? Anyone got any lobang or not? NED means anything wrong with company can act blur? [rolleyes] From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1193972/1/.html S'pore non-executive directors among best paid in ASEAN Posted: 09 April 2012 1246 hrs
  8. Taken from http://blogs.reuters.com/lucy-marcus/2012/...out-of-control/ Boards are tone-deaf in a soundproof room Why is it that executive pay continues to seem so out of line with what common sense would tell us is justified? We
  9. Tsk Tsk Tsk...... Coward http://in.mobile.reuters.com/article/idIND...120221?irpc=932 (Reuters) A top executive of Japan's scandal-ridden Olympus Corp has been found dead in a park outside New Delhi, an apparent suicide, The Times of India said on Tuesday, quoting police. Tsutomu Omori, 49, who was head of Olympus's medical equipment business in India, was found hanging from a boundary wall by a gardener in the park, which was part of an apartment complex in Gurgaon, the daily said. "Police have recovered two suicide notes written in Japanese. While one of them was meant for Omori's family, the other note only said "I am sorry for bothering you" in Japanese," the newspaper added. (Editing by Michael Perry)
  10. Here's some accompanying pictures to help you in making your decision! Full List CAR OF THE YEAR 2009 Best Coupe/Cabriolet of the Year Best Family Sedan of the Year Best Executive Sedan of the Year Best Economical Car of the Year Best Multi-Purpose Vehicle of the Year Best Performance Car of the Year Best Luxury Limousine of the Year
  11. How do mercs and beemers stand up to the level of quietness inside compared to jipun chia like camry/accord?
  12. Hi all, After some windows shopping and test driving of entry level and larger conti cars, I don't find them necessary more superior in every department. In addition, some of the models that I prefer and is willing to spend are 10 years old model. Even one is rumoured to be taken over by the China car manufacturer. It looks like I'm back to the Japanese executive car market again. I wanted bigger space and decent performance. Still prefer NA than TC though NA heavier on road tax. The below are what I've gathered: For Performance: Approximately Honda Accord/Inspire IL-4, 2354cc > 180bhp/6500, 220 Nm/4300, 1550 kg Mazda 6 IL-4, 2488cc > 169bhp/6500, 220 Nm/4000, 1430 Kg Nissan Teana V6, 2496cc > 182bhp/6000, 220 Nm/4400, 1531 Kg Toyota Camry IL-4, 2362cc > 167bhp/6000, 220 Nm/4000, 1540 Kg For Dimension: Honda Accord/Inspire > 4945L X 1475H X 1845W. Wheelbase is 2800. Mazda 6 > 4720L X 1440H X 1785W. Wheelbase is 2725. Nissan Teana > 4850L X 1485H X 1795W. Wheelbase is 2775. Toyota Camry > 4825L X 1470H X 1820W. Wheelbase is 2775. Their turning radius are about the same. My personal feel in brief: a) Handling and driving dynamism. Accord and Mazda 6 are both competent. Both have double wishbones suspension. Lower profile and bigger set of tyres help them too. b) Road noise level and comfort. Teana is clear winner. But Accord is not too far behind. Anyway, I don't like soft seats. c) interior refinement, including equipment level and features. Still like the clean and sharp Honda Design but equipment level not as high. Mazda 6 is also hype. d) power delivery, especially from 100Km/h to 140Km/h. Honda still excel. I like the paddle shift but missing the S mode. Teana CVT is rough at higher speed but delivery is smooth from pick-up. The others are just softer in power delivery. e) Driver at this class, generally is not concern about availability of accessories, including aftermarkets ARB, struct bars and etc. Honda and Mazda should have no issue if want to do legal modification. f) Fuel consumption. Can't tell. This one really need input from the existing owner. I'm hopping to get 10Km/l. g) The look. Again subjective. I would say Mazda 6 is a winner but it has the smallest cabin size among the rest here. Accord is let down by the frontal look but can be rectified with aftermarket front grille. For Camry and Teana is a matter of like it or hate it. The best combination would be Mazda look with Accord size and performance . Anyway. if no clear winner then have to sit back and wait for new facelift or new model to come in. Hopefully by then have promising conti model at good price . The next in line, should be the "look long" Skoda Superb. Thank you very much for any input. Regards,
  13. http://www.kansascity.com/115/story/1385728.html Just goes to show .... when your time is up, it's up. Imagine the coincidences of speed, time, and space needed for the boulder to hit him at exactly the right way.... RIP
  14. Hi All, Was looking around at properly guru website and happen saw this HDB EA unit at Choa Chu Kang District .(think not good to post the link) . Valuation at 420K + owner wan 20k cash . Move in condition. Unit near school, sheng song, a stone throw to LRT, 10 mins walks to Bukit Panjang Plaza. Actually quite near to junction between Old Woodlands Rd and upper Bukit Timah Rd . Upon viewing the unit with my friend (he is also a renovation contractor) , my friend comments that the Timber Laminiation at dinner area and all the way to bedrooms is going to give way might due to mopping the floor too wet causing to pook, can see edges coming up. His recommendation best is to remove and redo with new timber or lay marble again cost 10K+. Unit has too many down lite , need to remove, too many timber finishing on the wall , need to remove. I express interest on this unit to the agent but need to lower down the cash top up maybe 5k to 10k cos of renovation and due to other issue(econ criss) . But some how agent take his own swee time to neg with the other agent( Co-broke) . And the top up cash is slowly reduce . Lastest rec sms from him is 15K cash top up. I believe he dun wish lower too much due to commission. Anyway , i hope experiences bros can give me some comments ..... Thanks Chogokin
  15. Hi, Any recommendations? Usually buy and wear shoes from Hush puppies, and is wondering whether there are better alternatives :) Thanks!!
  16. http://executivelook.mypaper.sg/profile/profile19.shtml Radx can join. Hi I'm Radx. I love X rays as it makes me more prominent. I love seeing through the dudes with my RAYS. Cars are my fashion and gays are my passion. Please vote for me LOL
  17. Hi all, any one know any good web portals where one can post CV for executive search and potential employers to refer to? i know the very common ones are jobstreet, jobsdb, ST701, Monster etc etc.... any other ones that are NOT meant for fresh grads or junior positions?
  18. Anyone know how these people run foul of the law? Because the sentence said "they gave or agreed to give petrol vouchers in return for being picked in the Shell "free fuel for a year, one lucky winner a day" draw." I thought they call to win the Shell petrol voucher. And not offer petrol to win petrol leh. Is there a typo there? http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin.../389592/1/.html SINGAPORE: Twelve people who had either agreed or given bribes in exchange for having their names picked in a lucky draw ran foul of the law. In a statement, the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) said they gave or agreed to give petrol vouchers in return for being picked in the Shell "free fuel for a year, one lucky winner a day" draw. All 12 - 10 men and one woman - were charged in court on Thursday. They face a possible jail term of five years or a maximum fine of S$100,000 if convicted under the Prevention of Corruption Act. The executive who took the bribes, Teh Gim Leng, has already been sentenced to three months' jail and fined S$5,900 in July. - CNA/vm
  19. Extracted from Honda Civic Forum to share below: i know got a few SE from C&C,maybe you can help to clarify? better to hear two side of the story,or everybody should give "TAN CHONG AN" a miss. "Utterly disgusted by SE@Mitsubitshi(LK) Dear forumers, just sharing with u guys what i encountered today at Leng kee's C&C showroom. Was accompanying my friend to shop for cars this afternoon, was at C&C at ard 1600hrs. As he alrdy knows what car he wanna test drove, he walked up to the counter and ask for a test drive. This SE(Tan Chong An) whom my friend engaged was one big MOFO. As we are pretty young punks perhaps he tot we ain't genuine customers, we were given the cold shoulder right from the start. After asking for my friend for his particulars to process a test drive, he practically threw us there and became oblivious to our presence. Could not even bother to pass us a brochure for our reference and he just stood there and continued to chew his gum. After waiting for abt 15mins, i went up to ask him the test drive was rdy. He told me " if u cant wait, come another day"; so i asked " how long more do we have to wait?" he said he does not know. That's still okay, only when i asked how may person is waiting infront of us, he said" we are next, so abt 15mins more..." i was like WTF, if u knew it was going to be ard 15 mins y asked me to come another day! I was so pissed by his non chalent attitude and look, so i told him whois going to bring us for a test-drive, is it u? If yes, pls refer to me to another SE as i don't want to talk to u... He was like fine, then u look for another one urself! He blatantly raised his voice at me and told me that. What's more, i started to become hot and confront him, is this the way u treat ur other customers cos as far as i know a SE shld come upfront to entertain my fren even before a test drive. He could actually tell me, "This is the way i treat my customer, i will only orientate him during the test drive if u are nt happy then fine! write in to complain lah!" What a horrid experience, such cocky and arrogant mofo who thinks that young punks cant afford a car is terribly wrong. Lotsa undergrads are actually driving now."
  20. I would like to take a nice executive photo for my resume, corporate ID etc. Anyone have recommendations for a photo studio that provides such a service?
  21. I know i posted a question somewhat related to this 6 mths back but now i need some unbiased info with more specific questions as an opportunity just came up, i am referring to mid to high level exec recruitment not some normal employment agency doing everything from temp upwards. 1) High turnover rate???, it seems so and if so why?, sales has a high turnover rate too but its an excellent career for those who are suited. 2) What are the prospects like 3) What is the expected remuneration supposed to be like 4) I have got negative feedback but those guys who gave me the feedback seems very one sided and etc 5) Is long hours a permanent feature here, even as you move up the ranks. 6) what kind of personality traits and etc must someone in this industry have would appreciate if people in the industry can give me the heads up. thanks
  22. http://www.supercars.net/PicFetch?pic=2003_opel_insignia-1.jpg http://www.supercars.net/PicFetch?pic=2003_opel_insignia-2.jpg http://www.supercars.net/PicFetch?pic=2003_opel_insignia-3.jpg In addition to its progressive, elegant and dynamic design, the Insignia features numerous innovations including extensive use of LED lighting technology and unique pantograph-action doors and tailgate. Further highlights include the versatile interior layout and excellent driving dynamics. Says Opel's Chairman and Managing Director, Carl-Peter Forster: 'The Insignia is not an expensive luxury car but an ambassador of Opel's new confidence. It emphasizes our message of the past few months, that Opel is back, and it also demonstrates the innovative ideas we come up with when we think about a big Opel.' The driver-oriented, rear-wheel drive concept car can be transformed from a comfortable four-seater for day-to-day business purposes, into a sporty five-seat transport vehicle for weekend activities, family and recreation. The 344-hp aluminum V8 engine gives it a top speed of 250 km/h (electronically controlled), with acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in under six seconds. Opel's New Design Language With its well-balanced proportions and its progressive, elegant and dynamic lines, 'the Insignia shows how Opel's new design language translates to a large sized car for the very first time,' explains Opel's Executive Director of Design, Martin Smith. 'With its many creative ideas, this study is a vision reaching far into the future, showing how Opel defines such a new concept.' This departure from a conservative notchback silhouette is evident in the coupe-style body lines and design details such as the long engine hood with sweeping A-pillars and the inward-tapering front and rear ends. The Insignia's short overhangs and balanced proportions (length/width/height: 4803/1914/1414 millimeters) and the long 2915-mm wheelbase are just as striking. The wide track (1666 mm) emphasizes the Insignia's dynamics even further. The impressive radiator grille represents pride in the brand in three-dimensional form - a reference to the big cars that have always been part of Opel's tradition. It is milled from solid aluminum and flanked by large air intakes, thus dominating the front end and conveying an unmistakable sense of confidence. This is an Opel with genuine power under the boldly styled hood, accentuated by a characteristic crease down the middle and a V-shape that flows from the A-pillars, thus creating a strong link to the honeycomb-grille. Four sturdy crossbars (the top one carrying the prominent Opel emblem) emphasize the grille's significance in the front-end design. High-tech Interior The Insignia comes in even more guises. Continuing the long tradition of innovative interiors at Opel, for instance the Zafiras Flex7 system with fully retractable third-row seats or the multiple configurations of the Meriva and Signum FlexSpace concepts, the Insignia features yet another new idea: The section of the center tunnel that separates the two individual rear seats can be moved back under the trunk-floor to reveal a folded seat that can be raised electrically to make the Insignia a five-seater. The tunnel, covered with fine leather with exclusive Macassar ebony wood inlays conceals even more secrets: The designers have integrated a DVD player with folding screen, a cool-box large enough for two bottles of champagne and a humidor for storing fine cigars. Despite these luxury accessories in the rear, there's never a doubt in the Insignia as to whos in charge: The cockpit, with its three-dimensional instruments and control satellites for the most important functions made of satin-finished and polished aluminum, is perfectly matched to the drivers needs so he or she can concentrate on the essentials. All secondary control panels such as the infotainment system or the air-conditioning are hidden away under ingenious sliding covers in the center console. Parallel sliding action The future potential of the pantograph mounting and lever principle used for the two rear doors is also obvious. With its help, even large doors can be opened in small parking spaces or garages. Like a sliding door but without the sliding rails, the doors move parallel to the body rather than swinging outwards. Because of their advantages, pantograph hinges with two pivot points have often been tried in automobiles, but this is the first time that the door has been successfully realized without multiple levers and without destroying the harmonious styling. This is how the dictionary explains the mechanism: 'Pantograph - an instrument & consisting of four &bars jointed in parallelogram form.' Now that the Insignia has appeared, this definition will have to be re-written, as the Opel's engineers in the team led by Gerhard Mathes, have succeeded in designing a sophisticated but simple mechanism inside the pantograph support arm. When the door is closed, the aluminum support lever disappears elegantly into the door trim. 'The kinematics of the Insignias rear doors will puzzle many observers,' says Mathes with a smile. How it works will, for the time being, remain Opel's secret, as Hans H. Demant, Executive Director, Engineering, is positive that 'the pantograph has revolutionary potential'. Observers can also study the advantages of the pantograph system at the rear of the Insignia, even though this is a conventional design, with articulated parallelograms. Both the large tailgate and its rear window can be opened parallel to the roof by remote control, which means that they can open even if the car has been reversed up to a wall - especially since they open with the aid of electric motors. A total of 45 electric motors are installed on the concept car. They not only open and close the doors at the touch of a button, for example, but also move the seats forward automatically to make access to the rear easier. Rear-wheel drive and V8 engine Opel's engineers chose an all-new GM rear-wheel drive architecture being developed for future global products as the basis for the Insignia's dynamic concept. With double wishbones and coil springs at the front and a five-link axle at the rear (decoupled for refinement), the Insignia delivers exemplary cornering behavior and high directional stability. Hydraulic load-leveling control compensates for changes in payload. In line with the dynamic character, the Insignia is powered by the Corvette's 344-hp aluminum V8 engine, which gives it a maximum speed of 250 km/h (electronically controlled), with acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in under six seconds. Story by Opel
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