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Motorcyclists take a "walk of shame" while being escorted by traffic police

Motorcyclists take a "walk of shame" while being escorted by traffic police



All the interesting things happen over the weekend. Like this, for example.

What happened?

On 21 May, 2023, Hougang residents were greeted with an unusual sight. Motorcyclists.

No, I’m not saying motorcyclists are unusual, but how many of them there were certainly was.


Not to mention how they are all pushing their bikes alongside them instead of using them. 

Traffic police were there as well, seemingly keeping a watchful eye over the motorcyclists. 


We have no information or context on why they’re all rounded up like this so… someone misbehaved?

Online chatter

One netizen noted how it looked like a “walk of shame”, as if the motorcyclists were from primary school. A few also joked that a funeral was happening. 


Others just questioned what happened to cause the round-up.



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Apparently they all had gang logos on their helmets!

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