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Found 38 results

  1. Sparcoray

    In-Car Camera Installation

    Dear All, Does anyone has lobang to install blackvue (2Ch) camera for front and rear? Thanks
  2. Anyone bought car parts and accessories from taobao and care to share their experience? Been looking around and prices are really affordable for many things likes accessories and even service parts. Of course I am concerned about imitations but seems like some items are genuine but made for their local market. Currently, I am looking at stuffs like car door visors, windshield wipers and diy soundproofing rubber strips.
  3. EstherLui

    Upgrading stock horn

    Want to get a better louder set of horns to replace the single pathetic stock one. Do I need to use the relay or do I just swap in the new ones?
  4. So_nice

    Seat modifications

    Not sure if this is the right section.. My car (sedan) does not come with knockdown rear seats..may I know if it is possible to mod it to be knockdown ones? Or is it possible to mod another car's rear seat to fit my current one? Also, I'm looking to install a pair of recaros from another model..where would you guys recommend to fabricate the railings and roughly wat are the cost and down time required? Lastly I'm looking to freshen up the interior with new leather..any recommendation? Even those furniture workshops whom are experience in wrapping leather are welcome.. Thanks in advance and a great new year ahead! Huat ah
  5. 2 weeks old Hyundai Elantra. Scratch to a pole when I make a reverse turn on a narrow road. Left side tail light cover crack, but all lights function well. My own car. Any suggestions? I only treat it as a transportation for my family. So do not want to spend much on repairing it. 1. Bring back to Komoco. But I do not think warranty will cover any. 2. Claim insurance. Excess 600. Maybe I just pay repairing cost and next year premium increase. 3. Outside workshop. Not sure what the cost for the light cover. 4. Use glue or tape to fix it by myself. To me the looking is not an issue. Wait next time go JB or has other issues repair together. Any ideas. Please help. Thanks.
  6. 1. Find it rather troublesome to fold down rear seat, take out the front quick release wheel and insert the hybrid bicycle from the boot. Have to do it very carefully inorder not scratch anything. 2. Is there a better way of doing thing? such as a bicycle rack that I don't have to be bothered with strings and hood? where to get and what is the average price of getting one? By the way, I don't want those roof mounted kind. Please advise me and Thank you very much. Regards,
  7. Where to get those car jacks that have wheels apart from autobacs and also car ramps to bring the car higher? thanks in advance.
  8. Ronnieseah

    Vellfire seat modification

    hi anyone know where can i covert the middle row from bench seat to 2 pilot seat?
  9. Crawling

    How do they call this ?

    Hi, Can anybody tell me how they call this accessorie on the car bumber and body ? Please see red arrow in image .
  10. I am not sure whether this has been brought up before. Kindly advise any place in Thailand (Bangkok) to shop for car accessories.
  11. Hi, i just got my new car (very first) & thinking of installing 2-channel dashcam with parking mode so as to give me peace of mind. Wondering if anyone in this forum has Renault Grand Scenic (latest Gen4) with 2-channel dashcam installed & which authorized shop you had it installed. Im asking coz my SE told me Wearnes Automotive stopped installing rear camera due to leaking issue after installing.
  12. ntuc2018

    Install side stepper for SUV

    If I bought a side stepper for my SUV. Any recommended place to get it install? Usually cost how much?
  13. nazerath

    H11 bulbs

    Where can I get these bulbs? I need to get a replacement but no time to go to stockist.
  14. Sorry, i just got my car and i don't know where to get such accessories! Places like Giant got limited variety, i don't know where else to get these stuff, can anyone share? Thanks!
  15. Trusty

    Parking sensors

    Any shop can diagnose the sensors problem?
  16. Normankok

    Rear spoiler installation

    hi all Bought a rear spoiler for my Nissan Juke. Any recommendation on workshop to do installation.
  17. Just saw that Kia Niro has wireless charging built in.. Wow, me mountain tortoise, any other car in Singapore has this wireless charging? Thanks..
  18. Neutrino

    USB to Bayonet adapter

    My radio/cd bedside alarm has an 'audio in' which is of the bayonet type, I think that's what it is called. But I want to play music which is on my USB flashdrive. Is there an adapter which will allow me to plug in my USB flash drive and play on my CD player? I know there are bedside CD players with USB ins.
  19. Hi, both trunk lights(boot) lights of my W204 c180k are not working(one on the right side of boot and the other on the trunk lid). Could some experience hands advise how should I troubleshoot from here? And where is the fuse location of the trunk lights? Thanks in advance.
  20. hi all... my cerato v2 door handle came out... i think must change the door handle and the mechanism also.. any1 knows how much roughly? thanks
  21. Any shops that sell the above? Looking for the custom cutting that can fit and cover the whole dashboard. Pls recommend thanks!
  22. haronkr

    Shop To Install Horns

    Hi All I intend to buy and install the Hella Super Tone in my Qashqai. Any recommended shops in the east to help do it? Preferably one that won't ask 1001 questions abt why dont buy from them etc. Thanks!
  23. Hi everyone can someone recommend a cheap place to swap seats (front and back) between 2 cars, and some parts of the door trims. Thanks.
  24. Looking for one that sells all sorts of accessories to shop.
  25. NicholasYeo_101060

    How often do Singaporeans buy car accessories?

    Ask you all ah, do Singaporeans buy car accessories one or not? Want to bring in some items from overseas sell on carousell earn some side pocket money, but scared later things cannot sell or sell damn slowly, Any tips here?