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Found 15 results

  1. https://www.bmwblog.com/2022/02/25/bmw-m-50-years-emblem/ Just a opinion on these 50 year hood / boot badges that are popping up on new BMW cars . And they are also available from certain places to buy . Note that these are original badges and cost around $22x including shipping. Thoughts on whether it is idiotic to install these on an older BMW 😅
  2. Is there a perfect middle ground between blistering performance for the track, and for day-to-day use? BMW’s M Division says yes, with the M Performance range. Let’s get this straight: BMW’s M cars are legitimate track stars. Fastidiously engineered for proper racing, and fitted with engines tuned to the heavens of power, it is when these lightning-quick celebrities are zipping and squealing their way around Nürburgring (or Sepang, for those of us here in the Asian tropics) that they truly come alive. But not all who have a penchant for going fast necessarily enjoy the idea of
  3. With its ample functionality, inimitable dynamic capability, and undeniable heritage, the BMW M3 Competition proves that it’s more than just a fast car. It’s easy to get lost in the numbers. With 503bhp, 650Nm of torque, and a sub-4 second 0-100km/h timing, the BMW M3 Competition is a bombastically fast car. However, it isn’t all about speed. Plenty of cars now pack 500+bhp, and 0-100km/h times continue to tumble across the industry, accelerated by the increasing number of electric cars. Owning and living with a fast car isn’t simply just about ho
  4. My Germany trip over the wkend http://www.bmw-sg.com/bmw-models/bmw-8-series-1/bmw-sg-m8-reveal/2017/05/31/
  5. [extract] In the automotive world, the most powerful and recognisable alphabet is the letter M. Every auto enthusiasts would know what I am talking about. That letter M I am talking about is from the BMW M division (Motorsport). BMW
  6. BMW M5 M Performance Edition The F10M generation M5 has been on sale recently and already BMW has announced a M5 M Performance edition in the UK. Revealed through a YouTube teaser video, the enhanced M5 will be available in three Frozen (matt) body colours: red, white and blue. Production will be extremely scarce at 30 units; ten vehicles for each color. Though there might not be any performance upgrades, with the stock M5 containing a twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8 engine, with a beastly 552hp and 680Nm of torque. BMW M3 M Performance Edition Also revealed through You
  7. [extract] The turbocharging of engines in modern cars today is getting pretty common. You can see all sorts of forced induction set-ups, from a small-sized single turbo and up to a twin-turbo set-up. But a triple turbo set-up is something new and two German automakers are venturing into that foray. The rumours of BMW
  8. [extract] BMW M was first started to assist BMW
  9. BenCee

    The BMW 1 M experience

    I had the lucky opportunity of taking the BMW 1-Series M Coupe for a short drive recently, when sgCarMart had the car for a review. And I must say, I'm deeply impressed with this amazing little car. A BMW M car is always special, no doubt. But the 1-Series M Coupe somehow brings back to the brand what it has been missing for a while now. Namely, a small, focused little car, with little frills, leaving the driver to concentrate on the art of just driving. Despite the fact that it's manual only (can be troublesome in Singapore), and that the pedals are a bit too offset to the rig
  10. So what does the 'M' in a BMW stand for? Marketing. Yes, marketing and not motorsport. The reason is that BMW has stated in a recent report by TheDetroitBureau.com that the BMW 1 series M coupe will only have a one year run. One measly year? One year for a car that enthusiasts deem to be the spiritual replacement to the BMW E30 M3. And it was only launched and previewed in Singapore at the end of January. Of course BMW said that they will only make 2,500units of the car and we all know a manufacturer like BMW would find it easy to produce that many limited run units in a year. But the que
  11. [extract] These are the first photos of the BMW X1 with the M Sport Package. The package will be available later this year for all engine versions of the X1 and comprises of suspension, exterior and interior components specially developed for the SUV. The external enhancements include sports suspension calibration and 17-inch double-spoke M alloy wheels for even sharper driving dynamics. Alternatively, the M Sports package can be supplied with 18-inch double-spoke M alloy wheels. The M Sports package for the BMW X1 also features an M Aerodynamics package, door sills with the
  12. BenCee

    BMW 1 Series, Mmmmmm

    BMW, or more specifically, BMW M, recently previewed the 1 Series M in Singapore. The 1-Series M must be one of the most eagerly-anticipated BMWs of all time. For years, there has been constant rumours and speculation going around as to whether BMW will actually make an M version of its small car, and even debate on what it would be called, since M1 was the name given to BMW's supercar of the 1980s. Now that it's finally here, BMW M fans can definitely rejoice. While us Singaporeans don't get to drive the 1-Series M yet, and therefore make judgement for ourselves, the foreign motor
  13. [extract] Sometime late last year BMW Group Asia announced that Munich Automobiles Pte Ltd had been selected to specifically market BMW
  14. BMW has released the first teaser video of the hotly-anticipated 1 Series M Coupe. No details about the powertrain or performance specs have been revealed, though in the video M boss Kay Segler leaves no doubt that the 1-Series M Coupe will be a powerful machine that will give its driver "the goose pimples". The video shots suggest that the 1 Series M model will get the usual "M treatment" with extended wheel arches and a bodykit with unique bumpers and side skirts. According to Segler, the smallest ever BMW to wear the M-badge will arrive in showrooms in the first half of 2011. Stay tune
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