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Found 53 results

  1. Thinking of bringing my baby girl to see fishes there tmr but got a few questions. 1. Where to park nearest? Is there a central car park for all attractions? 2. Would it be crowded since its CNY and most ppl away for holidays? Thanks
  2. Family Living in Sentosa Offers Up To $5,500/Month For Home Tutor For Triplets source: https://mustsharenews.com/sentosa-home-tutor/ Family Living In Sentosa Offers Up To $5,500/Month For Home Tutor For Primary 2 Triplets The Singapore school system is basically synonymous with the word “tuition”. It’s so common, that it’s more or less regarded as part and parcel of every student’s schooling experience here. Tuition centres with small class sizes are popular among many, but some kids need even more help and attention than usual. This calls for private tutors, who make house calls and can often teach more than one subject. Recently, a WhatsApp message requesting the services of a private tutor caught the attention of many who received it. Most private tutors are paid decently well, but this family’s offer sounds almost too good to be true. The full-time tutoring job pays up to $5,500 per month, and it’s at a beautiful home in Sentosa Cove. Tutor 3 triplets living in Sentosa for up to $5,500 per month The family looking for a tutor is supposedly a Chinese family who live at Sentosa. According to their message, they need a long-term, full-time tutor for their Primary 2 triplets. Unfortunately for the guys, they’re looking for female tutors only. Working hours are 2pm-8pm on weekdays, and 9am-6pm on weekends. The tutor is expected to teach the kids mainly English, and help them with Mathematics here and there. Tutoring 3 young, active kids for such long hours 6 days a week definitely doesn’t sound like an easy job, but boy, is that pay attractive. Family live at Sentosa Cove The family included their address in the message, so we took the liberty of checking out their sweet crib for a sneak preview of where the lucky tutor gets to hold her lessons. It’s a luxurious bungalow in Sentosa Cove. The best part is, it’s called Treasure Island. With all that clear blue water and open space around, it’s no wonder the kids need help with their studies. Who wouldn’t be tempted to go outside and play? Fill up Google Form to apply for the tutoring job We’re not certain if this job is really paying as much as it advertises, but it’s definitely worth applying for if you have the skillset and you like kids. The family included a link to a Google Form in their message. All you have to do is fill it up, and you’ll be in the running for this dream-come-true tutoring job. We wish the best of luck to all those who apply for this job. Make the most of it if you get it, and live your best life on Sentosa with your new clients!
  3. Jman888

    Otters in Singapore

    aren't they cute? not anymore
  4. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/new-sentosa-gateway-tunnel-to-open-on-apr-27/3647248.html After 8yrs finally done, but why only one way??
  5. Wonder if we will ever get good rides like these? Maybe instead of stupid casino all over the place in Singapore, we should have a real good thrill ride or family theme park like Six Flags (especially magic mountain) or Cedar Point
  6. Parents, never lost sight of your kids when going to places or doing activities like cycling, swimming etc, always do it in a safe and guarded environment.
  7. SINGAPORE - The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and Police were alerted to a cable car incident at Sentosa this evening. According to a tweet by The New Paper at 7:02pm, an empty cable car fell at Siloso Beach. "Worker trapped inside another suspended car. SCDF and police on site, rescue operations underway," TNP tweeted. A second tweet at 7:27pm stated that the worker had been rescued. SCDF later released a statement at 7:30pm confirming that its officers were onsite. "A cable car cabin undergoing commissioning fell during testing. There was no one onboard the cabin," SCDF said. "There was an engineer in another cabin which was unaffected. "The cabin has since been moved safely to Imbiah Station and the engineer is fine. There are no casualties." Members from SCDF's Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team were also at the scene on standby. SCDF added that the existing cable car line was unaffected and remains in operation. - See more at: http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/sentosa-cable-car-line-falls-scdf-and-police-activated#sthash.RyScoNyM.dpuf
  8. Is it open air or underground or what? Where to park nearest to Underwater World? Pls don't say underwater
  9. Hi guys, EduMatters is running a lucky draw with a 3D2N Staycation at Sentosa as the grand prize! Taking part is really easy. Just leave a memorable school story (Can be teachers, school programs, school staff etc) to be eligible! Also you can have multiple entries for the different schools you have attended (as a student), or even the school that your child is attending (as a parent). Hope one of the Bros from MCF win the staycation at Festive Hotel! http://edumatters.sg/promotions/
  10. For those who wanna park at Sentosa free for a day. I've a Resort World Sentosa Parking Ticket to give away. Expires: 30 NOV 2014. PM me for collection. 1st come 1st serve.
  11. Jman888

    didn't hear about this and so fast close down liao? i think few of the makansutra concepts not doing well.
  12. SKH3536D? Is this a one-sided story? http://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/angry-ang-moh-driver-tails-nsf-home-beats-him-lift/ ANGRY ANG MOH DRIVER TAILS NSF HOME & BEATS HIM UP IN THE LIFT To Editors of A.S.S, This happened at my residence in Sentosa this evening 25 June 2014. My son was driving back from his army camp and just after entering Sentosa, a car cut abruptly into my son's lane so my son horned at him to avoid any accident. As a result, the other driver horned back at my son. My son ignored this and continued driving not realizing that the other car driven by an angmo was following him. Once my son reached our residence car park the other car tried to follow but was stopped by the security. So the angmo left the car outside and ran inside the carpark even though the security guards tried to stop him. He ran towards my son who had parked his car and followed him. When my son entered the lift lobby using his access card, this ang mo barged into the lift and started shouting at my son accusing him of nearly causing an accident. My son denied this and then the ang mo pushed my son against the wall and strangled him while lifting him by the neck. My son was shocked and then the angmo took a picture of my son and threatened him. The attacker then rushed off but was stopped by the security. We called the police who is investigating the matter. We managed to take a picture of the assailant. Regards Mdm RD
  13. Sosaria

    Sentosa Universal studios visit

    I've never been to the new universal studios at sentosa, and have a couple of questions to ask. Is there such a thing as just paying the entrance fee, go in look-see? Then the rides pay extra? Or buying an entrance ticket includes some rides as well? Best time to go? I heard there's a certain time that they allow people to go in and look-see... Thanks for the tips. Lazy to surf through their website info, and this forum is so informative and throws up some nuggets of 'insider' info sometimes
  14. http://www.relax.com.sg/article/news/tripadvisor-sentosas-the-costliest-island-in-s-e-asia-for-travellers why need to make things so expensive in sentose? from the parking, food, hotels.....seems like they only cater to the tourist $$$
  15. http://forums.condosingapore.com/showpost....amp;postcount=3
  16. I did a google and tried searching the hotel website. Cannot find the info. Any bro here parked there before? Know the rates?
  17. Preston with his Ferrari 458. He left the key with valets at RWS while having supper there and returned to find the car missing. -- ST PHOTO: MARK CHEONG In the early hours of last Tuesday, two valets at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) were entrusted with the key to a Ferrari 458. Instead of safeguarding it, they used it to take the $1 million sports car for a joyride across Sentosa that lasted over an hour. Their alleged misdeed was exposed when the owner, a 61-year-old retiree, checked the footage on his in-car camera. Outraged by the incident, he has since filed a police report and issued a letter of demand to RWS through lawyer Chia Boon Teck.
  18. FocusWagon

    Sentosa flowers

    anyone been to the above? went today.. super bo hua. pay $5 per head, not much different from previous years FOC display, in fact i think considering the $5, it is super super lousy this year.
  19. For those going to Sentosa NYE party tomorrow, parking at beach and imbiah carpark is rated at $15 after 10pm. Pls have enuff money in cashcard hor. http://www.sentosa.com.sg/en/getting-to-ar...ing-to-sentosa/
  20. Full day parking is $26 per day, anyway to pay lesser than that such as park at Sentosa island? Or I heard there is complementary ticket, anyway to get that? TIA.
  21. MORE FT!!!!! MORE RAPE!!!! A young woman was allegedly raped at a Sentosa beach last weekend. The police received a distress call at 2.25am on Sunday morning (6 May). An Indian national working as a part-time lifeguard at Sentosa was arrested at the scene. The alleged rape is believed to have taken place at a beach pavilion not far from a party that was taking place at Siloso Beach. Sentosa Leisure Group deputy director of communications Suzanne Ho said that the man is a part-time worker who had ended his work for the day. It is understood that his responsibilities include patrolling the beaches and handling its daily operations. Ms Ho added that the man had joined the company only last month and was scheduled for work only on an ad-hoc basis. The suspect is now being detained while an investigation is being carried out. Source: Lianhe Wanbao, 9 May 2012. Click here for the Chinese report.
  22. Need advice to drive from Yishun to Sentosa (RWS)..
  23. This morn at 8.15, I saw a Sentosa Ranger in grey uniform holding a hand-held cam standing on the left side near the far end of the gateway. This is the 1st time I come across the speed trap. Fyi, the speed limit there is 50km / hr.
  24. guys, I just bought an annual pass to Universal Singapore and now looking for the best way to park in Sentosa after 5pm. I am planning to drop by Universal in the evenings when it is cooler. RWS is too expensive. Is there an cheaper car park? I see imbiah carpark is only $2/per entry after 5pm. Where in the world is that car park? It looks pretty far. Is there a better car to park going to universal?