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Found 25 results

  1. This caught my attention. I prefer a lighter wallet. If I can pay for my MRT rides using my credit card, even better. So this caught my attention. LTA starting a pilot. There are a few steps to follow, and the website brings you through. Basically you have to register and link to your Mastercard. After I did everything and set up, decided to try out. It works! Here is a video of my experience. Overall very smooth but a few points to take note. 1. Mastercard, not VISA. Mine is UOB, but all other Singapore issued Mastercards should work. 2. The MRT gate says 'Bank Card Usage' when you enter and exit. The gate doesn't show you how much was the cost of the ride. 3. You have to check your portal to see what was incurred, and it may take up to 3 days for the charges to be reflected. Overall, easy to use and I will be using my Mastercard to pay for my MRT and Bus rides from now on.
  2. Wonder if we will ever get good rides like these? Maybe instead of stupid casino all over the place in Singapore, we should have a real good thrill ride or family theme park like Six Flags (especially magic mountain) or Cedar Point
  3. I was travelling along PIE towards Changi and I saw a male TP, in white riding a scooter. Those scooter that mostly only TP rides. In fact this is the 3rd time I have seen them riding scooters. Even though I dun really like TPs but I do have my respect for these men in blue in their macho WRXs or in white riding on their Honda or Yamaha. They certainly dun look too manly in that gentle machine. I know about policemen in bikes in certain NPCs. So now TP in scooters???
  4. As a gesture of goodwill + repentence? Ho Ho Ho.......... Meery Xmas and Happy New Year to all bros
  5. Anyone seen these on the roads ?
  6. In light of recent recall issues faced by their fellow competitors, Mazda Motor Singapore has taken a step forward to protect their brand. The car dealer has enlarged its suite of services to include Mazda's parallel-imported cars under its service wing. Singapore owners of parallel-imported Mazdas in stock condition can now service and repair their vehicles at Mazda Service Centres at Alexandra Road and MacPherson Road. Owners of parallel-imported Mazdas can now give their cars the real Mazda treatment at the two service centres. The centres are equipped with Mazda Modular diagnostic systems. Mazda Corporation, Japan, also provides direct technical support. With bi-monthly technical data and updates from its headquarters in Japan, Mazda Motor Singapore can take preventive recommendations and correction actions to protect every vehicle. The distributor also sends their workshop managers on special technical training sessions organised by Mazda Corporation, Japan for each new model launched to guarantee a detailed understanding of each of the entire model range. With the common misunderstanding that servicing at a distributor tends to be more expensive than independent workshops, the distributor assures that in reality, their maintenance packages are priced very competitively. To provide owners with a better peace of mind, all repairs by Mazda Motor Singapore are warranted for 6 months or 6000km*, a benefit you'll not get from an independent workshop. To book a service appointment, please visit www.mazda.com.sg or call 6395 8833 or 6603 6128. Or, take your Mazda down to any of our service centres at 315 Alexandra Road or 1 Kampong Ampat (Off MacPherson Road). *Whichever comes first. Warranty covers the specific repair work completed by Mazda Motor (S) Pte Ltd.
  7. http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/listing.php?...1=0&PR2=&FR=Any Less than 2 year since its launch in 2004, I see so many Pica for sale. Last nite was at Turf City and saw at least 6 Pica at the dealerships there for sale. Are the owners selling 'cos its underpowered or too small and cannot serve its purpose, eg. New born child, need more space etc.
  8. Cooliechang

    Pasar malam with amusement theme rides

    Hi all folks living in the west, Anyone knows if there is a pasar malam in the west that have those mini amusement theme rides? (Train rides, ferris wheel etc..) I saw one at woodlands area near my church today but not opened yet. Tot of bringing my kids down in the evening to play. Thnxs alot
  9. Hi all, This thread is to keep track of the failing parts on our ride. I'll start off with mine 1st. 1. Gear knob button loose, almost falling off 2. Knob for adjusting the driver seat back cushion cracked 3. Driver seat has free play while going over humps ( 1 yr still not fixed )
  10. Sweet deals, Continental rides Continental rides have never been cheaper with plunging COE rates. Coupled with the falling euro, here is your rough buying guide. Mon, Nov 10, 2008 By Christopher Tan LAST month, certificates of entitlement (COEs) - Government-auctioned permits to own a vehicle here - sank to the lowest level in recent months. The COE premium for larger cars (with engines above 1,600cc) was especially low, settling at $7,589 - half its usual value in recent years. It was the first time that COE prices had reacted so swiftly and so drastically to an economic slowdown. In all previous crises, including the Asian financial meltdown of 1997 to 1999, premiums defied sentiment and stayed pretty firm. Besides weakened spending, the strong Japanese yen has contributed to the soft premiums. After all, cars from that nation make up the lion's share of cars sold here. Since sellers did not pass on all their currency cost increases to buyers for fear of losing out to the competition, their profit margins have narrowed. This, in turn, has weakened their ability to bid for COEs. Even though COE premiums may rebound this month, the industry consensus is for prices to remain pretty soft for the rest of the year and for at least the first two quarters of next year. What all that boils down to is this: Folks who are partial to Continental cars should be able to find some sweet deals, especially since the euro has also dropped in value. Here are some models worth considering: JAGUAR A new version of the flagship XJ debuts in late-2009 or early-2010, but those seeking a posh carrier should still pause for the current feline limo. The 3-litre V6 is a good place to start as it adequately embodies the three core values of the XJ line: comfort, comfort and comfort. It isn't shoddy on performance either. Constructed from aluminium, the big, long-wheelbase car is as light as a Mercedes AMG racer. And its interior is oh-so-English-country-club. Price: $246,000. JAQUAR XJ FLAGSHIP: The car boasts a high-tech,lightweight aluminium body that's longer, wider and taller. If you feel the XJ is too old school, check out the XF (above), a sporty and gadget-filled sedan that still boasts the curvaceous bodywork and sublime leatherwork of the Leaping Cat. The variant to drool over is the supercharged 4.2 V8. Equipped with starship-like transmission and steering-mounted paddle shifters, it deploys its 416 horses to reach 100kmh in just 5.4 seconds. Price: $295,000. VOLVO The S80 is one of the most undervalued executive sedans around. It is very spacious, very well equipped and has a clean styling that will stay in vogue for a long time. It also packs a lot of performance and comfort, with solid doors that are light on the triceps and safety features that have long been the hallmark of Volvo. Its adaptive cruise control, which applies the brakes to keep its distance, is one such feature. Ease yourself into the brand with the S80 2.5T. Price: $164,000. Then, there is the the Volvo XC60, one of the best-looking crossovers ever made. In the case of the 3-litre T6 version, perhaps the sportiest, too. The car, powered by an inline-6 turbo engine, hits 100kmh in 7.5 seconds, which is decent for a biggish crossover. Price: To be announced when car is launched in January. MERCEDES-BENZ Of all the cars in its extensive line-up, the E200NGT should get special mention because it is the only purpose-built bi-fuel car you can get from a showroom here. The E200NGT (below) is equipped to run on compressed natural gas as well as petrol. Unlike the gas-converted cars here, its CNG innards are neatly and intelligently packaged so they are unobtrusive. Its engine is modified to combust the cheaper and cleaner fuel with no ill effects and no loss of power. Not only that, Merc agent Cycle & Carriage is on an aggressive sales drive, by pricing the car nearly $30,000 lower than usual. Who says you can't save the Earth (and some moolah) if you drive a luxury car? Price: $136,888. E200NG: Cycle & Carriage has priced the car nearly $30,000 lower than usual. LAND ROVER It is still probably politically incorrect to go for beefy SUVs like the Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover. The Freelander, on the other hand, is rather palatable. Like the Disco and the Range, the new Freelander (right) is a competent climber, crawler, carrier and cruiser. On the road, the 3.2-litre offers car-like ride quality, a commanding stance and effortless straight-line tracking. And it is the only (affordable) SUV you can park in a hotel driveway without being shooed away. Price: $168,000. BMW Obviously, the model to have is the all-new 7-series (below). It is just as luxurious, but more fuel-efficient, sportier and less daunting to operate than its predecessor. The new Bavarian limo range will have turbocharged engines for the first time. Due to arrive as early as January, the first variant available will be the 750Li. It is powered by a 4.4-litre V8 turbo churning out 407bhp and 600Nm of torque, enabling the big sedan to reach 100kmh in 5.3 seconds. A 740i with a 326bhp twin-turbo six-cylinder engine will be available later. Price: To be announced. THE NEW 7-SERIES: Just as luxurious, but more fuel-efficient, sportier and less daunting to operate than its predecessor.
  11. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/7498634.stm See how outrageously these people do to their rides such as Toyota Supra and Honda Civic.
  12. as in not even the basic servicing and atf change? although its not even mine but its a corolla G9, good car with good fc and everything totally random thats why im posting it here
  13. Qpik

    Rides at River Hong Bao

    This year 1st time went to check out River Hong Bao after missing it for so many years. Discovered more by-standers especially around the rides. Found it out the likely reason when I check out the cost of the rides. 1 token = $2.50. Average ride cost 3 tokens A ballon cost $4-$12 No wonder many of my kakis went overseas while I came back to celebrate CNY Guess it will be worse as days goes by unless one works in the civil service.
  14. Hi, just an update to the bros and sis here. My ride hit 37000km this week and seems like it is smoother than before, the ride seems more silent, the suspensions seems to grace over every little bumps better, the steering seems less heavy, and the power seems better. - what happened? How did it get better? Is it really broken in after so long? Well all I know was after the 30K servicing and throttle body clean and new sparks the car drive seems better. I wonder how about the rest?
  15. just wondering.... i wash outside then inside. by the way any water saving tips? seems these days the $0.25 for 2 pails of water are getting lesser.
  16. I was reading thru some post and realise that the way Jap's and Kor's calculate their car bhp are different from conti car maker. Japs/Kor = base at crank conti = base on wheels . Is it true and why the different ?
  17. i am currently riding a forester 2.5xt with stock suspension..i kinda wanna lower the ride alittle...not too much thou...but alittle...any thoughts??nothing too expensive...heehee..on a budget...
  18. Hi Guys, We all know that the Octy II; the DIN for headset is cut-out to fit our after-market headset; a bit not very sightly lah... was wondering anyone interested in the following product: You can also visit the website http://www.scosche.com/scosche_caraudio.as...&ItemID=VW2317B more info; other conti models are available as well. Am trying to liaise with the manufacturer to get it in.. unless guys out there got better lobang
  19. Hi, been trying to search but din not get any conclusion. So need some advice. I heard new cars (mine is M2 SP) operate in close loop when partial throttle and open loop in full throttle. As a normal driver that does not full throttle 100% of the time (i think i have never cross 4k rpm yet), will the ECU over-rides the piggy back setting while in close loop condition? Asking this question as i am interested to install a piggy back to smoothen my ride, and improve FC if possible. So far looking at 1. unichip (800+ ?? where got good tuner?) 2. SAFC 2 (500+ ?? where got good tuner?) 3. ADM tuning box (400+ ?? where got good tuner?) 4. Obit (1k+ ?? where got good tuner?) since for NA cars like mine, most likely we will be tuning the A/F ratio only right? so will unichip and obit an over kill as 80% of the function are not being utilised? appreciate any feedback or advice
  20. Hello Any Bros here buying a new car and selling your current ride to the dealer ? Understand that depending from Brand & Model, amount you get is Paper + 4/5K for the trade in. I'm currently considering buying a new car, but wouldn't mind considering a 2nd hand ride also. Have checked out Classifieds, SgCarmart & SgCarsOnline and noticed that many of the so called "Owners" ads are actually 2nd-Hand car dealers. And worst of all, the prices that they are asking for a 2 year old car is almost the price of a brand new car !!! eg: $45K for a 2 year old lancer vs $49K for a new one from C&C. Who would want to buy and 2 year old car for the same price and a new one ??? Dun understand.... Anyway, I am willing to pay more than the Paper + 4/5K that the Trade-In dealers are offering. Anyone got any advice on how I can get to meet/know those people who are trading in their old rides for new ??? I even thought of standing outside C&C, BM or KM .... I am looking for something along the lines of : - Mid-Sized car (Lancer, Corolla, Civic, Mazda 3, Colt Plus... etc) - Between 2004-2006 - Mileage not exceeding 40K - Auto preferred My wife already warned that this is a though route to try. But I thought that if I can't find a nice match, then can still go buy new right ? So anybody who knows anybody that match the above, lemme know ok ? Maybe can work something out! Cheers !
  21. Ward's 10 Best Engines 2006 http://subscribers.wardsauto.com/microsites/Newsarticle.asp?newsarticleid=2755954&srid=10088&instanceid=57695&pageid=9938&magazineid=1004&siteid=26 ://http://subscribers.wardsauto.com/mi...1004&siteid=26 ://http://subscribers.wardsauto.com/mi...1004&siteid=26 ://http://subscribers.wardsauto.com/mi...1004&siteid=26 ://http://subscribers.wardsauto.com/mi...1004&siteid=26 ://http://subscribers.wardsauto.com/mi...1004&siteid=26 ://http://subscribers.wardsauto.com/mi...1004&siteid=26 Ten Best Rides of 2006 http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/artic.../512210331/1149
  22. hi all wanna ask most of the experts here something...recently went to check my type and was shock to realise tat the front tyre the threat is almost finishing so heard from my dad he ask me go to tyre shop and try to do a tyre swapping, so i head down and after the guy from the type shop check he said, all the 4 tyres the threat finishing..at most can go another 3000 km max so he advice me to change type... but as my car only left 1 yr coe and will be sending to the scrape yard after tat, tat mech advice me not to change 4 brand new tyres as itz not worth...so he recommened me this package saying he upgrade my tyre size by giving me those rims tat ppl trade in and tyre it self so wanna ask izzit worth it to do tat anot.. coz my ride is current house in a 13 inch wheel, and he offer me a 14 inch rim (*dunno wad brand one) as he say if get 4 brand new tyre coz me almost $250 might as well get his offer..so izzit worth it?
  23. Hi all Aveo kakis! Which petrol is best for our rides? I've my ride for almost 5 months now, and it has been on Shell 95 since day 1. Was wondering if other brands of petrol may be better? Also, what petrol did SA pump when you took delievery of your ride?
  24. This has been going for a while.... I do realise that for the first drive of the day, the engine will vibrate violently at low speeds. This normally happens at around 1,500 rpm. But the interesting thing to note is that this problem does not occur for the subsequent rides for the day. Can anyone advise on this phenomena?