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  1. Sirbrian

    Reventon..NOT!..It's a RX-8!

    so i guess that's how the owner command he's "rx-8 reventon" to open....cool...but what prevents the system to auto open when owner is drifting inside?
  2. Sirbrian

    Reventon..NOT!..It's a RX-8!

    where to mod to gull wing? I would like to do that to my future car...or maybe to my current sunny too
  3. Sirbrian

    Reventon..NOT!..It's a RX-8!

    maybe through the windows like nascar
  4. Sirbrian

    Reventon..NOT!..It's a RX-8!

    oh so the owner is a SIM student...that what the other wenbsite hinted too.. i don't understnd how a student can afford to do this? I guess i am doing something wrong in my life as a working adult who can only afford a sunn barely
  5. Check this out! Well done to the owner! I bow to you! More details and image at the following link: Myster Car Revealed Mazda RX-8 Turned to Lamborghini Theme.html
  6. i just bought one bottle of SHU 5W-40 from Forklift Enterprise as usual....$55 I saw that the M1 0W-40 is @ $80...so decided to change to SHU from my current M1 0W-40. Economy still bad to me and really have to tighten my belt so no choice have to by SHU. Never used before, wonder if it will be better than M1 0W-40...will give my feedback after this sat oil change.
  7. yup you are right...different from F1 to road QUOTE The provisional freeze on Formula One engine design this year provides a great opportunity for Shell. The products in the car will become a key differentiator for performance and we will be focusing on providing Ferrari the best Shell Helix engine lubricant to help them maintain their competitive edge. This, in turn, will lead to a greater diffusion of this knowledge into Shell Helix Ultra road oil, giving our customers access to the latest technological advancements", said Lisa Lilley, Shell Formula One Technology Manager. "Shell Helix Ultra motor oil shares many components with its championship-winning Formula One counterpart", said Mark Wakem, Shell's Formula One lubricant specialist. "We're proud that we put our Formula One expertise and knowledge into Shell Helix Ultra road oil, giving true Formula One technology to you and your engine". END QUOTE But IMHO, the technology and experience transfer by Shell, or even Mobil, from F1 to road car motor oil is significant. Over the past few years at least since the regulations on engine freeze, we can now see the current line up of motor oil by these 2 company at least to be significant reliable and give a peace of mind to road users. I am just a simple mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry and i strongly believe in technology transfer from one high end stream to the common stream and this has been going on in our industry too. So with my experience and gut feeling, i always tend to be a little kiasi and go for product that has its background in F1 like SHU of M1. 0W or 5W is not important to our climate, no winter...But -20 or -30 or -40 or even -50 is fairly important to individual type of car and user preference. IMHO -40 will be the best all rounder, even Mercedes-Benz
  8. i'm goingin tomorrow leh. so can some1 pls confirm if it is can't pump more than 20L or can't bring in more than 20L???????
  9. Sirbrian

    New TP bike (unmarked)?

    according to my tp neighbour, these are used mainly for escort purpose.
  10. Our country is on the web again....just found it on the web... wonder what is the car details? See What I saw on the web...
  11. Sirbrian

    You dare to overtake TP?

    From my TP neighbour advice, usually they are riding close to the speed limit of each particular road etc 50/60/70/90kmh. If we overtake them, it sure means we are already speeding liao. However, I have overtaken them a few times on the road and expressway as they were on lane 2 and travelling below the speed limit and I overtake them safely without being stop. So i guess it depends how you overtake their ego.... ...opps sorry to the TP community. I guess the TP you mentioned deems the sports car drove into the merging road a little too reckless or there must be somethings else like visible/audible illegal mods etc...anyway don't test their ego....cheers..
  12. Sirbrian

    Advice Needed: Lenovo S10 or Asus Eee PC 1000H

    i bought the S10 on friday. Still prefer the build especially the screen hinge. Also very easy to upgrade DIY not like MSI. One other thing i do notice is that the camera is also slightly better too. However the biggest downfall of the S10 is that it does not have 2 USB ports side by side. It only have one one each side of the netbook. Can be quite inconvenient if need to powerup external drive that need 2 ports.
  13. Sirbrian

    Why such people exist?

    I do agree with you, it is not nice to hear these types of words from someone's mouth, but it is through this way that some time it makes us "wake up our idea" unless we can see it "first hand".
  14. Sirbrian

    Why such people exist?

    I a true breed sillyporean, but somehow I do agree her points. We sillyporean are just too comfy in our own nice and stable sillypore that we have no idea what is tough life, except for those who have not much money and have to work 2-3 jobs just to have a simple living. I was in not-so-developed county in China and in Bangladash and I can say we sillypore just take our daily habits and comfy life for granted....even my other half too
  15. Sirbrian

    Advice Needed: Lenovo S10 or Asus Eee PC 1000H

    The other reason why I did not choose MSI or even the new LG is because to upgrade the RAM is almost impossible cos you need to remove the whole case right?