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Found 23 results

  1. Every Singaporean aged 18 and above in 2020 is set to receive S$100 worth of SingapoRediscovers vouchers, which can be used on staycations, attraction tickets and tours. The vouchers can be used between December this year and the end of June next year. The SingapoRediscovers vouchers for tourist attractions, tours and hotel bookings will be given out via SingPass. Every Singaporean aged 18 and above in 2020 is set to receive S$100 worth of SingapoRediscovers vouchers, which can be used on staycations, attraction tickets and tours. The vouchers can be used between December this year and the end of June next year. A S$10 subsidy will also be provided for children and youth tickets for attractions and tours, said the STB. Each adult may purchase up to six children or youth tickets at subsidised prices during the duration of the scheme. Announcing the details on Wednesday (Sep 16), Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing said the move will help the local tourism industry, which has been battered by the COVID-19. “This is not a social assistance scheme. This is an economic scheme to help our tourist attractions to preserve their capabilities that have been built up over the years, while they consolidate capacity in the interim,” Mr Chan told reporters at the Jurong Bird Park. The vouchers will be provided in denominations of S$10 via SingPass, and may be used to purchase tickets for attractions and tours, and accommodation bookings at licensed hotels, said the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in a separate fact sheet on Wednesday. More details on the redemption mechanism will be announced in November. STB will be calling a tender to appoint the platform providers for the redemption of the vouchers, said chief executive Keith Tan. Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat announced in August that the Government would give out S$320 million worth of vouchers to encourage Singaporeans to support local tourism businesses. The scheme will complement the ongoing SingapoRediscovers campaign launched in July, said the STB. More than 200 deals and bundled packages have been launched “to encourage locals to explore different precincts and aspects of life of Singapore”, the STB said. The vouchers will provide more encouragement for Singaporeans to do so, it added. All licensed hotels, tourist attractions and tours that have been approved by the STB to operate or reopen can benefit from this scheme. "We're working out the economic impact now, but certainly we do expect a return, not necessarily to the Government but obviously to the merchants. From the response we've seen so far, even from the initial SingapoRediscovers campaign, the merchants have responded very positively," said Mr Tan. "There is clearly a sense that they are responding, and the reason why they're responding is that they must see there is commercial return of interest and return of benefits to them," Mr Tan added. Mr Chan said he expects merchants to benefit from a "multiplier effect". “We’ll expect a certain multiplier effect because when people come here, they will also spend on other things ... So for example, they can use this to pay off the tickets or defer the cost of the tickets for coming in. But when they come in, they will spend on some of the F&B and other services that the attractions, hotels or the tours provide," said Mr Chan. “We think that there will be a catalytic effect. As to the exact extent of the catalytic effect, it will be hard to predict at this point in time, but we hope that is at least a few times what we have provided for in the Budget,” he added. Responding to questions on why the vouchers may not be used for F&B and retail purchases, Mr Chan said: "It's a balance between which sector we want to target, and also the simplicity in the administration so that people who (have) the vouchers can actually use it in a most convenient way. That's how we have designed the system." Thanking tourist attractions for “putting in an effort” to put safe management measures in place amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Chan said: “The other thing that they have done very well over the last few months or so was to help us work out the arrangement to have safe cohorting for the live performances.” From Sep 18, attractions that have received approval to resume operations can apply to the STB to increase their operating capacity from 25 per cent to 50 per cent, subject to approval from the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Attractions can also apply to increase the capacity of their number of outdoor shows to five zones, with 50 people in one zone, subject to safe management measures. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/singaporediscovers-tourism-vouchers-chan-chun-sing-covid-19-13115702 in before haters gonna hate n negative comments as highlighted its an economic scheme meant to help the tourism sector with many livelihoods at stakes do our part or jus dont use the vouchers lor why need to kpkb so much so many negative comments on fb from ppl who dont get the whole point behind the tourism vouchers there r many ppl struggling out there n wud prefer more social assistance schemes to tide them thru n so may not understand these vouchers are targeted to help those in the tourism biz to secure their jobs n prevent the tourism n sector industry from collapsing with our borders closed to tourism now n in the near future even locals spending may not be of much help but can help jiu help? for those who still have jobs n wanna bring ur kids out. bt maybe shd have given to those under 18 toooo la
  2. Hi bros, would like to check with u all is there any cheap season parking at chinatown? i am going to work at people's park complex and the season parking there is $200. any other cheaper alternatives?
  3. SGMCF328

    The power of "makeup"

    The Change E (a frictional Chinese character commonly associating with Mid-autumn festival) statue at Chinatown was slammed by netizens for being too manish, with some even questioning if she is a transgender. But after a night of touch up, it look quite different as of this morning...
  4. Blueray

    Chinese New Year - 2019

    'Lucky' stall at Chinatown bazaar goes for $13,899 – highest in six years This is highest in 6 years; stallholders believe the stall is 'lucky' as it is a hotspot for visitors at the Chinatown market A stall at the Chinese New Year festive bazaar in Chinatown next year went for a whopping $13,899 in rental. This is the highest bid in six years. The bid was for the "lucky" stall in the Chinatown Chinese New Year festive street bazaar, which will be held from Jan 18 to Feb 4 next year. Stallholders said the location of the stall at the junction of Smith Street and Trengganu Street is a hotspot for visitors at the market, and thus can bring in the most money. There were three bidders for the "lucky" stall at the 2019 bazaar, and the lowest bid was $2,700. The minimum bid for a stall at the bazaar this year was $1,850. The lucky owner of the stall is Mr Ye Wei Qiang, who has been setting up his stall at the festive bazaar for close to 30 years. He was also the owner of the "lucky" stall this year, which he won with a $8,399 bid. Mr Ye, 55, told The New Paper yesterday: "This year, I decided to up my stakes by $5,500. But I did it without hesitation because I got wind that my competitor had recovered from his sickness and would be bidding this year." He said that he and his rival has been at odds for close to 10 years, and would fight over the "lucky" stall every year. He had lost out to his competitor in the 2017 bazaar. At the bazaar next year, Mr Ye said he will be selling mostly pomelos at his "lucky" stall. His pomelos can range from $6 for a regular pomelo to $12 for a large one. Mr Ye said he will be also renting the stall across the "lucky" stall for about $5,000. This brings the number of stalls he will have at the bazaar to five, managed by him and four other business partners, and bringing his total rental expenditure to at least 20,000. "I rent the space opposite the lucky stall as a backup plan. There were some years I couldn't get the lucky stall, but at least I had the one opposite. "It is very important to get the space near the lucky stall because there is a lot of traffic around that area," he said. Mr Ye will be selling Chinese sausages and other snacks at the opposite stall. Despite the high rent, Mr Ye is confident that he will be able to make a profit. "I make a profit every year, and I have a few other stalls around the bazaar as well. "It is expected that the profit will dip slightly due to the high rent, but we have regular customers, and business is so good at that location. We can sell baskets at one go," he said. Mr Ye added that he sees about $5,000 to $6,000 in profit every year. On regular days, Mr Ye is a durian seller at Katong. The Festive Street Bazaar 2019 is managed by the Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations 2019 Organising Committee, a sub-committee under the Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Citizens' Consultative Committee. There will be 313 stalls filling the streets, selling all sorts of food and decorations for the Chinese New Year celebrations. The market will be open from 6pm to 10.30pm from Jan 18 to Feb 3, and from 6pm to 1am on Feb 4, the eve of Chinese New Year. https://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/stall-chinatown-bazaar-goes-13899-highest-six-years huat ah !
  5. Alheych

    Odd HDB design at Kreta Ayer

    I've always wondered about this random HDB block design at Block 5 Banda St in Chinatown... Some floors' staircase landing has a window/opening, while many other don't have. There doesn't seem to be a pattern, and the windows aren't regular as well. As far as I know this is a one-room flat block. Anyone knows why it's designed like that?
  6. Jajoba123

    Anyone queueing for CNY goodies?

    anyone queuing? need to go tomorrow lunch time, likely will buy McD and makan while queuing. actually not necessary but want to experience at least once.
  7. Fcw75

    Mr LHL looking terrified

    http://mothership.sg/2015/02/here-are-some-photos-of-brigadier-general-lee-hsien-loong-looking-absolutely-terrified-while-lighting-cny-firecrackers-in-spore/ Check out his expression...hahaha. Compared him to lily neo who really seems to enjoy lighting up the firecracker. Click on the link to see more pics. What a brave BG! Well trained by SAF.
  8. Hi guys, wanna ask how is the coverage there speed wise? in particular people park complex as gonna work there soon.. planning to take m1 4g mbb plan... or do you guys have any other suggestions on which telco's mbb is better there?
  9. Just for awareness: My mum found these 2 pieces of metal in the Promfret's stomach, which is to add on to the weight of the fish. This early morning is her 1st time buying from Chinatown, so she didn't know which stall is a 'reputable' one. This seller also one kind, preying on those aunties busy with grocery shopping during this pre-cny period. Hope he doesn't sleep well at night... Lastly, Happy Lunar new year!
  10. Hi all,planning to drive to Genting (stay 1 night there) than make my way to KL and looking at staying near Chee Cheong Kai as had not been there before.Can any bros here advise which hotel near there is safe and good (Going with wife and 8 yrs old daughter). Need a 3-4 stars hotel ;around S$100-S$120 near to Chinatown.Thanks.
  11. STOMPer hiranmaya spotted traffic wardens prowling the streets of Chinatown for jaywalkers. Said the STOMPer: "I saw traffic wardens catching jaywalkers opposite Pearl Centre traffic light crossing. "Most of the time people are seen crossing when the red light is on, especially the elderly folk. "They are often seen doing such things. "The festive season is approaching, thus, people should be more careful."
  12. Last night my fren went to Chinatown to do some last min shopping. Walked passed a big corner stall selling Mo Chi and pudding (diagonal opposite the 腊肉 stall). He already bought some previously so tot of buy a little bit more. It was priced at $1 per 100g. He took about 500g (est) and went to the counter for payment. The guy told him to choose another 5 pcs, FOC. When he turn his head to take another 5 pcs. The counter guy grabbed many pcs and put inside his plastic bag. When asked tat guy, he say he is giving 200g FOC. Then he weighed and told my fren $20! My fren say he dun wan so many and asked the counter guy to put back but that guy insisted its not a lot. It was very crowded so my fren jus forget it and paid $20. Be careful when you guys buying from them.
  13. All BROS out there....need help to find the cheapest yet nearest to the Chinatown night market..
  14. due to the 3 days of non stop rain, i think the crowd has been giving chinatown a miss. the weekends are the days where they can make the most profits, but i think its not going to be good for them this year
  15. Redlavita

    Chinatown @KL

    Am planning to travel to Genting in May and visit KL Chinatown on the way back. any kind soul can advise if KL's Chinatown are open for business on Sunday afternoon? TIA
  16. GoodCar

    Geylang is the real Chinatown.

    In today Straits Times, One Singaporean wrote in to say that Geylang is Singapore New China Town. The original China Town is just a tourist spot. This gentlemen brought his friends from Hong Kong to visit a few places during their stay here. They have visited China town, Little India and Kampong Glam. They had enjoy the cultural heritage in little India and Kampong Glam but not China Town. But on their last day in Singapore, they went to Geylang to eat durian. They told their Singaporean host that Geylang is the real China town.
  17. Dragos

    Chinatown CNY Market

    Anyone knows when the CNY market starting?
  18. Channel NewsAsia - Monday, August 11 http://sg.news.yahoo.com/cna/20080810/tap-...lf-231650b.html SINGAPORE: It has been slightly more than a month since evening Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges were imposed on vehicles driving into the area around the Singapore River. ADVERTISEMENT While traffic speeds have gone up, businesses in nearby Chinatown have suffered since the ERP kicked in on July 7. In a recent survey by the Chinatown Business Association, some shopping centres reported their sales fell by up to 50 per cent. Tourist landmarks such as the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and the Chinatown Heritage Centre and even good hawker fare could not lure the crowds back. For example, popular Maxwell Food Centre has seen a 40 per cent decline in business. The Chinatown Business Association had expected customers to react in the short
  19. 1. Do you think Geylang will overtake the current Bullock cart water in becoming the next Chinatown? 2. The current Chinatown has lost its attraction and lack the soul. I don't mind Chinatown to be shifted to Geyland though . Regards,
  20. Albeniz

    Budding Chinatown in Geylang

    I was watching 前线追踪 a minute ago. WHAT?! There are now more than 40 mainland China steamboat restaurants in Geylang. And the Food business is thriving. Has Chinatown shifted house from North/South Bridge Road to the current location?
  21. Thermodynamics

    Any good food at Chinatown area?

    Bros, any recommendations?
  22. Yest. night drive pass chinatown.. OMG.. almost missed a red traffic light because of the decorations.. So hard to see .. i wonder if anyone else found it confusing.
  23. 1. I think so far Fook Hai offers the cheapest season parking at $150 monthly. HDB, Semcorp managed public carpark usually cost around $160 monthly, so is Wilson parking. 2. I'm wondering whether I can find even cheaper parking than these places? Probably near Ministry of Manpower and nearby places. 3. Also toying with the idea of finding nearby priviate housing estate if any to park. At home, I observed that many nearby HDB dewellers like to park near our prviate housing estate where there is no white line by the side of the roads. Thank you. Regards,