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Found 12 results

  1. Circuit Tiki At Resorts World Singapore Has Indoor Karting Circuit From 2 Apr – 30 Jun Watching heart-pounding F1 races fuels our need for speed and exhilarating experiences. Now, thrill-seekers can also cross the finish line themselves with the launch of Sentosa’s latest indoor attraction. Resorts World Singapore (RWS), in collaboration with KF1 Karting, will soon be launching Circuit Tiki — Singapore’s first-ever indoor karting circuit. The attraction will be open from this Friday (2 Apr) to 30 Jun 2021 at RWS East Carpark, allowing speed demons to live their Mario Kart dreams while competing with their mates. Indoor Karting Circuit at RWS comprises 550-metre track Circuit Tiki is an up-and-coming attraction from RWS and KF1 Karting — the organisation behind the Go-Kart track located near Turf Club. The 550-metre track comprises 23 twists and turns that will test participants’ driving skills. Safe to say, this is going to be far more challenging than the circuit we all had to familiarise ourselves with in order to obtain our driving licenses. Race against buddies While we have yet to get a sneak peek of the upcoming attraction, chances are it’ll be similar to previous events hosted by KF1 at their state-of-the-art facility. F-1 fans can look forward to slipping on racing helmets like a pro and manoeuvring around tight corners in the sleek go-karts. Perhaps the countless hours spent playing Mario Kart will help racers conquer the winding circuit and seal the victory against your buddies. Price start from $18 for beginners For safety reasons, KF1 Karting has listed several requirements for participants, Valid driving or motorcycle license required for riding Advanced Go-Karts. Minimum height of 1.4 metres Must be wearing covered shoes Participants must wear hairnets and helmets provided by KF1 Tickets cost $28 for beginners (up to 25km/h) and $35 for advanced drivers (up to 40km/h). RWS members can also enjoy discounted rates at $18 and $25 respectively. Interested participants can pre-book their slots by calling 6252 0777 or by reaching out via email to rws@kf1karting.com. Tickets can also be bought on-site from the ticketing counter, subject to availability. Open from 10am-10pm Circuit Tiki is located at Resorts World Sentosa’s East Carpark. https://www.google.com/maps?ll=1.255463,103.821634&z=18&t=m&hl=en&gl=PH&mapclient=embed&cid=14249486853969720358 Source: https://mustsharenews.com/indoor-karting-circuit/
  2. Car_man

    Young singapore talent

    Just sharing young singapore talent https://www.monza-racing.com/
  3. amossoma66

    Motor Sports - Go Kart Racing

    I made a video today and I think you guys will enjoy this ! It's for petrol heads ..hehe ! The race ! https://youtu.be/ooXfEj3fo1k The pit / paddock area https://youtu.be/7kmsAEaExQE
  4. Former F1 driver, Alex Zanardi, has won a Paralympic gold medal in paracycling with a timing of 24:50.22. Upon victory, the Italian celebrated by sliding out of his cycle and lifting it over his head with one hand and the other punching into the air. Alex Zanardi is a person who doesn't bow down to setbacks. About 11 years ago, Zanardi was competing in a CART race in Lausitz, Germany when a horrific accident claimed his pair of legs besides loosing over 70% of his blood before he got to the hospital. He was in coma for three days and his heart stopped more than once. After the accident, Zanardi learnt how to use prosthetic legs. "You don't know how many times I fell just taking ridiculous small steps. It was bloody hard," he told the BBC. He took up paracycling later on to keep himself fit. Zanardi began to compete in the sport in 2007 at the New York City marathon when he was invited to attend the event's pasta party. He decided that if he was going, he should take part. He came in fourth in the race and subsequently came in first in 2011 at the same event. Zanardi's journey to Paralympic gold was not easy too. He crashed his favorite bike a few weeks before the actual race. I hope Zanardi
  5. FaezClutchless

    Life size Mario Kart

    [extract] I still remember the days when a cartridge is used to play a video game instead of optical discs. And some of my favourite games, such as Super Mario and Mario Kart, featured the infamous plump Italian plumber, Mario and his younger brother, Luigi. Hours of fun were spent playing these video games, either on the Super NES system or on the handheld Game Boy system. When Nintendo engaged West Coast Customs to make a working life size replica of the two Italian brother
  6. Pinkypink

    Mothers Know Best

    [extract]CHERYL TAY speaks to four mothers who share their challenges about driving with kids and also advice and tips on how to cope with these challenges
  7. The chequered flag was taken by all 12 teams who competed in the Grand Final of the OCBC Corporate Karting Challenge and the i-Resource teams' consistency saw them take a 1-2 finish. Aston Martin Singapore Drakar Racing barely made it into third place with CTMC2! PDB Maddox Singapore Racing right on their heels. But that's not the end of the awards. While I was processing my photos from the race yesterday, I thought of creating my own list of subsidiary awards! Enjoy:) Note: This is purely in the name of humour so please do not take any offence. Fastest Time of the Day (FTD) - Jon Wu (CTMC2! PDB Maddox Singapore Racing) Jon clocked the fastest time of 44.064 seconds - this is not only the fastest time of the Grand Final, but also the fastest for the entire OCBC Corporate Karting Challenge 2011 (ie.including its three earlier elimination rounds). Most Presentable Team - Bar Bar Black Sheep Racing It doesn't matter where they finish in the race, as long as they get the most attention off the track, in nothing less than style. Bringing in three race queens during their elimination round in August, Bar Bar Black Sheep Racing doubled the hot factor by bringing in SIX race queens this time. Best Helmet Design - Lawrence Lee (CTMC2! PDB Maddox Singapore Racing) He had a mission to be the fastest man on the track - and also to do that in his best dressed effort. Although he failed to clock the fastest time, his S$5,000 Stand21 full carbon helmet and its spanking 'bling' chrome design couldn't get more noticed along with his fully customised Stand21 suit and shoes. Best Sportsmanship - Desmond Yip (CTMC2! PDB Maddox Singapore Racing) When rival driver Chew Hock Ngee of i-Resource KS Rage Bull Racing returned from his stint with a cramp in his leg, Desmond kindly used his Salonpas on Hock Ngee, even helping him to take off the racing suit. My apologies if this photo looks a little 'wrong'. Most LOL (Laugh Out Loud) Driving Expression - Eye2Eye Burners The team from IT company Eye2Eye Communications Pte Ltd has some really cute drivers who drive with their tongues out. Thumbs up for comic relief on track! Most Candid Driver - Jansen Tan (Team Stamford Tyres) Each time he drove past me, Jansen would either wave or do a thumbs-up. Initially I thought he was signalling to his team-mate; then I realised there wasn't anyone standing next to me and the pit is kinda far away. Every time I'm standing at that spot taking photos and he is driving, he was sure to 'pose' for the camera. Every single lap - unless he was busy fighting for position. Most Creative Team Name - Unilever Formula None, i-Resource KS Farrari Racing, i-Resource KS Rage Bull Racing This was a tough fight and instead of choosing one I decided to just make it a three-way win. Formula 'None', 'Farrari' Racing and 'Rage' Bull Racing - Innovation beyond speech. Best Frown - Ron Tay (i-Resource KS Farrari Racing) and Ng Sier Han (Bar Bar Black Sheep Racing) I'm afraid this award only applied to those who DID NOT have tinted visors as I could not see their expressions. There were quite a lot of 'stressed' looking drivers and the best frown was a two-way tie between Ron and Sier Han. Check out the knitted eyebrows man! That's called FOCUS. Most Pitiful Look - Propnex Powerhouse Unfortunately I do not know the name of this driver from Propnex Powerhouse but his really sad face caught my attention. Cheer up buddy! It's just a race;) Coolest Acknowledgement Sign - Peng Malakul (Bar Bar Black Sheep Racing) Team-mates flash all sorts of signboards and cards to 'signal' for their drivers on track to come into the pits. To show that they have seen the board, some nod their heads, some wave or give a thumbs up. Peng gives the coolest three-fingered hand sign... Most Relaxed Driver - Eugene (Aston Martin Singapore Drakar Racing) This shot was taken after qualifying, while waiting for the race to start. Eugene carried this relaxed attitude throughout the entire race - there was an occasion where he was driving by the pit lane exit and Lawrence Lee of CTMC2! PDB Maddox Singapore Racing was just exiting. Lawrence had an agenda to go all out and fight for position but Eugene waved at him and said hi (they are friends). After the race, Eugene said to Lawrence, "I said hi to you and wanted to talk to you, why didn't you talk to me?" Lawrence's reply: "I didn't have time to talk to you lah! I had to go and fight!" Most Classic Moment of the Race - Felix Lim (Team Stamford Tyres) Desmond Yip of CTMC2! PDB Maddox Singapore Racing and Felix bumped asses when Desmond made an overtaking move on Felix. Desmond raised his hand in apology and everything was quickly forgotten with no hard feelings. However, CTMC2! PDB Maddox Singapore Racing paid dearly for this incident later in the race - After this little brush, Desmond's engine died and he rolled into the pit lane. After the marshals restarted the kart for him, he decided to go in and do a driver change. As a result of his unplanned shortened stint, the team had to make a last driver change in the last 10 minutes of the race - dropping them from 2nd to eventually finish 4th. Sexiest Driver - Gerald Tan (CTMC2! PDB Maddox Singapore Racing) Check out the curves in his tight tight spandex! :p Best Teamwork - i-Resource KS Farrari Racing When your team-mate makes a mistake, just point. When you're not sure what's happening, just point. Sorry I couldn't come up with enough awards to make everyone a winner. But hey for making it to the Grand Final you are already a winner - pat on the back! I wish I was racing too but don't get me started...
  8. The inaugural OCBC Corporate Karting Championship has 30 teams registered in total, with 10 teams in each round. Round 1 will be held on 28th May and the official testing was conducted four weeks ahead of the race, on 30th April. Split into two groups of five, the first group had their briefing at 3pm, before the next group is due at 4.30pm. Briefly, the rules and regulations were shared by Allan and Malik of Kartright, along with Harold Netto of the Singapore Motor Sports Association (SMSA). The floor was also open to the drivers to field questions or anything they are unsure about. Round 1 sees teams from title sponsor OCBC, SGX, Borneo Motors (authorised distributor for Toyota), Aston Martin Singapore and more. After the briefing, each team was split into groups of 3 and given 90 minutes on the track to practise. The timings were quite competitive, but this 90-minute practice is nothing compared to the four-hour endurance race they will be going through. Said Paul Ng from Team Rising Sun of Borneo Motors,
  9. [extract]The idea of having go-karting as a CCA is not new but since Formula 1 came to Singapore in 2008 and Kartright Speedway (currently Singapore's only go-karting facility) opened at the end of 2009, no progress has been made about pushing go-karting to the schools. Finally, St. Joseph
  10. [extract]The Singapore Karting Championship (SKC) has returned for a second season, this time organised by McElrea Racing Pte. Ltd, who won the three-year bid for the commercial rights of the Championship. Only winning the bid in March, they only had less than two months to prepare for the five-round series that started at the end of April at Kartright Speedway, Singapore
  11. Pinkypink

    Can you last 4 hours?

    Take a look around your office now and see if you can visually select three or more colleagues whom you think will enjoy go-karting. If you can able to do that, then you just might want to consider signing up for the OCBC Corporate Karting Challenge. It is the first time that there is such a Challenge, where teams are to be registered under an organisation. However, members of the team need not be employees of the company. That means, you can approach me to drive for your team! Each team will consist of six drivers, two of which are reserves. Registration has already started and Toyota Asia, Aston Martin Singapore and Exklusiv Group have expressed their interest. There are only 36 slots available and organisations are free to enter as many teams as they want, as long as they can afford it. These 36 teams will be randomly allocated to any one of the three elimination rounds and the top four teams of each round will then return for the Grand Final. It costs $3,500 per team to participate, but before you start widening your eyes, check out what this fee entails. Usage of a brand new fleet of rental karts, fuel, tyres and helmets during the course of competition are included of course, but prior to the competition, there will be two practice sessions. The first session is a pre-selection round where teams can bring down 10 drivers for example, and hold a time trial to determine which six fastest drivers will represent the team. If you already know who the six are, then you can just treat this as a practice session. Once each team finalises its six drivers, these six have to attend a karting clinic where proper racing techniques and competition regulations will be learnt. Each team will also be given four complimentary racing suits which they may keep for personal use after the competition. I think that
  12. Not afraid to race the boys, Gabriella Teo will be the first and only female competitor in the 2010 Singapore Karting Championship (SKC) when she makes her debut at the final round this weekend. Initially hesitant about signing up for the race, Gabby was worried that she will do badly in the race. But after encouragement from her parents, friends and her coach Kenny Yip, she decided to take part and compete in a sport that she so loves. I've been watching her kart since she started and I think she's really lucky to have parents who support her in the sport. My parents are not into motorsports and so I never knew what karting was until I was much older. By the way, Gabby's father is Allan Teo, one of the directors at Kartright Speedway.