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Found 28 results

  1. SMRT staff were having a picnic there and took shelter under a but the tree fell upon them I say Khaw at fault. He opened his big mouth. this time not trains but staff May they get well soon. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/14-people-taken-to-hospital-after-tree-falls-in-sembawang-park
  2. Been there many moons back, teenage days, went there yesterday, was my 2nd time, there are now limited chairs which u can grab and use Nparks was there doing some surveys on what improvements would you like to have, you can vote or leave a comment on the board, online survey is also available Better go before it’s developed, for me always prefer the rustic and quiet environment Next time with more “life” injected and a cafe, would probably been a much different feel from now Think older folks really enjoy it, some were taking a shower, some cooking eggs Enjoy the hot spring water, wonder if it’s psychological, but my feet do feel really smooth after the short soak The water is very hot, need to wait for the water to cool before putting your feet in, so its best to plan a day where you have time and not in a rush, bring your own pail and basins if you dont wanna share, bouht mine coz of hygiene reasons, u can also bring eggs to cook and eat too No parking around there, parked at nearby hdb and grab a car over, saw a group of cyclists there, cycling is probably the best mode of transport to get there now singapore’s only hot spring, worth a visit http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/sembawang-hot-spring-to-be-developed-into-1-hectare-park-by-2019-9439366
  3. There used to be a restaurant serving affordable Thai food at the old sembawang shopping centre. Can anyone advise where it has moved to? Hasn't been that place for years and it has changed so much. Thank you.
  4. Picnic06-Biante15

    MU : 26 March 2016 @ 7.00 PM Onward

    OK, since quite of number of lau chiow able to make it .... Date : 26th March 2016, Saturday Time : 7.00pm onward. Location : No. 33 Sembawang Road (Sembawang Eating House) (Hong Heng Garden) Agenda : TKSS & Getting To Know You Note* : You can bring along your "the other half" aka GF, WF, XMM, MG (massage girl), BG (beer girl) ... Parking : Enter from Chong Kuo Road, in front of the eating house or behind Hong Heng Garden building, lots of parking space. All are welcome, just fill in your names here,.............. 1. Picnic06-Biante15 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  5. For all the bros and sis that live in the northern part of Singapore. This thread to share news and happenings around our area. New places to go, new food to eat, new corners to explore. If you are closer to KSL than Takashimaya, you are technically in the North.
  6. An additional station will be built between Yishun and Sembawang on the North-South Line, and it will be known as Canberra station, said Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew on Friday (June 27). He said the feasibility study has been completed, and the Land Transport Authority will provide more details on it later. Mr Lui was speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Thomson Line, which will be opened in three phases in 2019, 2020 and 2021. When fully opened, the line will bring an additional 60 per cent capacity to the North-South corridor, he said. When fully completed in 2021, the Thomson Line will have 22 stations, including six interchanges. The line will see a projected daily ridership of about 400,000 commuters, and will serve several housing estates in the north and central areas – including Woodlands, Sin Ming, Thomson and Kim Seng – and connect them to the city and the rest of the MRT network. The 30km-long line will also be eventually linked to Johor Bahru in Malaysia, he said. Apart from the new line, Mr Lui also spoke about the planned expansions to the existing rail network – the West Loop of the Punggol LRT, which will open on Sunday (June 29); the North-South Line Extension, which will open later this year; the Tuas West Extension, which will open in 2016; and the Downtown Line, which will be fully opened in 2017. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/new-mrt-station-to-be/1213422.html --------------------- finally they utilize the NS12 station code..the businessed located nearby most probably will be greatly affected for the next 7 years & most will probably fold up
  7. A leak was discovered in one of the fuel tanks within the Shell retail petrol station in Sembawang. The leak appeared to be an isolated case which has now been contained. No one was injured during the incident. The station will be closed indefinitely until the area is cleaned up and the cause of the leak investigated. A Shell spokesperson said: "We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Safety remains a key priority in our operations." Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...bawang-20130528
  8. Legendary

    Sembawang Satay Club

    Hi bros. Anyone knows where this moved to? Craving for some satay this weekend... TIA!
  9. Presidential hopeful Tony Tan and his wife Mary (beside him in green top) attending to a boy who had fell and injured his arm at a playground in Woodlands Waterfront Park. Dr and Mrs Tan were there with their grandchild for a walk when they chanced upon the injured boy. The Waterpark Front was initiated by Dr Tan during his term as a Member of Parliament for Sembawang GRC.
  10. KNN!!!! we cannot vote!!! WTF walkovers!!! they r stupid!!! we should vote as 1 nation!! stupid GRC !!! i m so angry !!!!!!
  11. 5 SAF men took new cars for joyride at wharf THEY were stationed at Sembawang Wharves for an operation that night. But the five SAF servicemen treated the place as their private racing circuit. They took several new Kia Koup cars, which were parked there waiting to be shipped out, for a joy ride
  12. any bro n sis tried the $3 snow wash at the rebuilt caltex sembawang opposite nee soon camp? heard the rebuilt station more car friendly wen car wash not like b4. wonder if the standard also improve? i know, wat can u expect for $3, jus wan 2 know if any1 tried it recently?
  13. With downtown lines, Northeast line, east coast line, additional north south line, 10 years down, no need car liao, everyone can take MRT and pay property prices through their noses. Everyone can expect a mrt stn at their door! How will this affect the prices of those property with existing lines?
  14. They quoted me ......................................S$1105 for just 4 tyres of V12 Evo on my 15inch rims!!!!! Best Price!!!! Where do i look like a carrot head???
  15. Hi guys, Any one has any idea what happen to Caltex Sembawang? I want to go there for car wash just now but it is closed. I still have a lot of car wash coupons [sweatdrop]
  16. Location before the 1st traffic light towards upp thomson.. Car overturn.. Around 3-4.
  17. Hi bros and sis, wondering any of u guys/ladies could share some tips for the route from Sembawang MRT to Kitchener Complex, on morning timing ard 0800 to 0900, the best way and without ERP charges? For now I am travelling via Lentor then into CTE which hits $2.50 ERP and also another $2.00 before I reach kallang and into Lavender... kinda sucky as office has been shifted there so have to travel there no matter what.. thanks for all your help.. maybe mod could start to create a folder for the shortest routes without ERP or something.. for our guys and ladies to use it as references.. Cheers!!
  18. Was driving back to my MSCP from supper and saw this
  19. This is the third accident i have seen at this junction which happens all at night time. Almost got into an accident her last time also..
  20. i witnessed a fire accident at 330am today 060608 those living at blk 466 sembawang drive or along the sungei river might have seen a bright orange glare and heard fire engines, or even smelled the smoky air... was about 3am and the weather was pretty cooling and there were mild lighenings and soft thunder sounds, so i tot it was prob gonna rain but suddenly a very bright orange glare shone right into my room curious, i looked out the window to check wad it was... only to see a fierce fire emerging from a nearby factory juz across the road away from my house 4 fire engines and several police cars came took them an hour plus to control the fire but juz when the fire seemed to be under controlled, a sudden explosion will follow and a fierce ball of flames will appear. this happened for an hour... the sky was very red and bright, with very visible dark smokes arising to the sky from where i stood and view ( i live at 18th floor ), it looked like a volcano erupting... fire died down at about 5am. nt sure if anyone in my neighbourhood saw this but i was still awake at 3 and i happen to see the flames go wild... hope no casualties ** sorry for the blur image i forgot to switch on to anti shake function =)
  21. well along sunplaza...both directions closed...involve some taxi, lorry and few other vehicles...damages spewed across both directions...even fences torn apart for 6m....multiple TP and Neighbourhood Police on scene...previously fie engine came to extricate...looks seriou.....hot spot for illgal right turn and fast cheonging car at night.... lets be careful..no pics..police ushered every car past asap ..no stop for pictures...not even a while, andalso respect for vctims....drve safe
  22. This accident happened last evening, 16th Feb 2008, 1800hrs.....Lancer front totalled This morning at 0600hrs, another horrible accident...but din take poto....dirty area that junction
  23. Anyone has experience with good Toddler Daycare centre in Sembawang. I'm currently looking at Poppet and Joy Educare but not sure they are good or not.
  24. I need to repair those curb injuries to my rims. I know it has been posted but there is no mention if there is any in the North. Any idea if the shop in Yishun Industrial park does such repair? Thank you.
  25. Sembawang Rd... jus outside the camp..... pls becareful!!!!