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Found 15 results

  1. 2019 Vehicle Sales Break down Alfa Romeo - 60 Alpine - 14 ALPINA - 2 Aston Martin - 21 Audi - 2,488 BMW - 5,346 Bentley - 69 Citroen - 303 Ferrari - 43 Honda - 15,205 Hyundai - 5,618 Infiniti - 162 Jaguar - 336 KIA - 4,227 Koenigsegg - 1 Lamborghini - 61 Land Rover - 300 Lotus - 2 Maserati - 103 Mazda - 3,095 McLaren - 21 Mercedes-Benz - 7,840 Mini - 453 Mitsubishi - 3,020 Nissan - 2,405 Opel - 629 Peugeot - 124 Porsche - 628 Range Rover - 1 Renault - 779 Rolls Royce - 41 RUF - 2 SEAT - 329 Skoda - 849 Subaru - 1,261 Suzuki - 467 Tesla - 14 Toyota - 12,923 VW - 2,175 Volvo - 874
  2. SINGAPORE - The first volume of a two-part biography of Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong will hit bookshelves in two months. Called Tall Order: The Goh Chok Tong Story, it will cover Mr Goh's early life up to 1990, when he took office as prime minister. Mr Goh revealed the news in a Facebook post on Thursday night (Sept 6), when he uploaded pictures of himself meeting former Hong Kong chief executives Tung Chee Hwa and Leung Chun Ying on a recent visit to the city, as well as an older photo of himself and Mr Tung. "Both are old friends," Mr Goh, 77, wrote. "I first met Chee Hwa in the early 1970s when we were both in shipping." He added that the older photo of both men "partying in Vienna drinking young wine after an international shipping conference" will feature in his biography, which will be released in November. Mr Goh was Singapore's second prime minister, and held the post for nearly 14 years before stepping down in 2004. According to a description on the website of the publisher World Scientific, the book will reveal "the private deliberations and negotiations" between Mr Goh and Singapore's first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew before the leadership transfer in 1990. t will also tell the extraordinary story of Mr Goh's life and career over half a century, "revealing how Singapore's second Prime Minister rose through a combination of strength, wit and a political nous which many, including himself, did not know he had". "In this first of two volumes, Goh navigated years of a challenging apprenticeship to Lee, scoring numerous policy successes but also suffering political blows and humiliation," it added. The biography is being written by former Straits Times journalist Peh Shing Huei, who is now a partner at content agency The Nutgraf. Mr Peh said the book was based on a series of face-to-face interviews with Mr Goh, done by the Nutgraf team as well as ST Editor-at-Large Han Fook Kwang. It will include content that has not been made public previously. "It has been 14 years since ESM Goh stepped down as Prime Minister and I understand there have been many people who have tried to persuade him to tell his story during this time. I'm glad he has finally agreed," Mr Peh, 42, said. "He gave me and my team generous time and plenty of good stories."
  3. Yellowrx8

    Thaipusam set to turn down volume

    Jan 7, 2011 Thaipusam set to turn down volume By Yen Feng Following new guidelines issued by the Hindu Endowments Board (HEB), participants with piercings cannot hang or pull objects, such as coconuts or framed photographs, from their bodies. -- ST PHOTO THIS year's Thaipusam celebrations will be a quieter affair if guidelines made public for the first time on Thursday by the Hindu Endowments Board (HEB) are enforced. Those participating in the procession on Jan 19 and 20 are barred from playing recorded music or sounding gongs or drums. Traditionally, the music - often played at a deafening volume - is seen as encouragement for those who pierce their bodies as an act of faith. Now, only the singing of hymns will be permitted. Other rules include no shouting, and no paint or makeup to be used on either the devotees' faces or bodies. Those who flout the rules may be barred from future processions - or face a fine of up to $5,000 under the Public Order Act. And for the first time, spike or chariot kavadi bearers are required to nominate a representative who will be responsible for their conduct. The HEB said the rules mirrored guidelines set by the police for permits to hold Thaipusam celebrations. But they were put together for the first time this year for the public to address long-standing issues of crowd and noise control, officials from the two temples organising the procession said. Link here
  4. Hiphiphoray

    Q & A on Break Even Volume

    Arrrr.....calling all business guru. Can help see if this break even volume answer is correct bor. Gum sia many many. Q14 Q & A.pdf
  5. One stupid qn. My current HU (Clarion, MP3) combined with speakers seem to be rather weak in volume. Turned until vol. 10 but quite soft. Need to tune to at least vol 16 everytime. Will adding a cheap amplifier boost the lower end volume? BTW, what's the cheapest amplifier available?
  6. Hi guys, I need a bit of troubleshooting help here. My DVD headunit(China one) connects to my phone via bluetooth to play music. This works fine until I get an incoming call. This causes my headunit to jump from whatever volume my music was playing to the max volume(24 on a scale of 0-24). Even if I disconnect the call, my volume remains at 24. This is becoming a real pain. I bought the car like this so I need to take care of it. I would really appreciate any ideas you guys might have. Thanks a lot! :)
  7. River Valley condo Luma relaunches with prices halved. Preamp bishan's Sky Terrace ?
  8. The last time we drove one of Lexus' new HS 250h hybrid sedans, we found the experience to be about what you might expect. That is to say, eminently usable and well-designed with reasonable driving dynamics. We liked it, though we pointed out that the styling is pretty bland and performance is merely adequate. We can't say for certain whether that staid styling or its lack of driving emotion may be holding it back in the marketplace, but Wards Auto reports that the HS 250h is failing to live up to the sales volume projections set out by Lexus when the car was introduced late last year. Since initially going on sale last August, Lexus has sold 11,228 HS hybrids. Last month, Toyota's luxury division moved just 1,076 units, which makes for a grand total of 4,529 since 2010 kicked off five months ago. A quick calculation tells us that full-year sales, assuming they remain at something resembling a steady pace, will be under 14,000 units. Lexus had previously set a target of 20,000-22,000 HS 250h sales in America
  9. To all the experts & bros here, Example #1: A subwoofer manufacturer stipulates that for a sealed enclosure, the typical enclosure volume is 1 cubic-ft in order for the woofer to deliver its optimum performance. Question #1: Does the above means the sealed enclosure of 1 cubic-ft is the net useable internal air volume? Question #2: Does the above means the sealed enclosure of 1 cubic-ft is the net useable internal air volume excluding the physical volume of the subwoofer after assembled in the sealed enclosure? Example #2: The specs of a 12-in subwoofer is as follows
  10. Was looking around and came across this stats from stat board...no wonder our roads so crowded now....100K....
  11. Would like some advice from bros here on changing my Tweeters... My current tweeters have some breaking sound when playing certain instruments...so i was thinking of changing them....problem is when i fix up the new tweeters...other brands ones, they sound very brilllant..too brillant and not comfortant to the ears...i notice also that the tweeters were louder than my old ones. I have adjusted the gain of the tweeters to minium liao also doesnt help much...i know it is better to buy complete set with the WooferMid and Tweeter but it will be a waste to do so... I think my next step will be bringing the old tweeters to the shop and run it and match them on the spot . What do ur'll think? Thanks
  12. Hi. I have the following question. Setup 1) 4-channel power amp, 2 channels drive the front speakers, the other 2 channels bridged to drive a subwoofer. 2) Rear speakers driven by HU. 3) All the line out of the HU is controlled by a single volume adjust. In this case, the volume of the front speakers, rear speakers and subwoofer would be controlled by a single dial on the HU (other than the gain adjustments on the amp). Then won't the front speakers get overly louder than the rear speakers as I increase the volume since the formers are driven by the power amp? Perhaps this can still be solved by adjusting the Fader on the HU. More importantly, wouldn't the 'boom' effect of the subwoofer also become too much? Perhaps, the subwoofer should tap on one of the rear line output of the HU so that I can make use of the Fader to control the subwoofer too? I was advised of the following solutions: 1) Get a HU that has separate volume adjustment outputs for speakers and subwoofer, or 2) Get a processor. Any comments are welcomed. Thanks!
  13. just installed this preamp for $300 plus in my ride as my HU is a built in one so got no aux channel.After installing, i can now play my ipod through the preamp and through my speakers....so now very happy....definitely better than using the itrip Specs: Master volume control with up to 10 volts RMS of output Front/rear fader control Four band parametric equalizer with 18dB boost per Cut. Variable bandwidth for each band Low noise Bi-Fet op-amp design yields minimum distortion 30V bi-polar switching power supply Subwoofer output and level control Subwoofer frequencies adjustable 50Hz-250Hz AUX/CD input selector Universal half-Din chassis for ease of installation Gold-plated RCA input/output connectors 20dB headroom eliminateas signal overload 4 band parametric range: Sub 20-70Hz/ Low 150-400Hz/Mid 1.5-4KHz/HI 4-20KHz Subwoofer Crossover: 50-250Khz Boost/Cut: 18dB S/N Ratio: >120dB Ref 1V Input Frequency Response: 10Hz-15KHz, + / -1dB Stereo Separation: 90dB/1KHz Maximum Output Volage: 10V RMS THD: <0.005% Headroom: >20dB Input Impedance: >50k Ohm Output Impedance: <10K Ohm
  14. Weezersg

    Volume of wiper reservoir?

    I search the manual but cant find the figure. I bought the armorall wiper solution, the instructions say one mark volume of solution and fill up the reservoir. I figure I make up the mix in a bottle first and pour in as needed. So anyone knows the total volume?
  15. hi all, always can feel the doors vibrate when i tune up the ice and also up the bass level, does it imply i need to soundproof the doors ? is it due to the doors being too empty hence too much gaps for the air to vibrate ?