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  1. Randall

    Stupid Civic Type-R driver (White CTR)

    Bro...i think on hazard light and driving a CTR is 2 seperate issue...why u link them together?... Driving w hazard lite on i believe is dangerous...and i agree... But just becoz he drive a ctr u say holian....funny leh....u dont even know what type of ppl he is...rite....or you r the jeslous one. From a joker to a holian person...wah u damn amaginative huh..everything also one sided talk...u win liao loh.. U should target the actions and not the car.,,...rite....
  2. Those steel rods weighs in tons.... Easily 20-30 tons of steel rods come crashing down...... The front cabin is like tissue paper to the force... Sad accident
  3. After reading the preview, "A spirited drive is what this car is, but not so much a fast one, especially by 2 litre Civic Si standards. The Lancer gets to 100km/h in 8.7 seconds with more than half a tank's worth of fuel and a passenger, and with the air-conditioning comfortably turned on." it is stated that the sprint for the car from 0-100 is 8.7sec.....Manual somemore more then 1/2 tank fuel...got passenger somemore But specs say 9.7sec......wah that's fast... the SI(M) sprint is only 8.9sec.....
  4. If i am not wrong, OMV for lancer might be $18k+...civic is ard 20K+....so OMV got diff liao.....and this is amplified through the final selling price....
  5. Bro...as i expected...the SI(M) should be faster than 2.0GT....2.0SI using K20Z...built for more lowend torque than highend...
  6. I tested the lancer 2.0(A) over the weekend and here are my findings.. 1) Cornering 2 cars are equally on par..... 2) The interior wise...civic is better... 3) Paddle shift on the lancer is more user friendly....U no need to push the stick to "S" mode for lancer but on the civic u need..( If i am rite ) 4) The alarm system on the lancer is much better then civic 5) The car boot for lancer seems smaller 6) Straight line acc, civic is better..lancer need awhile for the "push" to be felt. 7) Engine liveness...goes to civic... 8) Steering feel, lancer is heavier becoz using hydraulic....individual preference. I am comparing Civic 2.0A to lancer 2.0A...but i drive civic 2.0M. Maybe i should get my hands on the Manual one and try....
  7. I confirm that the clutch is normal type one....not electronic DBW....becoz when engine off, i also can clutch in change gear and also u can see from the engine bay when u play with the clutch Also the rev cut should be 6,800rpm....i tk when u see rev cut the needle was slightly towards the 7k liao....but rev cut is 6.8k....when u change at this rpm, u clutch in, the rpm will shoot abit higher....towards 7k....but timing, leg, hand must fast lah/...
  8. Actually i agree...the rev hang is makes u look stupid when u high rev....the rev just stays there for a second...... Makiam like you cant control the acc.... I is only good when u try 0-100 timings i presume..... When u change gear from 1-2nd, the throttle still open!!! Then u gear in 2nd and release clutch....a mild wheen spin... But when semi agressive drive,,, i tk the rev hang also eat petrol
  9. Randall

    Civic 2.0FD vs Legacy 2.0 R

    Bro.... get the manual and u will not regret. I feel that this 2.0 civic gives u the comfort and the "class" that i wan and also quite good power. Anyway 9.1sec is not correct for 2.0M.,....should be 8.9sec. with a few mods u are in the low 8s or high 7s region. But one thing to know is that the handling is not so good....too much body roll . electric power steering makes the handling light... FC is resonablt around the 10-11km/l No doubt the Legacy is higher specs, the body weigh might have damper the performance + it is auto.... Wheel spin on e 1st and 2nd gear is no problem on the 2.0M....not sure abt the leagcy
  10. Randall

    Kenna summon from Cisco? TP?

    Tks for all the help/......i think now i just pray hard and keep my fingers cross,,,.......
  11. Yester i parked my car along this road and went to makan. It is a 2-way street and center is marked double white line( meaning no overtaking ). So came one cisco scooter and summon me for parking there. However when i see the ticket, it say that i commintted " Parking opposite continuous white line under rule R22(A) RTR". Also stated the summon will be issued by TP later...makes me sweat I saw on the website that parking will also kenna demerite points...issit in this case? Wah,,....so hard got the good driving record from tp...5% NCD off...now kenna parking demerite points....I tot only driving time then will get demerite points.... If given a choice i prefer driving then kenna instead of parking....makes ppl laugh at me only Can bros here have any idea whether i will get demerite points?
  12. Randall

    Wanna change my rides suspension

    you are rite that damping will be slower but also harsher ride due to a harder damping setting.
  13. Randall

    Wanna change my rides suspension

    When the shop offer was if suspension leak, they will change 1 to 1 of coz need $$. Mine warranty finish liao. If leaking, then no point repair just change the shock absorber, for my case, i ask them to change to a new mounting but they say now new version use stock mounting.. So what they did was remove the bearing and fix back a new one plus welding( heart pain) I do push the car hard though during my days of usage....so far absorber ok./....However BC then to have a bit of squeking sound . I believe design not so ideal. Did some minor modification on my own, so far after bearing change no sound. Actually mine front can go harder somemore but just lazy to go meddle with it again. My rear cant set too hard due to my baby on board.
  14. Randall

    Wanna change my rides suspension

    Ok the 2 disc at the bottom of the springs are height adjustment. Meaning the upper disc is for adjusting ur ride height and the lower disc is for locking it. The lowest disc is for locking the main "stem" onto the holder. Just a word of caution, tighten all this discs becoz sometimes they are not tighten. Like in my case. I noe what u mean when u say " If adjust spring rate to softer (more slack), would it make ride less bumpy? Or is it vice versa ie. set spring rate firmer (more taut) will make ride less bumpy?" By lowering the height disc( or making the spring slack ) , u make the coilover perform "proporly". The comfort level may be better depending what is ur current setup. The correct way is the change the spring however in this case i tink not feasible. So maybe u got to get use to it.( I presume u set the damping to the softest rite) However if u compress ur spring too tight, the coilover will not behave within specs. By right, when u lift your car or jack up ur car, the spring should have abit of free play when " Uncompressed". Only then the coilover will behave "properly" I learn the stuff when i was playing RC cars last time.
  15. Randall

    Wanna change my rides suspension

    I am on BC for a year......front 15 click rear 0 click. Wheel Gap front 2 fingers rear also same. The rear is more bumpy then the front due to lighter rear. I was on D2 previously and i can tell u i almost vomitted. The suspension so hard until i scared to drive...BC is quite ok. Front spring rate is always higher than rear. Anyway side track abit ,my BC is older version using front BC mounting. The problem comes after a year of usage, the BC mounting bearing worn out, left and right side causing sounds whenever i go over humps After 2 days of fault finding, with all the coilovers dismantled and grease, finally found the problem...heng.... I heard now BC comes with no mounting ....meaning u use back original stock mounting...i think this way better.