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Found 38 results

  1. Ciki

    CTL Claims

    Hello seniors, need some advice here. Was involved in accident few days back, and reported to authorised workshop to claim against 3rd party as I was rear ended. 3rd party sent surveyor down and after assessment, declare it as "non-economical to repair", and offer a lump sum figure/mkt value (made up of repair limit + my parf) to settle the case. Workshop's advice to me is that if i'm going to claim CTL, (constructive total loss) i should go and claim own damage and claim CTL as the process will be faster and i do not have to do anything as all paperwork, outstanding loan all will be settled by my insurance cmpy. Compare to claiming CTL from 3rd party, where i have to find find scrap yard and send the car to scrap myself, deregister from LTA myself to get my parf back to make up the lump sum figure, as 3rd party insurance will only pay me the repair limit which is part of the lump sum compensated to me. Question is, is this the correct process? That I had to scrap the car myself, deregister myself to get back the PARF and wait for 3rd party insurance payout of the repair limit to me? Or should it be that my car will be under the possess of 3rd party insurance, they paid me the full lump sum(mkt value) and they do the recovery etc. themselves?
  2. 2019 Vehicle Sales Break down Alfa Romeo - 60 Alpine - 14 ALPINA - 2 Aston Martin - 21 Audi - 2,488 BMW - 5,346 Bentley - 69 Citroen - 303 Ferrari - 43 Honda - 15,205 Hyundai - 5,618 Infiniti - 162 Jaguar - 336 KIA - 4,227 Koenigsegg - 1 Lamborghini - 61 Land Rover - 300 Lotus - 2 Maserati - 103 Mazda - 3,095 McLaren - 21 Mercedes-Benz - 7,840 Mini - 453 Mitsubishi - 3,020 Nissan - 2,405 Opel - 629 Peugeot - 124 Porsche - 628 Range Rover - 1 Renault - 779 Rolls Royce - 41 RUF - 2 SEAT - 329 Skoda - 849 Subaru - 1,261 Suzuki - 467 Tesla - 14 Toyota - 12,923 VW - 2,175 Volvo - 874
  3. Hi Seniors.. Need your advise on the below: I was involved in a cross junction traffic accident whereby I was driving straight towards a junction when the greenlight is in my favour. I hit a right turn car. My front bumper is badly damaged with engine and passenger air bags activated. The car is quoted 65k to repair at authorised dealer. As my car has a high parf of 80k and a resale same car is going at ard 100k. The opp insurance company treat this case as a total loss. As much as i will prefer to repair the car..thereis now no other offer from other workshop to take up this job. What other alternatives are available to me? As a total loss write off will be at my disadvantage? Appreciate your constructive comments please. Thanks
  4. Called up a battery rescue number from mycarform in September 2017. To change a battery in Suntec when my honda headlights forgot to off. The new battery brand was DRIVE. At that time the guy came in a conti OPEL van with his GF, to help me change the battery. I think I paid $160. Yes I know it's market rate for AMERON, not some lousy DRIVE brand battery. I did told that guy I want AMERON, but he said this is a GERMANY branded battery, just as good as AMERON. Fast forward to last week. Can't start my car. I know this time it was not due to headlights drain out the battery, because I did check the day before I left the car locked. So I thought I can jump start with another car battery. Hooked up the red/black cables to a fully charged battery. Still cannot start. In the end swopped out the DRIVE battery with a second hand AMERON battery. And the Honda car starts perfectly. One week later, still ok. I have a pulse charger(Ctek) to charge the DRIVE battery at home. For the past week, the charger is tick-tok-tick-tok trying to charge the battery. Even tilting the battery is all possible position it is still not able to charge. I don't know how a car battery can suddenly FAILED. Be careful with this DRIVE brand of lousy battery. I now only trust big brand battery. The second hand AMERON battery is already four years old, and is still strong and workable in my Honda.
  5. Fifty-three more charges were piled on a car workshop owner on Wednesday over an alleged road accident scam, bringing the total number he faces to 81. Sollihin Anhar, 41, allegedly schemed with others to cheat insurance companies into processing claims for staged accidents between 2011 and last year allegedly defrauding insurance companies such as Liberty, SHC, Tokio Marine, China Taiping, AXA and NTUC. He is listed as a co-director of Partners Automotive, a car repair company that was registered in July 2012, according to Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority records. Deputy Public Prosecutor Hon Yi said the total amount involved in all the charges is about $729,000. The total amount disbursed by insurance companies is about $79,000. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/car-workshop-boss-faces-53-more-charges-making-total-81-20140813
  6. Hi all, my car may be declare total loss by the surveyor. Can anyone advice me how do insurance calculate total loss value and how will the insurance compensate me? I read my policy and it states based on market value at the point of loss, how do that determine that? My PARF & COE Rebate is 29.5k according to onemotoring.com.sg calculator. SG carmart 2nd hand selling price is 80k. Any expert can advice me on this?
  7. Seems like not only Colgate. Most toothpaste contains triclosan. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/colgate-total-toothpaste-includes-chemical-ingredient-linked-cancer-074918252.html#G1b6Nxk
  8. Hi, I was involved in a accident months back, and had my car total loss. I was compensated market value by insurer. I noticed that the car is back in the resale market. Is this legitimate?
  9. http://www.tremeritus.com/2014/05/25/foreigners-hit-50-5-of-total-workforce/ Foreigners hit 50.5% of total workforce? May 25th, 2014 | Author: Contributions Jobless rate inches up amid tight labour market” (Straits Times, May 1). Singaporeans’ unemployment increases to 3% Click to expand It states that “The unemployment rate for Singapore citizens was 3 per cent last quarter, up from 2.8 per cent, while that for residents – that is, Singapore citizens and permanent residents – was 2.9 per cent, up from 2.7 per cent.” According to the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) Employment Situation, First Quarter 2014 report – “There were 3,518,700 persons in employment in March 2014. An estimated 59,300 residents, including 52,300 Singapore citizens were unemployed in March 2014. The seasonally adjusted figures were 62,500 for residents and 55,700 for citizens.” Only 49.5% of total workforce is Singaporeans? So, although there is no breakdown of the employments statistics for residents into Singaporeans and permanent residents (PRs) – if we divide 52,300 unemployed Singaporeans by their 3% unemployment rate – we get 1,743,333 Singaporeans in the workforce. Divide this 1,743,333 by the total employment of 3,518.700, and we get 49.5%. Therefore, does this mean that about 50.5% of the workforce is not Singaporeans? If so, then we may have reached a milestone in our labour statistics – with more than half of the workforce being non-citizens for the first time in Singapore’s history. Whatever happened to the consistent rhetoric in recent years that the influx of foreign labour will be curtailed? 133,033 new citizens = 55% not “Singaporeans”? If we make an adjustment for the 133,033 new citizens granted from 2007 to 2013 – what percentage of the workforce are not originally Singaporeans – about 55% or more? 150th Press Freedom ranking? Finally, don’t you feel that there may be something wrong with the title of the subject news report – “Jobless rate inches up amid tight labour market” – in a tight labour market – shouldn’t the unemployment rate go down instead of up? SY Lee and Leong Sze Hian http://www.tremeritus.com/2014/05/25/foreigners-hit-50-5-of-total-workforce/
  10. Hur........... Had been using 'Colgate' brand for the past 50 over years .... Yahoo news: Colgate Total Toothpaste Includes Chemical Ingredient Linked to Cancer Colgate's top-selling toothpaste, Total, is using a chemical ingredient that has been linked to cancer-cell growth and disrupted development in animals. The antibacterial chemical, triclosan, is used in the toothpaste to fight plaque and gingivitis, according to the company. Total received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in 1997 following the agency's rigorous process, and the toothpaste is safe, according to Colgate. However, an investigation by Bloomberg into the product found that "some of the scientific findings Colgate put forward to establish triclosan's safety in toothpaste weren't black and white". Colgate's toxicology studies on triclosan submitted to the FDA in connection with Total application had been withheld from view. The FDA released the study earlier in 2014 in response to a lawsuit over a Freedom of Information Act request. Later, the agency put the 35-page study on its website, following inquiries from Bloomberg. Three scientists who reviewed the pages at Bloomberg's request, taking into account new research on triclosan, said the FDA's approval of Total 17 years ago raises questions about whether the agency did appropriate due diligence before giving nod. They added that the approval may not validly stand in light of new research. "The pages show how even with one of the US's most stringent regulatory processes -- FDA approval of a new drug -- the government relies on company-backed science to show products are safe and effective," Bloomberg writes. The news agency noted that Colgate's studies on triclosan showed foetal bone malformations in mice and rats, but the company ignored the findings saying they were not relevant. Meanwhile, Colgate defended Total's effectiveness and safety, saying the product's approval was supported by more than 80 clinical studies involving 19,000 people. "In the nearly 18 years that Colgate Total has been on the market in the US, there has been no signal of a safety issue from adverse-event reports," Colgate spokesman Thomas DiPiazza told Bloomberg. More stories, the Link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/colgate-total-toothpaste-includes-chemical-ingredient-linked-cancer-074918252.html#G1b6Nxk
  11. The ugly truth about TFR and foreign influx
  12. Get instantly rewarded in our Scratch & Win giveaway! Win prizes worth up to $15,000 and earn more chances by inviting your friends! Attractive prizes are waiting for you! Participate now: https://apps.facebook.com/mcf_scratch_win/ Prizes: Cash Prize $688 Cash Prize $388 Capita Voucher! Infratint Solar Film worth $188 Kennol 5W40 Endurance $158 Eclipse - LED Undercarriage System $300 Tyre Queen - Tyre Voucher from, and many more!
  13. Despite all the expensive advertisments in F1 in the Renault cars, I have no idea where to buy Total Lub. Maybe got to hop over to JB to buy?
  14. Hi guys, anyone have any experiences on renewing insurance after total loss ? I've claimed a total loss from my own insurance at about 70k. I'm looking to buy another car now, but my concerns are whether any insurance co will take me ? My previous policy was done in this manner. A has no valid driving license, A is the owner. B is named driver. C (which is me) driving the vehicle at that point of time, which is claiming total loss. If buying another car, will insurance for all A, B, C be affected ? Can A still be the owner ? Or probably no insurance co will accept ? Anyone has any experiences or great info to share ? Please advise, thanks in advance!
  15. Been reading about this method recently. The method looks good and economical for long distance or open water swimming. However, the course not cheap. $1k for a 16 hrs course. But I think can DIY by YouTube-ing and Internet. Anyone did it already? Do u think can DIY?
  16. if car is beyond repair and consider total loss by insurance. how will they pay out?scrap value?thanks.
  17. Heard if an old car, like 5-6yrs old, get into an accident and both airbags activated, sure total even if damage to car is not major... is this the common practice?...
  18. Hotshot85

    Total Recall

    Anyone gonna catch it? I'm kinda sitting on the fence since ... it MIGHT not live up to its predecessor lol.
  19. I conducting feedback for the above topic............cause maid away for some time and pple in hse nagging no one do hse work.........so considering whether to be "part time maid" or get a part time maid.................... also by the way during cleaning got some good items to sell: Good Car Engine Oil & Additives Good Bike Engine Oil & Additives Good Car & Bike Locks Good Car Air Freshener 3M Double Tapes contact me kungfu1974@gmail.com
  20. Apollo

    Total Makeover for RX7

    Salute! http://club.autohome.com.cn/bbs/thread-c-17-267720-1.html
  21. 1. Total Population = 2010 (Census) - 5,076,700 (source: Department of Statistics Singapore) 2. Eligible Voters = 2,311,582 Singaporeans (Source: Eligible Voters Therefore , which is about 45.5% of total population..... so beside those below 21 years old..... what are the others ? So many foreigner ? What's your view?
  22. sorry if the question has been asked before. for normal car say 3 or 4 yrs old convert to opc. is the total Amount of opc cash rebate capped at $17000? or prorated according to remaining years in the coe? I read LTA website it implies the former but a car dealer today tell me otherwise. can any bro here confirm?
  23. Some interesting FACT. What does it mean? PR own HDB equivalent to 2 Bukit Panjang or Pasir Ris town... That WHY so crowded!!!!!! As at 30 Jun 2009, there were about 533,000 PRs in Singapore, making up 14.3% of Singapore's total resident population. PR households own a total of 42,800 HDB flats as at 30 Jun 2009. This constitutes slightly under 5% (4.9%) of all HDB households. PR households are found in all HDB towns/estates. HDB has increased the BTO supply to 5,000 flats in the last quarter of this year. If we include the recent Sale of Balance Flats (Oct 09), HDB will offer over 7,000 flats in 3 months, and a total of 13,500 flats in 2009. This is about half the number of flats in Bukit Panjang or Pasir Ris town. At this rate, HDB would have offered enough flats to fill another Bukit Panjang or Pasir Ris in just two years.
  24. Bored and Found something on onemotoring. Perhaps Im a bit suaku.... LTA Some facts: 1. 550k cars (excludes buses etc) in SGP as of end 2008. Gosh. 2. the top 3 take up more than 50%. i.e. every other car is a Toyota/honda/nissan. 3. 1 in 12 cars is a BM/Merc. That seems a bit low. 4. there are more BMWs than Subarus. I honestly thought there were alot more subarus......
  25. It supposed to be a long-waiting weekend, after all the exams and assignments for my MBA. BUT, this morning, I opened the mailbox and there were 6 letters from the Traffic palice department (TP). 5 of them, stating that I parked my car outside the queenstown library, along Margaret drive, on Aug 4, 5, 14, 15, 17, each Summon is $70 the 6th letters is more confusing to me. The offence is "Stopping in a Zebra controlled area under rule 10 (1) (Pedestrian Crossings) Rules....". Summon is $120 plus 3 points deduction. It was on Aug 15, too. (I already got a $70 summon on that day). It was really a shock to me, bcoz: 1. I NEVER see any parking offence notice on my windscreen. . but it is the first time i receive summon from TP. (some were from hdb, ura, lta). Is that rigth that TP didn't issue notice on the spot? Looks really weird for me... 2. I don't know how they define the Zebra Control Area, but I am sure I never stop anything close to a Pedestrian crossing zebra area. I am sure if you know queenstown library, u will notice there were always cars parking along the road since dont know when. That's why I assume it shall be legal to park there. I seldom went to that library. If it was not for my exam and asssignment, and my new born at home so no place for me to concentrate on studying, I will never stay in the library for hours. Now I know I was wrong and I paid a high price to know. BUT, if I saw the summon notice on my windscreen on the first offence, I will never park there again. I am not a guy who has too much cash on hand and willing to contribute to TP. And for the offence on Aug 4 and 5, they only sent out the letter on Aug 22. ANd funny thing is, for the offence on Aug 15, it was sent on Aug 21. Why they just can't send the summon right after the offence, so that I can know I was wrong and not going to do that again. The purpose for the summon, is to warn people, not to earn money, right? I am not sure now... For the stopping at zebra summon, i really don't know what happened. Does that mean they saw my car stop on the Zebra line? That is impossible.but, can i ask them to provide evidence Any comments and advice from fellow forumer are welcome. Please tell me what I can do. $470 is not a small money to me....