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Found 12 results

  1. Ysc3

    Haunted office

    just before xmas, a colleague gave me a bar of toblerone ...on easter I came back and it was no longer on my desk. last Saturday, I left half a big bar of Cadbury in a container on my desk .... today I come back, its gone too ! only left my half packet of square cream crackers. I really think my office is haunted - by tam jiak kwee !! anyone got haunted office also ?
  2. Hi guys, want to impress yr gf or female friends? try this. https://www.sc.com/sg/promotion/2014/uber/index.html Quote: Make an impression at any occasion with Uber limousines. Enjoy a complimentary first ride on us (worth up to $40) and get 10% off subsequent rides1 with your Standard Chartered Card. Standard Chartered Priority Banking Visa Infinite Cardholders: Enjoy a complimentary first ride (worth up to $50) and 15% off subsequent rides2.
  3. Hydrocarbon

    Dream Colleagues?

    http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/the-dream-and-the-reality-every-guy%E2%80%99s-fantasy-colleague-versus-the-one-he-really I would like to recommend my boss to hire the following Dream Colleagues: 1. Emma Watson 2. Scarlett Johansson 3. Blake Lively As well as the first few ladies in the video! Link is SFW-ish.
  4. Come across this and found it really interesting, quite lengthy if you read all at once. http://lifestyle.xin.msn.com/en/worklife/c...-of-you#image=1
  5. Bro/sis, I'm driving 2 male colleagues age 25 & 28 from India for a 1/2 day trip (10am - 9pm). What do you think will interest them? Beside Geylang Some items I have in mind: - Singapore Zoo - Sim Lim Square Shopping - Makan @ Little India - Shopping @ Mustafa - Sri Mariamman Temple & China town - Singapore Flyer - Dinner @ Geylang & "explore" around
  6. Hiz guys, hope tis is the right place to post tis new topic. not to flame anybody but juz wanna share your "wonderful" colleagues @ your workplace. hope tis will be a interesting topic to share among all ppl. (mod, if tis topic is way too off, pls let me know & i'll will remove it)
  7. This is about some funny/unique incidents about your charbo colleagues. Tell you about my previous lady 'boss'......... Description: lets just call her not-too-young mei mei..... Background: fastfood marketing senior position before current post, not my direct boss, but got 'dotted-line' linking my position with hers Physical: shape: ok 的, nothing to shout about, nothing to complain also, 1.52m, average built, nehneh? <-------- not the first thing you'll notice Hair: long freezy, should be about 20years out-of-date Dressing: ocassionally normal, usually 'weird' colour combo Cars: sometimes 6-series, something a 4x4 Face: 马马虎虎 aka horse-horse-tiger-tiger ie so-so Best part: still searching Potential: should be backward-potential ie in her younger days, maybe could pass (just) as a chio bu Funny incident: 2009, 13th Aug or there about, a Friday, she co-chaired a meeting, which ended up lasting 4.5 hours long (what the hell, so long!?) .... this is her 'trademark' as far as the length of meetings chaired by her goes.... As this was a Friday, she also dressed down..... some kind of lacey, semi-see-thru (not that there's much to see-thru) blouse with a similar flower pattern short and filmsy skirt (OMG........) About halfway thru the meeting, her hp rang, she picked it up, and spoke to the caller, from her tone, we guessed someone from the Board called.... she looked abit kang-chiong, stood up and walked out of the room, but as soon as she stood up from her chair and turned her back towards us, her flimsy skirt got stuck to her buttock but rode all the way up, exposing almost her entire thighs from the back (maybe missed her panties by 1mm)........ all the men in the room (about 6 of us) were like "eyes popped out", mouth wide-open........... and all controlling hard not to burst into laughters.......... not say her thighs not nice or what, in fact smooth and fair, just that it's something we neither expected nor desired............. once she disappearted into the corridor outside the room, we all made all kinds of faces at each other... and the boring meeting finally gave us some reliefs... Strangely, during the remaining 2 hours, the Board members called twice again, and she did the same............. The above is true, although not very funny, just good enough to give us men a much needed break during the meeting
  8. This is what i call Dee Siao Sim Keng Tee, 39, pleaded guilty on Wednesday afternoon to two charges of mischief where he tainted two of his female colleagues' drinking water with his semen. This is just two of the ten offences he pleaded guilty to in court. The names of victims are not revealed to protect their identities. The civilian officer in the Singapore Police Force mixed semen into his colleagues' drinking water on two separate occasions in 2008 at his office along Irrawady Road. He has since been relieved of his position in the police force. On February 21 2008, he masturbated to a photograph of his female colleague, and collected the semen in a small bottle. He recorded himself doing this on his handphone. He then returned to his office and waited for her to leave her desk temporarily. When she did, Sim mixed his semen with the drinking water in her water bottle. He also recorded this. As the water bottle was tinted red the victim did not realised the water was no longer clear. Sim then struck up a conversation with the victim when she returned to her desk and secretly recorded her drinking the tainted water. Two months later, on April 2, 2008, Sim repeated his actions with a second female colleague. This time, instead of pouring the semen into her water bottle, he poured it into her bottle of green tea. As the bottle was wrapped in plastic, the victim did not realize the difference. Again Sim, struck up a conversation with his victim while he recorded her drinking the water mixed with his semen. Sim saved these videos on his personal computer at home. These videos and more were discovered in a police raid conducted in 2009 when a third female colleague reported him to the authorities after she caught him taking up-skirt photos of her. The police raid also revealed that Sim had taken videos of four of his colleagues and had organized the videos on his personal computer into separate folders named after each victim. How he was discovered On September 10, 2009, Sim approached a colleague at her desk and asked her to pass him a stack of documents. While she was standing up, Sim squatted on the opposite side of the desk. When she turned around she noticed that the accused was holding his mobile phone under her skirt. After a struggle, she managed to grab the phone and discovered the upskirt shots of herself She then reported the matter. Further to the ten charges that Sim pleaded guilty to, he consented to another 149 charges which will be taken into consideration for sentencing to be held on December 1, 2010. Sim pleaded for leniency saying he has voluntarily put himself through medical check ups and counselling sessions. Deputy Public Prosecutor Kumaresan s/o Gohulabalam requested for a substantial jail term because of the sheer number of charges brought to light. For intending to intrude upon the privacy of a woman, Sim faces imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or a fine, or both for each of the eight charges at hand. He also faces imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or a fine, or both for each of the two charges of mischief faced.
  9. i mean not 15 to 20 mins late but one hour to one hour and a half late...
  10. Would you take a pay cut to keep jobs or would you rather the company retrench employees?
  11. Hey bros, my colleagues traded in their Markx for sunny because markx has high road tax, high fc and high maintenance. However, they claimed that when Markx is traveling on NSH, it's FC is soooooooooooooo much better than Sunny during city driving. Sighz