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  1. Hydrocarbon

    Where are you now...

    Wa, was wondering why I kena pager. Well, my thoughts / why I seldom come MCF. 1. Layout a bit weird now, have to scroll further down to see new / top posts. I prefer reddit format. Top posts are easy to see with easy upvote / downvote functions. 2. Moderation. While moderation is good, I think too many of the jiapalang threads got cut, and then it became a bit too serious here. 2b) Threads merger. A bit too much for me to see where the old threads I follow were. 3. This has to do with moderation / less activity. The news here not as updated. Reddit / Mothershit (even though they are blatant thieves of news and stories without credit) / Google news are all more up to date. 4. Sold off car, now taking BMW. So not much car thing to take in.
  2. Hydrocarbon

    How to enforce the law for PMDS?

    Legally right or wrong, I don't know. But that PMD rider was breaking the law already, must catch and stop. So I support the cisco officer. This type of PMD riders are a danger to themselves and others on the road.
  3. Hydrocarbon

    Grab launches first numberless credit card in Asia

    Hearing through the grapevines, Grab has applied / "has interest to apply" for a digital banking license. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/singapore-digital-bank-licence-grab-stan-chart-singtel-bidding-12146970 A little worrisome, they're trying to muscle into every sector. Personally, I wouldn't use a grab card. I don't even link my credit card to the grab app.
  4. Hydrocarbon

    Ford vs Ferrari movie discussion and review

    I watched it. Loved it, but felt a bit sad at the end. I had thought the movie would end a bit before where it did, but it kinda was fitting. Racing scenes wise, I did prefer Rush's to this, but it's good too. Always did like the looks of the GT40, but didn't know so much of the story til now. That said, the acting was good, and I always liked Bale's acting. Damon was great too.
  5. Hydrocarbon

    CCB to go private

    The only CB I know: www.cb.sg
  6. It popped up on Google Discover or something. Yeah, all along, I was thinking that ladies' night is a bit discriminatory. But, it's ok, guys chase girls, and if a club has no girls, then it will be sausage fest. 😂 That said, in Singapore (don't say other countries), there's benefit to both sides. Gals don't need to serve NS, and in a marriage, they get covered by Woman's Charter, which is somewhat anti guy nowadays (considering that when it was written, ladies needed protection in the case of a divorce because they mostly didn't work) that both parties are usually working. And that I feel some of our laws are still antiquated, especially in the sexual harassment against guys portion. Guys.. We get the privilege of serving NS... Hahahaha
  7. Grace Hopper is a legend! Well, the other examples are good too, though, I didn't really know until your post. The one thing you've raised, and that resonates with me is the different "categories" of sports and tournaments. Men and women have never been physical equals, and having a woman's league for everything (non physical) also serves to show that there's a disparity amongst the genders. I do get annoyed when some feminist would claim that we're equals, and yet, they wouldn't advocate for the removal of woman's categories. Not entirely related to this thread: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/vegan-cafe-man-tax-close-handsome-her-melbourne-australia-a8885711.html A cafe run by feminist, with an 18% "man tax" closes down. And they partially blame the "fragile masculinity is and solidified the necessity for us to confront and dismantle patriarchy". Anyway, man and woman, in our lifetime at least, will never be biologically equal. There's things that the ladies can do way better than guys, and things that guys do better than gals. We'll just have to accept nature as it is.
  8. Hydrocarbon

    DFS Retrenchment

    You mean... you mean.. the National Trades Union Congress is just in name only? I'd never! Next you'll be telling me that GST helps the lower income.. Or that I only need small space for sex.. The last one definitely cannot.. I'm fat
  9. Hydrocarbon

    Hdb income ceiling revised 2019

    But with higher grants (and higher income ceilings) this would also mean that ECs can be sold at a higher price, which in turn, produces more profit for the developers. Well, not just ECs, but even the BTOs at GSW as unveiled by our PM recently. So, prices go up, but, the government would also be able to say that they're helping the lower income by giving more grants. =X
  10. Hydrocarbon

    The SIAN has arrived!?!?

    Honestly, looks too much like the vent-door model, with a body kit that's not even all that appealing.. My heart still pines for the Sesto Elemento / Performante
  11. Hydrocarbon

    Will this project cause a strain on the economy

    The title of this thread is clickbait-ish, that's why I gave you the 1 dislike point. My name was there when I awarded the dislike, I put it twice, once when I clicked it on the button, and another in the message itself. Examples of clickbait titles: - 5 simple ways people have gotten rich, and you wouldn't believe #4! - Doing this simple thing will help you lose weight fast! - Will this project cause a strain on the economy You see, the title of your thread is clickbait-ish, and that's why I awarded the dislike point. It's just 1 point, if you see correctly. Points also cannot eat or exchange for petrol voucher. It's just a way to upvote or downvote certain posts, at least in this forum. As to why the title can be considered clickbait: 1. Words like "this", "that" incite a feeling of curiousity 2. MCF is a local forum, and as such, reference to "the economy" would imply our local economy. However, the news is of India. 3. Emotional words like "cause a strain", in conjunction with #2, would imply that it may be a local issue. Thus, I would consider your title a clickbait title, and have given you 1 dislike point.
  12. Hydrocarbon

    Yay or Nay to latest Majulah Singapura's rendition?

    Personally, not a fan of this rendition of our national anthem, but I disagree with the name calling / racist stuff. Then again, hwz / edmw has a different crowd from mcf. I would say that hwz / edmw is a cesspool of the worst of Singaporeans, and it seems loosely, if at all moderated. It's the same type of comments you see on ST's FB page, etc..
  13. Hydrocarbon

    Largest FairPrice Xtra hypermarket opens at VivoCity

    I went there a few days ago! It's really damn big, and, if you spend more than $10 at the dine in area (get some sushi etc), you get a free ice cream!
  14. Hydrocarbon

    Is your worth just based on that “like”?

    Please like my post [smash]