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    Hdb income ceiling revised 2019

    But with higher grants (and higher income ceilings) this would also mean that ECs can be sold at a higher price, which in turn, produces more profit for the developers. Well, not just ECs, but even the BTOs at GSW as unveiled by our PM recently. So, prices go up, but, the government would also be able to say that they're helping the lower income by giving more grants. =X
  2. Hydrocarbon

    The SIAN has arrived!?!?

    Honestly, looks too much like the vent-door model, with a body kit that's not even all that appealing.. My heart still pines for the Sesto Elemento / Performante
  3. Hydrocarbon

    Will this project cause a strain on the economy

    The title of this thread is clickbait-ish, that's why I gave you the 1 dislike point. My name was there when I awarded the dislike, I put it twice, once when I clicked it on the button, and another in the message itself. Examples of clickbait titles: - 5 simple ways people have gotten rich, and you wouldn't believe #4! - Doing this simple thing will help you lose weight fast! - Will this project cause a strain on the economy You see, the title of your thread is clickbait-ish, and that's why I awarded the dislike point. It's just 1 point, if you see correctly. Points also cannot eat or exchange for petrol voucher. It's just a way to upvote or downvote certain posts, at least in this forum. As to why the title can be considered clickbait: 1. Words like "this", "that" incite a feeling of curiousity 2. MCF is a local forum, and as such, reference to "the economy" would imply our local economy. However, the news is of India. 3. Emotional words like "cause a strain", in conjunction with #2, would imply that it may be a local issue. Thus, I would consider your title a clickbait title, and have given you 1 dislike point.
  4. Hydrocarbon

    Yay or Nay to latest Majulah Singapura's rendition?

    Personally, not a fan of this rendition of our national anthem, but I disagree with the name calling / racist stuff. Then again, hwz / edmw has a different crowd from mcf. I would say that hwz / edmw is a cesspool of the worst of Singaporeans, and it seems loosely, if at all moderated. It's the same type of comments you see on ST's FB page, etc..
  5. Hydrocarbon

    Largest FairPrice Xtra hypermarket opens at VivoCity

    I went there a few days ago! It's really damn big, and, if you spend more than $10 at the dine in area (get some sushi etc), you get a free ice cream!
  6. Hydrocarbon

    Is your worth just based on that “like”?

    Please like my post [smash]
  7. Schooling did it, without much support from our government. After he won, everyone rushed in to bask in his glory. So yeah, I agree with you, Schooling is the gold medalist, and the country he's from is Singapore. He won the medal, so what if he didn't win another? Most people will not even get anywhere near competing in the Olympics, let alone win a gold medal. Whatever he does, I'm just glad he won it, and put Singapore on the map as having a gold medal (finally). That said, I see his Supra video, a bit... hmm~ haha
  8. Best way to get away from your MIL, eh?
  9. Hydrocarbon

    SE from across the causeway

    I thought is cross causeway pump petrol only? Now got other pumps? Haha, thanks TS, brighten my workday..
  10. Hydrocarbon

    BMW car subscription

    There's no buying of hookers, all hookers are on a rental basis only ah. Haha.. I would go for the new Z4 if they had, but maybe for just a few months. No need pay insurance I think, road tax also. Plus, if it's new / new-ish cars, buy and use for a while, depre would be quite high too.
  11. Hydrocarbon

    Carro Interesting Car Rental Scheme

    I saw their ad, now only got 911 for $5K a month.. Don't have maser or others.
  12. Hydrocarbon

    'Ford v. Ferrari' - The Movie.

    Wooohoooo! Definitely watching this. Dont think it will be as good as Rush, but, different kind of story-ish.
  13. Simi British expert.. Please go solve Brexit before coming to kachiao us. Our road limits are slow enough as it is.
  14. Hydrocarbon

    Lexus digital eye

    Personally, I would not be a fan of "digital" mirrors. 1. Possible "lag". If you want to keep your car for a longer time, the electronics might fail if it's affected by weather, degrading either the quality of the camera or the screen. 2. Scratches on the camera would be bad. At least, on a mirror, it will affect less of the entire area. 3. More electronic stuff to go wrong. I'm more of a mechanical guy, so I could be biased. 4. Screens have to be anti glare / bright enough for the day, and not too bright at night. So, for me, no.
  15. Come, gimme. I don't want start new boliao thread and get banned.