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Found 41 results

  1. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2008/08...m?section=world Malaysia's Anwar contests by-election Posted 3 hours 57 minutes ago Malaysia's leading opposition politician Anwar Ibrahim is contesting a crucial by-election today which is expected to return him to the national Parliament a decade after he was forced out. Dr Anwar was deputy prime minister of Malaysia until a decade ago, when he had a falling out with then-prime minister, Mahathir Mohamed. He was sacked and then jailed for sodomy and corruption, serving six years in prison. His sodomy conviction was quashed, but now Dr Anwar is facing a new set of sodomy allegations which he says have been brought by his political enemies. He now heads up the People's Alliance, a group of opposition parties which is challenging the ruling party for the first time since the country's independence 50 years ago. He has been campaigning on the economy and a platform of equality for Malays, Chinese and Indians. The polling group Merdeka is predicting an easy win for Dr Anwar. -------------
  2. Jerminator

    Used Truck / tractor tires.

    Any Bros or Sis know where I can get used Truck/Tractor tires (Any huge tires) in SG?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFVHW2B1ee0 Boy Gets Tangled in Huge Kite and Falls to Death - Vietnam A five-year-old boy was accidentally picked up by a huge kite and then fell down from a height of 20 meters, dying on Sunday in Ho Chi Minh City. The victim was Van Minh Dat, whose parents sell beverages to kite fliers and watchers in the Dong Dieu area in Hoc Mon District. This is an area where people often fly kites of various colors and sizes in the afternoon, attracting a lot of spectators, especially children brought by their parents. At about 4:00 pm yesterday, Dat was standing next to a huge red kite that was about to be flown on a pilot basis by the Saigon Kite Club in preparation for a kite festival to be held in Vung Tau, a seaside city about 100km from Ho Chi Minh City, soon. While a group of people were trying to fly the kite, whose wingspan is 18 meters wide, Dat managed to get under the kite’s wing without anyone noticing, according to Nguoi Lao Dong (Laborer) newspaper. When the kite picked up enough air it flew up, taking Dat along with it, as the boy’s legs had accidentally become tied around strings on the kite’s wing, Nguoi Lao Dong said. At that time, some witnesses dashed to pull the kite back down but they failed, the newspaper said. When the kite reached a height of about 20 meters, the strings unwound from his legs, causing him to fall to the ground. Witnesses took the boy to the Hoc Mon General Hospital for emergency aid but he died soon after. Meanwhile, the kite was pulled down to the ground. Local police have detained a number of people involved in the case for investigation. Dat’s family lives in Hoc Mon’s Xuan Thoi Dong Commune.
  4. I read from the websites that parking offences seem to be under the purview of HDB and URA. So how does the traffic police fit into the picture? Apologies if this question is too stupid...
  5. Figures taken from "Cost (S$) For Cars Registered in June 2009" from LTA the left figure is for basic car cost inclusive of ave omv,arf,custom tax,gst,COE. the right figure is the dealer selling price with COE. are china cars THAT cheap? let the figures speak for themselves... of course conti makes the profit margin is higher...but for budget car? hmmm CHERY A5 1.6 MT 30,143 50,999 --> 20k profit CHERY QQ 0.8L MANUAL 24,335 35,999 --> 10.5k profit CHERY T11 1.6 MT 33,731 55,999 ---> 22k profit CHEVROLET AVEO 1.4MT 34,709 48,199 --> 14k profit HONDA CIVIC 1.6L 5AT 68,665 82,800 ---> 14k profit HONDA JAZZ 1.5L A 68,485 80,100 ---> 12k profit KIA CERATO FORTE 1.6(A) 44,499 50,499 ---> 6k profit KIA RIO 1.4 AT 2WD 5DR 35,853 42,499 ---> 7k profit MITSUBISHI LANCER 1.6 CVT SPORTS GLX 42,911 50,988 ---> 8k profit NISSAN LATIO 1.5L AT ABS D/AIRBAG 2WD 4DR 54,207 65,500 ---> 10k profit TOYOTA COROLLA ALTIS 1.6 AUTO 51,768 67,988 --> 16k profit
  6. A 193-metre-long container ship ‘Hansa Constitution’ sailing under German flag ran aground on 6th April afternoon by the University of Hong Kong sports ground in Pok Fu Lam. According to residents in the neighborhood, the captain of the ship dropped the anchor to slow down the vessel, as it came to a halt just a few feet away from the promenade, which is popular with joggers. The ship was on its way to Shenzhen when it is believed to have been blown off course by monsoon winds after engine failure. Two diving support vessels as well as two fireboats were deployed for the rescue. The ship was eventually towed away from the shore. There were no reports of hull breach, injuries, or causalities aboard the ship. Watch the video below:
  7. Luckily the sharks were mostly small reef sharks
  8. Hougang must have the highest concentration of bums with nothing to do. I have never seen so many people cheering the fact they are living in a slum. They rejected a credible young star, upgraded toilets and even free legal service for some bum who only recieved 1 vote in a closed door meeting. I wonder how to liberate these people from their years of being brainwashed. The DPM already tried his best but still failed. Funeral mourners also come and cheer
  9. So will there be a huge rise in fares after she steps down in Apr? http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1189825/1/.html
  10. Adrianli

    Huge Croc in SG

    My colleague came across this monster in one of our reservoirs. Dont wana cause alarm so will not reveal the reservoir. Look at its size compared to the PUB lorry. I think there are too much free food for it in SG n no other predator. Croc dundee anyone???
  11. Scion

    Huge changes in last 6 years

    more than 6 years ago, the Singapore identity was still very strong it has since eroded at speed i couldn't have imagined there was a time i felt proud of being a Singaporean, with our relatively low crime rates and high standard of living... now i feel nothing there was a time i got emotional listening and singing to the tune of "count on me singapore", "stand up for singapore", "home", etc... the songs are still nice to hear, but somehow the meanings are different to me now there was a time i got excited watching the national day parade on tv... these 3 years i have skipped watching it there was a time i felt a sense of responsibility when i was recalled to serve in-camp trainings... now i felt silly the success of IRs, record GDP, AAA rating in Asia... all these don't instill pride in me anymore... all i'm looking for is that familiar sense of belonging here the usage of new media like facebook, twitter, youtube to spread unflavourable news doesn't help, cos they can only make me feel angry or disgusted... the PRC joker saga, the curry saga, the pinoy and mr gay saga... when will all these end?
  12. Dear Members, It's astonishing how we've arrived in June - mid 2010 - so quickly! It's time once again for all you enthusiasts and owners to get together for the monthly exchange! This month's get together mini carnival session will be held at ... Autohub Grooming Pte Ltd Venue :304 UPPER PAYA LEBAR ROAD S(534936)(BESIDE JLN LOKAM-TAI KENG GARDEN) Date: 27th JUNE 2010(Sunday) Time : 3pm onwards OFFICIAL MEETUP TIME (Please note the change in timing) WATCH live demonstrations by specialized and reputable brands such as Clifford alarm systems especially for continental makes, Ryders sunglasses, 3 in 1 tyre rescue system, GPS systems, aroma diffusers Light refreshment, finger food, door gifts will be provided! In addition to the festivities, there will also be media coverage by Today newspaper + SGCarmart.com *APPLICABLE ONLY TO SGMERC MEMBERS - 50% OFF REGULAR PRICES FOR ANY GROOMING JOBS DONE OR PACKAGES REGISTERED ON THAT DAY!!DOORS OPEN FROM 12PM. **SGMERC OFFICIAL MEETUP TIME IS FROM 3PM - 630PM. Limited production SGMERC merchandise such as lanyards and member decals will also be available for sale on that day so just give us a shout out! ----------------------------- SGMERC 2010 Shirt - Quality + comfy quartz grey honeycomb polo t-shirts silkscreen printed with SGMERC logo on the front and URL at the shirt tail. Price : $25.00 ea Size try outs are welcome. The sample range of sizes available are XS/S/M/L/XL Please note that this will be the last session where one can try out the sizes. All those who have not indicated their size preferences will be sold shirts based on availability. Actual shirt collection will be in August 2010. -------------------------------- Remember Don't Be Shy, we all will welcome you with big hugs, smiles and kisses if you want! http://www.sgmerc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14704 P.S. My Comand APS Installer is flying down from the UK to answer any queries and install a few sets. If you are driving any mercedes model and you would like to retrofit OEM Comand APS to your car, kindly approach him. He will have a banner and all.
  13. Just saw a huge pothole on left lane about 300 meters b4 woodlands road BKE exit towards tuas direction and also saw a WRX tyres burst and stop at divider at exit area which I guess is the victim of that pothole. So guys stay clear of the left lane!
  14. Stooky

    Huge rat at Koufu foodcourt!!

    http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg..._foodcourt.html This large rat was spotted at a chicken rice stall in the Koufu foodcourt at Toa Payoh HDB Hub last Thursday (May 5). Admin executive Fion Song saw the rat last Thursday evening, and snapped photos of it. She was buying pastries from a stall nearby and the three staff members of the pastry shop also noticed the huge rat, along with a fellow customer. After the rodent was spotted, the food court management and the stall operator immediately activated their pest-control operator. The rat was caught, and the remaining food on display was discarded and the showcase was disinfected. The National Environment Agency (NEA) checked the premises the following day (May 6). They "found signs of rat infestation in the stall and several hygiene lapses -- food waste on the floor, a dirty food chiller and an uncovered refuse bin". The spokesperson from the NEA also told My Paper: "NEA will be taking enforcement action against the stall operator for the rodent infestation and hygiene irregularities. The Housing Board has also been alerted to check for rodent infestation elsewhere in (HDB Hub). "We will monitor the situation in HDB Hub closely and, if need be, require all stakeholders to step up control measures." According to a Koufu spokesperson, Koufu carries out pest-control checks on all its food outlets every month, as well as general checks three times a day. The chicken-rice stall operator has been given a stern warning and their tenancy could be revoked should another such incident happen.
  15. Hi bros, other than Autobacs, anyway near Sengkang / Hougang area got a huge mart to shop?? Autobacs abit far.. Not looking for tyres or maintenance service though.. Any recom? Thanks!
  16. This vw tiguan was on sale by owner at $98k http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...700&DL=1000 Dealer bought and selling it for $13.8k http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...895&DL=1156 A whopping $15k profit sia.... The Coe of this car very low ard $3k only.
  17. saw PIE have huge jam that really stretch back a few KM...i detour to another road to bypass the jam...looks really bad jam...anyone know wat happened?
  18. >> ASIAONE / NEWS / ASIAONE NEWS / SINGAPORE / STORY Karen Lim Wed, Apr 21, 2010 AsiaOne Hundreds evacuated in huge fire at People's Park Complex Fire at People's Park Complex Click on thumbnail to view Photos: Stomp A FIRE broke out at People's Park Complex along Eu Tong Sen Street at about 4pm today, an eyewitness told AsiaOne. The building remains closed tonight and it is not known if it will reopen tomorrow. According to a woman who works at one of the travel agencies in the complex, she was told that the fire started at a storeroom next to Canto Kitchen, a restaurant located on the fifth floor. She has declined to be named. She also told AsiaOne that black smoke was first detected by her colleagues at around 4pm but they did not start evacuating till about 25 minutes later, as the fire alarm did not go off. "My colleagues told me to grab my bag and leave although there was no alarm. "It only started ringing when we were already making our way to the ground floor," said the woman who is in her mid-fifties. Some cars are believed to be damaged by the fire as the carpark is also located on the fifth floor. Police have cordoned off all areas and are not allowing drivers to enter the carpark to collect their cars. A reader told citizen journalism website, Stomp, that "the fire is huge".
  19. Otsego

    2008 Facelift SLK (huge pic)

    What do u guys think? 2008 SLK 2008 SLK AMG
  20. ExxonMobil profit at 6 billion dollars in fourth quarter AFP - Tuesday, February 2SendIM StoryPrint. ExxonMobil said its fourth quarter profit fell 23 percent from a year ago to 6.05 billion dollars, a figure better than market expectations. WASHINGTON (AFP) -
  21. Source: http://sgblogs.com/entry/citizens-chalking...rd-debts/377944
  22. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=48694 wow.. if i not wrong last month was 818k now only left 737k! 80K lost for 1-2 month! its either the dealer is looking at a super fat profit margin or he is bleeding like hell.. haha