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  1. Anyone got stuck on PIE last evening for more than an hour and half? A few of us in the team did so, no thanks to someone who swerved out at the last minute, causing an accident that required a huge cleaning-up effort from the authorities. Thanks to SG Road Vigilante, we now know what caused the accident which happened at PIE's Steven Road exit in the direction of Jurong, at 630pm. While the accident itself didn't cause any serious injury, it is obvious that the Mazda 3 driver was at fault. According to the comments online, it does look like he or she was trying to avoid a frontal collision in his/her own lane by swerving into lane 2 but that unfortunately meant that the 2 motorcyclists that were lane-spliting, had to fall due to such a move. Kudos to both the tipper truck and the Malaysian van for being reactive to what was happening in front of them!
  2. The shows at 2330h at the Cathay (not cineleisure). How's the jam like over the last night? I'm planning to skip the main stretch of Orchard Road by using Clemenceau Avenue and then turn towards Plaza Singapura. Are there any alternative routes?
  3. Hi, I witness a car accident as per the date on the topic and saw the driver drove away... If the related motorcyclists need video footage of the accident, please pm me...
  4. Gng there on Sat evening... per entry over there is 3.21 after 5pm... any cheaper lobang to park legally other than the per entry parking? thanks
  5. Was caught in a long jam yesterday evening along PIE toward Toa Payoh. Jam along PIE starts from Jurong Town Hall Road to Thomson Rd. I joined the jam at Jurong Town Hall Road at 5.30pm and reach T. Payoh at 7.00pm and thats only I took a left turn into Lornie Road to escape the jam ahead..... No report on radio on what had happen and only the road side 'flash board' indicated the massive jam after B Batok Ave.3 to Thomson Road. Anyone know what kind of accident happen yesterday? No report in today ST also. Thanks.
  6. Was about to turn into ECP when I saw my friend's FB post that there is a 5km jam on ECP towards city. Did anyone know what happened?
  7. does anyone know if there is ura parking facilities ard united square area? as I only intend to be ard that area for only 20mins on a weekday evening after 7pm, don't wish to incur per entry parking in the shopping center carparks. tia
  8. ...Schumacher grabs his first pole in Monaco, nevermind his 5-place penalty. And Png Eng Huat wins the Hougang seat. Huat ah! I salute Hougang residents!!! Probably one of the best weekend I had this hot hot year.
  9. Possess own vehicle, finished work at 5pm. Im 20+ , Not married yet, nothing to do when go home. Thought of maybe can do some delivery and stuffs. Anyone got any lobangs or maybe can give some ideas what to do after work?
  10. finally... no more ridiculous timing to 1030/11pm... [:|]
  11. Couldn't logon to intenert. Or was it just me?
  12. Hi All, I am urgently looking for somefree on 12th Feb, 7-1030pm, to be a mascot (God of Fortune). Location near to Serangoon road. Costume provided, preferbly a male, height >175cm. Actual work around 30min. will pay accordingly. SMS 92708846 for further enquiries. Thanks!
  13. Anybody can provide a rationale to evening ERP? Morning ERP I understand better since congestion will increase economic loss. But at night either people go home, pass by or jalan jalan also need to pay? To me makes no sense leh... A lot of things now happening and not making sense to me.
  14. Bros, When changing rims can I use back the tyres from the old rims? Rim size will be the same. Reason I ask this is because on my way up the ramp in taman jurong market this evening donno how I go and bua my rims! Now my left side rear wheel the edge almost all scratch kah liao...! And that one scratched rim with the other three good ones look damn ugly man! Hopefully PH still have my that type of wheel and if I can use back the old tyres, then don't have to spend more $$$. But if cannot, then hopefully they still have Goodyear LS2000 tyres.
  15. I need a smoke but that will kill me anybody know if there is such thing as smoker anonymous
  16. Any idea what happened? Fire engine knocked someone? Some lampost/tree toppled? Bush fire? 6.15pm Headed towards PIE on BKE, saw 2 fire engines in opposite direction around mandai area; traffic at a standstill. When I was reaching PIE I saw civil defence car blinkers on rushing towards woodlands direction. 8.20pm Headed towards woodlands on BKE. EMAS alternated between jam aft KJE and jam to SLE so I exited bukit panjang and took woodlands road.
  17. I was traveling from Eu Tong Seng Road toward ECP kanna ERP at 2 gantries @ Eu Tong Seng and ECP from Marina Center around 7pm. Why go home also must charge us? Already said going home so if got jam then so be it lah. Not like go to work will be late if jam. What's the logic behind? Scare we go home too late for dinner gastric pain or go home too late no time to make babies? KNN after a hard day work still want to suck us dry....
  18. To the lady driver driving a black honda city with the license plate SGJ 5xxx K, whom I had an accident with along PIE Jurong Bound before Clementi Road Exit at around 7.00pm this evening. I am driving a light blue Nissan Sylphy SJB 5xxx C. I apologise that I saved your hp number on the spot but somehow when I reach home, I was not able to retrieve it. It was raining very heavily just now and I could have pressed the wrong button on my phone. I believe also that you have not taken down my car plate in the heavy rain. I am going to make a report tomorrow afternoon. If you see this post, kindly reply. Or if anyone who knows a lady driver by the name of Eunice who drive this black Honda City, kindly reply. Thank you very much.
  19. Super jam @ 6pm.. Was entering SLE from Upper Thomson Rd exit, then caught up with the jam. It took me 30 mins from Upper Thomson Rd to Mandai Rd exit. The accident involved one trailer with metal pillars and one passenger van. The van got hit very hard. The A pillar got smashed. Anyone was there ?
  20. anyone today kenah the jam at PIE -> CHANGI AIRPORT at exactly 5.45pm just before the BKE exit? I was a few cars behind the DARK GREEN W210 MERCEDES BENZ who freaking broke down on lane 2 right in the middle of the peak hour jam, creating a even jammer jam. well done u cockster, u even tried to filter to lane 3 with no power and hazard light on, luckily your car stopped before u could enter lane 3, because then u will be farking blocking lane 2 AND 3 in fact i have never seen W124 MERCEDES E CLASS ever break down before. no money drive merc dont force yourself drive such an old merc. rather u use the money get a new jap car. i never realise the importance of reliability until today, when i can feel the frustration of all the drivers just trying to GET HOME. no one like to be stuck in jam, everyone wants to go home, to eat their dinner, to play with their children, to hug their wifey, to feed their pets. i will service my car regularly so that i will never break down during peak hour and delay the lives of all the other road users just trying to get home to rest after a long day at work. i pledge to do everything within my effort never to contribute to traffic jams.
  21. Was anyone caught in the terrible jam? Lanes 1 and 2 were blocked. Involved a cab, a saloon car and one motorcycle. Bike was overturned and not moved. Tow truck had arrived. WRX police were there.....I think to take measurements. Looked like a fatal or major accident. Took me more than 40 minutes to wait and clear off the jam.
  22. After exiting Stevens Road into PIE....and entering BKE, to the left and right of me, were 5 accidents separately over the whooe stretch......total, about 25 cars, and at the Eng Neo entrance, closed cos of fallen tree... What's wif the drivers here??? Rain, and cannot control ah...or tailgate, and thus cannot stop intime KNN..workshops must be giving big bonus man
  23. Just saw shell price board, petrol down 4 cents again. Damn, just pump $70 this morning.
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