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Found 39 results

  1. Five Speed Motor CLASS Lawsuit Hi all , many of you have heard about this company . no need any introduction. I am inviting all the parties affected by this Motor shop to come forward and file a CLASS lawsuit against this company. In Singapore , there is no clear law that govern "Hire purchase agreement" . CASE and Small claim do not cover this as its a " hire purchase " i am confuse as your're too. We have panel of lawyers and few affected parties that have came forward. Pls message me , if we have lawyers here willing to look into this welcomed too. We should not let this kind of dishonest trader active in market. if you have know anyone who had issue with them before pls direct to me too. thank you. Can the admin or moderators help me to edit the title to remove the word "Trading" . thank you.
  2. Popular burger joint Five Guys rumoured to be opening in Singapore Sources: https://www.timeout.com/singapore/news/popular-burger-joint-five-guys-rumoured-to-be-opening-in-singapore-051419 With rumours flying that popular burger joint from Virginia Five Guys is about to open in Singapore late this year, the local food scene has been set abuzz. If confirmed, this will only be the chain's second outlet in Asia. The first was opened in Hong Kong last year to much fanfare and snaking queues. We can expect more of the same in Singapore if the waiting times for Shake Shack are any indication. The cult-favourite American brand is renowned for its huge and messy signature double beef patty burgers wrapped in foil, fresh cut crispy fries drenched in peanut oil and milkshakes so thick you can eat them with a spoon. Toppings for burgers are free (a magic word for most Singaporeans), with options like grilled onions, jalapeño peppers, relish and more – anyone can appreciate a burger with all the works. Vegetarians also have options like the veggie sandwiches, which come without a patty. Instead, they include grilled mushrooms and any other toppings you desire. Shake Shack, Burger & Lobster, and now Five Guys? We wait patiently with extra serviettes.
  3. Found the following info. Guess it is more meant for temperate countries rather than the tropics but still quite a good reference/guide ... Engine Oil In most cars, you just need to pop up your hood, find the oil dipstick, pull it out, and wipe it down. Repeat that again and you'll have your oil level. If it's in the safe level, continue on your merry way. If it's not, you need to add more. Depending on the age of the car, you may or may not need to add oil pretty often. If your car burns through a lot of oil, it's worth going to a mechanic. How often to check it: It was once recommended that you check your oil every time you fill up with gas, but with most modern cars you're safe checking it once a month. How often to replace it: This depends on the car, manufacturer, and year. The "3,000 miles or every six months" saying doesn't really apply any more. Instead, check your owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommendations for changing your engine oil. Transmission Fluid Your transmission fluid is what keeps the gears on your car moving smoothly. You can check your transmission fluid the same way as your engine oil, except the car should be running when you do it. Unlike your engine oil, transmission fluid is part of a closed system, so it should never be low. If it is, take it into a mechanic. Instead of volume, you're looking at the quality of the fluid. The fluid should be red and not smell burned. If the fluid is brown or smells burnt, it's time to replace it. How often to check it: Monthly. How often to replace it: This varies from car to car and depends on transmission type, but it's typically between every 50,000-100,000 miles Coolant As the name implies, coolant, aka antifreeze, keeps your car running cool. If you ever run low on coolant, your car's probably going to overheat. The coolant is inside you radiator and you can typically check it by simply removing the radiator cap when the car is cool (never check it when it's hot or your car is running) and looking inside. Once you remove the cap you should see a line the coolant should come up to. If it's low, you can add more, but make sure you add the same type of coolant currently in the car. How often to check it: At least twice yearly: once before summer and again before winter But it's easy enough to glance at whenever you pop open your hood. How often to replace it: Every 2-3 years. Brake Fluid Just like your transmission, your brake fluid is part of a closed system so you shouldn't ever be low on it. That said, it's still worth checking to make sure it's clean. Brake fluid keeps your brakes working properly, so if they ever feel a little off, checking your brake fluid is usually the first step. You can do this by checking the brake fluid reservoir on the driver side of your car. You can usually check the level just by looking at the outside of the container. The fluid should be a golden color. If it's brown, it's time to replace it. How often to check it: When you change your oil. How often to replace it: Every 2 years Power Steering Fluid Your power steering fluid helps keeps your steering smooth and easy. When the power steering fluid starts to get low, you might feel a "creaking" in the steering wheel or hear some weird sounds. To check it, all you need to do is pop the hood and find the reservoir. Usually you can check it visually by looking at the reservoir. Power steering fluid doesn't usually drop too much, so if it's low, it's worth taking your car into a mechanic or looking for a leak. How often to check it: Once a month. How often to replace it: Between 50,000 miles and never. Typically speaking, most car manuals recommend keeping the power steering fluid levels topped off, but you'll rarely need to flush and replace it. Double check your owner's manual to make sure you can ignore yours
  4. Post here for more awareness. Saw this durian coffee being mentioned around, best is not try it if you come across it. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/durian-coffee-mix-malaysia-penang-hospital-9912342
  5. Each place at SIT eyed by five poly graduates Sandra DavieMy PaperMonday, May 11, 2015 Artist's impression of Singapore Institute of Technology’s satellite campus at Republic Polytechnic. Even as the Government provides alternative pathways for school-leavers to achieve career success, the university that caters to polytechnic graduates continues to draw more students. A record 9,600 polytechnic graduates applied for the 2,080 places offered by the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) this year. Last year, there were 7,000 applications for 1,800 places. The university offers 28 degrees with renowned overseas university partners such as Germany's Technical University of Munich. Since last year, it has been offering its own degrees. It has 36 degree courses in total. There had been doubt over demand at SIT, as it was granted the charter to confer its own degrees only last year. Also, students enrolled in SIT-conferred degrees will have to spend an extra eight months to a year doing intensive internships combining work and study. Yet, of the 9,600 applications, more than half were for the eight SIT-conferred degree programmes. Said SIT's director of admissions, Kelly Koh: "Despite SIT being just over one year old as an autonomous university, it is fast gaining traction and we have seen that most of the SIT-conferred degree programmes are well-received." He added that word is also getting out on the benefits of its internship programme, which is designed to be more in-depth and structured than a traditional industrial attachment. The university, which now operates from an interim campus in Dover Road, has also set up an Enterprise & Innovation Hub where its students will work on projects suggested by firms. Among the popular courses are accountancy, hospitality business, information security and aeronautical engineering. The university has shortlisted more applicants - 4,000 this year - for interviews. Said Mr Koh: "In line with our holistic approach, we believe in putting in the extra effort to identify students who display attributes and qualities, beyond academic performance, who are suited for the course." Students go through two interviews, and to select those for the hospitality degree programme, employers are invited to sit on the interview panel. Applicants said SIT's niche degrees and emphasis on getting its students job-ready were the reasons why they picked the university. Said Mr Lim, who graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic and is applying to do the new information security degree offered by SIT: "I like SIT's focus on giving students work and industry experience. It will be a definite advantage when I go out to work." - See more at: http://news.asiaone.com/news/education/each-place-sit-eyed-five-poly-graduates#sthash.qhUT80YB.dpuf
  6. rich tycoon can tahan 5 years in jail or not? or maybe it is a resort
  7. An eight-car collision on the Seletar Expressway (SLE) on Sunday night injured five people, including one child. The accident occurred at about 9.20pm, said a spokesman for the Singapore Civil Defence Force. It took place along the SLE heading north, just after the Braddell Road exit. The extreme right two lanes were cordoned off by police, creating a massive jam leading back to the city centre that persisted past midnight. Four adults were taken by ambulance to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, and one child was taken to KK Women's and Children's Hospital. All were conscious. It was not immediately clear how serious their injuries were. When The Straits Times arrived at the scene at 11.30pm, several cars including one taxi were seen with their bonnets and rears crumpled. They were towed away shortly after. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/five-injured-eight-car-collision-sle-20140203 ---------------------------------------------------- reports said SLE..but it's actually on the CTE heading towards SLE
  8. wow!! very tough man http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-19944833 A former Gurkha from Kent who fought off a mugger was unaware the attacker's knife had snapped, leaving the five inch blade embedded in his left arm. Taitex Phlamachha, 38, was with his wife when he was attacked after withdrawing money from a cash machine in Maidstone on 7 October. He managed to overcome his attacker and hold on until police arrived. The black belt in karate and taekwondo only realised he had been stabbed when police used a metal detector on him. A 39-year-old man from Maidstone has been charged with assault.
  9. LONDON: Following almost a year of tough negotiations, Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone insisted on Monday that his Formula One Management (FOM) company had agreed terms with organisers to stage the Singapore Grand Prix for another five years after the current contract expires in September. Mr Ecclestone's remarks - made in an exclusive interview with TODAY in the British capital - came just hours after Second Minister for Trade and Industry S Iswaran told Parliament that negotiations between race promoter Singapore GP and FOM were "still ongoing". Mr Ecclestone, 81, told this newspaper that all obstacles preventing the deal from going through have been resolved and that the timing of the official announcement of the contract renewal will be decided and made by the Singapore Government. An option for two more races until 2014 - after this year's edition from Sept 21 to 23 - would have kicked in had FOM and the Singapore authorities decided to walk away from the negotiating table. "Everything that was in the way of the Singapore Grand Prix continuing for another five years has been cleared," said Mr Ecclestone, chief executive officer of F1 commercial rights holder FOM. "I'm happy that this is out of the way because Singapore has been good to F1 and the night race has also been equally good for Singapore." Earlier on Monday, in a written reply to a question by Holland-Bukit Timah GRC Member of Parliament Liang Eng Hwa, Mr Iswaran also reiterated that Singapore will continue to host the race "only if the terms for a full five-year extension are economically viable". "We hope to see a mutually agreeable outcome soon," he had added. Over the weekend, Singapore GP executive director Michael Roche told reporters that money was at the centre of talks to renew the current contract. Despite being snowed under with work after Sunday's British Grand Prix, which was also attended by Singapore negotiators, Mr Ecclestone was keen to reassure that all was well with Formula 1's only night race. Said Mr Ecclestone: "It has always been my intention to see that this race in Singapore continues beyond our current deal. Now that the negotiations are finally over, I am looking forward to go to Singapore for this year's event because I've always enjoyed it." First held in 2008 on the 5.073 km Marina Bay street circuit, the rights fee to stage the Singapore Grand Prix is believed to have cost Singapore organisers US$35 million initially, and after yearly increases, peaked at about US$42 million last year. It cost another S$150 million to prepare for each race, and 60 per cent - or S$90 million - of that amount is footed by the Singapore Government. A feasibility study to review the benefits of continuing with the race here beyond the first agreement was conducted by authorities after the 2010 edition. It revealed that in the first three years, the night race raked in a total of more than S$420 million in tourism receipts, while an average of more than 110,000 international visitors came to Singapore annually. In terms of global reach, the race also attracted a total of 300 million television viewers worldwide. - TODAY
  10. Hi all, I will like to create a public awareness on this car dealer (Five Speed motoring), Please see my letter to second hand car association for their assistance. 'I entered into a hire purchase agreement with Five Speed motoring and wanted to do an early settlement as getting another car from another dealer. I called Five Speed office and was advised by the outstanding amount for settlement is $35,684. I did a computation under Rule 78 and calculated the amount outstanding to be $35,274. I think this is acceptable since the difference is minimal. On the actual settlement date, I was told that the amount outstanding is $38,897 instead of $35,684. I called Five Speed motoring immediately and spoke to the boss. He assured me that he will look into the matter and refund me the difference if any. He would also email me a copy of the UOB statement (Five speed refinance the hire purchase with UOB). He added that I should still continue the settlement and that Five Speed would settle the difference with me separately. It was a gentlemen
  11. Jj5599

    Five beautiful Korean actresses

    Which one you think is the most beautiful? http://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com/blogs/ok...-110111490.html
  12. Young Malaysian women are apparently not money-minded and materialistic. When it comes to finding a life partner, many female participants at a recent youth forum said they would rather have someone with five 'As' (Affection, Appreciation, Ambition, Acceptance and Attitude) instead of the so-called five 'Bs' (Billions, Bungalow, Benz, Brain and Body). In the long run, I'm sure they would eat their words. What I can infer is that, these women wouldn't mind having an ambitious partner who maybe isn't stable job-wise and monetarily-wise but appreciates them? Surely, they can't be completely not money-minded? Of course, I won't expect my partner to be a billionaire residing in a bungalow driving a Benz, but he must have a stable income at the least? If not, how can I enjoy a random food feast, being the foodie that I am!? In my opinion, it's relatively easy to find someone to give you affection and to appreciate you as you are, especially in the case whereby the female is the sole breadwinner and the guy isn't exactly "brainy" enough to get a high-paying job. Because he's relying on you, and he may have a good heart but where's the stability? To me, it's expected of the guy to accept you as you are and have the characteristics you're looking for in a partner, so that shouldn't be a fixed criteria for a partner. It's almost the same as making the statement "I'm looking to find a guy who isn't abusive." Anyone in their right mind wouldn't want someone like that! I guess in Singapore, it's hard not to be money-minded, especially with regards to the future. I, for one, would mind if my partner gets a lower salary than I do, because of the generalized stereotype that the man is supposed to be the one who "looks after the house." I wouldn't want to be in the compromising position whereby I have to pay for almost everything. And I'd like to think that people do use their materialistic products to show off how well they are doing, which explains why branded goods are more favoured. But that doesn't make it a necessity, most of us can do without these items anyway. http://starblog.stomp.com.sg/post.php?blogid=2252
  13. Ithunk

    Fast Five is Out

    UPDATED: "Prom" and "Hoodwinked Too!" underwhelm; "Rio" set to jump the $100 million mark in U.S. over the weekend. Universal's Fast Five is racing towards a $80 million weekend opening after grossing an estimated $33.2 million on Friday -- a stunning single day number, considering the top weekend opening of the year at the domestic box office is around $39 million. our editor recommends Fast Five: Film Review Prom: Movie Review 'Fast Five' Earns $3.7 Million at Midnight Opening If Universal insiders are correct about the numbers, Fast Five -- receiving a perfect A CinemaScore -- will mark the studio's biggest opening in history. The previous best was $72.1 million for Lost World: Jurassic Park. Overseas,the franchise installment has earned $55.1 million in its first week. By Sunday, Universal says Fast Five will have grossed $80 million overseas for a worldwide debut of $160 million. Directed by Justin Lin, Fast Five is a much-needed win for Universal, and has already grossed at least $50 million at the international box office, where it began rolling out last weekend. The movie reunites franchise stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster and Tyrese Gibson. Joining the series is Dwayne Johnson. Universal has a lot riding on the event pic, set this time in Rio de Janeiro. The studio says Fast Five cost $125 million after production incentives and tax credits, but other put the price tag as high as $150 million. The box office glow enjoyed by Fast Five didn't extend to the other new films, including tween-driven Prom, the first film greenlit by Disney chair Rich Ross. Despite receiving a B+ CinemaScore, Prom grossed a soft $1.9 million on Friday from 2,730 theaters and is looking at a weak weekend opening of around $5 million or $5.5 million. Financially, Disney isn't that exposed, having spent $8 million to produce pic. Directed by Joe Nussbaum, Prom's cast includes Aimee Teegarden, Nicholas Braun, Danielle Campbell, Cameron Monaghan and Christine Elise McCarthy The Weinstein Co.'s 3D toon Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil -- also receiving a B+ CinemaScore -- also struggled, grossing roughly $1.1 million on Friday from 2,505 locations. The toon is now projected to open to $4 million or $4.4 million for the weekend. Hoodwinked Too! is a co-production with Maurice Kanbar's Kanbar Entertainment (Kanbar created SKYY Vodka). Insiders say Kanbar put up much of the financing for the $30 million film. Prom placed No. 5 on Friday; Hoodwinked Too!, no 6. Twentieth Century Fox's Rio came in No. 2 on Friday, grossing $3.6 million for a cume of $92.8 million. The blockbuster toon will cross the $100 million sometime after the weekend, while its worldwide total could hit $350 million in the next few days. Lionsgate's Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family placed No. 3, grossing an estimated $3.1 million for a eight day cume of $34.1 million. Fox 2000's Water for Elephants grossed $2.9 million for a cume of $26 million. All three films saw bigger than usual drops on Friday, since so many kids were out of school a week ago.
  14. Chavez

    Five long weekends in 2012

    Singaporeans can look forward to five long weekends in 2012, after the Ministry of Manpower announced the dates for the 11 gazetted public holidays for next year. This includes a four-day weekend, with Chinese New Year falling on January 23 and 24, which are a Monday and a Tuesday. The other long weekends will be due to New Year's Day (January 1, Sunday), Good Friday (April 6, Friday), Hari Raya Puasa (August 19, Sunday), and Hari Raya Haji (October 26, Friday). For the holidays that fall on a Sunday, the following Monday will be a public holiday. Plan early guys! =o)
  15. Better be safe than to be sorry? From CNA website: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1117562/1/.html Tanjong Pagar GRC launches five-year masterplan By Hoe Yeen Nie | Posted: 19 March 2011 2126 hrs
  16. The five-cylinder engine's advantage over a comparable four-cylinder engine is best understood by considering power strokes and their frequency. A four-stroke cycle engine fires its cylinders once every 720 degrees
  17. Today is the first day LTA taking over five functions from Traffic Police. * Enforcement and administration of illegal parking offences; * Issuing permits for carrying of loads on vehicles; * Issuing permits/ authorisations for use of excluded vehicles on expressways; * Closing roads for repair and reconstruction; and * Gazetting of speed limit for roads Saw a group of LTA bikers with the vest indicating " LTA enforcement Officer" at Wisma and Taka issuing illegal parking tickets. bros....watch out
  18. Five years on, victims of 7 July bombings are remembered People gather at memorial to 52 victims of London underground and bus bombings to pay their respects guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 7 July 2010 12.16 BST Article history The Hyde Park memorial to the victims of the 7 July London bombings. Photograph: Stephen Hird/AP At 8.50am on the 7 July 2005, three bombs exploded on underground trains in central London. The explosions were followed, within an hour, by another on a London bus. At 8.50am today, under a grey sky, a handful of people gathered quietly at the eastern side of Hyde Park, where 52 steel pillars represent those killed in the bombings. They came to pay their respects, to remember loved ones, to be quiet for a few moments as the traffic rumbled past in the background. A young couple held each other, looking at the memorial as a few spots of rain began to fall. Another man walked silently in the memorial, weaving his way between the pillars. Smartly dressed in a suit and tie, 32-year-old Andrew Robinson, an analyst in the City, said he had been on the tube between Liverpool Street and Aldgate stations when the bomb detonated by Shehzad Tanweer killed seven people and injured 171. When the train was evacuated, he said, passengers were forced to walk past scenes of devastation. "I was in physical danger, and I think if I had not seen those things I would have had a very different memory of the day," he added. He spent a few moments today remembering that day, and said the simplicity of the memorial was a fitting tribute to the victims of the attack. "It's fantastic, I find it very moving," he said. Hazel Webb, whose daughter, Laura, died in the Edgware Road bombing, was also there. While some survivors and the families of victims have expressed disappointment that no official ceremony was been staged to mark the fifth anniversary of the bombings, Webb said: "Last year's ceremony was fantastic
  19. just wondering if anyone has tried vibram five fingers shoes http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/ any better than normal running shoes?
  20. Flavio Briatore has denied likening Jenson Button last year to a concrete bollard, but admits he does not highly rate F1's reigning champion and current championship leader. When a younger and less focused Button struggled at Briatore-led Benetton in 2001, the Italian said his British driver was so slow at Monaco it seemed he was scouting for a new place to moor his yacht. And in 2009, when Button was driving a Brawn and running away with the title amid the double-diffuser controversy, Briatore said the 30-year-old was a "paracarro" -- an Italian word for a concrete roadside post. But one year later, Button is not only the reigning world champion, he has also impressed the F1 world by showing well alongside the highly rated Lewis Hamilton and winning two of his first four races at the wheel of a McLaren. Briatore is quoted as saying in Italian reports: "I never said he (Button) was not good, but for me he is not among the five fastest drivers in the world." Source: GMM
  21. Over the next three years, Ferrari will introduce a new 458 Spider, Ferrari Enzo "special series", and four other new models. The cars have been announced by Fiat and Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne at a press conference earlier today. The 458 drop-top and an all-new 612 Scaglietti with a V12 engine are scheduled for next year. Referred to internally as the F151, the 612 Scaglietti may also be shown off as a hybrid model. Marchionne also announced a "new special series Enzo" would join the all-new 599 GTB Fiorano (a.k.a. the F152) on the 2012 marketplace. This will be followed up with a significant California Facelift, or as it is called inside the company, the "California M." Also due for 2013 is a suped-up 458 Scuderia. Look for both Ferrari and Maserati to make each of their models rather distinct, practically creating sub-brands within the two companies. Sister automaker Maserati is also expected to release two new models, slotted below the GranTurismo, before 2015.
  22. Don't you hate it when something breaks just after the warranty runs out? Or what about that new electronic gadget that fails to work with your old accessories from the same manufacturer? Some of these infuriating problems were caused on purpose, by product designers practicing "planned obsolescence." Planned obsolescence occurs when something is intended to wear out or stop being useful after a predetermined period of time -- and that time is often as short as a few years. Critics have long complained that planned obsolescence wastes consumers' money, uses up valuable resources, and chokes our landfills. The good news is that consumers are not entirely at the mercy of corporations. Armed with some information and foresight you can extend the life of some products or avoid buying them entirely. Here are strategies for dealing with some of the most irritating sources of planned obsolescence. MP3 Players Planned obsolescence is a fact of life when it comes to consumer electronices. MP3 players are a glaring example. These units are rarely upgradable with more memory and their lithium-ion batteries often wear out before the product does. In the worst case, such as with Apple iPods, the battery can't be removed easily by consumers, forcing an expensive service request when it runs out. These advanced batteries are often expensive ($75 or more in the case of laptops, but still pricey for smaller devices), so extending the life is no trifling matter. Luckily, there are a number of good quality "generic" batteries on the market for many devices. You can easily find them on eBay and elsewhere. These typically are not recommended by manufacturers, but problems are rare. It also isn't that difficult to replace the battery in your iPod, and directions and how-to videos are online. Finally, you can often prolong the life of your device by taking good care of it. Keep it out of temperature extremes, keep it clean and follow the charging/use patterns recommended by your manufacturer. In many cases, lithium-ion batteries do better if they are not run all the way down. Ink Cartridges A set of new inkjet cartridges can cost more than the printer itself...yet you may be prevented from using every expensive drop of pigment. Many ink cartridges come with proprietary smart chips on them that disable printing when one of the colors falls to a certain level, even if there's really enough ink to do the job. Plus, the smart chips can discourage refilling or use of third-party ink. Buy cartridges that let you refill the ink. This cuts down on plastic use, and saves you serious money. You can also probably get away with printing less. Use draft and grayscale settings to save ink, and optimize content from the web or email before you send to the printer, so you don't waste ink on headers, footers and ads you don't want. You can also skip printing by using online backup services, Google docs and emailing things to yourself. Software In software, as with some video game hardware, many titles are incompatible with previous files or programs. This definitely gives consumers incentive to upgrade across the board. Many users are also forced to upgrade to new editions after publishers stop providing support to older versions. Instead of proprietary software, use open source titles, which are usually free for typical users, including upgrades. You also may be able to save money by using general titles instead of specialized ones that only do one thing, since you are less likely to get trapped into expensive service or upgrades later. For example, use Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets instead of custom accounting software. Some users may also find that they don't really need to get the latest and greatest upgrades, unless there are security reasons to do so. Textbooks Planned obsolescence isn't limited to newer kinds of technology. Even though not much changes from year to year for most core subjects, textbook publishers issue frequent updates. Trouble is, each new edition is usually printed with the information shifted to different page numbers, making it difficult to follow along in class with a previous volume. Given that textbooks are quite expensive, some students are fighting back by buying recently used texts at a fraction of the cost from places like Craigslist. Or perhaps even cheaper and more convenient, you may be able to rent the textbooks you need. Chegg.com, for example, is a mail service not unlike Netflix, in which shipping on return books is free. Chegg plants a tree for every book users rent, sell or buy, and rental costs range from about 10% of list price to about 30%. Finally, some savvy students have discovered that they need not even buy every text on the class list; rarely used ones can be referenced at the library or shared among friends. Fast Fashion One year fishnets are out, the next year they're in. Unless you have your own warehouse like Demi Moore, chances are good that you don't hang on to every piece of clothing you own to wait until acid wash comes back into vogue. Whether it's because of cuts, hemlines or colors, a lot of what is advertised and sold is designed to go out of style in a short time. Instead of buying the latest and greatest apparel, consider timeless classics. Vintage clothes are a great green choice, and offer nearly endless style possibilities. Avoid so-called "fast fashion," which is churned out quickly based on ephemeral trends and isn't designed to last. Rent the items you'll only wear once or twice, like tuxedos, prom dresses or possibly even hand bags. Finally, learn to mend the clothes you already have -- that's the greenest option yet! By becoming more educated consumers, we can enjoy higher value and have less environmental impact
  23. At least once in your life - maybe even once a week or once a day for that matter - you have fantasized about coming into a lot of money. What would you do if you were worth millions or even billions? Believe it or not there are millionaires and billionaires among us who masquerade as relatively normal, run-of-the-mill people. Take a peek at some of the most frugal wealthy people in the world. Warren Buffett Millions of people read Buffett's books and follow his firm, Berkshire Hathaway's, every move. But the real secret to Buffett's personal fortune may be his penchant for frugality. Buffett, who is worth an estimated $47 billion, eschews opulent homes and luxury items. He and his wife still live in their modest home in Omaha, Nebraska which they purchased for just $31,500 more than 50 years ago. Although he's dined in the best restaurants around the globe, given the choice he would opt for a good burger and fries accompanied by a cold cherry Coke. When asked why he doesn't own a yacht he responded "Most toys are just a pain in the neck." (Find out how he went from selling soft drinks to buying up companies and making billions of dollars. Carlos Slim While most of the world is very familiar with Bill Gates, the name Carlos Slim rarely rings a bell. But it's a name worth knowing. Slim, who is a native of Mexico, was just named the world's richest billionaire
  24. Sleepyman

    SDP five cleared of illegal march

    SDP five cleared of illegal march By Kor Kian Beng, Political Correspondent THREE leaders and two supporters of the opposition Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) were acquitted in court yesterday of the charge of taking part in an illegal march in 2007. The SDP leaders were Mr Gandhi Ambalam, chairman; Mr John Tan, assistant secretary-general; and Ms Chee Siok Chin, central executive committee member. The supporters were Mr Yap Keng Ho and Mr Chong Kai Xiong. The five were cleared of charges of taking part in a procession without a valid permit on Sept 16, 2007. If convicted, they would have faced a fine of up to $1,000 for the offence under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order & Nuisance) Act. District Judge John Ng, in a written judgment, said he acquitted the five on the sole ground that he did not consider what they had done a 'procession'. 'The prosecution's position appears to be that so long as a group of five or more people walked from one point to another point in a public place to commemorate an event, the people in that group had participated in a procession for the purposes of the Act...I am not able to agree with such a simplistic interpretation of the word 'procession',' he wrote. The walk by the SDP five was held to mark the first anniversary of a similar protest planned for September 2006, when the International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings were held in Singapore. The five walked from Hong Lim Park to Parliament House and the Istana before stopping at the Queenstown Remand Prison, where SDP secretary-general Chee Soon Juan was being held. He was then serving a three-week jail term in lieu of paying a $4,000 fine for trying to leave the country in April that year while he was bankrupt. The judge said that in the absence of a definition for the word 'procession' in the relevant legislation, taking the 'natural and ordinary meaning' of the word would be the starting point. Citing two dictionary definitions of the word, he outlined three key features of a 'procession': a group of people moving together; as part of an event like a wedding; and moving in a formal way, in orderly succession and regular formation. The group of five, he noted, had walked mainly on pedestrian pathways, and made ad-hoc stops for toilet breaks and to give out pamphlets. They walked 'casually', sometimes singly, sometimes in pairs or smaller groups. He also noted that the walk 'did not cause inconvenience to the public, affect traffic flow or make noise which disturbed the public peace' - which 'fortified' his view that the law had not been broken, as the law was meant to relate to offences against public order and nuisance. The prosecution could not be reached by press time on whether it would appeal against the judgment.