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  1. hi all, any idea wats wrong cause i jus filled up engine water into water tank in morning by evening i came back wash car suprised to see almost half of the water gone..there's no leak or nothing but surely something is wrong..any comments? thks alot..
  2. R.I.P. http://news.asiaone.com/news/showbiz/fast-and-furious-star-paul-walker-40-dies-car-crash-reports From AsiaOne: Fast And Furious star Paul Walker, 40, dies in car crash: Reports AsiaOne Sunday, Dec 01, 2013 Fast and Furious star Paul Walker has died in a car accident, online site TMZ reported on Sunday (Saturday, Los Angeles time). He was 40 years old at the time of death, the report said. According to the report, the actor was riding in a Porsche when it crashed and burst into flames. ABC news later confirmed Walker's death after it received an email from his media representative. The representative said: "Sadly I must confirm that Paul did pass away this afternoon," ABC reported in an online article. An update posted on Paul Walker's official Facebook page said that he was on his way to a charity event with his friend when the accident occurred. The message said: "It is with a truly heavy heart that we must confirm that Paul Walker passed away today in a tragic car accident while attending a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide. He was a passenger in a friend's car, in which both lost their lives. We appreciate your patience as we too are stunned and saddened beyond belief by this news. Thank you for keeping his family and friends in your prayers during this very difficult time. We will do our best to keep you apprised on where to send condolences." Besides acting as Brian O'Conner in the Fast and Furious franchise, Paul Walker previously starred in other hit movies including Pleasantville and Varsity Blues.
  3. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/reduce-speed-limits-for-healthier-streets-motor-vehicles-travel-too-fast-on-the-streets-of?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=STFB&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1BYhn3aDSrGRtyJfQbNmneCvSWplc-3T8kn_0kk7-0UsHjK_hg-3OLXp0#Echobox=1555284502&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social-media&utm_campaign=addtoany i can hear @turboflat4 fuming aldy...hahahaha kong jiao wei
  4. Saw this story on women who drive fast cars - Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin with nice photos for guys that like fast cars, and guys that like pretty women story in Chinese, Google translated the 1st page was quite acceptable https://www.iconsingapore.com/people/meet-6-women-who-all-love-driving-fast-cars/ ---------------- "I often think that the car has its own personality. My car should be a man. It is my companion on the road and it protects me." If Ferrari or Lamborghini are the active young boys in the sports car industry, then the British century-old Aston Martin is a mature gentleman. According to statistics, Singapore had only 196 Aston Martins as of 2017, which is very rare. However, Germaine Tan describes her car as Aston Martin Vantage S. “Lamborghini is a sports, edgy car. Aston Martin first reminds you of elegance and style. It is a symbol of luxury and status. You may often see Lamborghini on the road, but you will not be too familiar with Aston Martin. So it will naturally attract your attention." Many car lovers become caring for the other half. For Germaine, the car is her best friend. She said: "I often feel that the car has its own personality. My car should be a man. It is my companion on the road and protects me." This is the first sports car in her life. The dark-gray body is low-key and she particularly sprays the rims into red roses, adding a touch of softness to the masculine body. Aston Martin has always been known to be steady, for the 22-year-old Germaine may not pull the wind. In this regard, she had different opinions: "Young people of the same age really like high-profile sports cars, but I like the service of Aston Martin. They are very kind and they often hold events. These activities are very good. The members of the club are very happy and I feel very comfortable.” The car is to her and it is like the second home. Before work every day, this is the private area where she is free to be alone with her. “I will let my mind drift or empty in the car; the rear compartment of the car is my daily sundries. And with the unique taste of the leather chair, I feel as if I'm comfortable at home." When she was shooting, she watched as she removed a big puppet, a box with a coat, a water tank and other miscellaneous items from the car. Can imagine how comfortable she usually is in the car. Young and frivolous, although Germaine had a sports car, she did not have much experience in car racing. At most, she only went to Malaysia with the Aston Martin team. "The car was really stable when it turned, it gave me a sense of security, let me know it is very reliable and will protect me, just like my boyfriend." Then she was amazed by her adjective. Ha ha. Why does such a delicate girl like a sports car? She said that when you step on the gas pedal and hear the wonderful sound of the engine, you will feel a sudden burst of strength. "This power comes from the car."
  5. Fast food meals have fewer calories than restaurant dishes, BMJ finds Fast food meals are less calorific than many restaurant dishes, research published in the BMJ has found. The study found that meals served by popular high street eateries - including Harvester and Hungry Horse - contain more than twice the amount of recommended calories. Health officials say that a main meal should contain no more than 600 calories. But the study found that the average dish served in a chain restaurant contains 1033 calories. The figure far exceeds the average 751 calorie countent found in meals served by fast-food joints including MacDonalds, Wimpy and Burger King. The biggest offenders were the Hungry Horse and Stone House restaurant chains, which which clocked up 1,358 and 1,275calories in an average main meal respectively. Other well-known restaurant chains with high calorie content included Harvester, at 1,166 calories, JD Wetherspoon, with 1119 calories, and Nandos, on 1,019 calories. Advice issued by Public Health England in March said people should be aiming to consume 600 calories for lunch and dinner. Author Dr Eric Robinson, a behavioural psychologist at Liverpool University, said the findings were "shocking". But he warned that they under-estimate the true picture, since drinks, starters, desserts and side orders were excluded from the study. He said: "Only one-in-ten of the meals we surveyed could be considered a healthy number of calories. "Although some of the results are shocking our findings probably underestimate the number of calories consumed in restaurants because our analysis did not include drinks, starters, desserts or side orders." He said: "It's really clear what the food industry need to do - they need to act more responsibly and reduce the number of calories that they're serving." Britain’s restaurant habits are fuelling its obesity crisis he said, with four in ten adults eat out at least once a week. Dr Robinson said the poor nutritional content of 'fast food' is well known but full service restaurants where dining tables are provided have received less attention. The study analysed the calories in 13,500 main meals from 21 full-service and six fast-food chains. Among fast food chains, meals at Burger King had an average of 711 calories, followed by Wimpy, at 721 calories, and McDonald’s at 726 calories. The highest meal in a restaurant classed as “fast-food” was at KFC, with an average of 987 calories. Dr Robinson said: "On average, the energy content of main meals served by full service restaurants was 268 calories higher than that of main meals served by fast food restaurants.” Researchers said many public health experts had focussed concern on fast foods, but not paid enough attention to the stodgy and fatty fare sold in high street restaurants. The UK is the most overweight nation in Western Europe - with levels of obesity growing faster than in the US. Last year a study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said Britain was the sixth-worst country in its 35 member states - coming behind Mexico, the USA, New Zealand, Finland and Australia. Two in three adults are overweight or obese. The Government is consulting on introducing mandatory calorie labels on restaurant menus, while health officials are working on plans to cut the calorie content of meals. https://www.msn.com/en-sg/health/fitness/fast-food-meals-have-fewer-calories-than-restaurant-dishes-bmj-finds/ar-BBQYCUr?ocid=spartanntp
  6. Some Friday night food for thought... arguing with CO about my driving style is never ending. She feels that I drive too fast, too recklessly, whereas I feel confident in my ability and in control of the car. How to argue without seeming complacent? Is it complacent or arrogant to say I feel confident in my driving? Then the argument is that driving at lower speed will cause less damage if an accident happens, got more time to react..the usual..which is not wrong. So then why does anyone drive fast? What is "fast"? Why do carmakers make cars with different performance? Given that most countries have speed limits which are way below what a modern car is capable of, why bother to make a vehicle that can go above speed limits? If I were a bmw or merc exec, having studied the singapore car market, I would just make my cars with as small an engine as possible and limit the top speed to 90km/h. Singaporean badge whores (no offence meant here) would lap up my cars and I would be making huge margins by making consumers pay a premium for nothing more than the badge. Until truly autonomous cars become reality this would be the best way to go, no? Sorry for rambling...just wanna see what opinions there are out there. cheers
  7. Ok my fast and furious story goes like this. Was waiting first in line at a traffic light on orchard boulevard. (road behind taka and wisma) This heavily modded and decalled evo 8 GSR rolled up beside me. And he revved letting out a lousd PSSST~ haha I retaliated with a loud Vroom~ from my 2.0 NA engine. The light turns Green, we both floored it and my pathetic stock shot ahead of the EVO and I celebrated my first street challenge victory with a TCed car! Flawless victory u say? Ok i was just kidding about that EVO 8 GSR. Actually I was caught speeding by 2 TP officers who clocked me at 68km/h on that 50km/h limit road. Oh boy was I in trouble for going at such a FAST AND RECKLESS SPEED. I could have killed someone going at such a high speed and I bet even my grandma would have suffered a heart attack had she been sitting by my side. Com'on officer, its 1am, the row of lights was on green and hey its a 5 lane straight road. He even asked me where was i rushing to? WAT RUSHING SOMEWHERE at 68km/h? I'll be at 120 if I was rushing! 170 fine. 8 demerits. What can i say. If u are suay you are suay. As long as anyone was above 60 on that road tt fateful night, I think you would have suffered the same fate. Was very traumatized by this incident. Had been faithfully crawling around singapore and craning my neck at every corner and behind every bush to make sure I wasn't going to be featured on "GOTCHA at 68KM/h!" again. One day, this paranoid driver may just fall asleep at the wheel and crash into a bunch of officers manning a roadblock. Cos there is a sticker at the back of his car stating "60km/h" Let this be a warning to all those Speedsters out there! 68 is way too fast! And on a sidenote, only my foggies was on and it was a clear night. The officer did not say a word! Hooray for FOGGIES!
  8. From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Online...ory_805936.html Concerns about fast-food delivery staff and their motorcycles Published on Jun 2, 2012 I AM concerned by the reckless riding of fast-food delivery staff, especially when they zip along Housing Board void decks to save time or make the delivery deadline. Last Saturday, I saw a Pizza Hut delivery rider doing just that at Marine Parade. I called the Pizza Hut hotline to complain and the reply I received from the manager was that the fast-food chain would look into the matter and counsel the rider. When I asked for the motorcycle licence number, he replied that he did not have it and explained the difficulties in identifying the rider. To his credit, he identified the rider after several calls, but it would not have been possible had I not persisted. When fast-food companies receive complaints, do they actually discipline the riders and to what extent? Over the weekend, I noticed two riders apparently making a delivery for McDonald's on motorcycles carrying Johor licence plates. At least one rider (see photo) was on a motorbike with only a provisional Malaysian licence. Is this legal? Are foreign vehicles allowed to be used for business purposes? How is insurance managed in the event of an accident? The authorities should review policies and regulate fast-food delivery service by motorcycling staff. Fast-food companies should also do the right thing by conducting safety reminders daily to motorcycle delivery staff, handle complaints seriously and be prepared to discipline staff, including terminating the services of such staff and reporting recalcitrant riders to the police. These companies should also review remuneration for these riders to give them an incentive to ride safely while not affecting their income. Until there is an improvement, I shall not be ordering home delivery; not when there is a chance that someone's safety could be at stake. Adrian Lee
  9. OK. yours truly kena a lot of demerits for silly jokes. But this is the most serious ABD question of 2017. Ever since I returned COE to govt for my BMW 335i, I ve been having sleepless night, back aches, insomia, high bood pressure, but luckily no erectal dysfunction . Truly missed that babe 335i. Of cos, for $240k which was what was paid 10 years ago for that, you can no longer get a 'decently powerful car' these days. We talking about north of $300k to 400k nowadays, which is an awful amount of $$ so this is also a very important ABD question for the entire ABD alumni which has over 100 members to date(all got proper class 3 laisern one) looking for a replacement performance car. I ve seen a few lately: BMW M3/M4 (my goodness...400k ) Macan S, GTS, Turbo (350k+, 400k+ and ...dun even think of the turbo ) Boxster and Boxster-S (400k+ absolutely crazy ) Ford Mustang AMG A45 (one of the ugliest of the lot seen so far. Might as well get a Subaru for half the price. didnt even test it) .... Help is desperately needed to remain sane . Still couldnt decide. Is there still hope in the horizon? Intend to drive for 2 to 3 years then pass it to my son, which by then I will slow down and settle in an MPV.
  10. Lai lai lai, Fast and Furious 7 infor. A review of the cars used in the making of this film. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/film-news/11499770/A-guide-to-the-cars-of-Fast-and-Furious-7.html
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkaIoH6Um60&feature=youtu.be 3 minutes cooking! i'm impressed! I wish i can see it in real life!
  12. Anyone here play FFL? We have an all SG crew, can tok kok here.
  13. Sources: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/sales-of-diesel-cars-rising-at-fast-pace Diesel models have become the fastest-growing segment of cars, with interest fuelled by revised taxation, the carbon emission-based vehicle scheme (CEVS), lower running costs and an overall improvement in diesel technology. According to Land Transport Authority data, there are now close to 5,000 diesel-powered passenger cars on the road - up from fewer than 150 five years ago. With the quantum leap in growth, the diesel car population has now outstripped the cohort of cars that run on compressed natural gas (CNG) and is expected to overtake petrol-electric hybrids soon. There are now around 6,200 such hybrids and fewer than 2,000 CNG cars. After being largely ignored in the last several decades, diesel cars began to sway buyers in 2013 when a special tax for such vehicles was slashed for cleaner models. For Euro 5 diesel cars, the tax is 40 cents per cubic cm of engine displacement versus $1.25 for Euro 4. For those which did not meet Euro 4 emission standard, the tax was several times the vehicle's road tax. CEVS - with rebates and penalties pegged to a car's carbon emission - was also rolled out in 2013, and made more stringent this year. As diesel cars produce far less CO2 than petrol equivalents, they qualify for CEVS rebates more easily. A 130bhp power cap for Category A certificate of entitlement (COE) was also announced in 2013. As diesel cars tend to produce less power but more torque, dealers began offering more such models two years ago. And consumers have warmed up to them. Volvo agent Wearnes Automotive sold 52 diesel cars in 2013, 530 last year and 444 in the first half of this year. Peugeot agent AutoFrance said its diesel car sales doubled from 2013 to last year, and trebled from last year to this year. In fact, diesel cars now make up half of its total sales. Shipyard manager Avery Yeo, 47, said he bought a diesel Peugeot 5008 because he lives in Bedok and works in Tuas. "I clock at least 80km a day," he said. "I get 22.2km per litre with the 5008, compared to 16km for my previous car, a Toyota Wish." And since diesel is also cheaper at the pumps than petrol, Mr Yeo said "it's really worth it". The sums add up even for someone clocking a national average of 50km per day. A 1.6-litre petrol car would use around $4,000 of fuel a year, compared with $1,600 to $1,700 for a 1.6-litre diesel car. Both estimates are based on pump prices before discount. This fuel saving more than offsets the $763 premium in annual taxes the latter attracts, assuming it is a Euro 5 model. Retired pilot Leonard McCully, 71, however, was drawn to his Audi A6 Avant 3.0 TDI more for its performance. "With 650Nm of torque, it flies," he said. "In fact, when I drove it on the first day, my wife asked why I was driving so fast. "I've driven it to Phuket and it kept up with the (Porsche) 911s in the pack." Watch dealer Leslie Chang, 52, said even though his Mercedes-Benz C200 diesel attracts more than $4,000 in annual taxes (because it is Euro 4) and "is a little noisy when idling", he still enjoys it. He has done laps around Johor's Pasir Gudang race track, and the car performed well. Plus, it has a "feel- good factor" because of its low fuel consumption and carbon output. Nanyang Business School adjunct associate professor Zafar Momin said diesel cars are even gaining a foothold in the US, a predominantly petrol market. In Singapore, Mr Momin attributes diesel's meteoric rise to a host of economic reasons. But the biggest one, he said, was the power cap for Category A COE. "From a pricing standpoint, diesel models became much more attractive than the petrol versions that had been moved to Cat B," he said, adding that brands such as Volvo, Citroen, Peugeot and Renault "have clearly benefited".
  14. I want to get my motorbike license - any tips on the fastest way?
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws_49pzL_QM How many here can clear so fast?
  16. Recently I see many companies chartering private buses to ferry their staffs. I see many of these mini buses driving recklessly. Which company is the one with white paint work and light blue + red strips at the bottom? Someone should warn those company who engage them that they are putting their staffs in peril everyday riding in those mini buses. Mostly are those Toyota Hi-Ace vans. Some of the daily violations I see on the road, especially around 430 - 5pm around Tuas/ Jurong area. 1) Speeding - Speed up to 100kph along 80kph stretches of PIE and AYE 2) Driving on Lane 1 3) Recklessly changing lanes 4) Failure to form up - Cutting queues 5) Turning from wrong lane The transport companies should bear more responsibilities towards their customers and road users. Even the management of the companies that uses these companies should make sure of the safety and welfare of their staffs. Otherwise, it is just an accident waiting to happen.
  17. my mother left the gas on and went out .... neighbours saw black smoke from the kitchen window and called police. police came with scdf and cut my gate and kicked my main door in .... now gotta replace both asap. luckily only a pot was damaged in the whole fiasco. for the time being buy bigger lock to shackle the uncut part of the gate.... anyone can advise ?
  18. Which franchise serve the best hamburger? Is it Madonna, Booger King, Cow Jr, Wettys, Moss or something else?
  19. This morning encountered a souped up K5 with very loud exhaust, spoilers, lowered suspension and who knows what else. Location is from West Coast Highway to Jalan Buroh. Watch out for him(her?), driving very fast (>90kmh) and weaving in and out of traffic, really fast and furious.
  20. not a complaint, but this guy went pretty fast past me in the KPE. I was doing abt 82-83 (i didnt see him soon enough because he had no headlights, and by the time I did ... at his speed I figured I'd let him overtake) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VCc46BApnU&feature=youtu.be my gut says about 120 .. lol
  21. I always have this mindset when it comes to buy things, products and services. Especially when i am servicing my car or intending to upgrade some of the parts. When you are looking for cheap and good, it will not be fast. when you are looking for good and fast, it will not be cheap. when you are looking for fast and cheap, it will not be good. Just my 2 cents if thoughts! Do give me your opinion on this!
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