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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Been contemplating getting a VW jetta but quite concerned about how serious the 7 speed DSG problem is. I would say its the only thing stopping me now. VW sales guy said its those ppl who mod (chip) the car. But what i heard from others is even not chipped also have problem. Every 1 or 2 month have to visit workshop. And their after sales is not fantastic either. Anyone here can share?
  2. Habitual red light chiongsters, kindly 自动behave unless you wana be another Ma-Chi or best continue to contribute SGD200 each time to state coffers From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1236757/1/.html Traffic Police to consider installing more cameras at problematic junctions Posted: 12 November 2012 2025 hrs SINGAPORE: The Traffic Police (TP) periodically reviews the deployment of red light cameras based on ground assessment, and will consider installing additional cameras at problematic junctions if needed. Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister, Teo Chee Hean said the Traffic Police deploys red light cameras at road junctions that are identified to be problematic based on accident data and public feedback. Traffic junctions that do not have red light cameras installed are supported by mobile enforcement operations. Mr Teo said the Traffic Police will also be upgrading its current fleet of cameras to digital technology in the near future to allow for more effective enforcement and deterrence against motorists who beat the red lights. In a written reply to a question in Parliament, Mr Teo said the Traffic Police takes a firm and active enforcement stand against such motorists. In the first nine months of this year, the Traffic Police detected 13,881 red-light violations, an increase of three per cent from the 13,490 violations detected over the same period in 2011. While enforcement and penalties are needed, the Traffic Police will also continue with its efforts to educate motorists about road safety. - CNA/fa
  3. Picanto

    Peugeot 1007-Problematic?

    HE IS a patient man sorely tested by his imperfect car. Mr Leonard Se says he has had to get his car repaired at the workshop 23 times in the last 24 months. Mr Se, 42, is growing increasingly frustrated that his Peugeot 1007, which he bought brand new in August 2008 for about $75,000, has been hit by a host of mechanical and electrical problems. He showed The New Paper on Sunday a four-page report listing a host of problems, ranging from rattling noises from both doors to the engine dying while the car is driven. In two years, Peugeot mechanics have replaced components like the gearbox and selection actuators, clutch kit, air-conditioning compressor unit, passenger lock and door switch, and battery. As his car is still under warranty with authorised agent AutoFrance, he does not have to pay for all the checks and repairs. But the inconvenience is proving costly. Now, he does not dare to drive his car for fear it will break down on the road. Said Mr Se, a professional photographer: "AutoFrance wanted to offer me an extended warranty. But the way things are going, what I need is a lifetime warranty or a permanent solution." His car now sits idle at his office parking lot in Katong. He takes a bus or an MRT train to work and has not driven his car in more than a week. The 1.6 litre automatic car has a special feature - its passenger and driver doors slide open with the use of a remote control key. It is easier to get into than into a car with hinged doors, he said. But three weeks after he bought the car, the passenger-side door suddenly slid open when he was driving on the expressway. It was a scary moment as he saw the road 'up-close'. Fortunately there was nobody in the passenger seat. Problems with the passenger door continue. It tends to slide open over bumpy terrain. Or it will not lock even after the central locking has been activated. Added Mr Se: "When I returned from a two-week holiday recently, I was upset to find that my passenger door was unlocked during my absence. "I had a laptop and cashcards in my car... It would have been so easy for a thief to break into my car." The bachelor admits that he fell for the car because of its sporty looks and eccentric features. The 1007 'stands out in terms of design and style', he said. But what is more on his mind now is that a recurring problem nearly resulted in an accident two weeks ago. Mr Se was driving on the Central Expressway when the car's engine stalled. He claimed that he narrowly avoided being smashed by a lorry. Its driver had to hit the brakes to avoid hitting Mr Se's car. He then switched on his hazard lights and noticed a line of vehicles caught behind his Peugeot. Added Mr Se: "You should have heard the other vehicles honking at me. I kept apologising and gesturing that I was sorry to them.
  4. Eric76

    Is Mio tv still problematic?

    Hi all my ext contracts for SCV(SH), BB(ST) is going to expire so looking for a new re-contract. I am seriously considering the mio home package as it's quite attractive and i love some of the channels they provide which SH don't have, and having been using BB from ST and found the speed quite stable and consistant. One more thing i do not like SH now is they really don't care ab ext customers, i have 3 HP lines (was 4 bf and terminated one last yr) and one SCV for more than 5 years with them yet not even a single cent discount for loyalty, and when u call to terminate any service, they also don't even bother to ask any reason and just give you a date to pay and cut off, anyway not here to complain SH and heard that's their style. I read some review on mio tv online and found a lot of bad feed back about it, can i check those who are using mio tv now, is the technical issue for mio tv still very bad? how is the picture quality of mio tv as compare to SCV? Any interference if 3 services are used together? many many thanks....
  5. I would like to find out whether Lancer is very problematic. Have heard from my friend that his alignment is out since day 1. Keep going back to C&C but same thing. Then it was the ECU that fails him twice. Once during warranty, now warranty over C&C deny him of a change. Lancer drivers please feedback on the problems faced.
  6. Mondeost220

    Sonata problematic transmission

    Hey car gurus...my fren's sonata automatic transmission very problematic. It's either the transmission dont wish to upshift gear...or the car move off in 2nd gear...and to let it upshift...have to rev very hard before a very huge jerk arrives and it changes gear...pls give advice..