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  1. Supposedly the replacement model of the ever popular JDM Toyota Rush / Daihatsu Be-Go. To be launched in Japan on 5 Nov. Quick Spec Dimension: 3,995mm (L) x 1,695mm (W) x 1,620mm (H) Engine: 1.0L Turbo Charged 3 Cylinder
  2. Audi Q2's brother. When will this launched in Singapore? New VW T Roc is officially launched. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/auto/2018-volkswagen-t-roc/preview/ http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/volkswagen/t-roc/85943/new-volkswagen-t-roc-suv-specs-pictures-and-sale-date As older models grow in size with every new generation, this continual super-sizing creates vacuums in certain segments. Volkswagen's Tiguan, now a big boy, leaves VW without a compact ute for urban commutes. Enter the T-Roc. Surprisingly little changed between the T-Roc concept and the production version. It still s
  3. Here come the Vezel Hybrid competitor... All new Toyota C-HR (even the name remind us of HRV)
  4. Can anyone tell me where in singapore selling this NAUTILUS COMPACT SERIES Air horn Have a hard time finding most place sell the bigger one NAUTILUS BLACK Thanks
  5. This is simple, beautiful and practical. 2022 Toyota Aqua revealed with hybrid powertrain, bidirectional charging After 10 years on the market, during which 1.87 million units have been sold, the Toyota Aqua is transitioning to the second generation. It exited the North American market where it was known as the Prius C a few years ago, but it continues in its domestic market Japan with a fresh look, a different platform, and some clever features. Featuring a far more modern design than its predecessor, the 2022 Aqua has been fitt
  6. Production version of the new compact crossover from the Italian auto manufacturer. @Theoldjaffa your cup of tea?
  7. Will be unveiled officially on 25 July in Europe. The latest gen Q3 look less feminine to me, and just like a smaller brother of Q5, Q7...
  8. Urban life presents particular challenges. When it comes to driving, it's an environment where motorists increasingly appreciate the robust, high-riding qualities of an SUV, but on a scale tailored to suit urban streets and with a genuine emphasis on environmental performance. At the same time, drivers want a vehicle that's distinctive and stylish, and which has all the flexibility they need for an active lifestyle. These are exactly the qualities Toyota has instilled in the all-new Toyota Yaris Cross. The new Toyota Yaris Cross has been designed and developed for Europe, specif
  9. My second HP printer died on me. It's PrintScanCopy1210. Error: Incorrect ink cartridge/ink cartridge problem/incorrect ink cartridge/cannot detect blah blah -Changed to a brand new cartridge but problem came back again in a week. -Tried cleaning metal contacts with alcohol -Tried head alignment -Tried cartridge cleaning (utility which wastes alot of ink) -Tried pressing some weird combination of buttons to reset printer -Tried taping up some metal contacts to 'trick' the printer into thinking it's new -Tried updating driver -Tried HP ink cartridge utility software I wo
  10. Just unveiled in Paris, and you see it first... The new Mercedes-Benz B-Class puts the emphasis on sport with the Sports Tourer. It looks more dynamic than its predecessor and is more agile on the road while offering greater comfort. Its avant-garde interior makes for a unique feeling of space with the distinctive design of the instrument panel. One of the special features is a basic volume, which drops away towards the occupants and has cutouts in th
  11. Available in 3 power options: Q4 35 (RWD, 52KWH battery, 341Km range, 168HP / 310Nm, 9 seconds 0 -100Km/h) Q4 40 (RWD, 77KWH battery, 520Km range, 201HP / 310Nm, 8.5 seconds 0 -100Km/h) Q4 50 (AWD, 77KWH battery, 488Km range, 295HP / 460Nm, 6.2 seconds 0 -100Km/h) Audi Q4 50 E-Tron S Line Audi Q4 Sportback 50 E-Tron S Line
  12. Will the folks at Wearnes reading this....please bring in the 1.5 diesel version, please?
  13. Audi's Compact SUV. Audi claims 405 litres of cargo room with the rear seats up and 1,050 litres with them folded interior Audi’s ‘virtual cockpit’ – a screen that replaces the traditional dials. This will be optionally available for higher spec models and can be configured to emphasise the sat-nav map or the dials depending on the driving conditions.
  14. Although Jetta GearBox's negative impression, but its sales figure don't lose "sell like hot cakes" Mazda 3 and Altis
  15. With latest statistics in Europe showing that sales of SUV is beginning to overtake hatchback, it is do not come as a surprise that many auto manufacturer are making their new model to ride higher, label them as Crossover, and there after markup the selling price, taking full advantage of the latest trend in the motoring world. Actually the "pioneer" in mini SUV is not any conti car maker, but Japanese. How many here still remember there was once a a 659cc 20V turbo charged sample, with max. horsepower of 64ps, max torque of 97Nm, and a top speed rated at 130Km/h (in stock condition)?
  16. Heard from one of the SEs in Alpine that the Chevrolet Trax is coming in this year. Any thoughts of the design and expected price? Will it be priced cheaper than some of the current popular Japanese compact SUVs?
  17. Somehow, NIssan March is the default choice of mine for compact hatch (except the current K13 model, which look kind of ugly). I have high hope for this coming soon soon model. Does it not look like a mini Qashqai from far?
  18. About 2 decades ago, the term bread and butter car model used to be refering to car with engine capacity of 1.0L or lesser, and mid size family sedan are the Corolla, Sunny, Mazda 323, Civic, Jetta and such. Sub 1.0L rides make up some 12 - 15% of our passenger car population, and proved to be popular for those looking at a simple point A to point B personal transport tool. Some of the hot model include: Suzuki Swift Sedan Suzuki Wagon R Toyota Starlet Nissan March Subaru Justy Subaru Vivio Daihatsu Charade Daihatsu Move Mitsubishi Topp
  19. Went Japan last month and saw this cute bright cute MPV or a so called "compact minivan" TOYOTA SIENTA. Always like the cute small compact cars in Japan when ever im there. Saw so many nice accessories there too. Heard my PI bringing in and price is S$ 10x,xxx Told me better price than a Wish. Like the range of colors they provide.... maybe should check out the Hybrid if he does bring in. http://youtu.be/pZJSrus1ros Nice " fun car" to have for family outings too.
  20. My uncle looking for a compact MPV for his family of 4 and on the rare occasions 6 person. He is currently driving Honda Stream which has been good for him for 10 years but it is due for scrap soon. He is hopping to get something cheaper in the running costs like fuel efficiency, lower road tax and lower depreciation and yet at the same time, something as powerful as his stream, and as reliable as his stream. He is hoping to look for a used one in the market that is about 3-4 years old. currently, i see the Toyota Wish as the best option as it fits almost all his criteria
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