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  1. Lab4games

    Brighter headlights needed

    Philips racing vision. brightest halogen around already.
  2. Lab4games

    Skoda Kodiaq - Will it reach our shores?

    already have importer for this skoda. if not i wouldnt be able to get my manual skoda last year.
  3. Lab4games

    Diesel Cars +

    i am driving a skoda octavia 1.6 TDI manual. got it this year at $106K.
  4. Lab4games

    New Skoda Octavia RS 2014 Model Unleashed!

    I have a 2016 octavia diesel and it's really spacious and comfortable. not much changes for the 2017 model except the headlights and entertainment screen.
  5. Lab4games

    Skoda Superb Combi 2016 model - nice!

    I am still busy learning about the new car and enjoy driving again. If you guys need any info, can PM me. When I have time I will share more info on the car
  6. Lab4games

    Skoda Superb Combi 2016 model - nice!

    i bought a new skoda octavia 2016 model. taking delivery of the car soon. i can share with you the company that helped me if you are keen to get the new superb 3.
  7. Lab4games

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of June 2016

    that's why the system here is flawed when dealers bid for COE. every consumer should bid their own COE.
  8. Lab4games

    A Liter too Little?

    may i know why you say CEVS is crap? it helps to offset ARF. let's say the car has originally $50000 ARF, and then it qualifies for $30000 CEVS rebate. the buyer only has to pay $20000 ARF. and during scrap, he gets back $10000. he lost $10000. imagine without the CEVS rebate, buyer has to fork out $50000 for ARF, and get back $25000 from PARF. he lost a total of $25000.
  9. i should probably add on to say, brand new 2016! not registered yet. going to get it on the road soon!
  10. manual gear is not going away anytime soon. here's mine.
  11. Lab4games

    7-Seater MPV

    i don't have all the answers you posed, but there will always be unbelievablers until they really experienced it on their own.
  12. Lab4games

    7-Seater MPV

    From LTA's published OMV. Sharan 2.0 TSI OMV is $37718. Alhambra will be even lower since SEAT is priced lower. so i dont see why OMV of alhambra is $38K