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  1. This compact electric SUV will be even smaller than the XC40, with an estimated dimensions of 4.2m (L) x 1.8m (W) x 1.6m (H). Design wise, the line between products from Volvo and Polestar is getting blurry, and can see that the rear windscreen is very narrow (by SUV standard), again compromising practicality for aesthetic appeal...
  2. We already had enough hair-raising moment with notorious PMD and PAB rooming on our street and public road, cannot imagine the situation over in Sweden where the weapon of mass destruction has been upgraded to a full size car or even 5 tonner!! Source: https://www.straitstimes.com/world/europe/swedens-teens-drive-porsches-and-bmws-no-licence-needed HUDDINGE, Sweden – Too young for a driver’s licence at 15, Evelina Christiansen is already cruising in a sleek BMW in Sweden, where teens can drive any car modified to roll no faster than a golf cart. An almost century-old regulation originally applied to agricultural vehicles allows children 15 and older to drive without a proper driver’s licence, as long as the vehicle has been altered to have a maximum speed of 30kmh. Called “A-traktors” – with Swedes often using “EPAs” as an older designation – these cars and trucks have become so popular in recent years that the authorities are now concerned about a rise in road accidents. “I got it a year ago, in April, for my birthday,” Evelina tells AFP proudly in front of her dark blue 5-series BMW in the driveway of her family’s home in a southern Stockholm suburb. The gift was a special reward for her achievements in school. While teenagers elsewhere have to make do with a moped or scooter until they get a driver’s licence, young Swedes can use almost any vehicle that has its top speed capped. In Stockholm’s wealthy suburbs, teens are regularly seen driving Porsche Cayennes on their own. “I usually use it when I go to school or meet up with friends,” Evelina says. A triangular warning sign in the back indicating a slow-moving vehicle and a hitch ball for trailers are both mandatory for an A-traktor. The back seat must also be removed, so it can carry only the driver and one passenger. All that is required is a simple moped licence, available to people 15 or older, or a tractor licence, which can be obtained by people 16 or older. The system is surprisingly lenient in a country known for championing road safety – the three-point seatbelt is a Swedish invention – and for its strict drink-driving rules. The system was relaxed even further in mid-2020, when it became possible to cap cars’ top speeds electronically, making it much easier to modify a modern car. Originally the domain of youth in rural areas, young people in the city have increasingly been getting wheels of their own, with the number of registered A-traktors doubling to 50,000 in just 2½ years, in a country of 10.3 million inhabitants. The predecessors of today’s A-traktors originated during the 1930s Depression, when there was a shortage of agricultural equipment. To encourage the construction of cheap vehicles when tractors were still out of reach for farmers, the government allowed them to cobble together simple cars. In the 1950s, as the economy prospered, real tractors became more common and the need for these home-styled vehicles began to subside. But in the countryside, young people without a licence were happy to use them to get around, especially in areas without much public transport. The state formalised the use of A-traktors with a 1963 regulation, which has been closely guarded for decades in rural Sweden. Only in 2018 did the authorities introduce mandatory roadworthiness testing for the vehicles. Sweden looks set, however, for a battle with the European Union, which criticised the system in early March, and proposed that a simplified permit become mandatory. For many rural teenagers, the A-traktor symbolises their dream of independence. It is also the focus of a growing subculture focused on customised cars and a new music genre hugely popular in Sweden called “EPA Dunk”. In the western Swedish town of Karlstad, 17-year-old Ronja Lofgren regularly turns heads with her 5.5-tonne Scania Vabis truck from 1964, which her father saved from the scrapheap. The teen has adorned the refurbished truck with a gleaming red-and-blue paint job and lots of headlights. The motto “Queen of the Road” is emblazoned on the front and “Go with style” on the back. “When I went into town at first, everyone would pull out their phones and film me,” the teenager told AFP.
  3. Some random video I came across. Singapore and Sweden compared part 1: the market Singapore and Sweden Compared pt 2: Public Order
  4. Wahahaha...... http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/elderly-womans-subaru-ends-up-on-grass-slope-after-hitting-volvo-at-clementi
  5. the method although not effective but trained the kids well and help in the economy?? looks like singapore is not far from the Swedish standard in how to bring up a child lucky they cannot impose ban on smacking the kids
  6. The Volvo XC60 is one good alternative to take into consideration when it comes to buying an SUV. It's an exclusive crossover SUV that comes with city safety measures to guarantee your family's safety. However, it seems that the Volvo XC60 is not all about commuting. You can see that if you go to Zurich, Switzerland central station where the Swedish automaker has set up its art display. The locals recognise the art display as the Volvo Art Session and it has been around for the past few years. Here, Volvo has chosen highly talented artists, some of whom are skilled veterans while some others are newcomers, to present creative exhibits including a Volvo as the central point of the art. In this year alone, the Swedish automaker has chosen no less than six artists from across the European continent. This year, their task is to transform the Volvo XC60 into a creative work of art. It's unfortunate, though, I have to say, as the work of art won't last for long. This happens because the work of one artist will have to be erased so that the next artist can present his work and so on and so forth. Trying to be creative at one of the busiest places in Europe, some of the artists can't help but to make the Volvo XC60 a focal point in their creative art presentations. However, some others seem to be more creative - at least so I think - by making the car almost completely unnoticeable.
  7. There's no doubt that Swedish automaker Koenigsegg knows how to make some of the world's fastest production cars that ever exists. The company even makes sure that the twin-turbo 5.0-litre V8 engine of its production cars will run on E85 fuel. However, unfortunately, some places in this world just aren't quite ready for such fuel yet, just like in Singapore. So, keeping that in mind, it seems that despite the total power output of 927bhp offered by the Agera or 1,124bhp offered by the Agera R, neither of the models is really quite of our interest here in Singapore. That's not to mention the highly demanding price tag of the super car. However, realising that, Koenigsegg has finally produced the Agera S. Unlike its elder brothers, the Koenigsegg Agera S doesn't need ethanol to be mixed into its fuel. It'll run just fine with the fuel we already have here. In addition to that, this fine super car is quite powerful as well, offering the power of up to 1,040 horses. With all the advantages that it has, the Koenigsegg Agera S comes with a demanding price tag of around USD$4.2 million (approximately S$5.3 million). Yet, despite the price tag, the fourth example in the world has already met its new owner, who is a Singaporean. Yes, Koenigsegg recently introduced the Agera S here, at a special reception which was attended even by the founder of Koenigsegg Automotive AB himself, Mr. Christian von Koenigsegg. The reception took place at the Hotel Ritz Carlton Millenia on 14th June 2013. As it was private, the reception was only open to 200 VIPs and guests. The lucky person to have the fastest production car on our shores happened to be Ms. Angela Tan, wife of Mr. Denis Chua, an investor. According to Mr. Chua, he and his wife bought the car after having test-driven it personally in Sweden. Hand-crafted by Swedish skilled artisans with enhanced aerodynamics in mind, the Swedish luxury super car can go from 0-100km/h within a mere 2.9 seconds. In addition to that, the car will stop climbing speed only after it has reached a speed of at least 400km/h. How does that sound? The Koenigsegg Agera S super car was introduced to us here by the Motorway Group of Companies. This is a rental car company that also serves as a pre-owned luxury car specialist. If you are wondering, the car is available in both right and left-hand drive. Photo credits: Nicholas TJR
  8. When you have what it takes (and by that, I mean the money), there's no need to worry whether or not you will get what you want, even from such a world class automaker as Koenigsegg. At least, this is what happens in China. The Swedish automaker has built a stunning gold-plated Koenigsegg Agera R, and gives it the name Zijin, most likely specifically by request. The car seems to suit its name really well. It's painted with brilliant purple on the outside - a one-off finish which will really catch your eyes - and features gold on the inside. Just for your information, 'Zijin' is a Chinese word meaning 'purple gold'. However, don't be mistaken as not the entire interior is made of gold. The interior components that are gold plated include the centre console, air vent surrounds, steering wheel trim, and also a wide array of knobs and buttons. Well, to be honest with you, even if I had the money, there's no way I would have decorated my hypercar with the precious metal, although the metal did make the car look nice somehow. One problem I would be worried about is the added weight of the vehicle. Nevertheless, this doesn't seem to be a problem whatsoever in this case. To overcome the weight problem of this particularly made-for-Chinese car, Koenigsegg has decided to make use of its 5.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine which is capable of delivering 1040bhp. Check out the images to witness the Koenigsegg Agera R Zijin.
  9. Sometime in the middle of this year, assets to defunct Swedish automaker, Saab, was bought over by a Chinese-Swedish group National Electric Vehicle Sweden and the group planned to produce electric versions of Saab vehicles. At that time, National Electric Vehicle Sweden did mention it will take them at least eighteen months to produce and sell an electric Saab which was rumoured to be based on the Saab 9-3. And it seems now, that the group is trying to re-launch the 9-3 with an internal combustible engine instead. You might wonder, why won
  10. Car and Driver gets behind the wheel of the Koeingsegg Agera R in the hometown of Sweden and gives it a whirl mainly to answer one important question. Is it faster than a Veyron? Check out the video above to find out!
  11. [extract] Volvo cars are built like a tank. We have probably heard someone mentioning this to us. Older Volvo cars are known to be durable and long lasting, provided it is well taken care of. And since there are examples of such cars, Volvo has created a Heritage Club in the United States for high mileage cars. The club was created in order to recognise Volvo owners
  12. The Saab name might be no more and it seems like the saga that has embroiled the Swedish automaker is going to come to an end. But that might not be the case because BMW has sued Saab Automobile Parts AB for unpaid deliveries. BMW has filed a US$3.2 million lawsuit at a Swedish district court against Saab Automobile Parts AB, the parts division of the now bankrupt automaker, for receiving parts and other engine components. The original agreement between the two companies was signed in September 2010. In the agreement, it states that Saab Automobile AB will acquire engine parts and other components from BMW and also in the same agreement, Saab will work with BMW to develop and continue using a four cylinder engine for the Saab 9-3 sedan provided by BMW. This lawsuit might encounter some problems. Firstly, Saab is bankrupt and has a debt of around US$2 billion and with only US$500 million worth of assets. Another interesting thing is that Saab Automobile Parts CEO, Lennart Stahl, has stated that Saab Automobile Parts never ordered or received parts from BMW and he felt that the company should not require paying the US$3.2 million amount. BMW has spent the last one and a half years chasing Saab for the unpaid bill and Saab clearly does not have the funds to repay the German automaker. When Saab filed for bankruptcy, the company made its parts division as collateral to get state-backed guarantees for its loans in the European Investment Bank. Some of us would remember that recently, Spyker launched a US$3 billion lawsuit against General Motors. Spyker claims that General Motors forced the Swedish brand to go under. And another interesting report is that the company which reportedly has bought Saab, National Electric Vehicle Sweden, has not close the deal yet and it might take several more months for it to happen. No reason was given on why the deal has not been completed. It is clear that we are going to hear more interesting reports about the Swedish automaker in the near future. Photo credit: Net Car Show
  13. FaezClutchless

    How Volvo

    [extract] Volvo has always been in the forefront of safety engineering in the automotive industry. The company has invented or incorporated many vehicle safety features that we see in many cars today. Features such as laminated windscreen, 3-point safety belts, front and rear crumple zones and safety door locks were introduced in Volvo
  14. Many would have already known about Saab's bankruptcy and the following aftermath. After the Swedish company filed for bankruptcy, several companies have made bids for the ailing company's remaining assets. They include China's Youngman, and India's Mahindra Mahindra and Tata Motors. And it was also reported that the company has a total debt of around $1500 million. In the latest twist to the Saab saga, a Swedish workers union, IF Metall, has send a letter to the United States president, Barack Obama, requesting for help in order to save the once proud Swedish marque. Most people might think that they are requesting for a bailout, like what happened to Chrysler. Instead, they want the United States government to pressure General Motors into releasing access to some of the technology licenses which are necessary to build the Saab 9-4X (pictured above) and the 9-5. By doing so, the Swedish automaker's new owners would be able to build Saabs once again providing salvation for over 4000 of Saab
  15. [extract] Swedish automotive company, Volvo, has long been a pioneer in the areas of automotive safety. Over the past 60 years, the company has introduced several safety features on their cars. In 1944, they introduced laminated windshields (around 15 years before it became a worldwide mandatory for all cars); in 1966 they introduced crumple zones and side impact air bags in 1994. We usually often think that cars should provide safety for its internal occupants but it is also important to keep in mind that a heavy moving object could also be really dangerous to pedestrians outside the car. And due to this, Volvo has invented the external pedestrian air bag which is a world
  16. This is no joke. A no name car manufacturer called Proton competed with all the big guns in rally (eg. Ford, Citoren etc....) and won by a margin of 3mins....Whats even more surprising is that Proton came in 12th overall ahead in the event of even some of the far more powerful WRC cars. This is the first time Proton won in a SWRC competition. http://www.wrc.com/swrc/news/andersson-cla...home/?fid=16107
  17. FaezClutchless

    Rusty Car Art

    [extract] Rust is something we usually see on old or poorly maintained cars. It is the corrosion of iron and its alloy and usually associated with junk metal. When someone sees a rusted item, in their mind, it is not worth saving or keeping and that item would normally be discarded. Car owners do not want to see rust on their car
  18. [extract] We all know that Saab has filed for bankruptcy and the future of the Swedish automaker is uncertain. Swedish laws allow a bankrupt company to come out of bankruptcy if someone or some company injects the necessary amount of money in order to save it. There were reports that the Turkish government might be interested in the Swedish company. And at the same time, Chinese company Youngman has acquired Saab
  19. As I write this article (27/12/11), there will be only a few days left to 2011. Many things have happened in the automotive industry in 2011. This is not a list of the best or worst of 2011 in the automotive industry but more like a recap of some of the incidents/news that took place in the automotive world in 2011. Japan earthquake and tsunami catastrophe The 9.0 magnitude earthquake that happened in Japan on 11 March 2011 caused extensive damage to a lot of things. Not only properties and infrastructures were damaged, a significant number of human lives were lost as well. It was further made worse by a tsunami which was triggered by the earthquake. Video footage and images of people running to save their lives were broadcast on the news and it was a painful moment for everyone in the country. The earthquake also damaged a nuclear power plant which emitted harmful levels of radiation after that. On the business side, many automakers suffered huge losses when the earthquake and tsunami destroyed their manufacturing plants and new cars. Several of them had to shutdown their manufacturing operations and it took them months to get back at the same level before the disasters occurred. Toyota
  20. Recently I wrote about what has and might happen to Saab after a Swedish Court declared the company bankrupt. Two parties have expressed interest in the company. One of them was the Chinese automotive company, Youngman and the other was the Turkish government. There are several other things that I have added in that article. Firstly, what will happen to existing inventories (new unused cars, spare parts, etc.) and also whether existing warranties will still be in use? Now after more than a week after Saab went bankrupt, several incidents have transpired. Firstly, Youngman (the same company that tried to save the Saab name) has purchased Saab
  21. [extract] Over the past several days, many incidents happened with regards to the news of Saab
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