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Found 119 results

  1. As above. Which is better for removing stains on the paintwork caused by a) bird poo b) plant/tree sap c) fruit sap (those small berry kind that falls on the roof and get squashed) d) minor scratches? I read through almost all the threads on swirl marks and scratches removal. Most recommend 3M, Meguire Swirl and Scratch remover. Turtlewax Swirl and Scratch Remover doesn't seem to be popular. Any other DIY options? Thank you.
  2. Hi all, i am planning to get a honda civic 2nd hand. however there are this term call FD1 and FD2. May i know what is the difference between the 2 of them? Any bros can advice?
  3. between a Nets cash card and a Nets Flash card. I use a Nets Flash Card in the payment thingy on my car windscreen and for some reason a few car parks won't accept it and I keep getting the message 'place card in reader' or something. Other car parks accept the Flash card no problem.
  4. I recently went to JB to see this mechanic who specializes in taking carbs apart, wash them in kerosene/diesel and tune them to the car. My regular mechanic got me the repair kit only which explains the "Made in England" seals. What a freaking difference! Previously the car gives me 12.9 to 13km/L and now she is giving a whopping 14.9km/L! Power to match as well!
  5. why the price so different? thanks! my new purchase is a black lexus, but i'm thinking of respraying it into the lexus dark grey mica.
  6. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...199&DL=2199 Was looking at the civic above, and the description says $753 monthly installment. However, the DBS loan below based on 1.88% is $981 monthly installment? Can someone enlighten me on this on why there is such a large difference? Are there any significant additional purchase cost involved before i get this car?
  7. Can the bros with experience tell me the difference between buying a car from an authorised dealer versus parallel importer? Aside from the price difference is there anything to be aware of? Thanks.
  8. Can anyone enlighten me wats the difference between honda fit and honda jazz? nothing important, jus to ease my curiosity...
  9. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...604&DL=1309 http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...120&DL=1034 same model similar yr...why price difference so much? 2nd dealer more greedy???
  10. Hi guys im enquiring whats the difference between PS3 made in thailand and made in Europe. What are the pros and cons for both?
  11. Air con is set to fan mode and not cool air. Meaning it is blowing normal temp air.
  12. Other than Mibox can access TV on demand and needs monthly subscription at same time..?
  13. Whats the difference? How to spot a car whether its a Authorized Dealer or Parallel Import one? Normally we see from the car plate. Other than that what else to notice? For Mercedes C&C comes with C&C badge behind beside the car model. For some car they do mounted the reverse cam beside the rear view mirror. For other brands I am not sure, care to share?
  14. Realise a trend now in dealers' pricing. For example, 2 almost same specs n year bmw 320, 100% loan, dealer asking 190k. PPSL selling 170k if DP 50%. Wearnes Pre Own div seems to be dropping abt 20k per car as compared to ah beng dealers who are still either holding or upping prices.
  15. Hi can anyone help? I was quotted at PA for 295/ tyres for 4 pcs Dom 2012, another tyre shop quote me $240/ pcs same 4 pcs Dom 2011, if want Dom 2012 gotta wait 1 month, can anyone tell me why price so diff? 235/45/18
  16. As per the title, what are the differences between the 3 models? Say for a 2007 used one
  17. What is the differnce between Honda stream, stream x and stream rsz?
  18. My car came to a halt at a pedestrian crossing. A man was crossing, he was halfway to the other side of the road. A bike came from nowhere, the rider didn't slow down or stop, but zoomed past the man, a few cm away. If the man had walked a second faster, he would have been knocked down. I couldn't see the no. plate, the motorcycle was too fast, and my in-car camera couldn't capture clearly. can't seem to embed the video...
  19. Yesterday, my Jap car alternator broke down. Car suddenly experience loss of power and electric steering became heavy. Lucky was near my usual regular workshop. Mechanic told me alternator gone. Quoted me 8-900 for original Jap alternator, 600+ for taiwan OEM, 3-400 for recon set. I decided to call the various stockists to check price for original Jap alternator for my Jap car model. Call three of them. 1st quoted S$580, 2nd quoted S$800 n 3rd quoted S$800 but no stock. I re-confirmed with the first and its definately original so I bought it from them. The question, why the big difference in price 580 to 800 between the stockists??? I tot all of them should be ard the same price thereabouts??? So next time to check with different stockist.
  20. Yahoo News Driver killed in double-decker bus accident Also another young woman killed in bf integra presumbly speeding. will it make a difference if it were a volvo? I mean, lesser likelihood of them losing their lives etc.. anyone any comments
  21. Thaiyotakamli

    Difference of 2011 and 2012

    Everyone seems so excited, may i know what is the difference between these 2 years? is it Sabbie gonna marry again next year or....
  22. Limxiaoming

    Difference between BTO, DBSS and EC.

    Dear bros! The time has finally come for me to buy my first apartment... So exciting Don't want to jump into private now as people around me are advicing me to start from HDB first. So could the experts on MCF please guide me on the differences among build-to-order, design build sell scheme & Executive Condominuims? Differences as in the fittings/furniture that come with the 3, which one in your opinions are better etc etc... Eligibility wise I think I know almost all about it as they can be found easily on HDB's website, but what they do not show is the quality and amount of fittings that generally come together with the flats. Would also like to know from bros who have been there, done that to advice me which would be a better choice. BTW based on my combined income, Im eligible for all 3 types so would like to know which is most value for money. And please don't tell me since got money just go for EC. Would prefer to go for something that is more worth it and not for face value. Appreciate your help in advance!