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  1. Tiger1

    Do you earn S$7,500 gross a month

    When you earn 10k a month, you will have 10k a mth problems at work. Not everything is a bed of roses. End day is how much is saved and having a work life balance life. Don't flame me...
  2. The owner also use a super big calculator lor. New car admin fee also counted in.... 😂
  3. Tiger1

    Hdb income ceiling revised 2019

    I really can't understand this cpf withdrawal limit or so. My wife's hdb left 7k loan and she got a love letter from cpf saying she cannot use cpf to pay anymore. Ended up we redeem the loan after paying lawyer fee of 700. Tamade. Guess she would be cpf rich when we hit 55. I better love her deeper. Haaa.
  4. Tiger1

    Mercs: property news & updates

    I always enjoyed your posts. Sad that lazy me can't catch up with the new revamped MCF. I have been visiting this forum much lesser now... 😟
  5. Tiger1

    Share Your Car Fuel Consumption

    Aiyo. It's Sunday lei.. Relax bros.. Before buying the car, good to know fc of the make you are choosing. Know what u are buying yourself or getting yourself into. After buying that car, good to know fc for benchmarking. If too far off, could be some issues with that car. Other than that, just drive, pump and forget it. You are stuck anyway.
  6. I am guessing by the time this area got developed, many of us would be in our twilight years...
  7. Tiger1

    Best comfort/quiet tyres.

    My new, primacy 3 ST is also very disspointing. I read good review on the ST version but turn out nosiy on my new Tucson.
  8. Tiger1

    Next Elections Thread 2019/20/21

    He is still lost in his way.
  9. Tiger1

    Progress Singapore Party by Tan Cheng Bock

    You sure got that chicken right. In my family, already I counted 6 chickens. Kpkb this and that but voted for the same.
  10. Tiger1

    Progress Singapore Party by Tan Cheng Bock

    You are right on those who wanted change but refuse to change. My take abt those folks... They don't have the right to kpkb or be unhappy.
  11. Tiger1

    Progress Singapore Party by Tan Cheng Bock

    Let me try to put things in an easier picture. Do we prefer to have only one big telco like Singtel in the past? Did you welcomed M1 or felt happy that finally we had some alternatives? Ain't we happy that finally, another competition is finally breaking Singtel's monopoly and no longer can they suka suka charge as they deem best or fit? Same thing here. What's wrong with another party entering the ring? I see more goods than bads.