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  1. GLZT

    Trigger Finger suspected

    I insisted on the surgery, because I did alot of research and I know my symptoms was worst than many others. I was suffering quite badly during the physio and also Tui Na sessions. Tui na sinseh say I must keep trying to clench my fist, say its good for me. At times I try so hard I swear my tendon feels like it was going to snap. Can take me 15min just to make a fist, I can feel the tendon squeezing through the sheath which cause excruciating pain. I tried so hard that my middle finger was swelling from all the inflammation. Anyway, I would suggest going to physiotherapy for mild cases. The exercises you learn there can be very beneficial, because if you get trigger finger once, you probably got very high chance to get trigger finger on other fingers in future. Private physio quite ex though, each session about $120.
  2. GLZT

    Trigger Finger suspected

    Took about 4-6 weeks. Have to do physio diligently. It will never be completely cured as the purpose of the surgery is not the removal of the inflamed tissues though the doc did his best to remove as much as possible. The point of the surgery is the release of the sheath that is an obstruction to the swelling tendon. My tendon is still swollen, but I can grip just fine. But have to watch out if doing exercise that use alot of grip. Best to ice and put ketoprofen patch after what ever activities that have to use alot of grip.
  3. GLZT

    Trigger Finger suspected

    I had trigger finger on my middle finger, went to visit an orthopaedic. Had a very painful steroids injection which fixed the problem for the next 6months. It came back again and doc recommended physiotherapy. Did it for about 5-6 sessions, improve abit but didn't really work. Eventually did surgery after I insisted. The inflammation was so bad the doc said it was the right decision to do the surgery. Usually people have a nodule on the tendon, but my entire tendon was covered with pink inflamed tissue. My case was quite bad as I couldnt even clench my finger. I have to learn how to write and use chopsticks with my left hand.
  4. GLZT


    Alot of controversy about Norway farm Salmon. Especially about the chemical in the fat that cause cancer. Can watch this documentary about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYYf8cLUV5E
  5. GLZT

    Samurai burger is back

    Omakase burger patty has meat juice. But very expensive for a fast food style restaurant.
  6. Better don't complain about the traffic there so much. Later when GPS erp starts next year, they label the entire punggol area as chargeable area.
  7. Suntec parking is as cheap as it can be already. Weekends will be even cheaper.
  8. I feel the enbloc is not really their call, it's the market's call. Every developer is competing, if they don't offer the correct figure, they will lose the enbloc project completely. This will result in less sales inventory which the market are still able to pay for the exorbitant selling price.
  9. Actually every country, no matter how lazy their citizens, can succeed so long as 10% of the population is hard working enough. The most important thing is that the government must invest in the correct industry most beneficial to them.
  10. I not civil servant, I dont know. I only encounter this kind of bullying back in NS days. But if SG is as bad as them, I really think we are hopeless. I dont see this kind of behaviour working with other SEA government.
  11. It's true that the men there are very lazy. That's why alot of viet ladies want to marry out of the country. I work with their civil servants before, their style of working is bully the new and younger guy into doing all the work while the more laojiao one go and relax.
  12. Can top up TNG card in Watsons also, but iirc, only in multiples of RM25.
  13. Why does gov need to worry? The more people renew coe, the less COE there will be, means COE will go up. New buyers will pay more to gov.
  14. Are they still manufacturing the chip cash card? Last week I went to cheers the lady say only flash pay available.
  15. Just came across this thread again, the last time I saw this thread I wasnt into the topic so didnt pay attenttion, that was a few years back. Just wish to share with you guys a little about what I did from July to September this year. I am 180cm and had maintain my weight at 74kg for at least 5 years. I use to be 69kg during my NS time. I do exercise 1-2 times a week by running about 3-4km per session. I had a 2 days business trip to Vietnam on June this year and in this 2 days, I put on 2kg of weight due to various factors, mostly the people around me and I hate to waste food, this is not mere weight fluctuation cause I weigh myself almost daily and it didnt drop even after a couple of weeks. That's when reality hits me, I realized that my sugar intake was too high and it just makes the addiction worst. In other words, I was a carbs slut. I was the kind that cant live without carbs because I'm quite the thrifty person when it comes to ordering food even though I enjoy going to restaurants. The cheap stuff are all mostly carbs and easily able to fill one's stomach. Anyway, I started to cut down on carbs and add quite a lot of fibre. Lunch time I would eat either of these: YTF soup without rice/noodles, caipeng without rice, or other soup dishes that usually comes with rice but without the rice. Dinner time was the same, home cook food without rice. Veg like brocolli or cauliflower can be quite filling, so I ate alot of those. The only time I ate some carbs were breakfast, I had 2slices of bread. I was very determined, so I didnt feel any cravings even after cutting off so suddenly. I estimated I was only eating about 800-1500 calories because at times I skipped meals. I have increase my exercise routine to a firm 3 times a week and increased my running distance to 5-6km each session and doing some strength training using resistance band. Anyway for the 3 months, I lost 7kg of weight and went back to my ns weight. I have stopped my diet by end September, now I eat what I want. But I no longer eat any white rice, to me, white rice is no longer tasty and worth the calories. I still do eat chicken rice or fried rice though. Since September till now, even when I no longer follow my diet strictly, I've lost 1kg and now hovers between 67 - 68kg. The 3 times a week at 5-6km regime still remains but sometimes I substitute 1 of the session with a 30min water rower that I bought. I still prefer running though. Thanks for reading this lengthy post, some of my friends say it's detrimental to my health by losing this amount of weight in a short time. I only know I feel really good and confident compared to when I stuff myself in the past. Now I still do once in a while, but just cause I dont like to waste food.