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  1. Gz0707

    2017 Hyundai i30

    agree with you. quite a few have changed their turbos and some even twice. so KMC does not nitpick on the warranty issues, generally speaking. that gives some comfort during the warranty period for owners, technical issues aside.
  2. Gz0707

    Emerging Fault Lines in Singapore

    I dun wan to call them strawberry or any un-nice label of any sort. But when u are aware of issues on the global and regional front, trying to make sense of the younger set (some are even young parents already) stacking on every possible purchase on maxed out credit makes me worried. to be fair, there's a group on FB called Seedly that tries to teach and guide financial responsibility and investment savvy behaviour.
  3. Gz0707

    Emerging Fault Lines in Singapore

    how to be transparent when the office holders are just that, office-position holders. they are not trye born and bred politicians. u see Scott Morrison and Boris Johnson, they can have questionable history and yet bounce back into key leadership positions. u try asking our dear precious office holders about the recent India $4 billion losses, and u will see chairs flying towards u ... and the younger set I see - they are just totally not interested or ignorant about current affairs. just want to spend on cars, holidays etc etc. one might even say they are the product of a sterile education system - just show rainbows and unicorns and numb out the pain...
  4. Gz0707

    Cars@Expo Oct 2019

    not been to the expo, but some thots on it ... - many new cars on roads, who else going to buy? for those who bought last year, I see some buyers cannot tahan and start selling due to finance and other issues - last year car expo supposed to have best deal. In fact, better deals came after the show. Imagine the feeling that u have scored a good deal at expo show, but turns out otherwise - car buyers want to get other stuff, but looks like few accessories exhibitors like Autobacs
  5. Gz0707

    2017 Hyundai i30

    unfortunately for other brands within the same category running 1.4 turbo such as VW, you can see the AD is doing the usual tricks trying to void warranty. Luckily no such issue with Hyundai in this respect. Issues such as battery swap have been done without any drama.
  6. Gz0707

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Today's short trip via 2nd link v smooth. Late morning depart and 1.5 hrs journey into Johor and all Msian Customs lanes were open. Didn't take more than 20 min to clear as my lane kept moving. On way back at 5 pm, even faster as zero traffic at both msia and SG customs. so can make short trips today and tomorrow. Monday is a different story...
  7. Gz0707

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    u can see the headlamp RFID in this youtube video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzgYAqMjSGM this VEP video has very low views - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9IJMwBYSMA
  8. fully agree cos I was in ur position too, years ago. not a scratch on my conti van, but the civic bumper in front was ... dislodged ...
  9. Gz0707

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    No it didn't. Next time I shd take a pic of the Malay error msg. It probably says RFID failed or sth. I was not charged twice. Pretty sure of that. and as mentioned, I can check any deduction on both RFID and TNG on the phone app, altho the TNG charge does not appear immediately as RFID on the app.
  10. Gz0707

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    I tried tapping the TNG card. But it didn't work, and I press the calling button n was asked to reverse ...
  11. Gz0707

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Sawe 2 BMW failed installation when the sticker code is placed under windscreen, probably due to the tinting. The solution for both cars is to place the VEP as vinyl stickers on the headlamps. Not sure if these would work or be as lasting.
  12. Gz0707

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    I'm kinda still new to Msia highways. I travelled past the Msia custom tolls and into Aeon Tebrau City via 2md link. On the way, went past 2 tolls on highways, on top of the Msia customs one. All works pretty well, but stay loaded on the TNG card. I had to reverse out when the last RFID toll didn't work for me.
  13. Gz0707

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Just installed the VEP and tried this week - out of 4 tolls, 3 worked, but the last one could not be detected, so I went back to using TNG card. I have also linked the VEP RFID to credit card for auto top up too. Whenever you go thru a toll, the app is instantly updated. There are also some rebates on-going. The app also shows u the last 5 transactions for the TNG card too.
  14. Superbly old wagon still in good shape given its age.
  15. Gz0707

    Unlimited mobile data plans coming back 2017

    switch to the newer and cheaper M1 my sim plan? comes with 30 GB, 1,000 min talk time and foc caller ID for $25. best part - it is no contract. can terminate anytime too.