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Yet Another Car Catches Fire...

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Was travelling along Lornie Road (Towards Sin Ming) and saw the massive jam on the opposite side... Saw some firemen and a fire engine parked along side and seems they have just put out a fire on a Toyota Corona...


Seems like car fires are becoming quite a trend recently...

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thank you for your contribution to coe  


we all:


owner: :TT_TT:

Owner also :grin: , can get new ride liao :a-happy:

insurance company: :TT_TT:  :a-t2622:  

A Nissan SUV caught fire yesterday near Toa Payoh. Yet another COE bites the dust





Nissan Qashiqa ? fark ...spelling wrong

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better to set fire within the 1st year because insurance company pays for a new car


but make sure new car transfer name to your spouse so as to pay less insurance premiums in future



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Neglectful in basic car servicing and maintenance to replace broken parts, or installed excessive electrical gadgets may lead to vehicle fire hazardous.

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