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  1. Main reason for not cycling on yellow line is because there used to be alot of drivers that don't change lane when overtaking. Come very close. I had to move to the side and stop in the gutter or else I'll get hit. Another reason is got alot of debris. So overall alot more comfortable cycling out of the yellow lines than on the yellow lines.
  2. Not clear enough. Cuz TP don't want reply my email regarding how far out is too far.
  3. I think cuz you haven't cycle long enough. I used to cycle on the double yellow lines. Now I don't. I cycle 50cm to 1m out from the double yellow lines. Dunno far left enough or not. But TP pass by never say anything, I guess still fine. Only got stopped by TP once when I was cycling on the roads, and it was not because I never keep left enough. I guess so. Its the same for the careless driving and reckless/dangerous driving. Anything they decide is wrong and not inside RTA, just issue summon under one of those.
  4. Yeah. I did email them to get black and white on how far left is considered left enough. First email in dec, no reply, I just emailed again.
  5. Waiting for the reply since you want black and white. I asked how far left must we cycle. The TP I encountered is the one that is always stationed outside Thomson medical centre. That one told me so long keep to left lane unless turning right can already.
  6. I have emailed TP to clarify. As this was not what i was told. I have also submitted videos of drivers overtaking me very closely and in some of the videos, I was not on the double yellow lines. I wasn't told it is wrong also. Ya. Me. Cycling abreast is legal. https://www.lta.gov.sg/content/dam/ltaweb/corp/GreenTransport/files/Your%20Guide%20to%20Intra-Town%20Cycling.pdf
  7. I got before. 2 or 3 years ago. I did not notice that car and turned out, the other party honked at me then overtook me. Nearby got no TP or anyone else. So must be he report cuz I received warning letter from TP 1 month later. I rmb that incident cuz he kept trying to stop me even after I waved an apology. That time I haven't install dashcam so cannot report him. Lol. I also reported quite a number of drivers before and got calls from TP to confirm I am willing to testify. Had to testify before also.
  8. We will know very soon. This GTR got dashcam. If the cam car really very garang before that, I'm sure the GTR sure post his video very soon. If just some minor thing like cam car cut his lane or never signal then the video probably won't surface. Lol.
  9. Whether got anything prior, whatever GTR did was definitely way worse than what could have happened before already. Not happy with the way cam car drove, just submit video and report TP. He play like this, he end up on the losing end.
  10. IMO, should treat this street like driving in a carpark. Travel at about 15-20km/h max. The pedestrians are inconsiderate by walking on the road, but the driver is still the one responsible since he is in control of a machine that can kill easily. The street is narrow with cars parked on both sides and people walking to their cars. Not much different from carpark. On other roads, 28km/h is slow, but in this situation, its abit fast.
  11. Ya. But although the cyclist partially at fault, with this video, TP will still fault the bus in the end.
  12. That is why, take the lane or abreast in areas with many heavy vehicles if you really want to cycle there. Cycling all the way to the side, you blend in with the railings, and not directly in the driver's line of sight so harder for them to notice you. Good to let these heavy vehicles pass when there is space. For eg, at the bus bays, can move further in so they can overtake.
  13. Edited my previous post. On the left lane already, how to go left more? It was because she was cycling on the double yellow lines thats why she got into trouble. Cycling further out would have meant that she can avoid the bus in these kind of situations. This video is a perfect example of why it is dangerous to cycle on the double yellow lines. No where to go if you meet an idiot that thinks it is safe to overtake without changing lanes. I feel that its because there is no proper course on how to cycle on the roads unlike overseas. I rmb in the UK, there was this cycling to work program thing where they teach cyclists how to cycle on the roads and all that. Like when to take the lane, how far out to cycle and many other techniques to protect themselves. In this case, the cyclist is partly at fault for cycling so close to the kerb leaving no space for her to go if a driver gets too close.
  14. If there is only 1 lane then yeah. Impossible. And shouldn't overtake. If there is 2 lanes, why impossible? The bus driver don't know how to change lanes? But I agree cyclist partially at fault in this case also. If she had cycled further out like maybe 50cm from the double yellow lines instead of on the double yellow lines, the bus would have had no chance to overtake so close as she would have space to move left if the bus didn't give her the 1.5m gap.
  15. Yeah. I heard from taxi drivers that they usually need to send their gearbox for overhaul at around 400+k km.