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Found 17 results

  1. Quick Fact / Details - Production begins November 2018 - Uses B47 and B58 engines - 330e come with 48V electrical system - Model availabe for new launch (other models possible, but unlikely by end 2019): • 318d, B47, 148hp, manual and automatic, RWD • 320d, B47, 188hp, manual RWD, automatic RWD and xDrive • 330d, B57, 262hp, automatic RWD and xDrive • 320i, B48 168hp 1.6L or 181hp 2.0L depending on the market, automatic RWD and xDrive • 330i, B48, 255hp, automatic RWD and xDrive • M340i, B58, 385hp, automatic RWD (US only) and xDrive • 330e, B48 + electic motor, 248hp, automatic RWD and xDrive (xDrive US only)
  2. Finally, a respite from the SUV assault. And what a break! In our latest video review, we test the latest G20 BMW 3 series! As it turns out, the car comes with BMW's latest Comfort Access 2.0, and, as you can clearly see from the pictures, it leaves both out hosts mighty pleased! (What kids 🤪) On the interior, the car also sports Julian's favorite feature... a remote charging point! We test boot space with our patented aunty trolly... and it seems like something has Julian troubled? But of course, the whole point of the 3 series is its sporty and engaging drive. Those with keen eyes will note that the car is already wet from the rain, so guess what happens when we take the BMW out! Watch the full video here to see what shenanigans our presenters get up to!
  3. Carbon82

    [Spyshots] 2020 BMW M3

    OK, I am going to try out a new series of posting, under the [Spyshots] tag. Please note that photos posted in these thread may not resemble the final product, as well as not gotten details confirmed by the manufacturer, so do take it with a pinch of salt.
  4. This looks very 3 series. If only it drives like one, it wuld be perfect.
  5. I created this thread just for the BMW 3 series, many threads were opened on variants of 3 series but I thought be great to have one just for the 3 Series variants. Ever since I had a E46 I have always loved the 3 series more than any car I owned. This video sums up what this model is all about, practical, well balance, well sized sports saloon. I'll do a write-up on a ride soon enough. Hope other owners do the same. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ildXLLfm23o
  6. SeriousGuy

    BMW 3 Series GT

    Similiar Models : Audi A4 AllRoad
  7. Limxiaoming

    BMW 316i vs Mercedes CLA

    [at tachment=84264:6449565400.jpg]Dear bros, Almost time to change car! Been car hunting the past few months and now boil down to 3 cars. The third car is Jap so won't be talking about it here. As per topic, any views on these 2 beauties? Merc CLA - $179,800 BMW 316i Sport - $169,800 Both 1.6L Turbo with the merc churning out slightly more bhp. Merc compromise a bit of rear headroom and boot because of the coupe silhouette.
  8. Beachboy7718

    Advice on BMW 320i and 520i in 2008

    Dear Sifu, need your advices on BMW 320i and 520i in 2008 model. Q1. How to identify a PI and AD model for 320 and 520? Q2. There are models with 320i, 320i XL and 520i and 520i XL. What does XL stand for? Q3. Will 520i underpower due to same engine as 320i as 156bhp for its weight? I saw the pricing difference no much for 320 and 520 but 5 series have larger sapce and features like i-Drive and eagle Xenon light. I read the review 320i gives 9.8 sec (1475KG); FC 12.3km/l and 520i give 10.6 sec (1490KG); FC 8km/l. Q4. It seems that there is a different engine to provide 170HP for 520i. This is a PI model right? Q5. Any recall and potential problems on these 2 models from 2008? Thx for inputs.
  9. Do you often drive when nighttime falls? Well, my father, for one, quite so often does just that. And, if you do so, too, chances are you often find yourselves kind of blinded by the illumination of cars which are coming from the opposite lane. That's not to mention that there's a great number of cars that utilise Xenon bulbs these days, blinding you even more. However, the frequency of you getting blinded by oncoming traffic is about to decrease, thanks to the so-called 'Intelligent Headlamps' feature. This is an illumination technology that comes from highly reputable German automaker BMW. To be honest, this technology isn't entirely new as it was first introduced back in July last year. Back then, it was introduced exclusively for the BMW 7 Series. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't standard even on the really expensive models from BMW. Instead, customers who desired to have the feature available on their BMW 7 Series would have to purchase the optional Adaptive LED Headlamps package. Nevertheless, probably realising how its technology may actually decrease traffic accidents significantly, ultimately leading to saving a whole lot more people, the luxury German car manufacturer is now offering the technology on the company's new 3 Series Saloon and Touring lineups as well. You'll only have to make sure that the models do have a Visibility package available on them. So, what this feature does is it detects the situations of the road and traffic ahead and then adjusts the lighting that comes from the headlamps of BMW cars accordingly. This way, it prevents the lighting from blinding drivers from the oncoming lane. Not only will it prevent drivers on the oncoming lane from being blinded, it won't emit much glare to the driver ahead of you, either. With that being said, nighttime driving will surely become safer, by a significant degree. Simply put, the technology provides optimal illumination. To make things even better, this technology is useful not only during nighttime but also when the weather isn't very friendly. In order to work its charm, this feature has to work side-by-side with BMW's 'High-beam Assistant' technology. However, my words and words alone may not really give you any ideas on what on Earth I'm talking about. Therefore, I think you may want to check out the accompanying videos. That's even more so in case you happen to be planning to purchase a BMW yourself. BMW's Intelligent Headlamps with High-beam Assistant Real life demonstration
  10. Manmaster

    BMW 3 Series GT Model

    Anybody knows whether this model is coming to SG? I'm very interested in this model as the 3 series sedan is too small for me.
  11. The last time we had a 1.6-litre BMW 3 Series on sale in Singapore was in the 1990s during the E36 era. The wait is finally over as the above electronic poster which is downloaded from BMW Asia Insider Facebook signals the imminent arrival of the 2013 BMW 316i. Just like the latest 116i, the 316i is powered by a 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that pushes 136bhp and 220Nm of torque through an eight-speed automatic gearbox. According to BMW, the 316i sprints from 0 to 100km/h is 9.2 seconds which is only 0.1 second slower than the 116i. The 156bhp Mercedes C180 CGI BlueEfficiency reaches the century mark at a much quicker 8.5 seconds. However, BMW fans need not be disappointed as a more powerful 318i, which borrows the 170bhp 1.6-litre unit from the 118i, is said to be in the pipeline. The EU combined cycle fuel consumption for the 316i is claimed to range between 5.8 and 5.9L/ 100km.
  12. FaezClutchless

    BMW unveils its Lime Rock Park M3

    [extract] The BMW M3 is one fine performance vehicle and ever since its release, there have been numerous limited editions of the model. Some of these limited editions are market specific while some offer extra bits and parts. And not it seems that the model will get another variant. BMW of North America today announced the 2013 M3 Coupe Lime Rock Park Edition, of which 200 copies will be built. The car is built in conjunction with Skip Barber, owner of the infamous New England circuit, this M3 features the best of BMW's performance catalogue (although there won
  13. SYF77


    [extract] It was a wet Hari Raya Haji morning. As I opened the door to collect the Sunday Times, I was pleasantly surprised to find a special edition of
  14. Blogger

    2011 BMW 3 Series spied!

    The king of compact luxury sedan is set to be reborn in about 2 years' time. Expect exceptional aerodynamics with a Cd figure of around 0.24. Turbocharged units will be in full circulation at BMW by the time the new 3 Series hits the streets. We may see a 1.5L three-cylinder petrol turbo engine delivering about 150hp (112kW) while their diesel counterparts are likely to offer around 300Nm of torque. The 8-speed automatic gearbox that makes its debut in the 7 Series will find its way into the upcoming 3 series. My personal opinion is that BMW is making a wise move to downsize the engine capacity and employing turbocharging technology to compensate for lower capacity. This is going to be an industrial trend. Just look at the success story of VW's 1.4 TSI units that have won numerous awards over the past couple of years. Ford has just introduced their 1.6L Ecoboost turbo powerplants and Hyundai group is set to release their 1.6L Turbo engines in 2010 too. Such a move by automakers benefit a market like Singapore whereby road tax are tied to engine size. In addition, a lower capacity engine usually implies better fuel efficiency. From the video, the outline of the new 3 series appeared rather conservative. I hope that it will not end up looking like a baby 5 series and has it's unique styling clues. This is vital in order to take on it's good looking competitors such as the Alfa 159, Audi A4 and Lexus IS250.
  15. SYF77

    The chinese like it long

    It seems like long wheelbase variants are turning into a popular trend in China. Well, at least for the segment in which the 3-Series competes there, BMW feels the need to offer a long-wheelbase variant to go up against the successful Audi A4L - the extended wheelbase version of the A4 model. BMW will be building the stretched variant of the 3-Series at a new plant in the Shengyang economic zone with its Chinese partner Brilliance Auto. The plant, scheduled to be built in 2012, will also be used to manufacture the X1, according to Brilliance chairman Qi Yu Min. Brilliance is also keen to set up a production plant to build MINI models in China too. The new plant will give BMW/Brilliance a capacity of 300,000 units per year with most of the parts sourced locally (60 percent). BMW/Brilliance hope to increase sales in China to 120,000 units annually by 2012, meaning that the additional capacity may well be used to export vehicles to markets outside of the country. Hence, don
  16. Although BMW's 3-series has been arguably considered one of the best buys in the automotive market for quite some time, the Bavarians are never satisfied. The E92/3 3-series coupes/convertibles have been heralded by the media and enthusiast's alike but it has started to show its grey hairs. Thankfully, BMW realized this and tweaked her up to get it ready to go out and woo the boys. The revised model will bring about a bunch of modifications inside and out. They seem small but it certainly adds up. Here's a summarised list of the changes: