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  1. Not to mentioned scrapping every combustion car on the road with electric will be an insane carbon footprint, if there was a way to reuse the existing vehicle and swap out components that might be more a better approach (hydrogen cars?) Just to add the waste material from harvesting rare earths for electric motors is also no joke. Better we move everyone to public transport lol
  2. Aunty very cool xia just glance and walk on, even expressway accident where everyone had nothing to do with that gets longer looks lol
  3. Mercury1

    Elderly man killed by falling wine bottle at condo

    If never break can dust it for prints? Dunno effective or not. Last time some joker stole my spoiler police ask me leave my car near the station so they can dust for prints.
  4. Figures, small lam pa so always angry
  5. Mercury1

    Changes in employment landscape. Open legs

    Haha didn't dare leave the hotel, office staff told me not to walk on the streets cause might get kidnapped. The hotel was terrible as well I ran into her on the plane leaving the country, its not like I met her at the hotel
  6. Mercury1

    Changes in employment landscape. Open legs

    True, China is really carving a piece out of that market Oh me ah, now market bad have to serve my Nigerian HNWI like this dude below Kidding we're doing a bank wide project audit which touched on multiple countries, unfortunately they selected Nigeria to be in the audit (no surprises there in some way) https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/nigerian-money-laundering-scheme-citibank-jailed-singapore-11539842
  7. Mercury1

    Changes in employment landscape. Open legs

    I once met this petite PRC lady on a flight back from Nigeria and just chatted abit, she was about 35 and was the sales head for Africa for her company that sells trucks and heavy equipment. She would often fly solo to different parts of Africa to check their satellite offices and negotiate contracts where the local sales team had difficulty securing. Have to say some of these PRC's are fearless LOL
  8. Mercury1

    Changes in employment landscape. Open legs

    I was involving in posting the job portal, engaging recruitment agencies and working with HR. The hire local rule is strongly enforced in my department anyway, the only easiest way to hire an ft to fill the position is either via internal transfer or some really strong backing via senior mgmt. But even the senior mgmt need to give strong justification and they would not be willing to stick their necks out unless they are some stronger incentive for them. That said admittedly the ft brought in typically work much harder compared to the local pool, additionally point to note here is that you're average out sourced worker in India will have way much more experience then your local worker. I trained fresh workers from Wipro back in 2005 in India and within a span of 3 years the more capable ones would have already experience the below just thru the nature of outsourcing. Your typical Uni grad is unlikely to engage anywhere near their level of exposure unfortunately. 1. Operate across multiple disciplines of the bank thru rotation (Settlements, Corporate Action, Middle Office etc) 2. Run a large team (10+) 3. Been to multiple locations for training, i.e US, UK, SGP, HK
  9. Mercury1

    Changes in employment landscape. Open legs

    I don't disagree but it extended to them looking for people recommended by other people (to curry favors) even if the qualifications were lacking, additionally by bringing someone who is an ft there is a sense of indebtedness and subjugation going on. Haha anyway I can only mention the tip of the iceberg but thats one reason why HR also came down hard on the hire local first rule.
  10. Mercury1

    Changes in employment landscape. Open legs

    Haha I worked with some of these guys before, it was a stupid stunt to pull knowing nothing will be gained from it. Also most of the senior ft staff have been working there for decades but I do notice a trend where they try to recruit from people they know. That said the bank has put in a hire local first drive making it now extremely hard to hire ft for open positions.
  11. Mercury1

    Who like cats?

    Ran into a kitten this morning, literally lol. Lucky almost missed it if the Lexus in front didn't stop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flIwNauLI2k&feature=youtu.be
  12. Mercury1

    Feeling a little bit emo...

    You also letting your ex gf drive your car ah :P
  13. Mercury1

    Feeling a little bit emo...

    Kanna sai like that still dare to post, anyway time to change up M sport exhaust lah I thought if I keep asking you might surprise us and actually come to one
  14. I attended the propertysoul seminar in 2014, her approach is myopic due to her earlier success in buying bargain basement properties and then flipping them. She has some good points in her research no doubt but really over analyzed and generally always against the market due to her earlier success, back in 2014 she was already saying market peaked somewhat and was expecting a downtrend.
  15. I think it’s also partially the cars fault, the car use the emergency stopping lane to undertake the cyclist and it was quite last minute too. When the car exited he squeezed out the cyclist and then the motorcycle. Dunno why he can’t just overtake from the right