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  1. Mercury1

    Ad hoc meetup with special guests and great food

    I should 70% chance be able to make it down hehe, just in case of last min kokup
  2. Thanks for sharing your experience cause to be honest I do not know how the industry works. Ps my propose solution about car stopping to take orders was speculative (i.e just random thought), naturally it will come with other issues which makes it impractical. My bottom line if Grab is not taken to task on the ill practices of the bad drivers/riders by hiding the shield of "private hire scheme" and government does not step they are literally making the public pay for any bad drivers recklessness (rushing for orders, hiring bad drivers, using phones while driving etc). Same goes for the PMD saga. This also doesn't help the drivers by overworking them to meet their targets. Its almost like a car manufacturer making a defective car that might have a 1 in 10,000 chance of killing someone but not been held accountable while reaping in the profits. Anyway lets see how the government intends to deal with this, hope we don't see more fatalities for both sides to come up with a solution that works.
  3. I spoke to cab drivers who did grab then switched back in the earlier days, a lot them faced pressures not faced when doing cab biz. Like accepting the request quickly (involves them to look at the location of customer and decide how to get there quickly before accepting), no of rides etc which is done on the fly. Everyday I would see some grab driver fiddling with his phone while the car is moving, Just speculating grab can push out updates to prevent certain functions when the car is on the move, just as they could have made their PMD food riders more identifiable during an incident. At of the day these of these will increase running cost for grab and reduce their drivers ability to take orders quickly which is not in their interest unless government makes it so.
  4. I still think grab needs to be held responsible as well. Otherwise they will continue to push their Drivers to do overwork, multitask etc
  5. Mercury1

    Territorial claims in South China Sea

    Its about time they got involved anyway, they've been standing on the sidelines on this for some time liao. Indo is the only country in Asean that China will give face too.
  6. They should highlight increasing PHV accidents, this morning just saw another one driving slowly on the right lane playing his phone then suddenly cut to the left lane. Dunno what ST is reporting also, Botanical Gardens has loads of migrant workers having picnics, end of the day they go to gather where is most vibrant. The way its portrayed is like a car was expected that mount that pavement one day and hence fatal accident highlighting lack of public spaces.
  7. Hehe cannot threaten if gonna pull a stung, otherwise you don't get deniability if something "were to happen" 😁
  8. If chio I wun shout liao lah hehehe
  9. I just told one amdl to balik kampung to her country the other day 😁 Haha zebra crossing incident but I was partly at fault lol
  10. Trolley Loading Bay so near, not scared someone blur blur ram one into their car hehehe
  11. Interesting I had the similar run in with a cyclist except she cycled in from the left side and I manage to stop 2/4 after the zebra to miss her. I think its both parties fault, I checked left clear, right clear car move forward and lo and behold she rushed from the left. Haha exchange some "pleasantries"
  12. Acknowledge that cabbies are no saints either but we are seeing more reckelsss phv on the road not to mention they have a higher chance of playing around with the phones while driving due to the nature of the way their business is conducted. Maybe it should be enforced that all drivers take regular test, any drivers found being errant using their phones etc while driving the companies or incidences like this companies grab will also get penalize. Unless these companies are held responsible for their drivers actions they have no incentive to ensure their drivers are kept in line, this way any 90 year old with a driving license can go become a grab driver.
  13. That's a good quote wasn't aware of that, thanks for raising it. Definitely an apt one.
  14. I also agree with this, the whole Phv structure has become abused in some sense, though they are taking orders from Grab drivers are deemed private which absolves Grab from any responsibilities when such issues occur. This allows Grab to push the limit on the drivers while getting away with inadequately rested drivers, reckless drivers or just not vetting their drivers properly unlike the taxi industry. Similar to the PMD issue, when the government wanted to PMD on the footpath Grab and Foodpanda came out objecting on this, but they never did propose methods of say making their rider easily identifiable for reckless complaints to be lodged or getting an insurance scheme for them etc. Govt needs to find a way to hold these companies responsible for their drivers/riders, then only will they work out a more sustainable model instead of letting the public pay the price.