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Found 11 results

  1. Anyone with experience of 2" full range speakers? Audiobank, Sound stream, Omni Beyond, Debezt, Caewales, Enzonic, VF, Music Hawk, Audiobank,
  2. Hi Any bros/sista installed this ? How is the reception Understand this one can now receive all channels like U, okto etc.. My old one can only receive 5,8 and CNA cheers
  3. Cerano

    Anyone into hifi?

    Recently ive been considering upgrading my older system at home and i have finalised my upgrade selection. Im getting a Sony VW95ES and either a Marantz AV 7005 and MM7005 or LX-85. I considered the yamaha aventage 3010 but I found in reviews thats its lacking compared to the Pioneer LX-85. Problem is that pioneer is made in malaysia so i not so sure... Any bros have any comments on the above models?
  4. Interested in Hifi? There is a show this weekend (Aug 17 and 18) at Raffles City Convention Centre level 4. Admission $15 with a special show CD.
  5. Cerano

    3D & Hifi Discussion Thread

    Any bros into 3D? I just bought the Monster Vision 3D max glasses yesterday... still waiting for them to ship from the US... heard they are very good in reviews. Will try out and FR here
  6. As I have just booked a new Honda Jazz. Was thinking of setting up a solid sound system in the new car but at a reduced cost. I was thinking of getting a high end pioneer DVD screen HU, Hertz 6.5" three way speakers, Two solid Punch woofers, a few pioneer amps from Sim Lim or Mustafa. The pricing at SimLim/Mustafa are way cheaper although there is no guarantee (acceptable to me) My past experience 4 yours ago is that some installers priced the HU,speakers, etc at a higher price, and they also charge for the installation fees and items(fuse, wire, etc). From the pioneer HU price alone, export price is like $300 cheaper. So if I can save money, I estimated about $1000 savings, by buying the equipments myself. Then let the installer do the installations, would it be cheaper overall. Even if the installer charge me $500 to do the installation job? I still save $500? Any comments please?
  7. Leepee

    Hifi for bmw 320i

    Any one can suggest a nice sounding setup for my friend who is driving a new BMW 320i. The car has no tweeter at all! She complain the sound is not nice. How much to change the door speakers and add subwoofer? Any reliable shop that can do BMW and is not so expensive. Please recommends an above average set up. Thanks.
  8. As above; has anyone ordered hifi speakers from overseas before?? I wanted to order from a set of surround speaker system from Fluance website but Singpost (Vpost) said speakers are on the list of prohibited items and they can't deliver. But how can it be since many gadgets now have speakers eg laptops? Anyone ordered before and what is the process? Thanks.
  9. Scarlet_357

    HIFI Forum - Go check it out!

    Hey frens! Go check out this HIFI forum. www.hifihub.com.sg Cheers!
  10. possible? in addition to the current car speakers?
  11. Blurcock

    Selling HiFi set

    I am gonna scrap my car soon. Was wondering if there is any way for me to sell off my car's audio set or whatever can be sold in the car b4 I bring the car to the dealer? Any ideas?