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Found 18 results

  1. Erykool

    Radio Reception

    Guys, need some advice how to solve this problem that I have... I am using a pioneer 1 din CD MP3 player in my Avante.. Using a internal windscreen antenna. i noticed recently that after I bought a marbella GPS in my car, the radio reception sometimes a little bit hazy... When I switch it off, it becomes very clear again... But the haziness only a little bit once a while so still ok. Then just recently I gotten a in car camera.. its those type which switches on when I start car and shut down auto when I switch off car... When the in car camera is on, the radio becomes very hazy and reception super poor... it gets so irritating that I switch the radio off... Any brothers encountered this before and what is the solution? I tried going to an audio shop and they ask me change the windscreen antenna to try so i changed to a new one cause the old one used for 6 yrs liao.. still the same with the new antenna... Reception is good if I switch off in car camera...
  2. My ride radio reception suddenly turned poor... mostly static noise... I wonder if the internal electronic antenna got problem. to change it cost how much ah? Don't wanna kena ketuk..... long time never visit any accessories shop... where can I go for east or central area?
  3. MadDog70

    Poor radio reception

    I'm getting poor radio reception on my Honda Stream. I've tried to ask around in the Honda Stream forum, but seems like no one is willing to help (can't be no one has this problem right). No choice have to ask it here now. Anyone has fixed this issue please help. Thanks!
  4. I realise my HU radio reception is quite poor when my vehicle is on the move. Flunctuating frequently, either volume become soft then normal then soft, or static/hissing sound. Is it HU spoilt? Or just antenna or something not fitted properly?
  5. Ronleo

    Lousy Mio TV reception!!

    Damn fed up with their reception! Knn!!! Rush home juz to watch Liverpool vs Manu game, but screen hanged! Been resetting it for last 30min liao, still useless! Call their technical support... No answer!!! Worse decision I ever made to sign up with them!!! Previous watch Wimbledon final also hang! Few weeks back, got up at 3am watch champion league also Hang! Any bros out there also got this encounter? Btw, I living at paya lebar area...
  6. fellow MCFers, i'm always tuned to 95, but recently, reception seems to be a problem. i'm hearing some radio noise, initially thought my speaker go kaput, but i change to another station or MP3 mode, it is fine. does anyone have the same problem as me?
  7. Guys, I noticed my radio reception very bad after I installed the Pioneer processor for my Pioneer DVD (4150). Is it related? My installer say the processor will make those noise more audible? True?
  8. Had the die hard habit of listening to 95.4FM while driving,this MY channel plays lotsa power canto hits. However, reception pretty bad in certain area. How to improve the reception of our car radio
  9. Current ride is without Solar Film and thinking of installing either the 3M or Huper. The question is will the solar film affect the GPS reception ? Because I do notice that some film like Huper will cut out an opening just above the ERP IU for better reception so not too sure if GPS will be affected. Thanks for advise given.
  10. Ahtong

    National Day Reception

    Has anyone been to the National Day reception before or know what it is about? Is it just go Istana and eat buffet or is there some ceremony involved?
  11. kao, few days back, my Fiat Doblo radio reception damn telok... at first thought speaker kong, but test with CD, okay... so should be the antenna.... hopefully not the Head unit... .... any audio shop can solve or need to go back to agent???
  12. Kazuo

    Improve Reception

    How can I improve my radio reception? Really horrible... can hear all the statics and noise. Any advise?
  13. Anyone experienced poor FM reception in Chin Swee Tunnel (CTE) recently? I remembered the reception used to be fine until recently.
  14. How, The radio reception for my 4 weeks old Mit Lancer is rather poor. Are there any ways I can boost the reception? Thanks and regards.
  15. anyone uses 7750 wif flucating reception? seems like the reception drops e moment i drive off... if i am stationary its very clear ... on e move can hear intermitten static. the anterna plug behind HU is tight not loose.. any other possible reasons? Cheers
  16. Hi I had recently installed some amp in my car but found that the radio reception is not as clear as b4 n as well as some echoes... May i know is there any way to improve it?...thks
  17. Hi, got a small problem...... my radio reception is not clear, example english stations like 91.3, 98.7. got static noise........ Class 95 cannot received at all. my HU is rockford fosgate, no amp or sub woofer fixed. what's the problem? any remedy to do?
  18. Darkness


    Hi all, out of curiosity how do u guys find ur radio FM reception on the whole is it acceptable? ...mine is using the oem HU and i think it sucks big time. have a lot of static sound esp at higher volumes. cd is ok so i guess i can rule out the speakers and the HU...could it be the anntena or the combi of both the anntena and the HU. Will changing them give me better clearer reception??? Cheers Thanks Darkness