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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, Was thinking of extending my current car's COE in 2015. However was adviced that since I want to extend, should get something that is reliable and better value. I narrowed down to the GS300 and E200 for their brand's reliability and comfort. Hope to get some comments here on which is a better car in terms of reliability, parts availability and workshops' familiarity with it. For mercedes, I am only aware of the good old w124 200E, 5spd, that is still running strong in many workhorses. The 1996 to 2003 w210 onwards seems to be less popular. For Lexus, I am only aware of the ES300 which is FWD and is a larger Camry-like car in other markets. I am looking at GS300 for its RWD but other than that not familiar with its characteristics. Appreciate any comments on the subject. Thanks in advance.
  2. tongebwin

    Testing thanks

    Hi thanks. Just trying to start posting threads normally.
  3. Santa

    New gs300 2008 model

    borneo has not officially launch as trying to clear old stock but is available for sale. understand luxury model going at 177k after all the discount. super luxury +14k (main difference of this coming 2008 model comes with selectable suspension like those found on ls460 plus some safety managment program). but seem rather steep at 177k ....
  4. Hi, I am looking for 2006-2007 GS300 luxury/super luxury with reasonably low mileage, full servicing record and no major accident. Any bros/sis want to let go your ride, can PM. Thanks!
  5. Dear Lexus Driver, Was driving out from Clarke Quay 3e mscp and you are behind me. Seeing that you are driving quite close to me, in other words "Tailgating". I assume you are going to try your luck on free parking(because i have past exp on such cases where driver tailgated me in amk). Alas, i knew it! When i exited, the barrier have yet to lower down and you are soooo closed to me that you can "escape" without paying anything. These happened at 855pm -858pm on 2nd Jul. I just want to let you know there are cctv everywhere in the mscp. Also, you are driving Lexus and resort to much low means to get foc parking. Rich but selfish and pathetic way to achieve free parking. I hope you read this hor! Chao kuan!
  6. Hi guys, i need some help. I am driving a 06 GS300 and saw on youtube that a device can be installed so that i can play songs directly from my iPhone. ANyone know where can i get it fixed and what is the cost?Tried Autobacs and few other shops but they don't have it. The car does not have a Aux point too. Else i can get something directly from apple. It looks like some device that is to be installed into the car so that i can play the music from the car speakers and can control from the steering wheel or from the phone. Thanks
  7. Anshng

    GS300 or Chevrolet Captiva

    Currently i am driving a GS300 but i find sedan boring. The only reason I bought it in the first place is the brand, the smoothness and quietness of engine and to try out luxury car. Now i tried driving a captiva in australia and love SUV(i have always love SUV). Like the height, the hugeness. As i am quite tall, SUV height is also more comfortable. Now i am in dilemma should i sell trade my GS for Captiva? Seems to be a downgrade. Any advice anyone?
  8. looking at YR2008/2009 cars ... based on average dealer prices at sgcarmart ... would you go for YR2008/2009 Volvo XC90 depreciation about $17,XXX yearly YR2008/2009 BMW 523iXL depreciation about $15,XXX yearly YR2008/2009 Lexus GS300 depreciation about $16,XXX yearly (yes GS300 not conti car but just for the sake ok?) considering these are 5-6 years old cars, running cost and maintenance will be the main consider other than depreciation many thanks in advance!
  9. SimonTan

    To GS300 Fatt999Z

    Never met a unreasonable driver like you. Signal and just cut into the filter lane like its your birth rights. Ignoring that my taxi is just beside you. Almost bang into my taxi, and yet so yaya, after I horned at you for your dangerous stunt. I know you are not blind that I was beside you, because you purposely jam brake after you have succeeded to inch into my lane and an angle. This proved that you are arrogant and think that everyone must give way to your green Lexus GS300. I like your SGP plate number. But I don't like your driving attitude. Don't worry, I just wish you good luck and please go and do your stunt on other less tolerant drivers.
  10. As per the title, what are the differences between the 3 models? Say for a 2007 used one
  11. Hi all, When I look at this used car ad for Lexus GS300, I was rubbing my eyes. Isn't the price too good to be true? Any typo error? http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...767&DL=1035
  12. Latioboy

    Aileen Tan's GS300! Maybe..

    Guys! Read in 8days mag last year in the cars and actors section, Aileen was featuring her RED gs300.. I was wondering.. is this the car that she drove b4? If it is, woo! cause rarely see RED gs on the road.. http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2AjYPxkN-1128.html
  13. Cantona156

    Audi A6, Bimmer 523i or Lexus GS300

    Which car will you buy?
  14. Spas

    Or-Mi-Tor-Fart GS300

    Sighted a temple monk in a Lexus GS300. It was a surreal sight. Seeing the monk walking down the temple steps with a simple paper bag. And then the picture changed when he approached a black Lexus GS300, open its door, started the engine, reversed and drove out of the temple. I wonder... I thought monks were supposed to lead a humble existence so they can reached nirvana or something? Or does reaching nirvana require a 3000cc engine? Or perhaps reaching nirvana will win you a GS300? Where do they get the money for the Lexus anyway? From temple donations? If so, isn't that wrong? Good thing i didn't contribute a single cent to that temple. I'm not buddhist or taoist anyway. But somehow that picture still didn't make me feel good. Issit just me or are pastors, monks and other religious/charity leaders living the high life? I mean, have they spotted a niche that I haven't? Thoughts or experiences? Meanwhile, i'm sifting the recruitment page for a "Monk Wanted" ad.
  15. Locksley1976

    Volvo S40 Outruns new Lexus GS300

    Saw this on Sunday evening along Boundary Road. A volvo S40 was following a new Lexus GS300 who was speeding away. The GS300 driver was driver (1st car) at a traffic light on extreme right and the volvo was behind. When the light turned green, the GS300 floored the accelerator. But after 50metres, see the volvo overtake the GS300 on the left and sped off. The S40 that fast meh? Thought the GS300 can do 0-100 in 7.5s, somemore V6 engine. Don't know if the volvo is T5 cos too fast liao.