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Found 17 results

  1. Shawnong81

    Curb Rash on Rim

    may I know where can I go to repair my rim? got some curb rash and wish to know where can I go to have this resolve. Thank You
  2. My car hit the curb and two rims right front and rear are totally scratched...deep scratch ooo...super heart ache...22" ler...rim protector also useless...singapore car parks have too many tall curbs......Need help from si fus to find any nice and cheap rim repair shops in SG can assist saya bo....
  3. From: July 2014 Monthly Analysis: MAS to revoke loan curb "Singapore's retail performance in April has been hit by yet another dive, down by nine percent compared to the same period a year ago. This is partly due to the dwindling sales performance posted by the motor vehicle segment, which plunged 36.1 percent from last year. Since the inception of loan curb rules imposed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), sales of motor vehicles have been constantly declining. The loan curb has a profound and deep impact on car buyers - especially the middle to lower income group, due to the high amount of downpayment (up to 50 percent depending on the OMV of the car) required for any car purchase. This acts as a direct blow to the overall retail performance. And in many cases, such as during last November, retail sales would have grown if car sales were excluded. There is no doubt that the weakening figures have clouded the overall retail outlook. Compared to the previous loan curb, where the loan-to-value ratio was pegged at 70 percent, current rules state a maximum loan of 50 percent. Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam has reaffirmed that although the new loan rules are 'harsher' than before, the Government is well aware that there are people who really need a car, and hence, the loan curb will only be temporal. In addition, with an influx of COE supply expected in the following months, premiums may hit a new low. Recently, we have seen various implementations by the Government to iron out fluctuations in COE prices. As such, the authorities may end up loosening loan rules to drive up demand of new cars and stabilise the market. While the previous loan curb lasted from February 1995 to January 2003 - a total of eight years - there is a possibility the current one will not last as long. " The question is when will they withdraw this loan curb and is it total withdraw or partial? I would say of all the COEs policies/changes that came out lately, this is the killer and more deadly. I would prefer this loan curb to stay for certain level like 30% out front down-payment and max 7 year loan. If you can't even come out with the 30%, you jolly well save up the money and leave some for rainy days. What do the rest of the bro and sis here think?
  4. Not old news leh but seems like MAS going to do something finally? Will this reduce the demand???
  5. Hi, I just hit a curb at high speed! tyre punture and rim bent. had replaced the rim and tyre. At the same time I did alignment. However the person asked me to change my camber bolt as my car camber cannot adjust. Did not do it, just adjust toe only. If my camber is off, do I need to purchase the camber nut to adjust camber? Anything is that the wheel that hit the curb, it was nearer to the back fender now. should be castor off. anyway to fit it to the original position? Thanks in advance! oh ya, I am driving a honda jazz GD 1.
  6. The Singapore Vehicle Traders Association on Tuesday met the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), calling for a review on loan curbs for used cars. The association represents more than 400 used-car dealers in Singapore. It is proposing that used-car buyers be allowed to borrow up to 80 per cent of the purchase price and for the loan to be serviced over eight years, instead of 60 per cent and five years under current rules that took effect late February. The rules were lifted temporary for a 60-day reprieve period from 6 April to 4 June. The association, which has been monitoring feedback from its members, said many dealers are suffering, with business dropping by at least 50 per cent since the reprieve period ended. Raymond Tang, honorary secretary of the Singapore Vehicle Traders Association, said: "New cars and used cars having the same type of loan curbs will (result in the) majority of consumers buying new ones. This adds more pressure on new cars, especially now when the COE supply is not enough. After the 60-day concession period... we can see COE prices rising tremendously, going as high as S$81,000. "So we urge MAS to consider making the loan curb different for the used and the new cars... (to) ease pressure on new cars and cool COE prices." Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singap...mas/775634.html
  7. Big Brother is watching us all! Soon they will be watching our cars too. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/lta-plans-to-use-...al-parking.html LTA plans to use CCTVs to curb illegal parking By Ewen Boey | Yahoo! Newsroom
  8. LTA plans to use CCTVs to curb illegal parking Illegal parkers beware. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is launching a trial of a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera system to deal with illegal parking problems along roads. In a tender called last week to contractors to run a six-month trial, LTA hopes the system improves its detection of such offences. Two public roads have been targeted for trial, but it is unclear where these sites are. The sites, however, will be 150m long and two lanes wide each, reported The Straits Times. The CCTV cameras will capture the licence plate details of vehicles parked in prohibited zones round the clock, and under all weather and lighting conditions. The contractor who wins the tender will then produce the evidence of drivers breaking the law. The quality of images and videos will be reviewed by LTA during the trial, which will determine the viability of using it as evidence in court. The offences include parking along roads with parallel continuous white lines, a single continuous yellow line, double continuous yellow lines, a single zig-zag yellow line and double zig-zag yellow lines. This is believed to be the first time LTA is trying this method to curb illegal parking. Motorists chalked up about 22,000 summons a month on such offences, which is about the same as the monthly average issued by the traffic police from 2007 till November last year, when LTA took over this duty. A spokesperson said that that LTA
  9. Was 2 cars away when it happen...truck totally destroy the tree, hit a SUV and motorist got injured....good thing truck did not leak or overturn.....
  10. took public transport to work today because forgot to pump petrol yesterday oh boy the experience was HORRIBLE! - mad rush to enter the train - had to stand all the way for 1hr+ - squeezy over-crowded train - aircon was working but wasn't strong enough to cool the entire cabin - bus took 10 minutes to arrive - seats at the bus stop were dirty - too many people at the bus stop, had to wait under the sun - paid $3 to reach work from home after this experience i finally understand why people are willing to pay above their means to afford and own a car our govt has been taking action to curb private transport all the time but after today's experience, i really think our govt should also start looking into public transport or maybe they are only taking action against private transport because they've never taken public transport themselves!
  11. mercs power
  12. Hi all, What diff between curb, kerb and unladen weight ? Thanks for any info.
  13. Terence_oh

    Rim damaged on curb

    Share my pain! Accidentally scraped the curb while trying to insert a cash card at a car park exit. Surface of the (forged) rim has certainly been affected, but there are also what seems to be paint deposits from the black-and-white curb. My rim is a British Black Prodrive GC-05F. The question is, is there any way to remove these paint deposits without harming the surface of the rim any further? Or do I just go back to the dealer of the rims and see what they can do? Images of the damage below:
  14. Hi guys, My car (Fiat Grande Punto) skidded when negotiating a bend on a rainy day. My left front rim hit the curb at the face with big impact casuing it to be slightly out of shape (wobble when rotating). I had the rim replaced. The steering rod was bent and I got a mechanic to straigten it back. However when I drive above 70Km/h, I could feel vibration coming from the front and could hear wierd low vibrating noise. Anyone knows what is wrong with my car? I am suspecting bent axle or damaged ball joint. Need some help to recommend a good workshop for inspection and repair. Roughly how much will such repair cost? Thanks!
  15. Sylpher

    Mount Curb

    Hello everyone, will mounting of curb cause any damage to the car? I mounted a curb a few times while trying to get out of a parking lot just now, don't know if the car will be hurt or not.
  16. RFID (radio frequency identification) licence plates are set to be introduced next year by the Road Transport Department in Malaysia to curb car theft read report here http://www.zdnetasia.com/news/communicatio...61974266,00.htm
  17. Evolve

    Rim vs Curb-how now

    Finally had to happen....tested my rims against the curb of a narrow car park..now the edge of the rims is ground down/scraped/rough/chipped. Anyone know of any way to minimize the damage, besides changing rims?