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Found 101 results

  1. Notitwain

    Cost to replace hybrid Battery

    Hi All. I am interested to find out the price of replacing the hybrid battery for our vehicle. How much does it varies from brand to brand? Anybody had theirs replace before?
  2. Need to replace the door seal on my Electrolux front loader. Anyone knows of a reliable repairman who doesn't charge a bomb? Thanks.
  3. Hi any one here change your own spark plugs?? how to judge to tighnest of the spark plugs??
  4. Normally size use term 'ET', how to know whether positive or negative offset? Is stock wheel normally positive?
  5. The Float @ Marina Bay will be demolished in 2022 to make way for the new NS Square, slated for completion in 2025. Before its demolition, the site will host two more NDPs, next year and in 2021. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/new-ns-square-planned-for-completion-in-2025
  6. does anyone knows which workshop replace car door rubber seal? and est how much? i am not referring to those add-on silent rubber seal...but the existing car doors rubber seals.. thanks
  7. I just brought my car in for servicing - the mechanic said my shocks need to be changed - all four for $840...is this the normal price?
  8. Hi guys, recently have noticed some niggling problem ( minor clutch slipping, slower pickup, biting point of clutch has gradually shifted higher up )with the clutch and thought that it is high time to do something abt it... Just have some questions to ponder Will most likely need to replace something to do with the clutch but wat parts of the clutch to get? Intend to get the parts from Ric-tat (Toyota stockist ) but not too sure wat to tell them in case they were to ask me Quite embarassing to end up tongue tied Any pointers from the Lao Jiaos?
  9. where to go to replace car remote key? any recommendations?
  10. The new Nissan Kicks is slated to replace the Nissan Juke in the 2018 model year. The Nissan Kicks is a more conservative replacement of the Nissan Juke which spots a more formal design with more straight lines and less funkier design,sporting the corporate grill of Nissan on front of it. It loses its motorcycle fuel tank inspired gear shifter lever and the funky three tier lights ( two layered headlights) For what I think , it is a sad attempt to conform Nissan products to the mainstream.All manufacturers of cars usually have a set of funky cars that they are proud about and sell decently.More car makers are trying to woo the younger generation to buy their new cars, but Nissan seems to be doing the reverse to woo the older, more mature audience. Sooner or later, due to the loss of their funky cars, it may sadly make people perceive that Nissans are for the uncles and no one else... I will add in information to the vehicle that is the successor of the Nissan Juke. Link to pictures and information on Nissan Kicks: https://www.autoblog.com/2017/11/30/2019-nissan-kicks-counterpoint-its-actually-a-smart-juke-repla/
  11. Hi guys, I am quite new to In Car Entertainment. I always wanted a better sound system for my vehicle but not gonna go too deep into it. With the help of some friends we managed to install the following used items. ( KIA Optima K5 ) We have installed the following items 1)https://www.pioneer.com.sg/sg/products-detail/index.html/?product=TS-A1606C 02 sets of above. Hence my vehicle currently has 4 speakers and 4 tweeter. 2) Used Sony subwoofer in installed boot. Ancient big ass type. ( Powered ) All items are currently connected to my stock HU. Now I am looking for one last piece of equipment to enhance my music listening experience. May I enquire if changing HU or adding an AMP would be more significant? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi Any workshop near NUS (Clementi)? Think pads gone Liao but will be there tomorrow for some stuff. Please post the labour prices if you know also. Thanks
  13. Well my 10 year old car got the COE renewed so am thinking of replacing the fuel filter, not oil filter, not air filter. The fuel filter is in the fuel pump near the fuel tank. CnC quote 600 to replace both the fuel pump and filer as it comes together in as assembly, should I change it, it is pretty ex but the filter should be already dirty.
  14. Here is an instructional video on how to replace your manual shifter knob. I believe this design is common for most Hyundai models and some other brands in the market. It also helps to understand how you can easily remove the leather blanket of the shifter stick. Very simple. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_fyZ9l1nK8
  15. ok. the last time i drove an Avante, it was rented and that was like > 3 years ago. i now got a new ride, an 09 forte. i find the mirrors a tad narrow as compared to my old ride. i was wondering, if any brudders here ever replace their side view mirrors for their Forte before. ever wondered if the Avante side view can be used on the Forte?
  16. Hello everyone, For people with full size spare tires, please check your spare tire's pressure periodically, say every six months. I checked mine earlier this week, the pressure has dropped to an unusable 150 kPa (1.5 bar or 21.8 psi); I only pumped it to 250 kPa about a year ago. Further, mine was already more than five years old; while it has never been mounted on the car before, I decided to change it this morning, as it would have suffered from rubber deterioration. Unless one has X-rays' eyes like Superman to inspect the tire's internal structure, one would not know if the steel radial cords and the rubber have lost their bonding and the tire's structural integrity is compromised and therefore unusable. A five year old tire should not be put in service, regardless of tread wear and usage pattern. Some may think it is a waste of money to change your spare tire which one hardly use; if you just drive in Singapore and distances are very short (50 - 100 km), I think it is OK to use your old spare tire and drive to your usual tire shop for repair and replacement. However, if you travel to Malaysia sometimes, I think a functional spare tire (full size spare or temporary spare) or tire repair kit is important, so that your mobility and safety are not compromised. Drive safely, regularly maintain your vehicle and you would enjoy many years of safe motoring.
  17. Hi, My car now "sound" like driving an aeroplane and likely the front wheel bearing up lorry liao.... Any bro here can recommend a workshop that have the "proper" equipments/tools to do the job?
  18. I learn my lesson, always try to be around when your workshop is trying something major or major servicing. First time is ask for Denso spark plug, i ended up with a NGK copper plug. Today when i do a major undercarriage overhaul to solve some knocking sound, one of the item is the bushings. I went under the lift and inspected the rubber bushing and found only one side is changed. The blur technician had took the old bushing from the left side and install it on the right side. Had to re-disconnect the linkage and redo. It not bad to stay around while the tech is working on your car.
  19. While inflating my tires earlier, discovered a gash at the sidewall; seems quite bad, don't know whether to replace, please refer to attached photo (sorry taken in night and low light conditions). Any bros have experience? Will visit my usual tire shop first thing tomorrow morning for assessment. Thank you.
  20. My car is reaching 10 yr old mark in Oct. Does it make sense to renew COE at additional cost due to it being more than 10yrs old or scrap and replace? Should I replace the car now or wait until closer to COE expiry for most cost savings?
  21. hi bro/sis, anyone know where can replace camry HID light bulb ? Usually how much does it cost ? thanks
  22. My dad's car mileage is just 15,000km for 3 years, when I sent it to Borneo for servicing, the SE told me the tyres are dry and hard (supposed to be soft) and need to be replaced (first set since the last 3 years, with good tread depth). Is there such thing that tyres need to change after a number of years even though the tread depth is still good?
  23. Hungryforcar

    Replace car remote

    Any Bros or Experts can adv. Condition is the one remote lost. one spoilt . Currently disable the car alarm. Issit possible not to replace the whole car system alarm and just buy the car remote from second store and re-prog the existing setup. If it is possible, pls adv how to. Regards
  24. My 06 wish suddenly had the temp warning light lit up yest. went workshop and was told radiator leak and the fan is weak… suggested to replace these 2, plus 2 pipes connected to the radiator... How much should this cost on average? Was told after labour should maybe $1100...
  25. One of my spare remote car key for Nissan Sylphy is faulty. I have tried replace it with new battery but still unable to unlock, lock or open the car boot with the remote key. I try not to go back to the Nissan agent for replacement due to it high charger. Any good suggestion???