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  1. Leo22

    Toyota Harrier - Comments pls..

    How can you tell or test for a defective gear box? Appreciate if can share your experience.
  2. Purchase price: $100,000 Advance installment: $894 Total price: $100,894 Finance amount: $50,000 1st deposit: $5,000 Net payable: $45,894
  3. Taking loan. But why taking loan need to add this additional one month installment to my total purchase price?
  4. In my payment brakedown, there is this item 'advance installment' added to my purchase price (price agreed). Which resulted in Total price = purchase price + advance installment. What is this amount? Normally do you have this item if take loan?
  5. Aren't assessories agreed upon signing? Still negotiable and change when reaching insurance stage?
  6. Leo22

    Coe 2nd round for May

    AD normally takes around 2 days for the selling price to be updated.
  7. Leo22

    Coe 2nd round for May

    $1 CAT A!!!! HUAT AH!!!!!
  8. Leo22

    New Harrier Japan

    CO2 emission of turbo is higher than the current non turbo.
  9. Leo22

    VES 2018

    They are correcting what has been wrong (to them) for the past few years. To make the table no wrong now.
  10. Leo22

    Toyota C-HR

    Yaloh, Japanese crossover boh heng roof. Hope too many feedback on this issue the next facelift they give roof. Like vezel here and US version. We get non version with roof. Surprisingly they put at sedan though, like mazda3...
  11. Leo22

    Toyota C-HR

    Can improve by pano roof also
  12. Leo22

    VES 2018

    French loaf set must top up 20ct hor
  13. Leo22

    VES 2018

    That's why phonetics is important, not just spelling, tone mark is also needed. Lemme try my half bucket... Koang3 koang2 kong4 kong1 kong4 kong3 koang3 koang2
  14. Leo22

    VES 2018

    Surprise that City is inside. Not sure other emission lah, but based on CO2 alone it qualified for the $5k rebate from the old scheme.
  15. Leo22

    VES 2018

    Not only Mobilio, just did a quick scan on Honda, Nissan and Toyota... City, Juke and Vios all no longer available from 2017 onwards. Haven't checked others. All because of the same reason?