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Found 102 results

  1. The Galaxy Fold, unveiled at a San Francisco event, serves as a smartphone with a 4.6-inch display and unfolds to become a tablet of 7.3 inches. SAN FRANCISCO: Seeking to rev up demand in the slumping smartphone market, Samsung on Wednesday (Feb 20) unveiled a folding handset, becoming the first major manufacturer to offer the feature. The South Korean giant also appeared to get the jump on rivals by announcing the first device for fifth-generation, or 5G wireless networks, one of four versions of its flagship smartphone, while stepping up its efforts in artificial intelligence and wearables. The Galaxy Fold, unveiled at a San Francisco event, serves as a smartphone with a 4.6-inch display and unfolds to become a tablet of 7.3 inches. "We are giving you a device that doesn't just define a new category, it defies category," said Samsung's Justin Denison at the event. The Fold will be available on Apr 26 starting at US$1,980, the company said. Samsung also announced its new Galaxy S10 handset, upgrading its current line of flagship handsets including one 5G device, getting a jump on rivals expected to make similar announcements at next week's Mobile World Congress. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/samsung-launches-folding-smartphone-galaxy-fold-first-5g-11269918 https://edition.cnn.com/videos/business/2019/02/20/samsung-galaxy-fold-phone-orig.cnn-business https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/20/samsung-is-making-the-same-mistakes-as-apple-did-with-its-new-phones.html https://www.straitstimes.com/tech/smartphones/samsung-unveils-folding-phone-with-galaxy-fold
  2. Zoner

    LG/Samsung/Sony TVs

    Looking at these 3 models: 1)LG scarlet 42LG60FR. Quoted by HN 2599.(free dvd player). Quoted by another shop 2388(no free gift) 2)Samsung LN40A650. quoted by HN 3339. (free HT). Quoted by another shop 3339. (Same free gift). 3)Sony Bravia KLV40W400A. Quoted by HN 3099(no free gift). Quoted by another shop 2888(no free gift) Questions: a)Any difference between soft/hard panels. HN staff says that 2nd and 3rd option are of soft panel. Option 1 is hard panel. Any pros/cons of soft? b)Is the above three of reasonable price or still ex? Lastly, am targeting the LG for now...open to all views.... Thanks for reading
  3. zipping

    Android Phones

    https://www.techspot.com/news/72685-samsung-confirms-galaxy-s9-debut-mobile-world-congress.html Samsung confirms Galaxy S9 will debut at Mobile World Congress next month Not CES, as some predicted By Rob Thubron on Jan 10, 2018, 10:33 AM When Samsung certified its Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus handsets with the FCC last month, it was suggested that the phones would be unveiled at Spain’s Mobile World Congress rather than CES, which ends on Friday. Now, the Korean firm’s mobile boss has confirmed this: the devices will be debuted at Barcelona and not Las Vegas. DJ Koh confirmed the news to ZDNet at CES, though he never gave a specific date for the launch event. Mobile World Congress runs from February 26th to March 1, but some companies hold press conferences on the weekend before the conference starts. Last March, Samsung decided to hold a dedicated Unpacked event in New York to reveal the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, with the devices going on sale in April. As the timelines seem to have been put back a month for 2018, it's likely that sales of the S9 and S9 Plus will begin in March this year, the same month the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (also unveiled at MWC) launched in 2016. Koh said the release dates for the new handsets would be announced next month. The mobile boss also spoke about Samsung's foldable phone, confirming that the company plans to launch the device sometime next year. He added that the UX was proving the biggest obstacle in commercialization, but hoped that production would start in late 2018. Additionally, Koh said a new version of Samsung’s AI would be launched this year. Bixby 2.0 will be here sometime in the next twelve months and will be supported on all Samsung devices, which presumably includes the likes of TVs and laptops, by 2020.
  4. Vratenza

    Samsung Galaxy S10 (10e/10/10+)

    Seem like Samsung Fold is over shadowing the S10 launch. They should have launched the fold 2-3month from the S10 launch. Anyone preordering the S10? Comes with dual wireless charger stand and wireless ear buds for preorders. Wondering if I should upgrade to S10+ from my S9+. The cool thing about it....figuratively and literally is the vapour chamber cooling system. I have used my S9+ as my main shooter recently for a whole day out at Angkor Wat on a blumming hot day. After a while, the phone over heated and can no longer shoot any pictures. Had to let it cool down before I can do any more shooting. Otherwise S9+ is fast, takes decently nice pics. With the new PIE firmware upgrade.. The scene colour correction function bumps up the photos taken quite notch.
  5. Vratenza

    Samsung Note 10/10 Plus

    https://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/galaxy-note10/specs/ Looks like a good all rounder with very respectable camera performance despite camera specs that seem alittle underwhelming on paper. https://www.dxomark.com/samsung-galaxy-note-10-5g-camera-review/ Anyone upgrading or pre-ordering?
  6. NightWind

    OLED TV - UHD vs FHD

    Hi saw many show rooms dropping prices on the old LG 55" Oled ; 55EA970T. This is the FHD 1080p version. Has anyone seen UHD Oleds in our stores yet? They don't seem to be in local stores yet although they are available in some countries? See; http://www.lg.com/us/oled-tvs And when they do hit our stores here I expect the price for the smaller 55" UHD Oleds to probably exceed $4,500? Although the current local crop of LG Oleds is only 1080p I think the picture quality and contrast more than makes up for any relative deficiencies if these were compared to a UHD LCD. And can the naked eye also see any real difference between a UHD Oled and a FHD Oled on a smaller 55" screen. If I was getting a 65" Oled, perhaps having it in UHD would be a must. But for a smaller 55" screen perhaps its a small deficiency that we can live with given the lower relative price? Hope the bros here can comment? Thanks
  7. Samsung and Huawei crush Apple's smartphone global market share It wasn't long ago that it looked like Apple would overtake Samsung to grab the biggest chunk of the global smartphone market. But now the company has been pushed into third place by Huawei. By Adrian Kingsley-Hughes for Hardware 2.0 | May 6, 2019 -- 07:32 GMT (15:32 GMT+08:00) It's funny how quickly things can change. Three months ago it seemed like Apple was on track to grab the global smartphone market share crown from Samsung, only to be shoved into third place by Chinese maker Huawei. What does this mean for Apple? Here's a chart that tracks the fight between Apple, Samsung, and Huawei over the past five quarters (courtesy of Bloomberg, based on IDC data): Well, on a totally business front, market share and revenue (and profits) are two separate things, and it might be foolish to focus too heavily on market share. Look at the dollars and cents, if we take the last quarter revenues and profits, it's clear that market share isn't everything. Samsung - Revenue: $44.7 billion | Profits: $5.3 billion Huawei - Revenue: $26.8 billion | Profits: $2.1 billion Apple - Revenue: $58 billion | Profits: $11.6 billion See how revenue and profits tell a different story. But this doesn't mean that Apple shouldn't be worried. The key to Apple's business is market share. The bigger and more robust market share it can create, the more loyal its customers are, and the more it can sell to them in terms of services and accessories that both help to drive profits and lock users deeper into the ecosystem. The more handsets Samsung and Huawei sell, the harder it becomes for Apple to expand its ecosystem. The companies may even be able to grab customers away from Apple – especially at the bottom end, where consumers are more sensitive to price – further eroding Apple's iOS ecosystem. Another thing to bear in mind is that the Huawei effect hits Apple at the core of a vulnerable market – China. Apple has been eyeing China for years now, seeing it as the perfect venue to cause a market explosion. But this effect hasn't materialized. And with increased pressure from the likes of Huawei, it now seems unlikely. And this could, in the longer term, become a much bigger problem, especially as iPhone sales are going soft all round. And if Huawei is right, and it is able to grab 50% of the smartphone market share in China, and take the global market share top spot away from Samsung by 2020, this could squeeze the iPhone even more. While it's never wise to try to predict the future in too much detail, it's hard to not come to the conclusion that Apple's woes are only just beginning, and that the company's focus on services and things like credit cards might be happening at just the right time.
  8. YEN96

    Phone data recovery

    Anybody advise how much costs usually to do data recovery for smart phone Samsung / apple.?? Phone died, not sure wat is the problem.
  9. Atrecord

    Samsung Note 9

    How come nobody mention Samsung Note 9, which has been opened for pre-order since i think last week? Heard some people say it's very good. Is it? S Pen got bluetooth function or something, but not sure what it can really do. http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/08/14/samsung-galaxy-note-9-review
  10. Kezg1

    My Samsung LCD TV.. repaired

    2 days back my 40" series 4 TV color faded quite badly...as it is only 4 years old, its a waste to sell to karang guni( probably can fetch $10 only). So made a few call to friends and in-laws if there is any lobang of TV repair man....Was given a number to call.(mr Ho, 62524555) Old unker came to my hse, saw the faded color..open up ..check here and there..toke out a PC board and said he needed to bring back and change a chip as he need to buy it at SL tower Next day came back and fixed up everything..ON the TV....and it goes ...cost $90 To me its worth it...and probably will last me another 3 or 4 years before I buy a new one Have a chart with him and understand that nowadays not many people will repair their TV once it is a few years old... So what I am harping here is ...if your TV kong-out and you wanted to know if it can be repair and safe some $.....do give him a tinker BTW...he not relate to me..just helping lah
  11. Jman888

    Samsung Galaxy S9

    I guess the improved feature is only on the camera.
  12. 2 sizes. a first for S series? a 5.8" and a 6.2 " Wonder what's the Note 8 going to be like then ... http://www.theverge.com/2017/3/29/15087530/samsung-galaxy-s8-announced-features-release-date-video-specifications
  13. zipping

    Samsung Washing Machine

  14. Hi Am looking at the above products. Please advise which is the better one and SHARP plasmacluster technology is superb but SAMSUNG not too sure??. Any users please feedback and thanking in advance for any valuable inputs. Thanks.
  15. Stratovarius

    Samsung Note 8

    Starting new thread for this. Test units Note 8 was released for media review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBoEQwPawrU&t=123s Against the essential phone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwjkcG7n8m4
  16. RadX

    VR, AR and 360 cameras

    Since I am venturing into this, and developing areas within the sector, any inputs on this? Looking at 360 cameras that are a supplement to VR and AR as well. Welcome all inputs. The new Kodak 360 cameras are pretty fascinating and neat. Gives a new perspective to adding that to a drone and then flying with great aerial footage
  17. RadX

    Samsung Note7

    Starting a thread here. Thinking of getting it as well. IRIS recognition....woooo...interesting
  18. Sammy_koh

    Samsung note 4

    Anybody used the fingerprint sensor. Dont seem to work even after scanning mulitple times. The phone just prompt me to enter password. Got a lemon or similar bros face the same problem
  19. By JONATHAN CHENG and EUN-YOUNG JEONG in Seoul and TRISHA THADANI in San Francisco Updated Oct. 10, 2016 3:33 a.m. ET10 COMMENTS Samsung Electronics Co. has temporarily halted production of its troubled Galaxy Note 7, according to a person familiar with the matter, the latest setback for the South Korean technology giant as it struggles to manage a recall of 2.5 million smartphones. The move comes after a spate of fresh reports of overheating and fires with phones that have been distributed to replace the original devices, which also had a risk of catching fire. In a statement Monday in Seoul, Samsung said that it was “temporarily adjusting the Galaxy Note 7 production schedule in order to take further steps to ensure quality and safety matters,” without elaborating. The production halt underscores the growing seriousness with which Samsung is dealing with its largest product recall to date. Last month, Samsung officials shrugged off reports of overheated batteries, calling the incidents “isolated cases” related to issues of mass production. In a separate statement a few days later, the company said in response to reports about abnormal battery charging levels in its replacement phones that “the issue does not pose a safety concern.” While Samsung hasn’t confirmed the latest reports of problems with its replacement phones, it said in a statement Sunday that it was working with authorities including the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to investigate the new incidents. http://www.wsj.com/articles/samsung-to-halt-galaxy-note-7-production-temporarily-1476064520
  20. Any feedback or reviews on where the deals are? ease of use? For me ApplPay is easy, fuss free and pay by the thumbprint recognition. Seamless Have yet to register my other android devices for the rest but welcome reviews.
  21. Sci10213

    Review of Samsung Galaxy S7

    Anyone who has bought it? Please share your feedback ... both positive or negative also can...
  22. Lala81

    Samsung S6/S6 edge

    I got this phone few weeks back. 64gb, gold color. no edge for me. too gimmicky. Have to say that this phone is really good. Touchwiz has been minimised (not completely) but good enough so that there's less lag. This camera is really good. And I'm comparing with my wife's Iphone 6. Same and maybe even better. Supported by DXOmark review of the S6 Edge (exact same phone except for the edge thingy) http://www.dxomark.com/Phones I really like this camera, darn it's good. Way way better than my old Z. And in auto mode, definitely better than the Z3 by a lot. Battery life is decent. No longer have removable battery/SD cards. Upside is that the phone is very nice to hold compared to comparable Z3 (which i originally wanted to get).
  23. Camrytron

    Samsung Galaxy Note 5

    Just changed to note 5 gold colour. Very swee but just notice got no hole for SD card 😢. Most of the things had transfer liao and now only left with watapps chat history. Can any expert teach me how to transfer the history over. Thanks q many many.
  24. For those who often venture in Malaysia, you might find a truck could that could show you the road ahead on a b-road particularly useful because it would be great to know when to overtake and when to stay put. So someone smart from Samsung installed a wireless camera at the front of a truck and connect it to a display at the back of it. The screen would then display an image of what is at ahead at the back of the truck. The system also works during the night thanks to a night vision sensor, which would come in handy whenever you find yourself driving on a country road with absolutely no artificial illumination in sight. We hope this simple and brilliant idea would be implemented soon because we believe this technology could really lessen the risk of a frontal collision by quite a bit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=68&v=ZetSRWchM4w
  25. Beaver

    Samsung Gear S

    Anyone bought it ? Good ? Can I load in songs and use it as a standalone mp3 player ? It has 4gb memory minus here and there....dunno can put in how many songs ? How about 3rd party app...can I add in ? Thanks