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Found 40 results

  1. Dear all, I am looking to extend the COE of my current car. After that, I intend to send it to a workshop to touch up minor paintwork chips and body dents to keep it looking fresh. Any workshops to recommend ?
  2. Precisely why one shouldn't dabble with crime in the first place... Like they say: Do the crime, pay the time. And if I may add further: Do the crime, pay the time & can't earn a dime . Having said that, society should accept those reformed ex-cons else they may go back to the old ways & the vicious cycle repeats once more. From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Online...ory_813927.html Give former minor offenders a chance Published on Jun 23, 2012
  3. Hi all bros, Was driving towards JB this morning. Many cars at the queue at Singapore side checkpoint. Accidently scraped the car next to me. We both come out from the car and took pictures of the light scratch on the paintwork and each plate number. After done that we both drives on without taking any personnel particular of each other. My concern is can the other party make claim on this and should I report to my insurance...just in case. Cheers...
  4. Hi everyone… Around one to two weeks ago, I’ve met an accident when I was driving towards to Jurong from Bukit Batok Road. So my accident occurred at a T-Junction where there are traffic lights and red light camera. As I was going straight as the green light favors me, I was driving forward and so when I approached the traffic light, suddenly a car from the right appeared into my direction and then we collided…the front of my car hit the side of her car, so after that I alighted and check whether is she OK or not, and she seems to be fine. Then I asked her to move our cars to the side without taking the picture of the scene (I totally forgot to take picture of the scene so I was at fault for not doing so. I only took pictures of her car plate number and the side of her car which is partly damaged)…. So after we moved our cars to the side, I asked her why did she turned when I was already proceeding straight. She told me that she did not see my car, and also she was rushing for time. I asked her whether is there green light arrow or not, she said that there isn’t but she thought there was no car approaching the traffic light so she made a right turn. However, I was afraid that when she was reporting to the insurance, she might twist the story and claim that it was my fault for hitting the side of her car. (As we do not have camera in our car to record to be our evidence and I don’t think there are any witness there) I have also received call from my dad that they are trying to sue against me for hitting her side of the car and trying to push the blame to me and claim that it is my fault. I am also afraid that she will claim that I beat the red lights but I still remember clearly that it was a green light, she has no green arrow and she turned right, and there are red light cameras. The black arrow indicate that it is my car while the red arrow shows that it is the other party's car. Will that be possible that I might lose my case? I am very worried, and will I get demerit points because of this accident? This is actually my first time getting into a car accident.
  5. Hi all, A friend of mine range me up just now and asked me to check in the forum for quick advice. His son (less than 21 years, less than 1 year driving license) rented a car without his notice and got into an accident. The car run into the car park railing and damaged the bumper. Now the Car rental company wanted the son to pay $1k for damages. According to the Son story, the steering wheel suddenly locked up when he was parking and then he knocked the railing. My friend is of the thought that how could a rental company rent a car to a minor (less than 21 with less than 1 year license) in the 1st place? Is this legal? This is the question that I can't answer him. I thought youngsters can learn driving so car rental company should be able to rent to them right? I actually advised him to go outside workshop to fix the problem and return back to the car rental company. This could be cheaper. I know there are many experts here, kindly advise me on this. Thank you very much. Regards,
  6. Kb27

    MH1438 minor explosion

    https://sg.news.yahoo.com/minor-explosion-engine-mas-flight-causes-panic-among-114621813.html Minor explosion on engine of MAS flight causes panic among passengersSmall sparks caused by an explosion on the left engine of Malaysia Airlines flight MH1438 while it was 20,000 feet off the ground, caused panic among passengers on board a flight bound for Langkawi today. A passenger with the user name Haswendy shared his experience and a picture of the plane engine on his Instagram page. He said the incident occurred 10 minutes before the plane touched down at the Langkawi International Airport. “I had a traumatic experience during our flight from KLIA to Langkawi just now. One of our flight MH1438 left engine had a light explosion that caused small sparks. Few of the passengers were startled and few were crying. “Alhamdulillah we landed safely,” said Haswendy, who was travelling with another friend. He said he was talking to his friend when he heard an explosion and saw sparks coming out from one of the engines while at the same time, the lights in the plane went off for a few seconds. He said passengers seated behind him were crying. The latest incident adds to the difficulty and pressure the airline has been having since MH370 bound for Beijing disappeared on March 8.
  7. hi guys first time got a minor accident aft 3 yrs driving, and it happened in JB near custom back to sg, so need some advice here. i was stuck in the jam, so really boring start to play a bit my hp, i applied my handbreak but maybe not firm enough, suey my car iching forward and front number plate had a contact with the front car bumper (sg car), it's at very slow speed and only a light touch, my number plate is those soft plastic one so no metal cotact. got off and checked the front car rear bumper with the driver and i can not see any mark there but the lady driver insist there's scraches , I still offered to pay her some money and settle on the spot but she refused, saying this car belong to her husband and she can't decided how much. so we took some photo and exchanged the particular and left, she said her husband will call me aft check. i was wondering what will happen next, can they claim a lot from me, searched some case in the forum and some ppl really know how to chop...so can those have experience give some advice here, 1. any difference for accidents happened in sg and JB 2. how much is the fair amount for such case to settle, i willing to pay her some $ as indeed i touched her car 3. if they claim high high on me or say want to change a new bumper, can they do that and what shall i do? 4. is it worth to let my insurance to settle this for me, or what is the best way to handle such case many tks bros
  8. Just a quick query on the parts that requires to be replaced as i'm still picking up being a new car owner. My ride is Honda Fit GE 08 and i've just hit the 40k mileage. Items at Major Servicing (40,000km interval) CVT Fluid (change) Engine Oil (change) Brake Fluid (topup) Spark Plug Radiator Coolant (Flush) Oil Filter Fuel Filter Air Filter Aircon Filter (if required) Brakepad (if wearing out) Items at Regular Servicing (10,000km interval) Engine Oil Brake fluid (topup if required) For tyres probably 1year or more depending on usage and wearing? Also for Timing chain any indicative replacement timeframe? Do share if any items i missed out that would need replacement at certain intervals.
  9. Expensive "abrasion"... From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...r_accident.html Posted on 16 Dec 2011 It's $7,000 to fix this damage after minor accident STOMPer Confuse was surprised to learn that $7,000 has been claimed from his insurance company to fix what seemed to be minor damages on a car he was involved in an accident with. Said the STOMPer: "This is the picture of the damage to a vehicle. "A third party company claimed $7,000 from my insurance company for the damage. "How can the claim be result to $7,000?"
  10. Want to see fellow MCFers advise. This morning was at a junction going straight, car stopped. The car behind me (Grey coloured Golf) wanna squeeze out of his lane to turn right. Some car horn him, so he half car out of lane while waiting for traffic to clear. Then when he finally turned, "bang".. his side mirror hit my side. Although only some minor scratches, but he just speed off. What should i do? just let it be? i got his car plate.
  11. When turning through a sharp bend to the left, my side skirt touched the curb, leaving a long paintscratch. Only to side skirt. Anyone have a recommendation for good service, good price paint workshop. Kindly PM me or reply post to this topic. Would appreciate it. Tried the search function but did not get a lot of good results. Thanks.
  12. Hi all, Im driving a Apr 06 1.8manual civic FD1. I went to do my 70k servicing at Spark Car Care at Braddell on 29mar tuesday. They said there's a minor leak at the bottom of my Crank Shaft Oil Seal & it will cost $214 & about 5-6 hrs to repair/replace. The service advisor say it usually happens when the car reaches around 100k or >100k is is fair or normal to charge $214 for Crank Shaft Oil Seal minor leak to repair/replace? Any cheaper & reliable workshop to repair/replace? tks for all your help
  13. hi guys juz encounter a minor accident. need ur advice again. kindly view e video from my car recorder here: The story goes like this: I was driving out from my carpark. When i checked left there's no car. the video also showed there's no car approaching from left when i reach the junction. i proceed to turn out slowly as there's a car n some pedestarians on my right so naturally i focus more on my right (i cant be watching my left while doing right turn right?) and as u can see e car appear from my left n i cant stopped in time n bang into him. would like to ask does major/minor road rule applies within carpark? cos there's not stop line on my side to state dat i'm minor or he major. although at junction he's going straight while i turning right. but do take note he was not there yet when i was turning out. it ends up his car in front as i was slow n he's fast. (i was slow as there r pedestrians on right) damage: his car - rear right rim scratched, fender n door dent in. now he wanna claim 100% liability on my side and wanted me to pay for one set of rims as we going settle private. but i still think there's some point of contest as it could been avoid if he din insist 'his right of way' as he could hv slow down seeing me alr turn out from my road. thus wanna confirm whether minor/major rule applies in carparks so i can negotiate with him a fairer compensation. cos if repair cost bcoms too high i will go claim insurance. one new set of 19 inch rim cost easily $1k+!! going by video evidence, is there a possibility it will be 50-50? i know going insurance is lose-lose as it's not a big repair, but if he want me to pay for all four rims dun think it's fair. even my previous accident when pple bang me n scratched my rear right rim, insurance also nv compensate full set. btw i'm not trying to shirk any responsiblity here but i dun to juz pay blindly thus bros kindly give adivce pls. thanks
  14. as per attached. first time car owner know nothing about car, need your views to decide whether go back that WS for future repairing.
  15. supposing while driving in heavy traffic you get rear ended by another car and the impact is minor but it still can be felt you come out of your vehicle to inspect and found no damage to his vehicle and minor paint chip on your rear bumper would you attempt to push your luck and claim for respray of the whole bumper? there IS paint chip afterall and most definitely it is the other party's fault for tailgating anyway. or would you just let it pass afterall the paint chip is minimal and probably a car polish might remove the chip also if you reply no claim, if you hit somebody else in the exact same scenario, do you think that others will push their luck and try to claim against you instead?
  16. Just bump a taxi's back with minor scratch on its bumper, want to settle privately, but taxi driver wants to claim rental, loss of income ++++ and change bumper too. I offered and offered but he keeps saying too low. Seems no end. If go report, I still have to pay excess and premium affected for next year, or should I give in to him even if he demanding more than $400?
  17. Just a minor accident. A Kangoo (I think its Kangoo or veh similar in shape to Kangoo) hit the back of a bus. Nothing serious, just the bumper of the bus is dented a little. The Kangoo looks fine though.
  18. Hi Guy, Just now accidently touch a car while reversing, leave a note to owner ask him call me and took 20 picture of "owner's car". In fact see no damage on both car and "Owner Car" was park at double yellow line anything I need to take not of? dun mind pay owner a small token just scare owner anyhow claim thus took 20 photo advise pls thanks
  19. Had a lunch yesterday with a Malaysian associate and he told me Malaysian don't treat cars like god like we do in Singapore. For minor accident like hitting bumper, usually if just superficial scratches, both parties will just walk away from the incident. If the problem is more serious, usually on the spot settlement is RM300 at most. A Singapore friend recently hit a rear bumper of a Malaysian car infront, slighly dent and scratch to the Myvi's rear bumper. The Malaysian driver made some noises but didn't persue with the matter. I think in Singapore, even for minor accidents, you will see drivers dispute until like want to kill each other . Perhaps this is why our insurance premium is high and getting higher . Regards,
  20. got some scratches on my new rims while parking too near to roadside kerb today ...can advise how to remove them? tia
  21. hello MCF brothers. Need some advice.. met a minor accident yesterday and have query to ask.. was traveling on expressway and a front vehicle suddenly did a hard braking. so i did a "hard braking" to prevent hitting the front vehicle and caused a bike behind me to did a jam brake BUT he didn't hit my rear. The moment he jams brake, he fall off his bike. And now his bike is slightly with scratches but every component is still working as normal.. is there any case against me for the bike driver behind me? And secondly, i need to change my Front carplate(OPC). Do LTA make a new license plate or other workshop? and how much will it cost for everything?
  22. Any PC expert can advice - pm me pls
  23. Hi all, I was involved in a minor accident just now which I would like to ask for your advice my car was bumped by a WRX from rear right at the Woodlands checkpoint on the way to JB, which its left front bumper scratched the rear right bumper of my car. It is not very serious but left 2 scratches on my car rear bumper. I was quite upset initially and had an arguement with the driver. However we agreed not to make any police report and not to pursue further later on after some talk and just exchanged phone number and name and left. But now I am thinking whether should I make a police/insurance report to protect myself as I am not sure what would happen if the driver changed his mind and log a report to police or his insurance company. Appreciate if you can provide some advice.. Thanks a lot...
  24. Hi Bro, Anyone has any experience in an minor accident with no dent? I was the one that knock someone's back in very slow speed of less than 10km/h. I went down to check and touch the other party's rear bumper and there's no dent. Also take picture (but at night so cant see very clearly, sigh) as proof. The other party being a new car, wanted to bring down car to authorised workshop to inspect it. Would like to know what the damage $$$ even if authorised workshop inspect it?
  25. during lunchtime today, i saw a red altis, while parking head in, crashed into a benz with a pretty loud sound... the altis quickly drove away, leaving the benz with bad scratches and damaged clips of its front bumper, slightly dislodged. i rem the number plate of the altis and went for the lunch, thinking maybe the altis owner will leave a note on the benz... after lunch, i went back to the carpark but there was nothing on the benz (well, shd be normal right)... so i was pondering for 10 min between being a kaypoh or to mind my own business... in the end, i left a note on the benz to inform him the number plate of the altis and my contact number, offered to be a witness if the owner needs help... if you were me, what will u do? i'm just hoping next time if i kena this kinda sh|t, someone will help me too... heh