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Found 56 results

  1. Ender

    Superb level of 骗吃

    骗吃 in front of TV and her boss doesn't know. http://www.asiaone.com/world/us-woman-pretends-be-sign-language-interpreter-police-press-conference
  2. Samwng

    No entry sign

    Hi all, I've forget what is following road sign means, can someone explain here Single Z line on the road shoulder side means... Thanks
  3. Little_prince

    My fruit seller Chinese sibei powderful

    Took me quite a while to get it hahahaha In case you guys wondering. The stall is in Jurong west. Lol
  4. https://www.flickr.com/photos/46688094@N04/4798959812/ Kiwis are very kwai-kwai drivers. If only we merged like this, too.
  5. New_Atlantis

    How Much to Sign 1206 for a tank?

    Some joker abandoned a loaded tank! another joker found the red button!
  6. Anyone notice the traffic sign at the feeder bus stop at Parkway Parade? is it no parking or no waiting or duno.... urgently need help from bro here....
  7. You know, asking for directions is inevitable if you are driving around a place you aren't that familiar with. Unfortunately, doing it over and over again may somehow become quite an annoyance and it'll feel tiring, too. This is probably why street signs were built in the first place. However, street signs are not always easy to read, especially if you are driving at night. In order to see what is written on a street sign at night, it is often the case that drivers have to slow down their car or even pull over and take a close look at the sign. Nevertheless, thanks to the evolution of digital technologies these days, drivers may no longer have to deal with such cases as mentioned earlier. This is especially true if the countries in the world finally start using 'Points'. It's a digital street sign developed by Breakfast Products. It took the company no less than three years to be able to build such an impressive device. Yet, the result is, well, quite impressive indeed if the sign works just as it's advertised. 'Points' has a pole that is about as tall as a human being where it displays a five-segment interface menu. This menu is continuously updated by utilising an internet connection. This digital street sign fetches data from a number of onboard sensors in addition to social networks such as Foursquare, Twitter, and even RSS feeds, among others. Then, based on the data, 'Points' will display information on its three directional arms. Seeing the directional arms in motion, I believe some of you may wonder if the electrical wires inside them will be tangled. Well, as Breakfast Products takes advantage of rotary electrical interfaces and micro transmissions (consisting of 11 gears as well as multiple motors), tangled wires are really nothing to worry about in the case of 'Points'. As a matter of fact, the arms can swing smoothly up to 360 degrees regardless of how bad the temperature or weather may be at any given time. Additionally, this digital street sign also uses a processor which can remain cool most of the time, preventing the power from being drained quickly. Oh yeah, did I mention that 'Points' is mostly made of aluminium? Aluminium is chosen for the sake of durability and strength in a diverse set of environments. Earlier, I mentioned that drivers would possibly no longer have to slow down or pull over to read street signs, didn't I? Well, this is very possible because 'Points' utilises over 16,000 ultra-efficient and super bright LEDs. So, even during the night, you'll be able to clearly see what's displayed on this particular digital street sign. Although 'Points' is made in America, hopefully it makes its way here to Singapore as well.
  8. RadX

    Sign of The TIMES?

    Got a pleasant surprise today. Normally pick up free TODAY n Business Times fr security counter, as the give free every morning.... However, today realised another pile there, and it was the ST TIMES they giving FREE! Hmmmmm, cannot be excess, nor could it be goodwill.....so what gives? I believe readership is on to a all time low, and thus, these could be salvaging their repute. what say u? for the record, i pick it up to see the orbituary oni, to see if they spell correctly [laugh]
  9. It is possible to install such sign in Singapore? Sometimes just want to show "thank you" and "Sorry" to the car behind. Cos sometime at night wave thank you the car behind cannot see. The switch button is wireless seems very good. No messy wire.
  10. Spurman

    Spurs should sign Vidic

    Retired midfielder Paul Scholols believes Wayne Rooney would be a fantastic addition to Tottenham Hotspur. Daniel Levy this week hinted that Sir Harry Redknapp is still hoping to bring one more player to the club this summer. Top of his wish-list is believed to be a striker following the poor form of Spurs Crouch, Teck-Foe and Pav. Names that regularly been touted are that of Inter Milan's Eto or former Arsenal's Adebayor, but Schools says Rooney would be a better bet. "The ones who have been linked all look like they are capable of playing for Spurs," he told the Manchester Evening News. "[They] are all great top players. Of the three Rooney, when we've played against him during training, has been the one I have been most impressed with. "Whenever we played Manure in training, he was the one who stood out." The future of Roonmey continues to remain uncertain, with Liverpool already having two bids for the England international rejected by Man Utd who say they don't want to sell. That's despite the player stating he wants to move to the Liverpool stadium and handing in a transfer request.
  11. Leeke1

    Sign of economy downturn

    any company out there start force leave? or cut OT? or retrenchment? i am from semincon industry heard that fab start to force leave from next month onward...warm shutdown...
  12. From Yahoo!Newsroom, In yet another worrying sign that Singapore is fraying at the edges, an elderly retiree was left with a fractured eye socket after a parking scuffle at Serangoon Gardens turned ugly. Retired businessman Goh Poh Ket, 65, claimed he was punched and assaulted by a man and his two sons after he parked his car outside their home along Jalan Chulek, reported The Straits Times. What began as a shouting match between all four ended up in Goh being viciously hit by a remote control, a plastic bottle and a sock filled with a hard substance, no less. Madam Lee, a resident and housewife in her 50s, told the paper, "Their sons even said, 'old man still want to fight with us,' and I told them to make sure they don't grow old." All four men in the ugly brawl have since been arrested by police. Frustration, anger, rage, incivility -- increasingly, these are the ugly emotions bubbling forth, online and offline, as an increasingly fractious Singapore copes with its burgeoning 5.1 million population. The current Singapore Kindness Movement campaign to inculcate social graces among all living on this island is proving to be an uphill battle. Just last month, a spat caught on video between a young lady and an auntie -- both Singaporean -- over an MRT seat went viral. A few days later, two uncles were caught on tape again in a vicious public brawl on a bus. Is this the kind of Singapore we want our kids to grow up in? Latest statistics from SBS Transit revealed that disputes between passengers on SBS buses have risen by 68 per cent in the last two years. In a thought-provoking opinion piece back in May, Straits Times editor Warren Fernandez challenged the government and public policy-makers to come out and say just how many people it thought can live on this island. 6.5 million? Or how about 8 million? And he is right. Because no matter how many open spaces or sprawling "green gardens" you plant, Singapore will always be limited by its size. Build and reclaim all you want, but that fact cannot be changed. Singapore's infrastructure -- roads, public and private housing, public transport, education system -- is already straining under the current load. Just how many more people can we afford to have cramped into this island? Add to that the growing divide between the haves and the have-nots, and I fear for Singapore. For unless a solution is found quickly and our course altered, this little red dot is going to be an uglier, nastier place in time to come. Regards,
  13. As long as these canines are on leash, it is alright to bring them to parks or beaches right? Have seen local-looking folks unleashing their pedigree dogs big and small along East Coast Parkway beaches so not really fair to paint the foreigners in a bad light here. Then again really a nuisance to encounter the unleashed doggies running around especially when you are jogging or cycling and some breeds like German Shepards seem to a real menace to other park users though I have never heard of one injuring anyone... From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...for_a_walk.html Posted on 24 Jun 2012 Foreign family ignores sign at reservoir park and takes big dog for a walk STOMPer Merlion Wayfarer encountered some inconsiderate park users at the Lower Peirce Reservoir. They were noisy, rollerblading and had a big dog in tow. According to the sign at the entrance, dogs are not allowed. Said the STOMPer: "Inconsiderate park users who can't read signs. "I met some inconsiderate park users today at the Lower Peirce Reservoir. "The most noisy was this foreign family with four kids. "Two of them bladed all the way from the park entrance to reservoir, while the other two bawled very loudly that you could hear them from the other side of the boardwalk across the reservoir. "The parents were talking loudly to control the kids. "They even had a huge dog which took up half the boardwalk's width in tow. "The weird thing is that obvious signs were placed at the entrances of the boardwalk at both sides, and they chose to ignore them."
  14. I always see "Do not tailgate" sign along our E-ways.... but where is the "Do not hog the road" sign??? Does that means road hogging is acceptable ??
  15. RadX

    Even Cloud got dirty sign

    Caught this when i was bumming arnd. Even cloud can have such a notti sign.....
  16. SimonTan

    Hand Sign for LKY?

    Managed to catch a glimpse of the news on TV today 27th April 2012. I thought I saw a hand gesture to indicate LeeKwanYew. I could be wrong. Anyone knows what is the hand sign?
  17. Hi all, wish to consult you guys on one matter, to cut a long story short. my !@#@!$ wife went to some kinda free facial trial, (didn't do in the end) then sweet talk, sweet talk sign this $2800 plan. i OT, so she went alone, if not i definately will not allow her to make such a hasty decision. Its not exactly malicious or bad-apple company, but due to certain medical condition, i think i should bring the leaflets of chemicals compounds used to my doctor to let him see if the facial chemicals might/will/should complicate existing conditions. and of cos, the sales person say, "can one, no problem one." whoever did sale b4 will know the convince-confuse-con rule. (sorry to sterotype) angry for 1) make decision never consult me (although she never say i pay) 2) make decision never research or think when there is existing medical reasons to be concerned 3) sales person to make a sale, might/might not lie but i do not want my wife to put herself to test if the products are ok. Called the Credit Card company last night cannot cancel/reverse/block. the most they can do is to "note" in their system. Will call the facial company to not process the trade, refund/reverse, although i think they won't but i will kpkb until they do it. Objective: a) get the reversal of CC charges b) bring the list of chemicals to my doctor to verify and if doc say ok, we will go back to the facial company, since wife think the facial is super good and very impt to do, don't do will die. Note: due to the medical condition, even the free trial was not administered, but instead sales person immediately move on to sell plan. Advice: what else do i need to do? Very (Dulan + concerned) worried man
  18. I've a 7" DVD player in my car, and it has worked very well so far. One thing I noticed just these 2-3 days when I was driving is that the screen will occasionally slightly dim, then go back to the original brightness. Is this a sign that the car battery is failing? My present car battery has been in used for about 14 months. No problems with starting the car in the morning as well.
  19. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/singaporesc...-072717821.html The Ministry of Manpower will be issuing a warning to an employment agency that advertised vacancies only for permanent residents and employment pass holders, said Minister of State for National Development and Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin. Writing on his Facebook page, Brigadier-General (NS) Tan said he received information about this recruitment agency through someone who wrote in to him online. Said BG (NS) Tan, "We have had a 'chat' with the recruitment agency and they have immediately remedied the discriminatory practice." In his post, he also reminded employers and recruiters not to lose sight of "the need for fair play when it comes to hiring and the need to hire on merit." "We also recognise that building progressive and fair workplaces that seek to engage local workers will attract more locals to join them," he added. According to TODAYonline, a check on BG (NS) Tan's Facebook page showed that a netizen had alerted him to a recruitment advertisement from Antal International last Thursday. In his latest note, BG (NS) Tan also highlighted that a few key themes remain, including "too many FTs (foreign talents) and FWs (foreign workers), fairness and opportunities for our own Singaporeans, bringing in the right FTs, more information-sharing, challenges faced by local employers." He added that the ministry was aware of the need to "tighten foreign workforce inflow", which they have already done so, and that they will continue to keep a close watch on how these measures work.
  20. Ticklish8


    LONDON, Oct 22, 2010 (AFP) - Wayne Rooney performed a shock u-turn Friday by signing a new five-year contract with Manchester United just days after appearing to be on his way out of Old Trafford. Rooney had rocked United on Wednesday by revealing that he wanted to leave the Premier League club because they no longer had enough ambition to compete for major honours. However United reopened talks with Rooney
  21. any bro can help? netbook not charging the bat. this happen afew days back, change the fuse, and it was ok for a while, than not charging again, could it be some wire loosen somewhere? Any IT hardware guru can help me with some tips? Thank you.
  22. Any experience driver realise that the sign "slow moving vehicle keep left unless overtaking" used to be on our expressway are all gone? So no more such sign and TP cant use it to summon us for road hogging? I think they need to put up this sign again to remind all those road hogger out there.
  23. What do you normally do when you see car in front display the 'baby in car' sign? i observe 2 extremes a) keep more distance from the car, no horning, give way..... b) overtake, horn.. since got baby inside, he dun dare to speed, play, horn.