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  1. Cook1234

    David yuen > 100m ppties yield 400kpm real? Read...

    can people make living from forex?
  2. Sorry, my earlier post i typed 400M PM which is rather impossible. this guy advertised every sunday boasting to own 100 ppties with rental of 400kpm, and boasts to be able to teach people the tricks of ppty investment? Another post says can own ppties and get immediate cash with no money downpayment???? possible??? Is the really real? if hoax, Shouldn't the straits times ban people from misleading the public?
  3. Cook1234

    R those pple who claim to own properties+++ real?

    CORRECTION: 400KPM instead of 400MPM. Sorry!!!
  4. Cook1234

    Is MF Global worth buying now?

    as in any stock, for me, i would first check on the company's fundamentals and earnings for the past 5 years, as well as any future potentials and decide accordingly. if too risky, better not.
  5. recently an article caught my attention. this man by the name of "David Yuen" who advertised frequently in the newspapers advising people to follow his lucurative footsteps. he is said to own more than 100 properties generating 400m in rental each month. are these people really real? or just waiting to be uncovered like "Clement Chiang" who was a self professed options trading expert and then turned out to be false? does anyone have any real life experience to share?
  6. i agree. people are all different. some people can afford to buy and hold. otherwise just want to have fast buck. etc...
  7. can any normal workshop diagnose which is which and rectify it? or must go back to borneo?
  8. u guys seem to be monitoring market regularly and trading frequently. mind if i ask, overall u make money?
  9. any experts out there who can help me address this issue. i drive a 8year old lexus, mileage 113k. regularly serviced at 10k intervals. occasionally i get this engine malfunction yellow light on and jerky gear shifts, especially at low speeds. this seems to disappear after driving for a while. This issue has been happening for the past 6month-1year already. car is otherwise ok. 1) if i take it to the service workshop and this problem doesn't happen then, can those guys diagnose the problem? 2) if it is a serious fault, by now car would have broken down already rite? can any experts advise me?? many thanks
  10. after the recent death of a ceo, the inquiry is still on. everyday the case is being updated as more evidence is revealed. will anyone still consider liposuction as means to reduce body fat? or why dun just exercise the good old way to good health? anyone any views?
  11. do all SUV handle floods the same? what about sedans and sports cars? is it true that flood means disaster for such cars? with the freq rains in s'pore, does anyone have any views?
  12. yeah man....maybe u strike it big liao...
  13. wow..u make money in hartawan liao
  14. wow..how many lots u holding on to hartawan?
  15. Cook1234

    Xc90 truly is solid as rock!

    was going home along ECP yesterday when accident occurred at lane 1-fastest lane. 3 vehicle involved. first in front was a benz viano- stopped a distance in front of the xc90-looked normal. 2nd was xc90- back appeared undamaged!!! And 3rd, just at the xc90 backside was a honda stream-the front almost all smashed in!!! wow, just the honda's luck to ram into a volvo.