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  1. Jerrcik

    2016 Kia Sportage

    Can it do offroad? If so.....hmmm
  2. Jerrcik

    Buying a Pickup Truck / SUV . (Need advice)

    Just for your info Not all double cabs can registered S plate. In Singapore, the criteria's for registration of a pickup truck into S plate is very vague. Anyway, all pick up trucks can be registered as S plate except SsangYong (I ask before liao and check with LTA and I have no idea why). You need to top up at least $45,000.00.
  3. Jerrcik

    Buying a Pickup Truck / SUV . (Need advice)

    Buying a double cab pick up in Singapore is one of the stupidest thing to do. You are practically paying a CAT A/B price for a commercial vehicle which cannot go above 70km/hr legally, cannot go into Malaysia (unless you got Malaysia company, etc) Even it is for local usage, it is still nt worth it based on the price. I talking about brand new units for pickup. A L200 will set up back $138,500.00 while a Hilux will be $145,000.00. Ford has stop bringing in their 3.0 ranger. If so, it will costs around $144,000.00. The cheapest in the market would be SsangYong. Reliable, cheap and has the most flexible finance plan. Can even give 10 yr loan. But high interest. Sad thing is that Mazda BT-50 is not available and cannot indent. L200 and SsangYong sports are available with stocks. SsangYong sports is a fwd (AWD is indent basis) for your info and it comes with quite a bit of accessories. I did a review on it. Check it out at the NEW cars section. If it is solely for work and local transport, a 10ft lorry will do the job much better. If you have a family and yet still need a vehicle to transport materials, go get a Nissan Cabstar or Isuzu NHR 10ft double cab lorry. Let me inform you on the price 1) Nissan Cabstar double cab 10ft Indent basis $121,000.00 (AD) / $118,500.00 (Parallel Import) 2) Isuzu NHR double cab 10ft (Need VPC) Stock available $122,000.00 (Triangle Auto)
  4. Jerrcik

    Opinions On Used Euro Van

    Why wun get a hiace or NV350? I am getting a NV350....reliable, easily available parts and every mechanic basic training tool. Btw, i used to do vanning.....lol, back to one again...haha
  5. Jerrcik

    Perodua debuts the Axia, its Viva replacment

    But much more reliable than Volkswagen and Alfa Romeo wor That sucks to know
  6. Sometimes, The babaric ways of punishment brings in more positive results that those "sane" types. Robbery / Theft - Cut off master hand Cheating people money - Cut off tongue and ears Rape - Manual castration Battery assault and violence of Singaporeans - Put inside GRC and be awarded citizenship The best would be a display of such punishment and show the public. You can almost guaranteed a low low low crime record.
  7. I wonder, since you guys wish to have so many restriction on commericial vehicles, how about enforcing a speed limiter in all sedans, SUVs, luxuries cars? Y only commerical? Why? Cars dun cause any accidents? Btw, i am a rider and a daily driver on my SUV and lorry.
  8. Jerrcik

    130 hp power limit for Cat A too complex to implement

    So many people had given great and feasible ideas to this COE system. No doubt COE is necessary as our island is small but the way LTA runs it, it is as if that they employ kindergarten kids to to run the system. Then again, do the LTA guys know anything about cars?
  9. Jerrcik

    The BMW i8's three-cylinder sounds like a ferocious demon

    For the rich, only the rich
  10. Jerrcik

    Sharing of Good Jokes

    CPF money not entirely your money because interest is paid by the government.
  11. Jerrcik

    Cheap Cheap car ai mai?

    Least MIC cars better reliability than Volkswagen
  12. The thing is that it must, i say again, it MUST not be in the aspect where a LOCAL Singaporean gets threatened. There is a god damn reason that we hold PINK ic. We are never talking about scaffolding erectors, construction workers, shipyard workers, riggers, etc. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT MID MANAGEMENT FTs. Why do we need them to take a job where a local can do? Benefit to Singapore economy, but is the benefits passed down to the locals? Or into the corrupted pockets of the PAP dogs?
  13. Jerrcik

    What happen to Mitsubishi?

    IMO, the best Mitsubishi auto-mobile would be their Fighter Class. Their 2014 10ft truck is super super powerful.
  14. Jerrcik

    Kia Cerato 2013

    It is more important who is the driver. If your wife is the driver, please get a hummer. If you are the driver, please go in accordance to your preference, Dun let a woman make a choice on auto mobile. They know shit.