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Found 22 results

  1. https://www.autoblog.com/2017/11/22/boschs-new-brakes-tungsten-coated-last-longer-keep-wheels-clean-reduce-emissions/ Bosch has announced its new iDisc tungsten-coated brakes, which will reduce brake dust up to 90 percent compared to what's currently on the road. Rotors will last about twice as long, and wheels won't get as dirty, something particularly prevalent on European cars. Bosch says that braking performance is roughly the same as a carbon ceramic rotor in terms of stopping power and brake fade. These rotors won't rust, either.
  2. Surf2004

    Change Disc Rotors

    Hi, my steering wheel vibrates when I brake at 100km/hr. Likely warped disc rotors though less than 2 yrs old. My brake pads are 60% used. Should I change brake pads when I change disc rotors ?
  3. What brake pad can I change to on a 05 or 06 Vios. Left two yeas left but need to change coz I tried the car recently and the stopping is terrible. Will not vbe doing braided hose as that would be too much effort. Fluid have been changed a few times. I am suspecting brake pads, I have sprayed brake cleaner with no improvement. What pads can I buy? I hope to get some better pads and brake dust or rotor wear is fine.
  4. I find that my car brake is not very sensitive. My car workshop advise me to change the brake pad and also to skim the rotors. I was told that the time to change the brake pad will be when the brake give out a hissing sound when you pressed on the brake. This is because there is a inbuilt strip within the brake pad which will make a hissing sound when it had been worn down to a certain thickness. Otherwise, it is not necessary to change. Is this true? Some people also claimed that we should never skim the rotors. May i know the reason why? My workshop claim that by skimming the rotors, it make the rotors more even, resulting in better grip when the brake pad pressed on the rotors. Is this true?
  5. Hi my brother is driving a 1.3L swift zc11, where can he get brake kits and others for his car, he complains car brake cant bite too well. TIA
  6. Which one will you choose? paint ur calipers? - did it before, now and then re-coat till paint too thick. not easy to clean cause brake dust like to stick deep into the high temp paint... brake covers? - plus point cleaning is so much easier! but many say calipers cant breath... silicon might fall off... made in china ones might melt... screw or rivet might damage or weaken calipers... worse is tat cover so big disc so small look funny... like poser... wat u think? upgrade disc to slotted or drilled - logically better performance? but daily stop go traffic in SG my friends use say pads finish faster... hmmmm... true? upgrade disc and rotors - unless you get ENDLESS or SPOON or Brembo or a good brand (means very expensive) cheaper one i have heard stories of excessive pad wear, leak, loose, not a perfect fit etc... haiz... So i thought, just spray a nice coat of high temp paint... then it wont look like poser / fake... BUT then i saw this shop in JB had this endless brake cover and my it looked good... really having 2nd thoughts now... i checked on the net (cgi.ebay.com.sg/RED-ENDLESS-Caliper-cover-kit)...and found out thailand does soooooo many types... think i might... just might.. maybe will try the brake covers... anyone knows where to get in SG? the latest endless types...
  7. Hi bros I got a qns here..when do we normally need to replace the brakes rotors ? Currently reaching to 40K mileage, I change e pads to mintex which i think i wears the rotor out faster than the stock pads. Can feel many grooves when i run my fingernails over the rotors..so I was wondering if there is any rule of thumb like to change rotors during 80K servicing or so etc...any kind bros can give me some advice ? I
  8. Icetrap

    300mm 4x100 rotors

    I'm currently on VTTr 6 pot mini 100mm rotors. anyone can recommend me any rotors? thinking of trying something else.
  9. Trusty


    if rotors warp, is it possible to just get the replacement disc and the problem is solved? referring to 2piece rotors is there a possibility that pads will warp too? need to change together?
  10. Anyone knows where to get these replaced? 330mm slotted discs + brake pads? Unable to buy online...they don't ship to spore. Thanks.
  11. Hi Bros, I am due to change my brake rotors. Based on the same dimension of the brake rotors, which is lighter - slotted or stock (solid) ? Please enlighten me. Regards, Kent
  12. hi need help for my friend looking for aftermarket slotted rotors for his 5-year old odyssey. goal is to change rotors and pads and brake lines, but retain calipers.
  13. Typoerror

    Where to skim my rotors

    time to skim my rotors. any recommendations?
  14. On my last 60k servicing, the mech recomend me to change the brake rotors by the next svc interval. says there is uneven wear and some grooves appearing that will compromise brake ability. Any one has some concrete ways to verify that. My brakes work fine so far, the occasional 'e-brake' to avoid crazy drivers. so far so good. How do I tell the mech is not trying to wrangle me of unnecessary changes? Seems common on conti cars, my jap car experiences do not have such requirements till like 120k inputs appriciated. ps: no more warranty, is a rather low mileage car :)
  15. Refer to Attatched: 4pcs of Project ų Performence Rotors for front and rear disc upgrades. Condition: used for about 1 month. Suitable for: Front and rear: Toyota: AE101/111/EP82GT upgraded brakes, Honda EG/EKs, Mitsubishi/Proton CB/CK with 4 x 100 PCD Front Overall Diameter: 262mm Rear Overall Diameter: 242mm Sincere offers only drop me a pm. Thanks!
  16. any field reports...wonder if should dump my brembos
  17. Anyone has any experience on Hawk HPS pads? And is there any dealers for Powerslot rotors locally? Thanks
  18. Sparcoray

    Exzess Rotors

    Anyone tried Exzess rotors before? Worth $300++ for this? Can advice whether they have 276MM size: http://www.unicar-k.co.jp/exzess.html anyone can advice me....
  19. Looking for a few Liana owners (so shipping will be cheaper) who want to improve the braking system of their car. Found a contact in US who can ship to us. Price about US90 per rotor - US$180 for a front pair. Shipping - TBD (shd be ard US$50) Rotors are from Switzerland - www.bremsa.ch I have forwrded them the specs i got from CM and it matches Enclose is a pic of the rotors check out the difference at
  20. Huggable

    Drilled rotors?

    Thinking it's safe to drill your disc brake rotors? Mechanic assured that it won't crack? This Kia lover got his front rotors drilled, and the disc cracked! Evidence follows...
  21. Cool

    BRake ROtors

    All, Does changing to Bigger Brake Rotor but still maintaining the old brake calipers gives better performance ??
  22. Seven11

    Brake rotors

    Was told that keeping my foot firm on the brake when the car has stopped will cause the rotor to heat up and eventually cause the rotor to warp! I thought that was quite an exaggerated statement, even though it does make sense. Anyone here can comment whethet that is bs?