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Found 333 results

  1. About Sin Heng Long Motor Works Ask any business and they will tell you the best testimonial is a returning customer. Year after year, we at Sin Heng Long Motor Works have kept generations coming back. Since 1979, we have adapted our services to suit each customer’s car spray painting needs. It is how we have grown to know their preferences, and why they remember and entrust their cars to us. the quality of our work is clearly reflected by the increasing popularity of our services such as the car spray painting or the car accident repair. Spray Painting Sin Heng Long Motor Work has been dedicated to providing paint customisation, smooth & responsive workshop experience, consistent result, satisfying delivery & warranty assurance for all spray painting work. We believe in delivering a proper work that’s comparable to original paint with our stringent QC. Furthermore, we strive to keep the downtime to the minimum by carefully schedule all works, so we only take advance bookings for spray painting work. Hyundai Genesis full color change! Customized Matt Cyan for this family used Toyota Estima. Respraying Ferrari Rosso Scuderia Red on this Lovely Porsche Cayman. Satin Grey for this beautiful Aston Martin! A color that is never out of date! Color Change from Brown to Pearl White for this BMW X5. Accident Repair & Respray We carry all brands' genuine spare parts in the event you need to replace them due to accident. Our professional panel beaters will restore the chassis and adjustment back to their stock condition, ensuring your precise ride performs just as good as before. Our professional spray painters will restore the cosmetic to as if the accident did not occur. Materials used are quality materials from Netherlands, matching the quality of car manufacturing factory. 1 year warranty on parts and workmanship for all accident repairs. Before Repair After Repair 5032 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #01-305, Singapore 569535 (Workshop) 5030 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #01-199, Singapore 569533 (Office & Workshop) Payment by Cash / Nets / Paynow / PayLah! Other Services Provide • Car servicing & maintenance • Leather Upholstery • Buying & Selling of cars • Motor Insurance renewal • Tyre & battery replacement • Car accessories • Car scraping & exporting Call or Whatsapp us at 90681801 (Ian Chan) or 96487310 (Sam Chan) to enquire!
  2. QMI_ToughGuard

    QMI ToughGuard Paint Protection Coating

    We specialize in Car Paint work Restoration and Paint Protection Coating for more than 2 decades. Remember to check on our 2 products websites for more information and video demo at http://www.toughguardsingapore.com/ (ToughGuard Paint Protection) (QMI Paint Sealant) The Ultimate Paint Protection Coating from USA. Active Ingredients of Nano Teflon Ceramic Resins and Nano Glass Polymer as hard as 9H measurement. Great for New Cars. Being used by Aerospace, yacht and luxury vehicle's. Last up to 5 years Shine. Click For Promotion Here : https://qmicargroom.weebly.com/ Do Check us out for new updates at our Facebook by typing "ToughGuard Car Grooming" https://www.facebook.com/ToughGuard-Car-Grooming-Centre-759040914177568/?ref=bookmarks https://youtu.be/pJWQ7c3xTik A Revolutionary Super Hydrophobic coating that repels water, oils and dirts using Nanotechnology from QMI Paint Sealant and ToughGuard PPS. This is a Micro fibre cloth that is widely used for cleaning household dirts and dirty water and car washing. These micro fibre cloth absorb water easily for ease of cleaning. Our Nanotechnology products coating causes repellent to the water. This is the real world test. The micro fibre cloth was used to wipe off the coating from our customer cars and it got coated naturally without us applying any coating deliberately. Amazing Hydrophobic yeah.... Once again, I am showing to everyone who is concern and serious about visual road safety during rainy downpour. I was inside my vehicle and took this video to prove and illustrate to everyone that coating the windscreen definitely have a hydrophobic water repellency effects as can be seen here on another vehicle that do not have windscreen coating. I used our QMI ToughGuard Coating 1 and half years ago on all the Windscreen and windows, yet it is still having a great water beading properties. QMI ToughGuard Paint Protection Coating will also provide the same for your car paintwork. To know more, kindly contact 94790355 www.toughguard.weebly.com The Number 1 Paint Protection from USA. QMI is the pioneer in PTFE (Teflon) Technology. Teflon coating in many Industrial application as well as Marine and Automotive. This is a 2 decade test video done in USA in a reputable Lab in America, the technology was being brought into today's market with different names, reverse engineering and OEM etc. And it's namely a mixture of polymers,Teflon, Acrylic (today known as Glass or Ceramic coating) and other bonding ingredients. But what you see here is likely what you could have seen today in other products demonstration, particularly, Hydrophobic water repellent, Anti-Graffiti, Heat or UV Resistance etc. MUST SEE VIDEO ABOVE If your craving is for Ceramic 9H pencil hardness, We have the new engineered QMI ToughGuard Nano Ceramic 9H pencil hardness coating. This is a Titanium Grade Nano Ceramic 9H Permanent Coating. This Nano technology is an advance Liquid Crystal Diamond Glass 9H Ceramic Coating that is 100% pure in its Ceramic hardness. It has a 9H pencil hardness crystal shine film coating after application done and dried. The benefits that you can experience for your car are super hydrophobic dirts and water repellent, self cleaning, unique scratch resistance, anti-graffiti, anti-corrosion, prevent against paint oxidation and fading, prevent against water marks and bird droppings (car owner worst nightmare), prevent againts UV ray attacks and high temperature resistance, enhancing super crystal diamond shine gloss on your new or old car. Back by 3 years warranty shine package and a Life Time warranty package. Which ever the products technologies you choose above, it will surely gives you the ultimate benefits that top range Paint Protection System PPS (which we have) can provide to suit your budget and expectation.
  3. Divine splash - Your one-stop automotive cosmetic specialist! We repair - We respray - We groom - We coat! Renew COE? Need new paint before CNY? Need to repair your car damages? Divine Splash gives your car a new looking at affordable price. At here we provide the quality paint at affordable price money spray painting service with our Spies Hecker paint and high solid lacquer. In order to give customers another choice of paint, Divine Splash is taking in PPG autocolors paint, another well-known Paint for our customers. Any colors in mind to give your car a new paint for a brand new year? Divine splash dare you to customise the colour of your car and make it one of a kind! Also, we enhance the effect of the paint with our Infrared spray booth. No more workshop hoping to ask for your damage price like the old days. Divine splash provides a hassle-free service - Just WhatsApp us your damage photo or any enquiry, we will try our best to get back to you as soon as we can. We provide services like: - Spray paint service of the whole car - Panel beating/ damage repair - Accident claims - Car rental service - Professional legal assistance Few simple steps to turn your car a brand new car - Text, repair and drive away with quality paint at an affordable price! ~ Hatchback starting from $900 ~ Sedan starting from $1000 ~ Mpv starting from $1300 Divine Splash Spray Painting provides professional panel beating service to repair all your dent damages. Car Body Spray Painting - We offer quality paint at affordable price. Any colours you like? Customise your favourite colour with us! Drop by our showroom now to select the customise Color you want for your ride. Rim / Brake Kit Spray Painting - Our Painters always scrub it off layers by layers before spraying a new layer of paint. Divine splash spray painting provides accident claims services as well~ Don't forget about us during your panic situation! We are just 1 call away. WhatsApp us now at 81880754 or Facebook msg us for more enquiries! Alternatively, you can submit the detail and get a quote from us!
  4. Paint protection services in Singapore are increasingly gaining popularity, and it's easy to understand why. Despite our best efforts of regularly washing and cleaning our cars, it can be mightily difficult and frustrating to keep our cars looking in tip top condition. A devilish combination of our erratic hot and wet weather, combined with the dust in the air that comes from numerous sources (such as the constant construction projects around the island or simply just the sheer number of cars on the road), means that it is virtually impossible to drive from one place to another without getting your car dirty. New Age Polish started out as a single-man mobile service, and has grown in size as well as services offered Many drivers have also wisened up to the value of paint protection systems, which help to both mitigate the build up of dirt on their cars, as well as helping to provide a high gloss finish that allows the car to look consistently spanking new. Of course, car grooming services also offer us a particular convenience that all Singaporeans love - time. It saves drivers the precious hours needed to repeatedly wash and polish their cars. After all, who really wants to spend tedious hours during the weekends cleaning your car when you could be spending more time with your loved ones, or even just in bed? Who is New Age Polish and what services does it offer? New Age Polish is a car grooming centre that focuses mainly on paint protection. Starting out as a single-man mobile service, the company opened a retail store in 2015. Helmed by Gabriel, the permanent retail store allows him to expand his range of services and equipment to offer a more comprehensive range of grooming services and packages. One aspect that distinguishes Gabriel from others is also the fact that he is a very hands-on boss, undertaking much of the work himself, together with his small team. At New Age Polish, the range of services include quality foam wash, polishing and waxing, pest fumigation, steam cleaning and anti-bacteria treatment, leather restoration, leather protection coating, as well as the two main services of paintwork restoration and paint protection coating. Paintwork restoration is one of the more popular services, and Gabriel highlights that many drivers with older cars tend to take up this particular service. It allows seven to eight-year old cars to look brand new. New Age Paint Protection System New Age Polish offers three paint protection regimes tailored for different customers The main focus for New Age Polish is its Paint Protection System. Developed to counter many of the issues that drivers face, such as damage from chemical and environmental contaminants, paint oxidation and the loss of the paint's hydrophobic effect, much research has been undertaken over the years to source for the right products to offer the highest level of paint protection. [at New Age Polish offers paint protection regimes: Kubebond Nano Ceramic Coating (Kubebond Diamond 9H). Priced to cater to customers with different requests ($380 and up), the three packages offer high gloss levels, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, protection against UV exposure and oxidation, hydrophobic water repellent effect, smoothness and durability. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r--sMCYL4gs These paint protection systems help to prevent against water marks, dirt and algae, as well as presenting a high-gloss wet look finish at all times. It is also wallet-friendly, as it drastically reduces cleaning frequencies, with no more polishing or waxing required. These paint protection systems are suitable for all paint finishes, including matt paint. Both New Age Ceramic and New Age Hybrid also come with a three-year warranty period, and have a durability of three and five years respectively. New Age Polish Pte Ltd is located at 11 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #01-112 North Spring Biz Hub S768089. To find out more, you can visit the company's Facebook page. Alternatively, you can call +65 8161 0131 to make an appointment.
  5. I am going to paint my house,need help which best paint service to choose. I have called up these services. Any other services you guys know please reply.
  6. MAINTENANCE PACKAGE Comprehensive Maintenance which includes : -Exterior Wash -Dewaxing -Door Edges Cleaning -Interior Vacuum -Tire Dressing -Glass Cleaning -Removal of scratches, stubborn stains and watermarks (up to 90% removed) -Stage I Layer Reapplication -Stage II Layer Reapplication at the cost of : -Small - $132 -Medium - $143 -Executive /Luxury- $165 -Small SUV - $176 - Large SUV - $187 - Small MPV - $198 -Large MPV - $220 Paintless Dent Repair “Exclusive to CSII Customers only” 1st Dent = $22 2 - 3 Dents = $17 each 4 - 9 Dents = $11 each 10 – 15 Dents = $132 Package 16 – 25 Dents = $198 Package Disclaimers: Once the metal portion has been damaged, 100% restoration is not guaranteed.
  7. Maddriver

    Paint Protection film

    Hi everyone... Duragloss has manufactured cleaners and sealant for paint protection film..It is used for all paint protection film brands like 3M or other..Let me know if you require a sampler.. If you are shop dealing in installing paint protection film..Feel free to approach me for samplers...
  8. Macross_vin

    Anyone hear of Color N Drive?

    Dear All, I have just came across an advert from Facebook on this brand call Color N Drive. Seems like the paint touch up product is good and easy to use. Any bros have heard and use before? Please advise and review. Thanks. colorndrive.com/en
  9. Hotouch

    Toyota paint

    I got a parallel imported toyota wish. And i'm looking for touch-up paint The color code is 3P2, however, Borneo motor wont sell to parellel imported car like me, and my authorized dealer is uncontactable. anyone know where i can get this color? Really appreciate some help here =)
  10. Paint Protection (PPS) coating such as ceramic coating/glass coating comes with 3-5 years warranty protection. Is maintenance needed annually or after 3 year? Or if it a apply and forget coating? Anyone send his car back to recoat annually and etc? I use to do that for car wash. What are your views, thoughts and advise? Necessary or waste of money?
  11. i call all the famous ones and the freelancers one, all of them will not remove the tyre from the rim to respray. neither will they remove the calipers to spray. i was wondering if anyone has a contact to a professional who can spray paint in that manner.
  12. Hi all I 'll need some advice on which is good for applying on new car? Budget $1500 Cheers!
  13. Hi, Anyone knows where in Singapore has the widest range of paint markers? I need to buy a paint marker or small bottle of paint to touch up a scratch. I called Autobacs to check, but their stores don’t have the color I’m looking for. (Code: 9AL, name: Deep Garnet Metalic)
  14. Ssbcc

    Matte black paint job

    I've noticed that some cars have this matte black color (like the Batmobile). I think it looks cool on certain cars. Can the bro's out there enlighten me as to how to achieve this effect?
  15. Anyone here still wax their car to give additional shine even though paint protection coating has been done? Will the wax damage the coating? Any suggestions of any mobile car clean and waxing service if I don't have the energy and time to DIY? Thanks!
  16. Virus

    New Paint Protection systems?

    Anyone know how this works?
  17. my car use to smell of new leather smell even through after 2 yrs driving until recently a can of paint pour into my passenger seat carpet , now the paint smell still stay even after i change the whole carpet, what can i do?
  18. allthingscar

    Spray paint car badge emblem .

    any recommendations where to spray paint the car badge to matte black or any other colors?
  19. hey guys, I just bought a new car 5 months ago, and recently there has been some construction going on and apparently some paint primer got on the car body. I've read a few solutions about removing paint, but I was wondering if those apply to removing primer stuck on car too. So far i've been thinking about trying turpentine. Is there anything else I should consider?
  20. SGCMmaomao

    Nippon Paint

    Hello.. Got any auntie/uncle can recommend places where u can buy cheaper nippon paint. Hardware store near my place quote me a 5L Vinilex 5000 Low Odour for $58 issit ok price? First time Im gonna DIY painting my room ceiling and walls.. so.. need some wise words from u peeps.. And hor, my fren advise me to paint a coat of white paint first b4 paint colour ones, said it's better.. how so? enlightenment needed...
  21. Recently wifey got into a little parking accident and scrapped a rear passenger door against a pillar. Two mass stretch of lines and the door got indented like an mini inverted wok. Only 1 single door was affected. Guess will need some panel beating and re-spray of the affected door. Anyone any recommendations where to do repairs? Got quoted $380 from a workshop recommended by a friend. Is it considered reasonable?
  22. Sgspurs

    Paint spraying workshop

    have some scratches at the door and the portion above the wheel after hitting a pillar. Afraid it will rust. (Actually what happens if it rusts ?) Thus like to spray paint the affected area. Any 'trusted' workshop that can do a good job and don't overquote to recommend ? Got a quote from dealer and it was like 400+ before GST..... Thanks !
  23. Hello, Thank you for your interest in this post. Any expert in shipyard industry with lots is exposure of their car in spraying painting and sand blasting environment can advice if these glass coating and protective film is of any use. If do glasscoating can still Claybar or what more advance thing to remove the paint stick on to the car paint. The good old car cover has it limitation.
  24. Got a few scratches which I've touched up but now it looked even worse. Is there any workshop (preferably) in the West that I can go to sand and spray on that particular portion? Biggest scratch is abt 50 cents coins. My ride is pearl white so I hope they can mix the correct colors. I saw several workshop at Alexandra village near Queensway shopping centre. Anyone can recommend? Thanx in advance.