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Found 78 results

  1. Paint protection services in Singapore are increasingly gaining popularity, and it's easy to understand why. Despite our best efforts of regularly washing and cleaning our cars, it can be mightily difficult and frustrating to keep our cars looking in tip top condition. A devilish combination of our erratic hot and wet weather, combined with the dust in the air that comes from numerous sources (such as the constant construction projects around the island or simply just the sheer number of cars on the road), means that it is virtually impossible to drive from one place to another without getting your car dirty. New Age Polish started out as a single-man mobile service, and has grown in size as well as services offered Many drivers have also wisened up to the value of paint protection systems, which help to both mitigate the build up of dirt on their cars, as well as helping to provide a high gloss finish that allows the car to look consistently spanking new. Of course, car grooming services also offer us a particular convenience that all Singaporeans love - time. It saves drivers the precious hours needed to repeatedly wash and polish their cars. After all, who really wants to spend tedious hours during the weekends cleaning your car when you could be spending more time with your loved ones, or even just in bed? Who is New Age Polish and what services does it offer? New Age Polish is a car grooming centre that focuses mainly on paint protection. Starting out as a single-man mobile service, the company opened a retail store in 2015. Helmed by Gabriel, the permanent retail store allows him to expand his range of services and equipment to offer a more comprehensive range of grooming services and packages. One aspect that distinguishes Gabriel from others is also the fact that he is a very hands-on boss, undertaking much of the work himself, together with his small team. At New Age Polish, the range of services include quality foam wash, polishing and waxing, pest fumigation, steam cleaning and anti-bacteria treatment, leather restoration, leather protection coating, as well as the two main services of paintwork restoration and paint protection coating. Paintwork restoration is one of the more popular services, and Gabriel highlights that many drivers with older cars tend to take up this particular service. It allows seven to eight-year old cars to look brand new. New Age Paint Protection System New Age Polish offers three paint protection regimes tailored for different customers The main focus for New Age Polish is its Paint Protection System. Developed to counter many of the issues that drivers face, such as damage from chemical and environmental contaminants, paint oxidation and the loss of the paint's hydrophobic effect, much research has been undertaken over the years to source for the right products to offer the highest level of paint protection. [at New Age Polish offers paint protection regimes: Kubebond Nano Ceramic Coating (Kubebond Diamond 9H). Priced to cater to customers with different requests ($380 and up), the three packages offer high gloss levels, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, protection against UV exposure and oxidation, hydrophobic water repellent effect, smoothness and durability. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r--sMCYL4gs These paint protection systems help to prevent against water marks, dirt and algae, as well as presenting a high-gloss wet look finish at all times. It is also wallet-friendly, as it drastically reduces cleaning frequencies, with no more polishing or waxing required. These paint protection systems are suitable for all paint finishes, including matt paint. Both New Age Ceramic and New Age Hybrid also come with a three-year warranty period, and have a durability of three and five years respectively. New Age Polish Pte Ltd is located at 11 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #01-112 North Spring Biz Hub S768089. To find out more, you can visit the company's Facebook page. Alternatively, you can call +65 8161 0131 to make an appointment.
  2. QMI_ToughGuard

    QMI ToughGuard Paint Protection Coating

    We specialize in Car Paint work Restoration and Paint Protection Coating for more than 2 decades. Remember to check on our 2 products websites for more information and video demo at http://www.toughguardsingapore.com/ (ToughGuard Paint Protection) (QMI Paint Sealant) The Ultimate Paint Protection Coating from USA. Active Ingredients of Nano Teflon Ceramic Resins and Nano Glass Polymer as hard as 9H measurement. Great for New Cars. Being used by Aerospace, yacht and luxury vehicle's. Last up to 5 years Shine. Click For Promotion Here : https://qmicargroom.weebly.com/ Do Check us out for new updates at our Facebook by typing "ToughGuard Car Grooming" https://www.facebook.com/ToughGuard-Car-Grooming-Centre-759040914177568/?ref=bookmarks https://youtu.be/pJWQ7c3xTik A Revolutionary Super Hydrophobic coating that repels water, oils and dirts using Nanotechnology from QMI Paint Sealant and ToughGuard PPS. This is a Micro fibre cloth that is widely used for cleaning household dirts and dirty water and car washing. These micro fibre cloth absorb water easily for ease of cleaning. Our Nanotechnology products coating causes repellent to the water. This is the real world test. The micro fibre cloth was used to wipe off the coating from our customer cars and it got coated naturally without us applying any coating deliberately. Amazing Hydrophobic yeah.... Once again, I am showing to everyone who is concern and serious about visual road safety during rainy downpour. I was inside my vehicle and took this video to prove and illustrate to everyone that coating the windscreen definitely have a hydrophobic water repellency effects as can be seen here on another vehicle that do not have windscreen coating. I used our QMI ToughGuard Coating 1 and half years ago on all the Windscreen and windows, yet it is still having a great water beading properties. QMI ToughGuard Paint Protection Coating will also provide the same for your car paintwork. To know more, kindly contact 94790355 www.toughguard.weebly.com The Number 1 Paint Protection from USA. QMI is the pioneer in PTFE (Teflon) Technology. Teflon coating in many Industrial application as well as Marine and Automotive. This is a 2 decade test video done in USA in a reputable Lab in America, the technology was being brought into today's market with different names, reverse engineering and OEM etc. And it's namely a mixture of polymers,Teflon, Acrylic (today known as Glass or Ceramic coating) and other bonding ingredients. But what you see here is likely what you could have seen today in other products demonstration, particularly, Hydrophobic water repellent, Anti-Graffiti, Heat or UV Resistance etc. MUST SEE VIDEO ABOVE If your craving is for Ceramic 9H pencil hardness, We have the new engineered QMI ToughGuard Nano Ceramic 9H pencil hardness coating. This is a Titanium Grade Nano Ceramic 9H Permanent Coating. This Nano technology is an advance Liquid Crystal Diamond Glass 9H Ceramic Coating that is 100% pure in its Ceramic hardness. It has a 9H pencil hardness crystal shine film coating after application done and dried. The benefits that you can experience for your car are super hydrophobic dirts and water repellent, self cleaning, unique scratch resistance, anti-graffiti, anti-corrosion, prevent against paint oxidation and fading, prevent against water marks and bird droppings (car owner worst nightmare), prevent againts UV ray attacks and high temperature resistance, enhancing super crystal diamond shine gloss on your new or old car. Back by 3 years warranty shine package and a Life Time warranty package. Which ever the products technologies you choose above, it will surely gives you the ultimate benefits that top range Paint Protection System PPS (which we have) can provide to suit your budget and expectation.
  3. Paint Protection (PPS) coating such as ceramic coating/glass coating comes with 3-5 years warranty protection. Is maintenance needed annually or after 3 year? Or if it a apply and forget coating? Anyone send his car back to recoat annually and etc? I use to do that for car wash. What are your views, thoughts and advise? Necessary or waste of money?
  4. MAINTENANCE PACKAGE Comprehensive Maintenance which includes : -Exterior Wash -Dewaxing -Door Edges Cleaning -Interior Vacuum -Tire Dressing -Glass Cleaning -Removal of scratches, stubborn stains and watermarks (up to 90% removed) -Stage I Layer Reapplication -Stage II Layer Reapplication at the cost of : -Small - $132 -Medium - $143 -Executive /Luxury- $165 -Small SUV - $176 - Large SUV - $187 - Small MPV - $198 -Large MPV - $220 Paintless Dent Repair “Exclusive to CSII Customers only” 1st Dent = $22 2 - 3 Dents = $17 each 4 - 9 Dents = $11 each 10 – 15 Dents = $132 Package 16 – 25 Dents = $198 Package Disclaimers: Once the metal portion has been damaged, 100% restoration is not guaranteed.
  5. STEK’s Paint Protection Film combines best-in-class durability and clarity not previously available in the market. The only Company in the world to produce paint protection film with Hydrophobic, Self-healing, Anti-contamination, Anti-yellowing. No other conventional films will have such abilities or are limited to only having one functionality. In addition, the clear coat employs special elastomeric polymers that "self-heal" eliminating swirl marks and other fine scratches without having to do anything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRj9zkUQ630 Our Product in Line: DYNOSHIELD, DYNOPRISM, DYNOMATT & DYNOCARBON DYNO-SERIES provides you with unparalleled top-coated paint protection film technology for those seeking the best-performing film on the market. Our nano-glass top coat is bonded to the film at a molecular level during manufacturing virtually eliminating the need for waxes or after-market top coatings. DYNOSERIES is unique in the market because of STEK's combination of an extremely hydrophobic top coating plus self-healing properties for correction of light surface scratches. Our top coat combined with UV-resistant anti-yellowing adhesives results in unmatched clarity and gloss plus improved puncture resistance. STEK- The best automotive paint protection available from one of the world's leading paint protection film manufacturers DYNO Advantages & Benefits: -Glossy Finish -Hydrophobic (Advanced water repelling properties) -Anti-Contamination (Easy to remove contaminants) -Fast Recovery (by heat or hot water) -Stain Resistant Warranty: DYNOseries paint protection film is warrantied against delamination, yellowing, bubbling and cracking. ****************************************************************************************************** Talk to our Paint Protection Specialist Today! Authorised #STEK Dealer - For Singapore Mobile: +65 8161 0131 Email: info@newagepolish.sg Website: www.newagepolish.sg
  6. Maddriver

    Paint Protection film

    Hi everyone... Duragloss has manufactured cleaners and sealant for paint protection film..It is used for all paint protection film brands like 3M or other..Let me know if you require a sampler.. If you are shop dealing in installing paint protection film..Feel free to approach me for samplers...
  7. Byakuya

    Ceramic or glass coat

    Hi all need advise whats the difference between them and any recommended workshop?
  8. carloverguy2017

    DO you use car covers ?

    I am considering a car cover when I am away for more than a month from my car. I won't be using or letting anyone take over my car during the period and the car will be parked in covered shelter carpark. But there is a high chance of rain water at my 1/4 of my car's rear so I am thinking of buying a car cover to wrap up the car for a month. Does anyone use car covers and what are their pros and cons ? My only worry is cats are going to hide under the covers and sleep ( scratch my body paint work ) ..
  9. Hi all I 'll need some advice on which is good for applying on new car? Budget $1500 Cheers!
  10. Don't know how much Kah charges for them but are the really necessary in Singapore where cars are mostly driven for 5 - 7 years...? These days, car bodies are already galvanized and that itself already protects against rust.. then the point of rust protection systems pitch is, you are adding protection, but as far as I know, so long as there is even a crack in the protection, rust might set in, not matter what protection you have. Any inputs? Thx.
  11. Anyone here still wax their car to give additional shine even though paint protection coating has been done? Will the wax damage the coating? Any suggestions of any mobile car clean and waxing service if I don't have the energy and time to DIY? Thanks!
  12. Virus

    New Paint Protection systems?

    Anyone know how this works?
  13. Tailgatepro

    Car protection film

    Anyone done DIY for this Car protection film? Or Local shop doing this? reason also found this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSe124eCnyM...feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY_Rd6xur_I
  14. newagepolish

    Testing & Certifications

    Tested, Approved, Verified, Certified by SGS Car detailing products from the common market always claim their product has film thickness, but the coating is barely visible by naked eye, therefore, everyone can do their own ultra-marketing. To assure our quality to our customer, we brought KubeBond Diamond 9H to SGS to do the thickness measurement, they also informed us that, normal film thickness measurement tools are not capable to measure any film below 10µm, by contrast, you must measure it with Optical Microscope and magnify the specimen 1000 times. This information blows a lot of bluff on the market. Optical Microscope test reports from SGS indicated that, 5 layers of Diamond 9H average thickness on the panel is 3µm, which is anti-graffiti ready; specimen of 10 layers Diamond 9H reached 6µm is already scratch resist. Achieve with KubeBond-Nano Ceramic Coating OFFICIAL COATING TESTING ☑ Pencil Hardness JISK5400 (1990) - Above 9H ☑ Alkali Resistance Test ☑ Acid Resistance Test ☑ Salt- Water Resistance Test KubeBond Products has been tested by "SGS" - A world's leading Inspection, Verification, Testing and Certification Company. Recognized as the global benchmark for Quality and Integrity ISO 9001 Certified -An International standard that specifies requirements for a quality management System (QMS). REACH Compliance - European Union address the production and use of chemical substances, and potential impacts on both human health and the environment. Industries' regulations like REACH are constantly changing and add new items into compliance's every years, to assure our quality and safety to our customer, choose nanotech laboratory maintain high quality initiative; every year we bring our product to a global trusted SGS, renew all certifications. For official reports, please visit New Age Polish Wind Drag Certification (Latest) The nature is full of examples of structures, materials and surfaces whose traits can be exploited for commercial application. Back in the 1990 Inspired by slippery sharkskin, the Airbus tested aircraft coating, in order to improve aerodynamic, despite many difficulties, the end result is promising but not yet sophisticated CHOOSE NanoTech has developed a specialized motorsport coating, when it cured, its molecular density and nanostructure could reduce the drag by lower the surface energy. As a low-drag coating system, our coating system could increase the aerodynamic performance in motorsport with the drag reduction up to 5 percent. Tested by NCKU ASTRC Wind Tunnel Lab, the national research facility which is coordinated and responsible for the wind factor of Taipei 101.
  15. Sdf4786k

    NCD Protection

    Anyone here bought NCD protection for their cars and what does it NOT cover ? If kanna Flash flood, can you ownself claim and show proof and still be protected?
  16. From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1189919/1/.html Personal Data Protection Bill to be introduced in Parliament Posted: 19 March 2012 1710 hrs
  17. Who are we? We are a group of automotive detailing maniacs who spend most of their days around scratched and swirled up cars, trying our very best to bring out the shine in your ride's paintwork. Our passion for shiny cars have turned into an obsession to find the best protection for the precious clear coat, so that you do not have to spend thousands in replacing the factory paintwork after a few years. Regardless of whether your car is new or used, we treat all cars with the same tender loving care as you would. Countless coatings have been tested in grueling conditions and we are glad to finally introduce to you, Honjyo, A Japanese Car Coating Company. (PS. No innocent cars were harmed in the process) Honjyo Glass Neo Why do we need a protective coating over our car's clear coat? Singapore presents a challenging environment for our cars' paintwork to maintain her lustre and shine. In a tropical country, we are constantly faced with torrential rain, high humidity and other destructive forces such as bird droppings, dirt and sand scratches. Constant deep polishing processes that help to remove swirl marks, scratches and watermarks will result in the thinning of clear coat over time. So how can a protective glass coating help? Glass coating provides an enhanced hardened layer of protection over the original clear coat of your car, thus, less deep polishing processes are required, prolonging the life span of your car's clearcoat. Why spend money on aftermarket paint jobs to repair the damaged factory paint that you have paid for? Let us protect your prized possession with Honjyo Glass Coating today! What is "Crystal Glass Coating"? Very solid multilayer coatings, preventing smearing on paints, easy for cleaning, enabling you to accomplish a car wash in very short time. Having hydrophobic effects, thus breaking water into molecules and repelling them from the surface. It can resist even the most burning summer temperatures. Crystal Glass Coating is designed to suit the critical temperature changes of our local climate. The advantages of Glass Coating Weather Resistance : Protecting UV rays, acidic rain and other environmental effects. Pollution Resistance : Not easy to be tainted, in fact, stains can be easily washed away. Bonding Effect : Forms a tight bond with paints, enable it to last longer. Temperature Sustaining : Prevent from melting under high temperature. Chemical Resistance : Preventing attacks of chemical corrosion from exhaust gas or other corrosive substances on car body paints. Hardness : Forming very hard surface, protecting car body from scratches.. Glossy surface : Transparent effect of coatings enhances the colour clarity. Call us now at 98243252 (Brendan) or visit us at Lot 21, 15 Commonwealth Lane, Singapore 149554 for more information and package details. All PM's and Whatsapp messages are welcomed as well! Follow us on Facebook now! Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there. Interior makeover for your car. Some of the other services that we are able to offer at Detail Mania: Paint rejuvenation in various stages Paint coating prep and applications Full interior steam cleaning Cabin grooming with leather and vinyl care Rims protection coating Window glass coating and polishing Official brands: Give your car a brand new shine at Detail Mania Autoscrub treatment for removal of embedded contaminants on the surface Paint rejuvenation: 3 Stage defect removal with Japanese Nano-wool buffing pad, NS orange compounding pad and NS Blue polishing pad Paintwork coating: Honjyo Glass Neo Rims Coating: Nanoskin Brake Dust Pro Glass Coating: Honjyo Skili Kun Leather and Vinyl Protector: Nanoskin FEED
  18. Hi, we are looking for the following cars to test a new paint protection coating. Test area will most probably, but not limited to the bonnet. Car will not be driven except for shifting in and out of detailing center. Details are as follows: 1. Date: 15/04/2016. Friday. 2. Time: 10am to 6pm. 3. Address: 18 Boon Lay Way #04-145 18 21 S(609966). BShine Grooming. 4. Remuneration: $150 inclusive of parking charges (less than $20). 5. We will pay for any damage caused during the test on the test area only. Owner get a fully corrected bonnet with a coating as well. Cars required: (preferably with original paintwork, does not have to be in good condition. ) 1. Honda. Black color. 2. Subaru. Black color. 3. Toyota. Black color. 4. Toyota. Light color eg. White or silver or Gold. Owners can hang around the center if they wish or return at 6pm to collect their cars. Interested owners: kindly sms your car model and color to 910801double6. Thank you. Regards, SONAX Singapore.
  19. Hi Guys, juz wanna check how to owners with PPS Glass/Ceramic coating do their regular washing.. What products to use.. What sort of accessories to get the job done? Cheers
  20. Tracking can be turned off, and apparently make the webpage load faster. http://venturebeat.com/2015/05/24/firefoxs-optional-tracking-protection-reduces-load-time-for-top-news-sites-by-44/ To turn on Tracking Protection in Firefox, follow these three steps: Fire up Firefox and open about:config Search for privacy.trackingprotection.enabled Double-click or right-click the preference to toggle the Value to “true”
  21. hi, thinking of taking the recent advantage of our dollars againts ringgits . . . . are there any good recommendations of any car grooming services, and/or any good, reliable car PPS (paint protection system) such as ceramic, glass, nanotech etc. coatings available and easy accessible in JB? *. of coz, its no way near our local standards, just to save some $, hopeful to receive no $%^&* from the local car groomers from this question . . . but good, reliable advices are most welcome . . .
  22. Those kind to prevent the child from kicking and dirtying the back of the front seat.
  23. Guys, I have been using this diy myself and used this paint protection system and the result is amazing! I didn't took a video of my car which is a waste. The result that you get and the money that you pay for this product is a far cry. I bought mine at Ubi autobac. Which is having a discount currently and i did all the chores myself. And my car now have this beautiful shine and also it have this water flowing off effect that is very different from normal hydrophobic effect that some groomer and told me. Those lotus effect that they share with me. If anyone of you here have tried this products before? please kindly share with us the result!
  24. Hi all. I plan to CPF to pay my bank loan for my new house . May I know what if my medical for Home Protection Scheme From Cpf is being rejected due to medical ? Does that mean I cannot buy the house any more or it is just that I still can proceed with the purchase but only without medical coverage that all? Anyone will encounter this?
  25. Christian10

    Stone Chip Protection

    Any idea on how to protect the front end of car from stone chips? Any suggestions where and how its done?