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Found 20 results

  1. I'm seeing some luxury cars doing car body wrapping. Anyone know what is the real purpose of car body wrapping? comestic? Does it feel hot with a dull black skin? Regards,
  2. STEK’s Paint Protection Film combines best-in-class durability and clarity not previously available in the market. The only Company in the world to produce paint protection film with Hydrophobic, Self-healing, Anti-contamination, Anti-yellowing. No other conventional films will have such abilities or are limited to only having one functionality. In addition, the clear coat employs special elastomeric polymers that "self-heal" eliminating swirl marks and other fine scratches without having to do anything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRj9zkUQ630 Our Product in Line: DYNOSHIELD, DYNOPRISM, DYNOMATT & DYNOCARBON DYNO-SERIES provides you with unparalleled top-coated paint protection film technology for those seeking the best-performing film on the market. Our nano-glass top coat is bonded to the film at a molecular level during manufacturing virtually eliminating the need for waxes or after-market top coatings. DYNOSERIES is unique in the market because of STEK's combination of an extremely hydrophobic top coating plus self-healing properties for correction of light surface scratches. Our top coat combined with UV-resistant anti-yellowing adhesives results in unmatched clarity and gloss plus improved puncture resistance. STEK- The best automotive paint protection available from one of the world's leading paint protection film manufacturers DYNO Advantages & Benefits: -Glossy Finish -Hydrophobic (Advanced water repelling properties) -Anti-Contamination (Easy to remove contaminants) -Fast Recovery (by heat or hot water) -Stain Resistant Warranty: DYNOseries paint protection film is warrantied against delamination, yellowing, bubbling and cracking. ****************************************************************************************************** Talk to our Paint Protection Specialist Today! Authorised #STEK Dealer - For Singapore Mobile: +65 8161 0131 Email: info@newagepolish.sg Website: www.newagepolish.sg
  3. Any recommendation other then classic auto leather? Their business too good already.
  4. slowloris25


    Hi everyone I am thinking of spraying my rims and part of my car to matt black but afraid that it will not turn out nice. Wrapping is an alternative option and I can revert the color by removing the wraps if the outcome is not nice. But similar to spray painting, i have to leave my car at least for a day or two at the workshop. Recently came across this spray paint called easyskin (http://www.easyskinsg.com/). Just spray and it will form a layer of skin. DIY and seems like its easily removable. There r.many colors too (including clear skin!) Anyone in MCF did it before? What are the pros and cons?
  5. Hi Bro and Sis, I need a large cardboard carton please Needs to be bigger than 100 x 50 x 83 (as big as a fridge is ok also) Needed before Christmas if you have one Many thanks Darryn
  6. AL5509

    Re-wrapping of Car's seats

    Hi guys, as my 'leather' seats start to tear after being under e hot sun, cold rain in the open-air carpark for the past 4 years. So guess it time to change. So any one know any 'lobang' or good recommendation of workshop doing seats rewrapping. I do not mind if it is to be done in JB if the price and the quality is right. But as what most driver concern, possible not to leave e car behind? Likewise, do not know if such suggestion be used in SG too. Just my own thought, can the rear seats together with passenage seat be left behind for rewrapping first following by making arrangement to send the driver's seat for rewrapping. The above mentioned is just one of my assumption given that the car still can move around with the driver seat. My ride: Honda Accord JDM Please advise the following if any so I can go chek it out. 1)Name of company: 2)Address/location: 3)Contact person with number(if any): 4)Price range (estimated) 5)Quality 6)Product range (single colour or mix colour-if any) 7)Days required for rewrapping Appreciate all kind and positive comment with recommendation. Cheers
  7. Hi all, Anyone here have done it before? any downside of doing so? What are the estimate installation cost? Thank you very much. Regards,
  8. hey guys, any of u have done the above? seen alot of pple DIY themselves, but am not comfortable at doing such artwork myself. anyone has recommendations for good freelancers or workshops?
  9. Which shop to go? Should go for glossy, matt or CF type? Appreciate feedback.
  10. Imamiah

    Honda Jazz dash board wrapping

    Hi guys, Any bros can recommend a good place that provides dash board / steering wheel trim wrapping service? Wanted to DIY by Jazz / Fit GE's steering wheel trim don't know how to remove leh... heard remove wrongly will activate the air bags
  11. Dear all Here below is the documented steps in doing your own exhaust wrapping. It involves patience and alittle prespiration. I'll keep the narration short. You'll see from the beginning I still have my old wrapping on and it's cracking up. It wasn't well done by the shop previously. I removed the old layer of skin and used a metal brush on the surface to remove loose debri. My material came as a sheet and it's not as superior as Thermotec but it works good enough. The contact surfaces of the gasket and the manifold and block has to be cleaned and prep for application of the hi temp silicon application later. The strips are cut at 2" wide and about one metre long and presoaked in water. Doesn't matter how long as long as it's wet thru. Remove, squeeze dry and start by the portion nearest to the block. It's easier to do from top to bottom rather than vice-versa. Once you'll got a strip secured, use binding wire to secure the ends and in the middle if you as particular as me. Upon completion, fit manifold back with the application of the hi-temp silicon available at most hardware stores at less than S$8. I used the silicon on both sides of the gasket pc that was stock on the vehicle. Once done, stand back and start her up. Dun fret when you see smoke. It's the water vapor from the heat on the manifold. It's gonna take sometime. (Half an hour of light driving around to remove the water completely. Have fun. Regards Lester
  12. Tigershark1976

    Leather seat wrapping

    wanted to wrap my seat with syn leather... any recomendation? I'm with tight budget so price is my main concern... thanks!
  13. Creative_tec

    Wrapping of seat.

    I have the intention of re-wrap my 2 Sparco (i don't know if its original one, but the metal support is very hard) using fabric. Went to a shop and was quoted 300 each with customized railing for my lancer. Do you guys have any lobang that is cheaper? or those with good workmanship? Went to Bukit Timah today but the shop owner is quite proud, don't feel like letting him do my business.
  14. Terras14

    Wrapping of steering wheel

    Hi Guys, Any shop to recommend for the above, can be leather or half leather with red stitching. Plus got wrapping of rear seat with recaro type of material? kam sia in advance
  15. Hi Guys, juz like to make a check if anyone of you here noes where to go if i got this scenario.. i got some leather material and i would like to use them to wrap on the door panels and some other parts of the interior...any nice and cheap place to recommend??tks a zillion
  16. I am thinking of doing the above. Anybody have any lobang where I can do it for a reasonable price but more importantly, good quality. Thanks.
  17. Dualie

    Alu Wrapping

    When people do insulation, normally what is done is wrapping the object with insulating material. Will I be able to get better insulating effect if I apply an additional layer of aluminium over the insulating material? Or will alu wrapping actually attract heat to the object? Thank you Keat..
  18. Hi, may i know wat's the benefit of this? Anyone tried before? Will it make the exhuast louder? rgds
  19. Hi guys which one do you think is more effective and efficiency in reducing temp under the hood....