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  1. Alfc

    Hyundai Sonata (2015)

    Amazing still on stock tyre. Quiet thread waiting for your tyre shopping update. Also nothing really to complain about the car so nothing to post haha. Btw do you work somewhere in the south?
  2. Alfc

    Retirement Age to be 65 (2019 update)

    That's how the working class is pyscho to be slaves - slaves to one's own choice of life. Take a step back and see the bigger ponzi scheme at work.
  3. At the stroke of a plan, it will make some winners today become losers tomorrow and vice versa. And with climate change suddenly the talk of town, a supposedly freehold goldmine can also become a worthless mangrove swamp. Since so many foreigners vested here, should tax them heavily to foot the bill for the walls.
  4. Premium makes has gotten a big margin from you already so worst case (at the end of 4 bids as contracted), they probably give you a open CAT end of day. I suppose you sign the contract knowing it is for the duration of 4 bids. You can give your inputs here if otherwise. Would be an interesting case that I hardly heard of.
  5. The other aspect of things is also happening in my circle. People in 30s chasing the elite lifestyle thinking their potential will keep increasing as they progress. When reach middle age, perspective of life change and grew out of chasing the high life. But since already committed and not so simple to just exit, what to do but to keep quiet and slog on.
  6. These are funny human behaviour isn't it. A car or a house is a medium to long term commitment. Yet buying behaviour is made based on at the moment kind of mindset. E.g Good time buy car can over stretch to take loan say 7 years - as if so sure good times confirm for 7 years. Vice versa
  7. It can already be seen happening already. Old low rise flats in old estates are being replaced with 30-40 floors, smaller unit size. Huge open air public carparks being replaced with multi-storey. Can see the huge plot ratio increase and amount of land freed up. Still a lot more potential especially in old estates with many many low rise flats.
  8. If inflation is at 3% p.a, effectively a $1m LH99 property today needs to sell out at $1.8m 20 years later (with 78 yrs lease remaining) just to match. Anything less than 30% capital appreciation 20 years later (based on 50% upfront, BSD, ABSD, conveyances, today's gross rental yield 3%, 2% loan,5k per year property-related expenses), one would be in no better off than just to put the current cash upfront in a relatively do-nothing risk-free type of 1.8% return (SSB, ETFs, term insurance etc). There are so many variables that can swing the equation for property ownership vs just 1 for the fixed income investment. Not saying dun buy or disputing property uptrend but one got to do the sums. Not a sure win for just any purchase which is already mentioned by many here.
  9. With so much recent news on funds movement. It could well be a Robert Kwok or Robert Lam. After this Robert is done and decide to move on, pass back to Robert Tan or Robert Lim. Lol
  10. This means they are over priced vs private. Depreciating public goods using private pricing mechanism.
  11. Alfc

    MAZDA 6

    Quite surprised you still got last year's stock. I thought this car is selling well and stocks would be fast moving.
  12. Current enbloc works cos all the old development has untabbed potention in form of plot ratio. If this is already maximised out for new design developments, then potential largely limited liao for 99yr lease. Top up lease also not as much upside
  13. Alfc

    Singaporean children at higher risk of ...

    The digital gadgets are just tools. Dun conveniently blame them. Real underlying problem is modern parents are simply outsourcing parenting. Outsource to the maid, outsource to childcare centre, outsource to tuition teacher, outsource to school, outsource to enrichment lesson. A good parent is one that can pay for all the above, better still more bragging rights if outsourcing to branded labels.
  14. Alfc

    Something to get off my Chest About Mercedes Cars

    Speaking of changing for sake of changing. I find a lot of new design of controls that seem to be a step back. E.g changing fan speed or adjust temp is easily done in one step - just turn the knob or press up/down button. New design need to navigate a screen to climate control selection, then change fan speed. After which nagivate again to another selection to adjust temp. Takes up more time, more steps so where is the ergonomics?
  15. As long as still can cover instalments, no one will let go at lower price. The so-called recession has not even started. Current retrenchment level is really nothing. Those that let go at loss now must be the weakest ones to fall down. Similarly buyers looking for bargain are far too many because all thinking they got amber ammunition.