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Found 28 results

  1. Hi ! Does anyone have lobang for where is the cheapest covered carpark for season parking? Thanks in advance.
  2. Also, any app or place to check ERP pricing?
  3. Aaronlkl

    Ah Seng in the spotlight

    Outrage after S Korean contestant lambasted on Asia's Next Top Model https://www.facebook.com/AsNTMOfficial/videos/1582765955346994/?pnref=story http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-35931747?SThisFB The treatment of a South Korean contestant in the latest episode of TV show Asia's Next Top Model has sparked a backlash on social media. Kim Sang-in, 23, made a tearful apology to Subaru executive and guest judge Glenn Tan after he lambasted her for rolling her eyes during a photo shoot. The shoot involved models posing around a convoy of cars from Subaru, one of the show's main sponsors. After Mr Tan's outburst, viewers expressed their anger online. Hundreds of angry fans flooded the show's official Facebook page with strongly worded comments to defend the South Korean model after the show on Wednesday night. Sam Gollestani, the show's executive producer, said the incident highlighted the "emotions and tensions that occur during the competition". "Glenn provides the perspective of a client when choosing a model to front campaigns for products, which is why he was invited to be a guest judge this season," he said. "This scene is reflective of what considerations go into making these decisions when working in the fashion and modelling industry." A snippet of the incident, uploaded on to the show's Facebook page, has drawn more than 1,000 angry reactions from fans. In the full episode, broadcast on Wednesday night, Ms Kim is shown looking away as Mr Tan arrives at the scene of the photo shoot challenge among the convoy of cars. He is later shown confronting her about that moment. "Who do you think you are to roll your eyes at me?" he says. "I would never ever hire you." The contestant breaks down in tears and offers an explanation and apology, followed by a traditional Korean bow. Cherry Mae Galiza, a viewer from the Philippines, wrote on Facebook it was the show's "worst cycle ever", saying Mr Tan had been "very unprofessional". "I've had enough," she added. "Just because he is a sponsor does not mean he can yell at a girl like that," said Lucas Tai in Malaysia. Another fan from Singapore called for official action from the show. "All the judges should be ashamed of themselves, for allowing a man like Glenn think that he can treat young models in that way and get away with it," he said. "I say strip Subaru of their sponsorship and ban Glenn from ever returning to the show." The series is no stranger to controversy. A Muslim contestant from Malaysia recently hit back at critics who said it was "inappropriate" for her to compete in a TV modelling show. While Ms Kim has not officially addressed the incident, she has uploaded her photo from the shoot, saying she still likes her picture. The BBC has approached Subaru for comment.
  4. Typhoonz

    Subaru "Ah Seng" Ad...

    Seems like the Ah Seng ad has disappeared liao... I think it's over-played till it becomes super irritating... Was expecting it to have some CNY version to it...
  5. As per above. Have pain in right wrist sometimes and thinking of going the TCM route (acupuncture, herbs). Would appreciate any info from those who have consulted the sinsehs at TTSH or Rafles Hospital.
  6. Latio2005A

    MG Chan Chun Seng Rawks!

    This former Army chief is Talk in very layman lingo, easy to understand. His England not so kang tan like those fake angmos. Promising seh! See Interview Video Here From here, select the one he was interviewed by the press on a couple of issues. This man got barin, definately many lamp posts ahead of the horse, Zorro Lim and newbies like the leg stomper...etc.
  7. LifePro_Tips

    Soon Seng Transport Service 2000

    Soon Seng Transport Service 2000 Soon Seng Transport Service has been marked as an experienced professional movers in Singapore and we are in business since 1990, with our very first office at 1 Colombo Court. Over the years in the line of relocation service and in order to meet the need for cater of storage facility, our company has recently shifted to our present address at Hillview Terrace, an office with warehouse facility. Having our own warehouse, it allows a safe and secure storage facility, with 24 hours security guard on duty, specifically designed to meet your storage need for household or office effects. With our own warehouse storage facility, there is no worry of your items to be moved due to lease expiration. WITH SOON SENG TRANSPORT – WE OFFER PROFESSIONAL SERVICE IN RESIDENTIAL MOVERS COMMERCIAL MOVERS DELICATE INSTRUMENT MOVE (SPECIALIST IN PIANO , ORGAN, SAFE) RELOCATION SERVICE IT INFASTRUCTURE RELOCATION STORAGE SPACE & DISPOSAL SERVICE FULL PACKAGING AND PARTIAL PACKAGING SERVICE Our packing crews are also trained to handle packing and relocating of piano, antique furniture, fragile items, etc.. and our aim is to provide our best and efficient service to need all customer satisfaction as we feel that is the best advertisement. Soon Seng Transport Service 2000 Address: 31 Bukit Batok Cresent #01-20 S(658070) Phone: 63684988 Website: www.soonsengtransport.com.sg
  8. Hi, Just to share that the Seng Kee Mince Pork noodle that was previously along Changi Road have moved to Serangoon Garden Hawker center. Mainly selling noodles now. The fish maw soup still available. But other side dishes no more liao.
  9. Isn't Goh the Oppo-chap who led NSP to a sounding defeat in GE2011 due to his poor fielding strategy? After GE 2011, he resigned from NSP. Goh was a former WP CEC member in GE2006, but left WP for unknown reasons. Goh recently lend his support to Tan Kin Lian for the latter's presidential bid but failed terribly. Then recently i noticed Goh is part of the TOC team and his Chinese article is just a piece of whiny article on his dislike of LKY and PAP. Wa biang. erm anyway, I just find it surprising that Goh is with the TOC team. Ho Say liao. The down fall of TOC is coming. God Bless TOC coz Goh was involved in so many entities, but none succeeded under him, then he resigned. Do things do half way... wa lao. Workers Party ----> National Solidarity Party ----> Tan Kin Lian ----> TOC
  10. 'Significant part of what has been attributed to MP Seng is false' Yahoo! Newsroom - 20 hours ago Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam has stepped out to say that a lot of what has been attributed to MP Seng Han Thong over his
  11. Am looking for resale flat in these two areas. Anyone recently moved there or is already staying there ? Can tell what are the recommended flats with good location, the price and factors like nearby school, accessibility, environment ? Although agent is advising but I want to do some study before buying. Thanks.
  12. This fumbling minister not shy. Still dare to talk big. Singapore Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story Mar 24, 2011 DPM Wong Kan Seng fires salvo at the opposition DEPUTY Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng fired a salvo at opposition parties on Wednesday. He argued that the opposition was wanting to capture a GRC for the wrong reasons. 'Some say they are doing it for party renewal, some want to be the first ones to do so, but what is the election about? Is it about the ambitions of a political party or individuals to make history?' said Mr Wong, who is also Coordinating Minister for National Security, and an MP in Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC. He was referring to comments made by opposition leaders Low Thia Khiang of the Workers' Party and Chiam See Tong of the Singapore People's Party in recent weeks on their plans to possibly contest in a GRC. He urged voters to back the stronger team that can serve them better, and not simply for the sake of having more opposition, especially at a time of global uncertainty when Singapore must keep pace or risk being left behind. He noted that Parliament will have at least nine opposition MPs after the next election under the Non-Constituency MP scheme even if they are not elected. Mr Wong was speaking at a media conference held on Wednesday to introduce three new candidates for the People's Action Party at the party's headquarters in Bedok. They are Ms Foo Mee Har, 45, Standard Chartered's global head of premium banking, Mr Steve Tan Peng Hoe, 38, executive secretary of Young NTUC, and Mr Desmond Lee Ti-Seng, 35, associate director in the legal and regulations department of Temasek Holdings, the government's investment arm.
  13. Hi all. I just want to warn those here who buy stuff from Seng Hup scrapyard in Woodlands Indl. Pk.E near Markcool. I changed my distributor 3 times & it is still no good. I think he sells the crappy parts from >20 year old SG cars that r being scrapped. Most of the other scrapyards only sell those parts from Japan scrap cars which r about only 3 years old.
  14. KARTer

    Seng shiong Car??

    Many housewives swear by Seng Siong's grocery shopping: cheap and good and fresh?! Owning a car is getting expensive lately, maybe it's time to check out which cars are the SengShiongCar? Korean? or what? Which cars are the most Bread&Butter cars, cheap and good? All the Kia family models?
  15. A friend needed to get his tires changed and asked if this shop offers competitive price for their tires. Anyone can advice? Thanks.
  16. Going to be attending 3 days of training there...scratching my head where is the best place to park without burning a hole in my pocket! Anyone any idea? Dont frequent that area so not familiar. Tks
  17. Found a screw stuck in my left rear tyre. Don't dare to pull it out yet. It's Sunday. Any tyre workshop open? Need to extract the screw and patch if there is leakage.
  18. SINGAPORE: Officers from Singapore's Home Team are reminded that mistakes must be addressed and not swept under the carpet. Speaking at his Ministry's National Day observance ceremony on Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng said officers must take ownership and account for their mistakes. His call came in the wake of incidents involving the Home Affairs Ministry which have brought about public scrutiny. These include the escape of Jemaah Islamiyah leader, Mas Selamat Kastari, from Whitley Road Detention Centre earlier this year. Mr Wong said: "Some of you may be concerned that you would be penalised harshly if you make a mistake, so much so that your focus is on avoiding mistakes, rather than in making positive arrests and detections. I do appreciate and understand your concerns. Let me assure all Home Team officers that we will always observe the need for pragmatic balance in all that we do. "But I also assure you that how the officers responsible will be taken to task will always be fair and just. Commanders will ultimately be liable and assessed on the quality of their leadership as reflected in the performance of their officers, as well as the manner in which they address problems and adversity." On a separate note, several public-spirited citizens were commended on Thursday for their role in preventing crime. Mr Wong said there was a marginal one per cent increase in crime cases for the first half of the year. Housebreaking and related crimes dipped by 22 per cent this year, compared to the same period in 2007. "While fire calls have increased fractionally, the number of fires within residential premises fell. Fires involving household contents and unattended cooking fell by 23 per cent and 3 per cent respectively. "Civil Defence Force's preventive education efforts, together with the National Fire and Emergency Preparedness Council and its community partners, seem to have paid off. Equally encouraging is the 11 per cent fall in fires involving non-residential buildings, including commercial and industrial premises," he said. The drug abuse situation in Singapore has also seen an improvement. But Mr Wong said the Central Narcotics Bureau needs to keep an eye on inhalant abuse, especially among the youths in school
  19. Apollo

    Oh dear, Ah Seng Kay Khiang

    http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2...4.html?vgnmr=1 Hougang Town Council staff are all S'poreans: Workers' Party It reveals this in response to challenge from PAP MP Seng Han Thong By Sue-Ann Chia Mr Seng, assistant secretary-general of the NTUC, had on Thursday taken the opposition party to task for its May Day message. -- PHOTO: ZAOBAO ALL the town council staff in opposition-held ward Hougang are Singaporeans, the Workers' Party said on Friday in response to a challenge from MP Seng Han Thong of the People's Action Party. However, the WP was quick to add that it recognises the contribution of foreign workers and is not against their employment. For instance, Hougang town council does not object to its contractors deploying foreign workers in the estate, it said in a statement signed by the party's organising secretary Yaw Shin Leong. The town council is run by the ward's MP Low Thia Khiang, secretary-general of the WP. Mr Seng, assistant secretary-general of the National Trades Union Congress, had on Thursday taken the opposition party to task for its May Day message. The WP had questioned if Singaporeans 'truly benefitted' from the job boom as six in 10 new jobs went to foreigners. Rebutting the WP, Mr Seng told reporters on the sidelines of the May Day rally: 'We should take a pragmatic approach on this foreign worker issue.' He also challenged the WP to match its words with deeds, by ensuring the Hougang Town Council did not hire any foreigners. On Friday, the WP reiterated its views on foreigners. 'The issue here is not of foreign workers' employment per se but rather how the Singapore Government and the labour union will ensure that the dignity and societal position of Singaporean workers are not compromised,' the party said. The Government's attitude, it added, should be to put Singaporeans first and 'resist any erosion of Singaporeans' societal standing'. 'It is the Government's responsibility to show compassion for the plight of the workers facing the pressure of high inflation,' the WP said. http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2...4.html?vgnmr=1 so employ non singaporeans in town council is considered unpatrotic arh?wahhhhh..... who are? which town council? own up leh.... khiang tio si khiang... not khiang sian hor mai kay khiang...
  20. Owen_fan

    Ah Beng & Ah Seng

    Ah Beng went to take night courses for the reason in future can get promotion or better job. During work, Ah Beng likes to show off to Ah Seng about his knowledge. Ah Beng: Ah Seng ah... I've been taking night courses for 3 months already, next week is the exam. Ah Seng: Oh... Good luck ah. Then Ah Beng started show off... Ah Beng: Ok, I test you, who is Graham Bell? Ah Seng: Don't know Ah Beng: He is the inventor of phone la... In 1876, see... If you take Night courses, you would know this! Ah Seng: ........................ *speechless* The next day, Ah Beng shows off again... Ah Beng: Ah Seng ah... Let me ask you, who is Jean Jacques Rousseau? Ah Seng: Wash your toilet one ah? Ah Beng: No! He's the author of "Confessions"; nah nah nah... Told you already, if you take night courses, you would know this. Ah Seng: ......................... *speechless + frustrated* The next day, once again... Ah Beng: Do you know who Alexander Dumas is? Ah Seng: Your gay partner? Ah Beng: Choiii!!! If you don't know don't simply answer la. He's the author of "The 3 Musketeers", if you take night courses, you would know this. Ah Seng: ....................... *speechless + frustrated + irritated This time Ah Seng cannot tahan (stand) anymore and ask Ah Beng... Ah Seng: He... Do you know who Ah Kaw is? Ah Beng: Errrr... No! .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ah Seng: He's the guy sleeping with your wife!! If you stop night courses, you would know this!! Ah Beng: ........................ *fainted*
  21. My car ganna sprayed painted by some buggers yesterday afternoon. Didn't even know till late at night until some neighbour told me. When i went down, saw a note that police already came at 1730. Looks like quiet afternoons are not safe for OPCs. Seng Kang people, please take note. And no, i did not purposely blanko my license plate in the pic. It was sprayed painted as well.
  22. Finally when down to Seng Tat today. Bought a aircon compresser. I saw at least 3 other Starlet EP80 there. 1 very nicely done up. Buy "stuff" direct from Seng Tat really save alot.
  23. These are those things I ve noticed from my hiadees . Multiple answers allowed. Be objective, not personal.
  24. Satinepink

    Seng Tat

    This Friday, 29th Sept 2pm. Anyone interested?